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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Messy Melinda Ch. 03

fetish BossySon21a 2018-02-25

Neil took the egg from his mother, looking down at her from his modest height advantage, and said to her very softly, to low for anyone but the five of them standing there together to hear, "You're very beautiful when you're covered in slime, Mom!" Melinda looked into her daughter's eyes for a moment, and then she bit down, and the egg broke in her mouth, filling her mouth with gunk that ran out as she spat out the mess, the taste horrible and pleasant at the same time, the 'feel' of the gunk in her mouth indescribably slimy, and then the orgasm she'd been fighting almost since they started finally came over her.

My New Maid And Assistant

fetish HillRunner 2018-02-25

"Yes, maam" Lynne replied "Would you like to go through to his office?" she continued as she closed the door behind Jenn. "Thank you" she smiled as she simultaneously pulled Lynne closer and moved her panties to one side to reveal a neatly trimmed and very wet looking pussy. She didn't need to pull on the leash as Lynne instinctively placed both hands on Jenn's inner thighs and then placed her lips on her glistening pussy lips. Placing one hand on the small of Lynne's back, I started to push my cock towards her pussy, noticing how wet it now was. I quickly pulled out of her pussy and, not wanting to ruin Jenn's orgasm, sprayed my load over Lynne's ass and back.

Coyote and the Wolf part 6

fetish eloeelwe69 2018-02-25

Sk**ding to a stop in front of the dragon's lowered head, Argent bellowed “STOP Ku'o, you can not help Lupo now! You can rest easy in the fact that he will know you still live, and I have no doubt, what you did to try and rescue him.” Bringing her hand up to scratch behind his ear, she added,”Trust in Lord Argent, Ku'o, he is wise beyond all measure. There are happenings in this world that you know nothing of, things that threaten both the Federation and The Free Peoples, perhaps even the whole planet!” She looked into Ku'o's eyes,”Now, do you think you can behave, so I can untie you?

Takeover Ch. 03

fetish taiyakisoba 2018-02-25

A tall, elegant young man dressed in a dark suit gestures to Fia with a sweeping motion of his hand to stop nearby. "Let's go press the flesh, Fia. My aide Haru will look after hubby." She nods to the bob-haired boy who has been politely waiting the whole time. Haru leads you up the steps and into the foyer after Quinn and Fia. There are mostly wait-staff milling here with a few guests and you soon have a glass of champagne thrust into one hand and a canapé into the other. Another man Haru introduced to you as Lanzo, a little older than you with glistening charcoal skin beneath his white suit, grabs your hands, his dark, liquid eyes insistent.

Wear Something Pretty To The Party

fetish TinyStringBikini 2018-02-25

A few minutes later one of the women walked around to the storage units area and said "We're having a little party in 2B if you'd like to join us. It felt weird to be walking around my familiar apartment building dressed only in a pair of pretty red women's panties. I looked like a little kid again; my arms, chest, stomach, back, legs, butt and balls were all completely smooth and hairless. "Oh look it does get bigger--you must like the thought of wearing girl's undies." Her hands stopped rubbing my chest and moved down to my hips, pushing my hands away.

Hairy Luann

fetish furryfan 2018-02-25

"You jerked off while you looked at my picture?" Luann said while staring at my cock, which had a long strand of cum lazily dangling off the tip. "You like that, huh Bruce?" Luann whispered, and as she did she looked over to her side, where despite her arms being at her sides, a wisp of dark brown hair was peeking out from her armpit. In a daze I looked at Luann, whose eyes widened at the sight of me ejaculating, and then suddenly she dove in front of me and pulled my hands away from my cock. "I guess you aren't!" Luann said with a start, and I saw she was looking down between my legs, where my erection was nearly back at full strength, bouncing around in front of me.

Corporate Assets (Chapter 7)

fetish wastedaway 2018-02-25

Sandra grabbed at the collar of her blouse to pull it around her throat. "Look, we shoot you, nobody knows nothing and you're dead", said Raymond. Once the blouse was gone she began to slowly pull the skirt down across her hips. "Let's the party started, man", said Raymond. "Come over here", said Raymond to Sandra. Sandra pulled down his pants to reveal his white briefs. Raymond's cock stood out from his body. Sandra leaned forward and lightly kissed Raymond's cock. Sandra's tongue licked his eight-inch cock like an ice cream cone. Sandra bent over his cock as Raymond spread his legs. "Now that's some cock sucking", Raymond exclaimed. He released the pressure and Sandra slid the cock out of her mouth.

