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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A few I'd like to do

fetish forubabe 2018-02-27

I want to fuck her and cum inside of her since she can’t have any k**s. I would love to cover her with my cum or I want to share her creampie with her mom or my wife. I’m sure her mom would love the feeling of getting her clit licked as she gets fucked. Then I want to fuck her doggy style to look at that big juicy ass. And then I want to cum in my slut s****rs mouth and watch it run down her face, drip on her tits and then she licks it back off. I’m feeling a doggy style for that ass to be in my face but I need to fuck her face to face so we can kiss.

April's Dilemma Ch. 01

fetish S_Valasco 2018-02-27

April was trying to summon the courage to tell Nicholas why she needed his help and he seemed to be trying to find a way to politely ask what had happened to her. "I started getting these things on my face," April said without looking at Nicholas, "maybe six or eight months ago. I'd have to acquire it on my own and that's where you come in." As she said it aloud for the first time, April realized that it sounded like she needed Nicholas to help her buy illegal drugs. "Tonight?" Nicholas asked, and April was certain she heard something in his voice that wasn't there a moment ago: excitement.

Vampire lust.... Part 1

fetish xDarkXLovex 2018-02-27

It looked like a person? Crawling down the tree like a spider I watched in fright... haha!* like a flash she was right in front of my face! Looking in to her eyes, they where wide and just watching mine.. then like and impulse, my legs kicked her chest with everything I had left in me! *CrACk!!!* I seen her life arm move like a blur and then felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder! *CrAcK!!!* As I lay at the root of the tree, I would feel my ribs broken... I'm so going to die now..." She looked ready to kill... I scream into the night howling like a bear!

Some English Ch. 02

fetish Theladder45 2018-02-27

I did as I was told lifting her nylon covered foot to my mouth (she tasted like cherry today), then I reached down my pants to touch myself, "They taste like cherry, Miss Hallingsworth." "Yes Miss Hallingsworth, thank you," I said before resuming my work on her nylon covered feet. "Speaking of wet," Sonia licked her lips and swatted Kira on the ass, "I have swim class next, see ya later babe, see ya Dean. I was glad to be wearing a skirt today, walking in to Miss Hallingsworth's class; I was so horny that the ass of my little pink panties were starting to soak. One thing Dean didn't notice about Miss Hallingsworth's nylons is that that there were two small openings between her legs, one for each hole.

Kitty and Wulfe

fetish CommunistCrab 2018-02-27

"Most likely someone I don't want to open the door to..." said the cat in his mind, shrugging the knocking off and going back to his seat, a tad disgruntled now. Wulfe turned around, placed his paws on his hips and said "If by chance you wouldn't have opened after the third knocking, I would've tore you up next time we had a meeting." This followed by a copious amount of laughter from him, taking a few steps towards the cat "Now then, just relax and close your eyes, Kitty." Kitty closed his eyes, wishing to see what came next, taking a deep breath. After a few moments, Wulfe's forked tongue coiled around the cat's member, one last motion making the cat ejaculate and the wolf slurp up all of the released fluids.

mommy's wanna be girl

fetish nicoleinberlin 2018-02-27

I liked being mommy's little boy. I couldn't exactly see what she was doing, but I caught glances of black silk and pink lace and ruffles, and quickly figured out that she was going through her lingerie. The soft, sensual fabric felt so good sliding along my skin, cradling my little manhood, now shrunk even more after its recent excitement, caressing my newly-tingling bubble butt. Come sit on the bed." I did just that, and again savored the feeling of sexy, soft fabric climbing up my leg. And I felt the pink silk of my first pair of panties delicately caressing my ass, stroking my erection. "That's all I want -- to be mommy's little girl." And a tear rolled down my cheek as we hugged, me in my lovely pink lingerie, a new girl.

MILF Fantasy Ch. 01

fetish Drakon66 2018-02-27

There was a long pause as both women looked into each others eyes then without warning, Janet leaned forward and kissed Kim on her lush full lips. "Wow...that's huge," Janet said looking down at her friends' stiff clit, "All the times I've seen you naked, I can't believe I've never noticed it before." He even said and I quote, 'I love how she's always in pantyhose and heels.' He must have a fetish for hose too," Kim punctuated her statement by running her fingers up Janet's nylon encased leg. 'My God Kim was right, he is huge!' Janet thought as she parted her legs and leaned forward giving the teen a view of her bare pussy and incredible tits.

Sis Piss Ch. 03

fetish RabbitPrince 2018-02-27

"I've got a bladder full of piss, and you're going to drink up every drop of it, aren't you?" She was naked and kneeling beside me with her hands on her hips. "I want to hear you ask me to piss into your mouth so you can drink it. I continued sucking on her pussy for all I was worth, lapping and slurping up every drop of her piss, tasting every inch of her vagina, sliding my tongue all over the folds of her snatch and flicking over the hardness of her clit. "Ok, on your knees, Piss Pot!" snickered Kathy with a smile, standing and spreading her feet, raising her T-shirt above her hips to expose her pussy.

