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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Massaging My Niece Ch. 02

fetish Doctorboy 2018-02-27

I'm going to need you spread wide apart for me to shave around your asshole." My obedient little niece turned over, laying her head on the bed and raising her ass up under her knees which were spread wide for me. With my finger still inside her, I laid down alongside my niece on the bed and with my face next to hers I told her I thought I had finished the shaving and there didn't seem to be any foam in her pussy, judging from the look of my finger each time I pulled it out to check.

Scent and Scentsibility Ch. 07

fetish smellathon 2018-02-27

Maria reacted by jumping across the aisle and sitting on Klaus's thighs, facing Divora. Divora bent down and began licking the area where Klaus and Maria were joined. As Maria disengaged from Klaus, the older women established the swollen penis in her mouth, bobbing frantically. An aroma of stored faeces became evident, but ignoring this, I watched closely over Eva's shoulder as Maria brought Klaus to climax. This was my trigger - placing my glans an inch or so from Eva's wide open hole, I spurted into her, the first shooting into her smelly rectum, the subsequent ejaculate filling her inch long anal canal and spilling out onto her perineum and thence down to her vulva.

Sex with my younger neighbour

fetish DirkDastardly 2018-02-27

I often work from home and have joked with the her that, next time he is away on business, she should find a baby sitter and we could go out for some lunch and some drinks. We continued to kiss as I moved my hand around and started to rub her pussy through her knickers. She let out a soft moan so I pulled them down so I could feel her wet pussy and rubbed my finger over her clit. To be honest, given what had already happened and that a stunning young girl now had my cock in her hand, I wasn't sure how long before I would cum myself.

I'm a Woman, and I love being cummed-on

fetish 2018-02-27

I know instinctively when he is about to release, and it makes me feel both feminine and sexy, as I roll my face and open my mouth to increase his target, the whole fucking thing just turns me on. Female sexual repression was at it's height during the Victorian ages, and yet strangely, prostitution was at its height, as respectful men sought sexual refuge with the dirtiest of women, who did most of their business in dark allays, standing up, turning away from the man, and guiding his cock into their assholes, while pretending he was fucking them inside their cunts.

My New Executive Assistant

fetish Red_Writer 2018-02-27

I didn't even have to look up to know that the organist from the church we had been attending was the woman filling out an application. "Sure you don't want me here for the whole interview?" Cindy asked, her hand lightly caressing my erection in my trousers. She pointed toward the upholstered love seat alongside and against the wall, which Laura eased herself down into, tucking her skirt under her thighs with an elegant, thin wrist and slender hand with long fingers. My assistant understood my purpose and smiled warmly was Laura stumbled over her words, watching my hand so inappropriately stroking high up on my female employee's leg.

Proud Holders Ch. 09

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-02-27

"Omar, it might buy you time – twenty minutes or so in the short term – but surely you must know from experience that if you cum it'll make you want to go worse. I know the ladies are keen to get a little retail therapy in, there's are plenty of interesting historic buildings in the centre and the Cathedral's well worth looking at. When Miss Worthington's parked up will split into two groups – she can supervise the ladies and I'll keep an eye on the gentlemen for a change. The ladies can then go shopping with Miss Worthington if that's what they want to do and I can do something else if necessary with the gentlemen."

Submissive Secrets Ch. 01

fetish robyne_morgan 2018-02-27

Stephen's wife, Lindsey, had been getting dinner ready and was now upstairs doing something. I watched curiously as Stephen took a bowl from the cupboard and filled it with salad from the large serving bowl on the counter, then turned back to me. His light moans were making it difficult to hear the sounds coming from upstairs, which at this point was the only thing keeping my fear under control. It was several more minutes before Lindsey came downstairs and I started to feel a little more relaxed. But I knew Stephen's cum really didn't look anything like salad dressing at all, and I became more and more nervous. I took another big bite, closing my eyes as the flavor of our naughty excursion filled my mouth.

A Much Needed Spa Treatment

fetish ILuvAnal 2018-02-26

Sarah had been a part of giving me an enema on a couple of occasions before she and Ellen screwed my ass with a strap, but this is the first time that I was going to be on the giving end. When Sarah finally went toward the toilet, she was clinching her anus to hold the enema in and had her hand clamped over her slit to hold the Jinglou balls in. I had already decided that after Sarah left, I was going to give myself a good enema, stick a big plug up my ass and jerk off. Fifteen minutes later, a still very naked Sarah, with Jinglou balls re-inserted, was inserting the enema nozzle into my ass and letting the water flow.

