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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Megan Ch. 11

fetish djubre666 2018-11-02

This in turn causes her body to sway and jiggle in impossible ways, her ass stretching the fabric, thighs growing pulsing on impact And on top her breasts swaying as if she wore nothing underneath, her nipples slowly starting to grow from the friction, forming thick shot glass sized hills on her track suit. "Really, why thank you, Joey." she says stepping back and lifting me and the chair for a hug from the back, accidentally breaking the chair into pieces and pressing her heavy warm breasts into around my head. "Now, let have you sit down tightly on the floor, while I prepare myself." She says pushing me gently down against the wall, and to my surprise dropping her 600 pound barbell over my legs.

Milk Duds Ch. 05

fetish Troglodite45 2018-11-02

“I’m the guy that’s going to kick your ass from here to next year if you don’t stop,” Tony said, his voice dropping to a much lower tone yet possessing all the menace of his feelings. You ever come close to Jody again and I’ll make sure the coroners office has a real problem trying to figure out who or what you were,” Tony spoke again in his soft voice of anger. Less than four feet from him where Jody sat cuddling her baby he saw for the first time her exposed left breast half covered with the face and mouth of her baby. From the corner of his eye he watched as Jody moved her baby from the now empty left breast to the still full right.

Milky Drips and Drabbles

fetish Pink_Milkmaid 2018-11-02

I call it "labor day." We both know how much I want to have Daddy's baby, and this is our little game. "Do you want Daddy to help you through it?" He tweaked one of my nipples hard, making the cramping closer to a contraction. "Looks like Daddy's going to have to help you," he said, reaching up to pull a nipple. "Daddy's going to get you ready first." Bending his head, he suckled me long and hard, harder than usual, making my nipples tingle and throb. We fucked like that for what felt like hours--him going slow and steady between contractions, hard to get me through the cramping, milking my nipples the whole time.

wife camps out with Mike, John and Rick.

fetish woreout 2018-11-02

So I just said OK and then asked if I needed to help her pack her camping gear? It said I'll see you Sunday evening , stay out of trouble and I left you a video to watch.I picked up the remote and hit play. In a minute I saw my wife come into the den wearing her smallest string bikini and carrying a pair of cut off jean shorts. John put his hand on my wife's ass and looking straight into the camera said hello cuckold buddy. She said I'll bring you home a well fucked pussy full of man seed.That night I watched a few of her old videos. I asked her if she got ass fucked too.she said every hole had a cock in it .

Black Stallion

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-02

He lapped at my clit slowly, dragging his hot tongue across my little button to let me feel every moment of pleasure, then began to speed up. To give my horse-hung date a special treat, I let some jizz dribble from my mouth, pooling in my lower lip, and finally cascading water-fall like into the expanse of my cleavage. Smiling wickedly I licked my lips, and lifted the vast expanses of titflesh to my face, cleaning his cum from my own tits, until both were shining from my efforts. And then I made those nuts my own, bouncing them from my palm to my mouth, kissing, slurping, sucking, licking, and letting them know they'd better be prepared to produce a huge load of cum for my lusty lips.

Brief Hospital Visit

fetish seemywowzza 2018-11-02

I finger fucked your ass and pussy until you could stand it no longer and you came in a flood of hot gooey cum. I wanted to feel the tightness of those pussy muscles as I stretched you out wide and thrust my thick 8" cock deep inside you. You straddled my cock and took it by the shaft, rubbing the head against your pussy lips, guiding it back and forth against your wet slit. I lifted your ass into the air and forced my cock in your convulsing pussy and fucked you as hard and fast as I could. You spread your pussy lips wide, and shook hard as you squirted hot cum across my cock and balls.

Teen Diaries 15: Milky Breasts

fetish TeenDiaries 2018-11-02

"Yes. I have three kids." He bent down and started squeezing my full breasts, forcing milk to leak out of my nipples as he licked it up. I felt like I was about to pee when I suddenly felt a lot of pressure and Dave pulled out as my vagina shot liquid all over the bed. Dave's hands moved, one reaching up and grabbing my neck, the other down to rub my clit as he pulled me down to lay on top of him as he continued to thrust into me. He held me down and still and I started to cum again, moaning so loud as he grabbed my right breast and squeezed milk out.

The Saleswoman That Just Had To Pee (Part 1 of 2)

fetish pomman 2018-11-01

"What a fantastic spray she's got," Pipp-Thompson thought amazedly, "and what a sizzling, hissing pee sound!" A smile spread across his face as his amazement turned into a feeling of happiness while Jenny continued to concentrate on fine-tuning the position of the bucket. "But what about your suit, Mr. Pipp-Thompson," she said, "I suppose it is going to be soaked with pee!" "By the way," she thought, "maybe he deserves to get his fine suit soaked with piss because of the nasty tone he'd had in his voice!" "Oh, dear," she said, putting a hand over her mouth, "you look like a wet duck if there ever was one, Mr. Pipp-Thompson!" His hair was wet, and pee ran down his face.