A Maid's Tail Ch. 07: Saturday

fetish T_Silverwolf 2018-02-25

Kim dutifully cleaned the hall way and the bathroom with her growing efficiency, trying to put Elliot's 'advance' out of her mind. She peeked to see if Elliot was paying attention and waited until his back was turned to duck into the painting room- it was stupid, maybe, but she still felt the need to sneak around to 'make up' for her slip. "Lunch, mister McKenna." Kim said as she slithered into the new office, her heels clicking sharply on the floorboards as she made her way to the newly assembled corner desk. A deep breath and Kim looked up at her employer, "I'd like to be everything you both want, master."

Wet Seduction Ch. 03

fetish threelayers 2018-02-25

Helen now stood completely naked in the middle of Brenda's office with sun from the windows streaming across her body. Setting the video to play Helen settled herself in Brenda chair; placing her feet on the desk she spread her legs and began watching the video. Immediately the crotch of her knickers became wet then she watched as a stream of pee began running down her leg soaking her stockings. Looking down she watched as the pee soaked her jeans, the dark patch of wetness moving quickly down her legs. Helen quickly lay down in the bath and arched her back, all the time continuing to pee, as she did so the pee began soaking the back of her jeans and covering her ass.

The Teasing Air Hostess Ch. 03

fetish footslave85 2018-02-25

She then told me that if I was going to be a really good boy, I would wait for the whole weekend before cumming and I would get a little treat if I did. I told her that they were all really nice and she giggled at me every time as if to say "duh, well of course they are." Every time I changed her shoes she opened her legs slightly and I couldn't help but look up between her tanned thighs to see the black lace panties she was wearing. As we left the shop she thanked me for being such a good boy and buying her some sexy heels and asked me if I wanted a chance for an even better treat.

My Little Slut Ch. 02

fetish Sweetblood03 2018-02-25

I pull down the flimsy black knickers and slide the cage over his soft cock and lock it in place, smiling to myself at the poorly disguised look of pleasure on his face. Mistress, will you shave me and make me your little sissy girl slut?" He hands me a razor and looks up at me hopefully. "Like it wants your cock, Mistress." He says, "and my little clit is throbbing in my cage." I stroke his hair and smile at him. "Put back on your lingerie, my sweet." I hand him the silky black set and watch as he begins to moan slightly at the feel of the silky polka dot stockings sliding up his smooth legs.

How to Cuckold Your Husband

fetish 425olds 2018-02-25

The only thing you need to be concerned about is the main message: "Things are going to be changing." Of all the stories you've read about wives cuckolding their husbands, choose the method you are most comfortable with. Other examples of being mean to your husband are to take his free time away by giving him chores, his money and possessions away by demanding he be frugal, and his sex life away by withdrawing sex. Spend the car money on yourself, and let him know, "I, your wife, don't care about your pleasure because mine is more important." Make sure you fill the void; you don't want all your hard work wasted.

At the Rock Festival

fetish MFelder 2018-02-25

We make out furiously for a few minutes then we both settle down a bit, Marie pulls down her pants, sits, spreads her thighs and starts to rub herself. "That's it baby, oooooooooo, god I love your cock!" She says as she rubs herself a little harder. I watch as her eyes get big, she bites her lip and rubs her cunt even harder, it looks like she's enjoying the show. I grab my cock and start rubbing it hard and fast. "Oh baby, I love watching you rub your dick!, you're gonna make me cum!" I reach down and pull up your dirty thong and pat your crotch making sure to rub all my cum deep into your pussy lips.

Dahska's Trial Ch. 06

fetish the giant peach 2018-02-25

"You have done a wonderful job and yes you may have my piss to cleanse you pallet but you must wear the shit on you face in to town today I have plans for you." Sam pulled down his pants letting his tiny, scaly cock out. "I'm cumming." Sam ripped his cock out of her mouth and Dahska fell back cumming herself her body racked with pleasure as she tensed and pissed cum and shit herself Sam shot load after load of his dragon cum on her face and tits. The meanest ninja Fea grabbed her breasts from behind so hard she almost dropped her plate when he felt the piss soaked cloth he went ape-shit crazy he pulled the plug part way from her ass (it was still five inches thick at that point).

Bangladeshi Maid

fetish smartalex1978 2018-02-25

And so she asked me whether Memoona (the Bangladeshi woman) could live in my house and work full time. Once when her saree pallu wasn't covering her chest completely I noticed 2 damp spots on her blouse in the general area of her nipples. Apart from saree's I knew she needed some night clothes and I asked her if she would mind if I picked up a few. On the third night when she came to give me a sponge bath I noticed that she had her pallu bunched up just the way she did when she washed clothes! I told her that my feet got tired at the end of a hard day of work and they needed massaging.

Black BBW Oral Lovers The Beginning

fetish Medway1 2018-02-24

She wanted to see I was real so I got a cam and we used that but she didn't let me see her, I could hear her she was definitely a woman and this is what I wanted right, so when I suggested we get together she gave me her address telling me to be there Friday night at 8.00pm when she would make me her Bitch, her pussy needed some tongue. "Now remember this Bitch, that is where you White Boys belong, at the feet of a superior black woman with you face buried in her pussy" and at that point she crushed my head into her.