Couldn't cum with shaved gal, came hard with

fetish ILoveBigBush 2018-02-26

I didn't say anything about her shaved vagina, but I know that if she had even the slightest sprouting I would have been able to cum (likely from her handjob or blowie) because she would have appeared womanly enough. I said, "Carrie is definitely pretty, but she's totally shaved down there and I felt like I was with someone too young - even though she's my/our age." "Is that all," Karen giggled. Loud enough for Karen to hear and she responds with, "You're gonna cum tonight, I can tell." To this I let out a long moan and say, "What gave you that idea?" In less than a minute from no more than a simple (likely five minute handjob) I'm full-on orgasming.

Angie Returns The Favour

fetish black saphire 2018-02-26

Steve lay down on the bed and Angie went to work, strapping his hands in the restraints. Steve's mouth covered her areola and he licked and sucked at her nipple, getting it hard. Angie's pussy was already moist not only because of Steve's mouth on her breasts but because of what she was planning. Steve felt his thick gooey cum enter his mouth and he was shocked that Angie would try such a thing. Before he knew it, Angie had removed her mouth and stuffed her panties back in. Angie walked out of the room, leaving Steve lying on the bed with a spent cock, his hands still tight to the bed-posts.


fetish RGLatex 2018-02-26

both feet in place, Helen began to smooth the latex up over her a husky whisper as her hand reached out to stroke slowly down Helen's Helen's mind was still racing when Cathy reappeared a few minutes notice the suit pressing against Cathy's sex, the human's folds just Helen's eyes continued to move up over the doe's body, the Helen noticed Cathy had not said a word since re-entering the room, Cathy smiled and stood up, gesturing for Helen to pull herself off the mare had stopped moving, the doe began to move, slowly caressing Slowly she slipped her fingers free of the pony's still quivering sex forelegs of Cathy's suit were locked in cloven hooves, while on her

Mother & Daughter's Kinky Smoking

fetish fantasyboy 2018-02-26

The younger one was facing me and I watched intently as she inhaled deeply on her cigarette and then blew a long plume of blue smoke into the air. They soon finished their cigarettes and Helga said, 'I want to watch you play with yourself while we smoke, will you do that for us'. She said, 'I'm going to play with your cock while you watch Mama smoke and then we can change places.' She started rubbing me very slowly at first but I could sense it was exciting her as well. Helga's orgasm was soon upon her and as she came Christina had pushed the cigarette inside her mother's mouth for one final inhale.

Fluffy, Furry Angora CockTease Ch. 03

fetish KittyZateez 2018-02-26

And then I giggle girlishly as I start to stroke your bare chest with my hands again, circling around your nipples for a minute before rubbing my palms slowly down toward your crotch, tantalizing your skin with my slutty long pink fingernails as I go. I've been holding them up with my hands, but now I let go of them, turning to face toward you a little more, slowly coming toward you until my big boobs are right in front of your face. Once again, your eyes follow my words, and you just stare at my spike heels as I start sashaying back and forth in front of you, taking a few steps to the left, then back to the right, back and forth just like that for a minute or so.

Thinking of you

fetish 2018-02-26

As your first jet of hot cum sprays on my throat, I open my eyes and stare at my reflection in the mirror as my body convulses in orgasm. I use one hand to spread open my shaved pussy lips and set the bullet directly on my clit. My hips begin to buck up to push the toy into my clit harder, my hand moves to my clothed tit and begins to pull on my nipple hard. My orgasm rushes through me quickly; I imagine your mouth clasped around my cunt hole, sucking all of my juice out hungrily. I use one hand to stretch my lips and the other to reach around to slide a finger inside my pussy to help it fit.


Jill's Spanking

fetish guy4funuk1 2018-02-26

As my hand rubbed her bum my fingers again started to play with her clit, I got down on my knees behind her and drew my tongue across her lips, then between them finally I started to fuck her with my tongue, she was loving it, she got wetter every time I entered her with my tongue, she was ready, I undid the sting on my shorts and pulled them down, my cock was rock hard and ready, it was already leaking precum which I trailed across her bum, having teased her by rubbing it across her pussy lips a couple of times I slowly pushed it deep inside her.

Great Anal Tips

fetish 2018-02-26

Using numbing agents for anal sex isn't advised and is not considered safer sex acceptable.I did like this for use giving an enema to a nervous partner. Silicone (my preference for anal sex) feels amazing,lasts and lasts, doesn't wash off in showers or hot tubs, is great for anal, BUT some can cause permanent damage to silicone toys. Some use plugs discreetly before sex, letting their partner find it is kind of a non verbal way of saying, "I'm good to go..if you want some ass play". Just know that numbing can remove feedback, and you could feel more pain when the stuff wears off if you get rough thinking everything is okay.