Corn Fed

fetish Tuppie 2018-11-01

Sarah was released the following day, and after a brief greeting after her arrival home, I spent the evening alone. After a short break Sarah wanted more, and soon I was on my back before LP began fucking me again. That night we all had dinner with Sarah before Vern and I eventually left for my apartment. I know I’m not the best looking guy, but I’m fuckin hot in bed.” Vern answered. “I need a lot of loving baby, and LP tells me you have got one hot pussy,” continued Vern. We did not join Sarah and LP on the following two evenings, and poor Vern had to put up with my lack of culinary skill.


Negotiable Companionship Ch. 03

fetish OddLittleDesires 2018-11-01

'You looked like it,' said Susan. 'Nope, don't like the taste,' said Emma, and dismissively waved an arm stump. If Susan made Rachel feel even smaller than usual than Emma's presence had the exact opposite effect. 'Anyway, Rachel here was telling us about a little tentacle adventure,' Susan said. 'Oy,' said Sally, and slapped Susan's hand. Finally, to stop Sally from lifting her arms up even behind her back, Susan attached the mono-glove to the corset. 'There,' said Susan, and turned Sally around by her shoulders. 'Don't get any ideas,' Susan said and slapped Sally's bum. 'You know you look kinda scary like this,' said Emma. 'You're one to talk,' Sally said looking at Emma's scars. 'You look great, Sally,' Emma said.

April's Showers

fetish Master_Jonathan 2018-11-01

I asked you if it was for me and you smiled and said it was, and that I should open it and see the presents good little girls get. Your hands slipped under my dress and rubbed my panties over my pussy as you kissed me hard, pushing your tongue into my mouth and dancing with mine. With my dress still held up and my legs spread showing you my soaked panties I must have looked like a common whore. My juices were flowing like a river and I finally knew how you were going to clean me; you were flushing the pee out with my own pussy juice!

OHGirl & Velvet: The Life of Porn Stars

fetish ohgirl1 2018-11-01

We had been taking a break from filming and e****t work for nearly a week as we unpacked and set up the home, which Mikey had purchased for all of us to live in. My daughter and I shared Mikey when we could, but he was the only steady sexual partner, since all of our movies and work kept us having sex with unknown gangbang volunteers, a few fellow porn star actors and our clients and fans. Time passed quickly as we lived in Japan for the next year and our c***dren grew up with their porn star mothers. Mikey wanted to return with me also, but my mom was still enjoying her late life porn career and had personally celebrated her 20,000 partner conquest months prior by doing a 500 man gangbang.

Second time with Laura

fetish bikerbear600 2018-11-01

Laura slowly fucked my cock as I lubricated my fingers and her arsehole, pushing one finger in as far as I could reach. Laura had been dressed as the sexiest witch I had ever seen in my life…long, black skirt ripped length ways to reveal her lovely fishnet stockinged legs, high-heeled ankle boots and a tight bodice that showed off her tits. 'I imagine bending you over a desk, pulling your skirt up and fucking from behind,' I said, gasping as Laura used her heel on my nipple. Laura lay back and fucked herself with the cucumber, pulling it all the way out then shoving it back into her cunt, gasping at each thrust.

Roger's auntie becomes his mummy

fetish arbymore 2018-11-01

She was wearing black shorts and she said, ‘take your dressing gown off and lay across my legs, you’re going to get a good smacking.’ I did as she said and I have to admit that I liked the feel of my cock against her legs and then she smacked three or four times in quick succession. She stood up, her hands on her hips and glared at me and said, ‘You want to suck auntie’s tits, who do you think I am, your mother? She stood up and said disgustingly, ‘You want me to masturbate you, your auntie, you want your auntie to masturbate you, next you’ll be asking to suck my tits,’ she replied.

A Little Sexy Fun For Robert

fetish Mysteria27 2018-11-01

Both girls kneeled down and licked Denise’s panties that Robert was wearing. Pamela was stroking his cock, while Denise licked his cock through her soiled panties. Pamela got on her hands and knees and Robert was licking her ass and pussy, while Denise slid her cock into her boyfriend’s ass. Denise grabbed Robert’s hips and slid her cock deep into his ass. Denise then kneeled down in front of Robert so he could lick and love her pussy and ass. Robert was licking and loving Denise’s ass and pussy. Pamela was fucking Robert’s ass good and hard. Denise then got up and she started to jerk her boyfriend’s cock and shoved his cock into her mouth, while Pamela fucked her boyfriend hard and fast.