Overtime Ch. 1

fetish beaverhunter76 2018-02-24

Tasha licked her fingers clean and returned to fucking the bone, though her eyes where open now and watching me. I still had her panties hanging from my dick, and Tasha took them, her fingers slowly sliding along my still erect shaft. She took a bit of my cock out of her mouth, to better savour the taste on her lips and tongue, but she kept her eyes closed and her ass moving. When I was spent, she sat up on my chest, her pantied pussy slowly sliding down my face as she slid her hips forward, her back still to me, and ran her fingers along my dick.

Fiona Ch. 01

fetish oggbashan 2018-02-24

As I pulled up, Fiona came out of her bungalow dressed almost like the others but her hemline was ankle length. The girls were twirling to show off their skirts and petticoats but overall the dances were too laboured and mechanical as they tried hard to follow the caller's instructions. I murmured something about a mis-spent youth but Molly and Fiona agreed that I should dance more. I danced with most of Molly's friends but talked with Fiona more. "Now I can say thank you safely." Fiona's face came down, her hair fell like curtains either side as her lips sought mine and we kissed. I'd been celibate for nearly 10 years and in one evening I'd been kissed by Molly and her friends and now had a sample of what Fiona could offer.

Our Sub Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 04

fetish DiggerDave 2018-02-24

"Come here slut and get my pussy nice and wet for my husband." Patty said to Amy, lying back on our bed with her legs spread wide open. However, instead Patty took some new love balls from our bedroom drawer, and I watched as she slowly pushed them deep inside Amy's juicy pussy until just the string joining them together was hanging out from between her swollen love lips. I listened to the disgusting slurping noises that Amy's pussy made as my wife pushed the dildo deep inside her and as I pulled on her hair I went over the edge and came into her mouth.

My journey into crossdressing.

fetish awesomesuperballs 2018-02-24

I immediately said yes, so she started to probe my anus with her fingers once more. "Lie down and relax, I think you are going to enjoy this" she said. At this point she slapped my hand away from my cock and said "what the fuck do you think you are doing. Then she pulled her dildo out of my ass, laid beside me and started to feed me my own cum. After she had fed me all my cum, she looked into my eyes and said "I think I'll go shopping tomorrow, I'm going to buy you something that I think you'll like".then we fell asl**p in each other's arms.

The Calls Ch. 02

fetish mikeSTL 2018-02-24

I closed my eyes and imagined Steve's fingers caressing my wife's pussy through her identical ones and my cock got even harder. So we have been driving around, talking and stuff, and she told me what happened after she got home the other night," said Steve, his fingers probably still buried deep inside of my wife. But I bet you don't have your wife sucking your dick while you're chilling 'cause right now she's got MY dick in her mouth," said Steve, laughing good naturedly. Mike, I've got the head of my cock running right down the crack of her ass, gonna tease her asshole, yea, you like that don't you Shannon, right there....."

Minnesota Nights

fetish JackTheRimmer 2018-02-24

I smile, give her ass cheek a brisk spank, then take another deep breath and position my mouth over her anus, blow cool air around her rim before locking my lips around it, and proceed to suck her sweet asshole like a maniac. I stop sucking, and start tongue fucking her ass, pounding in rhythm and increasing in intensity until I felt her legs buck in the first wave of orgasm and I support her entire weight with my face, lifting her slightly off the ground onto her tiptoes, as I press my tongue as far as it can go inside her asshole and hold it there while her legs and ass cheeks spasm around my head.

The guy who really admired my hairy armpits

fetish trevor54a 2018-02-24

I then noticed a guy, about my age, with his eyes fixed onto my armpits. "But I could not help noticing your unshaven armpits", he said. "You definitely got me turned on", he said with a grin. Feeling playful, I raised one arm, pushing my fingers through my armpit bush. "Will you please come in and let me admire your armpits a little closer." I raised my arms, one at a time, turning around, changing position, letting him see from all angles. Tantalizingly I pulled my tshirt slowly over my head, revealing my upper body, I was wearing a bra. And I turned to the side, pushing one of my hairy sweaty armpits right up his face.

Now I Can

fetish hylyfe 2018-02-24

Thinking about it sir, I imagine you could lay your hands on them." The invite was too good to miss so as Celia raised her skirt I eased he panties down. Ten minutes later the two hired young ladies arrived; I issued them with the panties and showed them where they should position their selves next to the serving hatch. I held the panties in front of the camera to get a good and accurate record and then I lifted them to my face and rubbed the spunk all over my eyes, nose and mouth. By way of a finale I lay on my front and slipped my head into the plastic bag where all the thirty panties and knickers were.