Carny Ch. 04

fetish velvetpie 2018-02-27

Children and their parents flowed by, some giving us dirty looks as Lance and I toted her around but we didn't let her think about it. Lance helped me load her into the car and I pulled out, heading back to the house. Silence filled the car and I patted Lacey's hand when I saw the look on her beautiful face. I asked Lance to go upstairs and straighten up while I helped her out of the car and when I opened the door, I had to stop and stare. "Hey, that's not fair!" Lance came rushing over, throwing his arms around Lacey's neck. We went inside and Lance had brought a nightgown of Mom's down for Lacey, making tears flood her eyes again.


The Temp Ch. 03

fetish acolyte 2018-02-27

She swung the door closed and walked passed me, but instead of stopping at her usual chair, she continued around my desk, sat down in my seat, and put her feet up. But Veronica began to fold her legs inward, crossing them and applying pressure with her calves to the back of my head, forcing it to tilt downward, and bringing the bowl below me into view. I lowered my face into the bowl, and began to lap up her pee the way a dog drinks water from its dish. Veronica edged forward in the chair, and guided the strap from under my balls to around the top of the base of my cock.

The Employee’s Mother

fetish stickyapple1 2018-02-27

"MOM" both of them said with a look of amazement on their faces staring at their mother holding on to a huge cock right in the living room. Katy said to her two daughters, Angela (who worked for me) and Mary Ann (the older one), "You two weren't to be home till tomorrow, what are you doing back?" Still staring at my cock which was starting to soften a bit, they explained that the party at their friends' house got canceled because she was sick. Mary Ann was shocked and said "Look its big enough to stick all the way through your legs mom." with what ended with a smile on her face.

Harold Saves Her Husband Part 02

fetish oggbashan 2018-02-27

One of the priestesses related to Mohan doesn’t believe that Harold is beloved of the Goddess and intends to prove he isn’t by subjecting him to the ultimate test – the Ride to Heaven.” What she couldn’t tell you, because she didn’t know, is that the priestesses of Kali control the result of the ride. With the help of many of the Archers the four red skirted priestesses who had used me were being dressed in blue skirts and tied, gagged and blindfolded, to the pillars vacated by Ambika’s friends. “Prince Harold,” she said quietly but her voice shook with emotion, “we are in the chamber of the Goddess Kali, where the Ride to Heaven begins.

Serving Two Couples

fetish womensToilet 2018-02-27

One day for example FeiFei had ordered Alessio to start cooking, but when she saw him on his laptop she just took it smashed on the floor and jumped on it stomping with her feet to be sure it was crushed beyond repair, she said to him that's what he got for not doing what she told him to do. FeiFei started laughing, and told her sister the truth about Alessio, how she would use his tongue to clean up after sex and how she and Long would have sex right on his face. Having said so, FeiFei went right to the bathtub and said to Alessio "I missed it so much" then she started pissing on him, it was the first of the morning so it was a really powerful stream and it was quite yellow and strong too.

Steph's Descent Ch. 03

fetish 62_goo 2018-02-27

Steph decided that she liked big cocks and Phil just didn't cut it in that department. Phil allowed himself to be horrified but deep down he knew Steph needed a big cock to satisfy her and, if he was honest with himself, he really wanted to see it happen. He went to bed and masturbated furiously thinking of Steph being fucked by those two huge cocks. "Phil," called Steph, "Look at them. Steph cleaned Steve's cock of her own juices while Fitz fucked her with passion. This went on for a short while until Steph's wonderful mouth was too much for Steve. Phil looked sheepish until Steph noticed a wet patch on her knickers.

The Owner Ch. 03

fetish robertjones 2018-02-27

I can share that our member was a sixty something year old man, sexually vigorous (I know because I had had the occasion to masturbate him), attractive and extremely wealthy. One thing led to another, and I was shameless enough to ride his cock to four orgasms before he finally came inside me, depositing an unbelievable amount of cum. This is the place where I entertained Rey after hours, and where I discovered his interest in bras and panties. From a nearby table I took a long thick dildo and began to rub it on my body. I watched Rey's eyes as he inhaled my cuntal fragrance and noticed his enormous cock threatening to break the zipper of his pants. Finally I locked eyes with the winner, my new member, Rey.

Creampie Blackmail

fetish conroy39 2018-02-27

Cringing with dread, Scott began to suck on Amber's cunt, lapping and slurping at her creampie. "I ain't gonna say no to Joe when he's in that mood, though," mumbled Amber contentedly, relaxing as Scott reluctantly ate her cum-filled cunt. "Get that load out of my belly, you nasty bitch." He could feel the muscles in her abdomen clench as she gasped and bore down, and a moment later a thick jet of gooey, heavily-flavored cum squirted between his sucking lips. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!" Her whole body was shaking now, her thighs locking in a death grip around his head, her pussy spasming and emptying spurts of juice and cum into Scott's gasping mouth.

