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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Diane Milking Sean Ch. 02

fetish stacey_lynne 2018-02-25

On the one hand, I had felt really powerful with an erection that had lasted all night with Diane even after she had drained my entire body. Three things: Diane had told her husband and daughter, so I felt safe that they knew who I was; Samantha had long, slender fingers and a strong grip, and did Diane tell them she had milked my prostate? My cock was throbbing for that laughter, the very same, generous laugh Diane had so cheerfully used when we had showered together, and again her laughter when she was talking while reaching deep into my ass and massage my prostate. Yes I know Diane reached deep into my ass, massaged my prostate, and milked me wildly!

Who's Got Issues

fetish greystardust 2018-02-25

Well if I was scarlet 10 minutes earlier, I was crimson now – for there at the tent's entrance, stood both (presumably) his wife, and my girlfriend. As she built to her orgasm, she peppered words at me, like "don't you dare cum yet" and "you enjoying cunt you filthy little ass faggot?" and "did you like feeling his come here?" By now she was licking my neck, my cheek and my lips. Finally, whilst straddling my face, felching her cunt lips on my mouth, it took only a minute and she flooded me with my cum and hers as she broke through the summit of her crescendo.

Let's jerk him off

fetish georgeofthejungle 2018-02-25

A beautiful girl opened the door and Billy's jaw dropped as he stared at her standing in her bra and panties. This went on for about 6 months and Billy amassed about 100 various pair of panties from several girls who lived in the complex. His face began to turn red and she told him the following story "My older s****r told me about this crazy Slumber Party she went to about 10 years ago. Well, that story me so HOT that I decided it would be fun to try it again." Billy look confused and at that moment his front door opened and a bunch of girls entered his apartment.

A Walk in the Park

fetish wolf_of_the_waters 2018-02-25

As they walked through the empty park he suddenly started whining a little, She stopped and asked what was wrong. "Watching you pee against that tree like a good little doggy got me all hot and horny. "Hmm if you whine like a bitch i know something better." She tied his leash to a metal bar, affixed to the wall for this specific reason, and left the room, Pup was quivering with anticipation, what would She get? "Ready or not, here it cums my little bitch" She pushed in deep, right up until the edge of the knot, He groaned loudly and felt like it would be a long night yet...

Barefoot Girls With A Father Fetish

fetish ScarredRaven 2018-02-25

"-And that will be what I am remembered for on this fine day I am sure...AND we are just about at that time so let's spin spin spin that Barrel of balls!" He says in a far too cheerful voice. "Hey bro, got a call for an early job over on the far side of town, we gunna get going here in a minute, big yard, might take all day but the pays gunna be nice." He says with a grin. I went to turn in the ticket, had a little celebration with the guys at my work, and after that had finally gotten a call back from Heather, my eldest. Kara darts her eyes away from me the moment I look over at her.

Bitchy Woman

fetish Namazuros 2018-02-25

Some parts of me felt wrong, though, but I couldn't put my finger on it...I looked up at Diana in confusion, tilting my head as I stared at her, my mouth hanging open. Arf?" As soon as she finished talking, I started to wiggle my hips...something was wrong, something was really wrong...I was hot, but not like before; it was a different kind of heat...I started to whine, pawing at the ground in frustration as my moans rose in pitch. I was having trouble following what was happening...I was so hot, so turned on that it was nearly painful...but it wasn't my pussy that was aching, it was my butt...and when Diana finished speaking, another flash of heat went through me, and I nearly fell over, whining frantically as I panted, practically drooling from the feeling.

Under the bridge

fetish 2018-02-25

I am so hot and horney I need to take a walk and find some young slut with a big hairy dick to call my own. Born without a dick or a pussy I only have a tight ass and a willing mouth and I want something hard up my ass...something to explode inside of me and I don’t care if it is big or small as long as it is willing.... So I parade up and down the street faceless and with a hairy open ass to accept what ever comes along.

The Kindness Of Martha Ch. 1

fetish whininsimon 2018-02-25

Cheree modeled like so many strip dancers I had seen on late night cable television. She usually forced me into a late night fest where I would beat my cock like an ancient primitive summoning the gods for mercy. Martha's bulbous lips curved into a subtle smile as she looked at me. Martha's goddess-like features were scorned as she sadly turned away. Mom followed after Martha while all I could do was stare my unbridled hatred into Tresa's shallow eyes. "I know that." I said while continuing to find her sweet tasting hole. "Here." she said, parting her sweet stuff a bit further below and opening the crease of her ass. I pulled out of her hot pussy and placed my cock carefully against her ass.