Corrupting Vanessa Ch. 06

fetish M_Sirk 2018-02-26

We were walking along the street laden with shopping bags when Vanessa said, "I've got to find a toilet -- I need to wee." Before we began, Gary got a tape recorder out to ask Vanessa a few questions -- each of the photo sections in the book would include excerpts of interviews with the models, talking about why they found pissing in public a turn-on. Gary decided to start by taking some shots of Vanessa walking up this street, surrounded by other people. Vanessa was now wearing a pair of white cotton panties, and Gary wanted to photograph her pissing through them. That night, I fucked Vanessa with the book open on the bed beside us, and of course finished with a drink of my beautiful young wife's heavenly piss.

A Load In Every Hole

fetish Anal Slave 2018-02-26

I got up next morning and got ready for work, my cock was rock hard from thinking about my beautiful wife Pam fucking and sucking another man. I turned the VCR off and started fucking her pussy I didn’t last long I shot off a big load of cum deep in her pussy, I held her legs up in the air and went right straight down to her cum covered clit and started sucking my sperm right out of her hole. I love to be sucking the cum out of her pussy when a big cock is fucking her ass hole from behind.

The shoe store

fetish maverick3489 2018-02-26

This time however, as I stood at one end, sliding my prick wonderfully and deliciously in Jackie's hot slick cunt from behind, as Larry did the same to Cindy, the two women on their knees facing one another, watching one another getting fucked by the two of us, we both managed to bring them off to fairly nice orgasms before switching partners. Larry and I stood looking at one another, smiles slowly beginning to cross our respective faces, watching Cindy along with Jackie as they humped themselves against the shoes, each getting off once again several minutes later.

John in Panties

fetish eliasroticatwo 2018-02-26

Luckily, being told by my goddess Dianne to pick and wear a pair of her panties had my cock mostly hard again. Dianne got a good look at the cum and nodded approvingly. When I reached the end of the closet, I was facing her lingerie collection, the special pieces that needed more care than a panty drawer. "You'll need these..." holding up thigh high stockings and red string bikini satin panties "and these..." holding up a small plastic bag. I moved the breasts in my hands and felt like I was feeling up a girl, a girl who was me. "Hi Dianne," I said softly, feeling like another boundary had been crossed without knowing truly what all the consequences would be.

Finally Found Her Ch. 02

fetish hyperpress 2018-02-26

I stroked my clit a few times and tasted more of my cum....yes, my angel, I am your sissy cum eating slut, I thought to myself. I rubbed my naked clit and balls all over her pussy and when I tested her pussy with a quick dive in, it was as if her pussy wanted me inside her, it slipped in fully in one shot and I stayed deep inside her warmth and wetness not moving, not thrusting, not vibrating, just buried all the way in, leaning over her huddled figure, pressing my body into hers and completely motionless.

At My Lady's Beck and Call

fetish nhplayguy 2018-02-26

I retrieve the blindfold and put it on and then you take hold of my hard cock and pull gently, saying, "Come here, slave. After you've had enough rimming and the water in the tub has grown cold, you lead me to your bedroom - not leading me by the hand, but by my cock, gently pulling to make sure I follow. You reach one hand under my ass and start to caress my balls - the balls that have a four day load building because you have forbidden me to cum in any fashion since the day we made the plans to get together. You quickly smear your other hand with the lubricant and caress my balls and cock with it, making the entire area extremely slick - then you stick three fingers back into my ass.

A Whore Wife's Story Ch. 07

fetish Anal Slave 2018-02-26

I wanted them to suck each other’s cock and to do anything I told them to do. I slapped his ass with my whip and told him to shut up and suck cock that I was going to try to seduce his wife. Dave started protesting and I smacked his ass cheeks a couple times and he shut up and sucked my husband’s cock. Carla couldn’t believe her eyes, her husband sucking a cock. I spoke up and told Carla to watch this, I went over and removed my husband’s cock-ring and Dave couldn’t resist. I told her that I would make her cum more than her cock-sucking, cum hungry husband could.

My Best Friend's Mother

fetish vampkiller 2018-02-26

Pam would look like without any clothes on several a moment looking at me and then she got into her bag. When I got home from the trip I couldn't stop thinking I might I couldn't help but look at her legs as she did dressed exactly like I was when you were looking at ran it up my cock, all the time looking me in the eye. "So tell me did you like looking at me on the camping "Do you like to look at women in their underwear or was wanted me to lick the crotch of her panties. forward, looked over her shoulder and said, "I want you As she looked at me I began stroking my cock.