Crazy Cheating Jennifer Pt. 01

fetish Surprise1997 2018-02-27

I was captivated by her radiant blue eyes, long natural red hair, and perky little body. Jennifer did not look like your typical Republican volunteer. She turned to me after a few minutes of polite small talk and bluntly asked "You want to fuck me don't you?" I almost jumped out of my skin. Her warm hand literally yanked out my throbbing 7 inch dick. I wrapped my hand around her waist and she squeezed my dick so hard I actually let out a yell. Jennifer moved back another step, and looked me up and down. There I stood in the parking lot of Hooters, spent out of breathe, with my limp dick hanging out of my fly.

The Rave

fetish Scotsdude 2018-02-27

Katka said, "We don't want to split up. We looked each other in surprise, but tried to shrug it off as being a fetish of the little did we know. "You said you'd wear the underwear for me...I thought you'd go the whole way." She started to get upset. When she came as well she said, "I'm going to undo your cuffs, I don't want you to do anything stupid now, okay?" You'll notice they haven't healed and won't do for at least a week." Said Katka. Katka was wearing her usual black SM gear and I large strap-on penis, this one was a big one though, at least 11" and 4" around. Good girl, see how easy it is?" Said Katka.

Bukakke Sissy/Angel

fetish hyperpress 2018-02-27

"Yes, your angel is cum covered honey," and she drew him into her body and they lay down on her silky gown and they kissed. She smoothed cum all over him, using her hands and fingers to rub his clit and face she took off his white full length slip and lay him down on his back. Then the boys lined up and one at a time in a barrage of cum shots, coated his face and nyloned clad body in milk and cream. The cum being shot into his face she made sure was smoothed into his mouth between cocks. The boys moved away and watched as she smeared his body and face with cum.

Nursing School Model

fetish StandardPatient 2018-02-27

Finally Laura said, "Well, George, you seem to be in pretty good shape but I'll run blood tests tomorrow along with a couple of other samples and we'll see if you have an infection. Emily held the sample container and Alison took hold of my cock and directed it towards the opening at the top and asked, "Can you go, George?" With my half-erection and the pain in my balls it was an effort but I managed to fill the container which Laura again labeled and placed into her medical bag. Laura said, "Well, Emily and Alison and perhaps some of the other students in their class would be able to come by your place anytime you are not busy and practice some of the things we did last night and some other procedures as well.

Medical Exam

fetish m_slave4u 2018-02-27

As I got up and headed to the door, the nurse blocked my way, leaned in close and said "We're going to have a lot of fun." "Up on the table slut!" she ordered hopped up and was positioned on my back with my legs spread apart like before and my head just over the edge of the table. "Now turn around and hold the table and let's clean up that hairy ass of yours" She attached my wrists with the restraints and moments later I felt something hot dripping on my backside. "Now get back to it slut," the doctor commanded as she grabbed my head by the hair pulling me to her pussy.


fetish SpectralWolf45 2018-02-27

Releasing her hair and throat, I firmly grasp her biceps, stretching her arms back as I quicken my strokes and begin pounding into her with force, smiling at her breathing and little cries. Laying between her legs, I lick around her hood with broad strokes of my tongue, sliding a finger and then another into her hot wet pussy and massaging the front wall as I begin licking her clit. I wrap my arm over her hips, holding her in place lightly as she begins grinding against my tongue faster and faster, her hand burying in my short hair as she holds my head exactly where she needs it.

Brigit Part 02 - Brigit sends a woman

fetish oggbashan 2018-02-27

I didn’t even know what Brigit the goddess looked like. Brigit told me to expect a woman soon and she left the cup of coffee. Brigit had promised a co-operative woman and Deirdre had been at my house within minutes. “I don’t want my coffee wasted,” Brigit said as if she was an impatient mother with two reluctant c***dren. Only then was I aware that I was sandwiched between Deirdre and Brigit with my lips in Deirdre’s very pleasant cleavage. There were times when I nearly hated Deirdre as her legs strode ahead of me up one more bl**dy hill but Brigit was always there to make sure that Deirdre pushed me as far as I could take and not a step more.

Truth or Hair

fetish HairTickle 2018-02-27

As the bottle spun clockwise, it passed by Raven, who also had long hair down to her upper thighs, thinner than Kelly's but very dark and sleek with blonde highlights at the ends. Over the next hour or so, all three girls were swinging their hair all over my body until Raven said "Ok girls, let's finish him!" She moved up behind my head and tossed her hair forwards like she did before, but this time facing down my body towards my cock. Kelly and Raven massaged my chest through their hair with their hands while Chelsea rubbed the combined silk up and down my throbbing hard-on until I came, soaking their silk completely.