Working for the man - A Cuckold Story

fetish klammer 2018-02-25

"I mean like wear that cute little sexy dress we saved, you know the one "You're right George that dress sure worked on my last boss. want to wear these tomorrow and if I am going to let Jerome get a peak I "George, get up I need coffee fast, and I want you to help me get ready just panting I couldn't cum, George you know I can't cum with toys I need a "George I need Jerome to give me his cock, I have got to have him inside felt so naughty, I went and got Mrs. Twill panties from yesterday. When we got home, he told me I did such a good job he was going to reward

Recollection of Pat Showing her slips

fetish sarahslips 2018-02-25

Just after lunch I went upstairs and glanced out of the bedroom window to see Pat just getting her lawnmower out of the garage. So she hiked up skirt and slip and started another strip of moving. At the end of that strip realising that she was showing again Pat turned the however and once more hiked up skirt and slip. A year later I went into our bedroom and glancing across the road I saw that Pat had just got our her carpet cleaner and was about to start hoovering in her front room. I estimated that getting on for four inches came fleetingly into view before she straightened up and the dress hid some but not all of her white slip.

Eating Nancy

fetish MrDeviant 2018-02-25

You'd best get used to sucking cock slave as if you don't I will make sure you do and often." Mistress Nancy was cruel, straightforward, no nonsense and blessed with a set of 55DDs that would make any man do whatever it is she wished just to have the chance to look at them. She was riding my face like the only thing that mattered was her pleasure-- it damn sure mattered at that point otherwise I doubted I'd be able to breathe again anytime soon—and she was enjoying every single moment of my tongue snaking it way over, around and through her very moist lower lips.

Mitzi Tied and Blindfolded

fetish Tcs1956 2018-02-25

The very next time he walked in the front door of my house Mitzi told me to drop to my knees and suck his cock till he was nice and hard. Geoff said "WHAT the FUCK!!?" Mitzi told him to calm down, she was gonna love showing her husband what a real man's cock looks like and since I was no good at being a man, I should at least know how to please one. Now, Geoff, fuck me RIGHT NOW!" I watched as she grabbed his still hard cock and pulled it into her pussy.

Corrupting Amber Ch. 03

fetish GuyintheTV 2018-02-25

Stronger, like you said." Little did she know she was going to smoke her first full flavored cigarette. Watch." and with that she brought the cigarette up to her mouth and took a small measured drag and inhaled very slowly. "My throat burns, and I am dizzy as hell." She picked up the cigarette, which had now filled the enire car with a thin haze of smoke, and dragged hard on it. girlfriend finished her first bottle of vodka in less than 5 minutes with smoke still coming out of her mouth and nose. My cum began leaking out onto my seat but I didn't care as she lit up a cigarette and took a large pull, inhaling it easily.

Lingerie Shopping

fetish Sub_Conscious 2018-02-25

I feel my milk gushing into his mouth, his hand gently squeezing the top of my breast, my nipple being pressed against his rough, hot tongue. For the first time I take his cock in my soft hand, pulling his swollen tip down to my mouth, the end of my tongue tracing the ridge, flicking the special spot on the back, making him jerk and gasp. Hungry to taste the twitching hardness so close to me, I engulf his mushrooming head in my hot, wet mouth, my lips coming to rest on his shaft just below the ridge, my tongue moving back and forth, sucking gently but firmly.

Her Feet

fetish Nomean_feet 2018-02-25

I recall the exact moment when I realised that my friend John's girlfriend, who's name is Emma, had fantastic, sexy little feet. I realised with each passing moment how my cock was stirring to life in my jeans as I continued to massage her gorgeous bare feet, the feeling of her soft soles driving me wild. We both somehow knew what was happening and when I slowly placed her other foot on my crotch and unzipped my fly to allow my penis to spring free, she wasted no time in wrapping her dainty little feet around it.


fetish publicjohn 2018-02-25

She'd fallen asleep / passed out after the second time, face down with her hands looking like they were still clutching the edge of the mattress. It happened quickly and I pulled back enough to grab my dick as it started to swell but Natalie pushed my hand away, "Nu-uh! I had a girl on her knees with my dick almost buried in her throat and drinking my cum but all I could think about was my disappointment that she didn't let me jerk off on her. "Put your hands down." Filled with a weird sort of confidence, "If you want me to cum all over your hot little body, you have to watch." I saw her eyes widen and I had a sudden flashback to Stacie.