A Surprise Ass-Fucking In Panties Part 3

fetish hummmph 2018-11-01

I feel a little uncomfortable and strained but that all disappears as Emmy buries her face between my ass cheeks and starts to lick my asshole. “Oh Humph, you do look good with your cum on your face, and those panties, oh my well they have been through a lot haven’t they?” She says with a caring whisper as she lets me slip back down onto the bed. She takes a moment to collect up the beads of cum from my face and wipe them on the panties in my mouth before leaning in and giving it all a big slow lick while looking me straight in my eyes.

Emi's Fart Slave Ch. 02

fetish fucktoy99 2018-11-01

Emi opened the door and didn't acknowledge me at all; she just sort of matter of factly ordered me to get down on all fours, then took her homework out of my hand and started walking back into the house. Okay, while I'm gone you need to eat all of my poop from the toilet and then leave your head in the bowl so you can commit to memory what my shit smells like. I thought about just leaving but remembered from talking to Emi before all this started that she had a dog before and the shock collar was also part of an electric fence system they had put in.

Wet Passion

fetish NicolasSix 2018-11-01

She smiled and giggled and her breathing got even heavier, and I was just starting to squeeze her boobs through her top when she said again that she was desperate for the toilet. I don't know what it was, but the way those tight jeans were stretched around her gorgeous bum was turning me on and I knew that seeing them covered in her piss would be amazing. She took my hand away from my cock and said "I don't want you to come until you've seen my soaking wet knickers." Encouraged, I started to wank her off through her wet knickers, still kneeling on the floor while pushing her pants into her pussy.

Emmy's Games (Chapter 2)

fetish hummmph 2018-11-01

I step on gingerly, being careful not to expose my stockings and suspender belt or let my cum filled condom slip off my cock, butt plug still vibrating away in my ass. As I see them part the light comes on in the house and I can see Emmy standing on the other side of the window, wearing very little, her legs spread apart slightly in a Wonder Woman-like pose, hands on her hips. The doors slide open slowly in front of my face and Emmy takes up position beside me, her fingers reaching down my ass crack giving my cummy asshole a little rub. I can feel the hands holding the panties release my ass and the cock slowly pull out of my asshole.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 10

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-01

With most of her belongings secretly placed in storage, Claudia packed a suitcase and a carry bag of what she thought she might need as a live-in toilet slave at Mistress Eva's. Claudia felt Mistress Eva's sphincter open against her tongue followed by the sliver of a thick log streaming out like a train out a tunnel. "Be a good pig and clean that up for me," said Mistress Eva. Claudia crawled over and licked the shit off, smacking her lips in delight. A diligent Claudia licked, slurped, chewed, and swallowed until the last remains of shit from the bathroom floor, Mistress Eva's ass and shoes had been consumed.

Girlfriend's granny

fetish flash 2018-11-01

So one day when we came back from college we saw alice home. I heard alice asking mia "so does he eat it now? I was shocked to hear the whole thing and more shocked when i heard alice giving tips to my gf on how to make me eat her farts. I walked into the hall and sat in front of alice. I mean i am not feeling so good, dinner was too " heavy and red" she said. ' yea kid, i could feel the spice when i farted in the morning, i thought someone lit my ass on fire,i need to poop more she said and walked away. I fucked my gf thinking of alice and ate her farts too that night.


Lucy's Dirty Panties

fetish Blucher 2018-11-01

I had a huge erection and my cock started to throb when I took her panties and looked at them. Not surprising when you think that Lucy had been wearing these panties for around fifteen hours and driven miles and miles on a hot day. I looked at the poop stains and thought about how the gusset had been forced up tight against her asshole for hours on end. Lucy has been wearing these, I said to myself, these panties have been round her sweet pussy and her ass and now they are mine. During the week that Lucy spent with us I sniffed her panties almost every day; this was a vacation to be remembered.

Wet My Pet

fetish smutwriter 2018-11-01

Celia went to the bedroom, suddenly eager to go with Celia gave a little squeal of Can't skinny dip without beer," Stephan took Stephan disappeared, four heat lamps came on "Mostly Celia," she said making no move to show him. To herself she said 'Celia, you are little teddy concealed very little of Celia. She watched, delighted, as Stephan's eyes roamed up this sexy, beautiful woman needs a pee." At Celia's urging, Stephan lay on his back. through his briefs the heat came soaking. Stephan thought it the most beautiful sensation. Celia let herself fall forward onto her hands and she The heat came from deep inside her, from her pussy, Celia went very still and he looked up at her.


always ready to help

fetish woreout 2018-11-01

My wife has told me about some of the breakroom chats with him and how she said it makes her wet hearing about how he has sex with very well hung men. It said be out of the truck Im headed that way with a guy. I croutched down when they got to the truck , I couldn't see them but I head him say you are one hot little number I can't wait to fuck you. He said theres a strange guy hiding behind your truck and I'm going to let him watch me fuck you. He got out and again offered his hand to shake then he thanked me for the use of my wife's pussy.