Hotel Part 3

fetish brunettechubbybabe91 2018-02-25

I close my eyes tightly and take a few deep breaths to try and relax myself more as you start to fuck my hole a little faster. “You like fingering my ass, don’t you, you dirty little bitch!” I purr at you, hearing you suck in a breath. After torturing me like that for a few more seconds, you grab me by the hair and yank me off your cock; I start gasping and choking for air and you allow me to get a few deep breaths before shoving me back down. “I want to cum all over your face!” You hear me whisper as you finally get to shove your tongue deep inside my tight little fuck hole for the first time….

A Strange Encounter Ch. 03

fetish HunterShambles 2018-02-25

So Sue had come into his bed, He pulled the duvet over him and snugged up to his sister, She smiled in the dark and brought her arm around and pulled him close, he kissed her nose then nuzzled it. "Ohh!" Sue said and defiantly placed her hands on her hips, pushing her tiny breasts up and out towards their mother. Sue reached over her mothers belly and cupped her other breast, kneading it between her palm and fingers, flicking the nipple and squeezing it tight in her hand. Colin pulled the soft brown blanket off the bed and draped it over his mother and the chair and took Sue's hand, they left closing the bedroom door behind them.

Creampie Lover Ch. 03

fetish jealouscuck 2018-02-25

This was a watershed moment for it gave Cynthia a chance to experience a big cock and gave me a chance to eat another man's cum from her pussy. Cynthia said that as long as I was into creampie eating and making her cum, she saw no problem with our choice of surrogate, whether it be a dildo or a big stud. Cynthia moaned and asked me if I noticed that Alberto's cock was almost twice as long as mine and over twice the girth. Alberto started to grunt and groan as he busted his big cock deeply and quickly into Cynthia's waiting pussy. Cynthia looked down between her legs and encouraged him to slide his big cock into her well fucked pussy again.

Trouble on a Train

fetish kinki1 2018-02-25

So it was a huge shock when he suddenly said "So Ilsa tells me you want to sleep with her." "Open your mouth please," said Karl. He put his cock right up to my mouth and I pulled back, but he put his hand behind my head. I heard Ilsa saying "Come now David, don't tell me you will accept pee in your mouth but not a cock!" So I let Karl slide his hard dick into my mouth, as his pee stream finally began to die down. Ilsa dried her hands on her black panties, slipped into her bra, and struggled into her dress. I had Karl's come in my mouth, his piss on my shirt, and Ilsa's flowery hand cream all over my limp dick.

What You Need

fetish Hi_Literotica 2018-02-25

My semi-erect cock began leaking pre-cum as I cleaned the house and finished the laundry. My cock was hard in anticipation as my ass involuntarily contracted and relaxed around the prostate massaging butt plug. I felt the crop slide slowly down my ass across my sensitive taint, over my balls all the way to the tip of my cock. As the mind blowing pleasure increased with each slow stroke of my cock I could feel my impending orgasm begin to build and my hips began to buck involuntarily. My leg and ass muscles began to burn and ache as I continued to thrust into her pussy when she suddenly drove down hard on my rod and started to shudder.

Disneyworld Grope

fetish bunlover1 2018-02-25

I put my left hand down by the side of my body, inches from the woman's ass and put my right hand on the pole next to my wife and waited for the next move forward by the bus. Then it happened, the bus pulled forward quickly and again she was forced against my body only this time it was my hand not my side she was pressing on. So I'm standing next to my unsuspecting wife, in a bus full of families, with my hand on the yoga pant covered ass of a complete stranger and she is not only putting up with it, she seems to be encouraging me.

Katrina's Experiment Ch. 2

fetish SensitiveSuccubus 2018-02-25

Her friend Roxy32 on the other hand was a great chatter, energetic, fun to be with and fairly insatiable. Katrina liked being in charge and maybe it was the fact that she was bigger and stronger than Kimmy that she wanted to make her suffer, in only a purely delicious way, of course. Roxy: Well, it’s very full-filling ;) You wouldn’t like it though, your little ass would split in half. She could see her young friend sitting in her chair, naked, her long golden locks cascading over the back of chair, her little feet propped on the desk and the cold cherry dildo penetrating her sweet slit.

mommy's new girl

fetish momandboys 2018-02-25

"Oh Mommy, I want so much to have my own babies, to nurse them with my own breasts, to be a complete woman just like you. "I've finished pumping my breasts already, Mommy, I think I'm just going to put my hair up and go to bed early." "No, honey, Grandma and I have a surprise for you tonight. Mommy glowed with happiness as she held her little girl, and I felt like my face would split open if my smile got any wider. Quickly, before Mommy came to feed her, I opened my robe and gave her my breast to suckle, hoping… It felt so wonderful, having her attached to me like that, but nothing came and Jessica was soon crying again.