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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Sub hubby in the kitchen, true story

fetish Snagglepuss33 2018-02-24

There wasn't much dish washing going on as I would pause and close my eyes and drift away into the pleasure waves I was feeling between my legs every now and then lifting my wet pussy of his face just out of reach, partly to tease him but also to avoid cumming on his slippery face, I wanted this to last as long as it could. I went back around the counter, Cole was sitting there with a smile on his face, I bent down and wiped the pre-cum from the tip of his cock with my finger and seductivley licked it off , "Oh, did our visitor excite you" I asked, " Yes Miss "he replied.

Internet Meeting Ch. 03

fetish Stillherer 2018-02-24

Not knowing where to look I took a long shuddering breath when her fingers slipped about my arm and with a firm grip directed me towards a curtain at the back of the shop. As I pulled them up to my hips the woman's head suddenly appeared and in a concerned voice inquired, "Is everything alright sir?" She asked it innocently but I flushed a deep red turning abruptly away so that she wouldn't see that I was wearing panties. With another long breath and a heavy sigh she conceded, "Yes sir, of course." Wistfully the woman then reached beneath the counter and fumbling under her skirt she unceremoniously hauled her clerk Geraldine up from there.

More of My Uncle Mike

fetish spankingjenny 2018-02-24

Mike watched his two friends get closer to my now beckoning mouth and soon Rodney slipped his lovely curved cock all the way in, almost choking me. He pumped like a man possessed, his curved cock working the insides of me in a way I had not felt before, more orgasms followed and soon I could feel another rush of warm sticky fluid filling me. As Harold took long slow strokes he started to smack the side of my hip with his open hand, working into a rhythm of smack stroke, smack stroke, smack stroke. I moved around to face Uncle Mike and said this was just like the story of the three bears, he said, how so and I replied that Rodney was too small Harold was too big and Mike was just the right size.

The Dream

fetish naughtybynature09 2018-02-24

She walks over to the couch and sits, her hands folded in her lap. "Well, you know what needs to be done now, so be a good girl..." he sits down next to me on the couch and slowly pulls me over his knees. "Good girl," he says, "I know it's hard, but you can do it, we're just getting started my dear." He pulls me back over his lap, blazing my backside with another 25 smacks. "I want you to sit there and think about your actions for a bit while I prepare the next part of your punishment." I only nod, the tears streaming down my face.

Office Humiliation

fetish subshag 2018-02-24

Finally she showed some mercy and said that I could continue to beg but she would completely ignore me unless she wanted me to do something for her, when she would speak to me directly. She was wearing Nine West, calf length black leather boots and was sitting with her right leg crossed over her left knee. I was busy cleaning the boot when I felt something on the back of my head, and realised that she had placed her right foot on my head and was rubbing it onto it. I was not in a position to complain and continued to clean her left boot, and was forced to continue as long as she chose to keep her foot firmly on top of my head.

Mother Mistress

fetish aprilatnite 2018-02-24

"Mmm, yes, 'mother,' but I want more." She pushed her hand between her legs, bunching her dress deep between her legs. "Do you like hearing mommy talk dirty?" She pushed her hairy pussy against his cock and began to rub. and it feel good, doesn't it?" "Yes." Mommy does it too, she likes to play with herself and she gets wet and open," she took his hand and pushed it inside her panties. When he was through, he talked back and stood for a moment, then smiled, "Give me one more minute before I answer that." He took the dress off, standing in panties, a bra, stockings and a garter belt, he looked through her dresser until he found a babydoll, which he slipped on.

Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 2

fetish Victor-Bruno 2018-02-24

On the sixth day, Princess Venetia left her Flagship and, using a small dinghy, bearded the vessel of the Commander of the Fleet. “Make a signal to double the pace of the oars,” said Princess Venetia. “I said, Captain,” stated the Princess acidly, “what are your plans when we enter the port?” “At once, Highness...” A very short while later, a naked slave-girl was pouring wine into the golden goblets Princess Venetia used. Manned by galley-slaves, it placed itself athwart the small Sythian fleet, then ran up a flag indicating that the new arrivals should declare themselves. After dinner, I and a few Ladies of my Court were going to have a little fun with some male slaves.

The Gunge Angel Ch. 02

fetish cupbearer 2018-02-24

As my lips and tongue stroked Karl's cock, urging him on, I was caressing his hips ever more boldly, and then I was tugging on his briefs, threatening to remove them, and he wasn't protesting but was moaning louder - and then I was actually pulling them down, stripping Karl nude, and as his pants caught on his cock (I let it out of my mouth long enough for his pants to slide off him) he was squirming and gasping beneath me. Thick, muffled moans came from inside the bucket as Alice ecstatically received her boyfriend's love prong up her moist pussy, as she lay prone and messy with her head in a bucket of gunge.

Talya and My Trunks

fetish NotThatOtherGuy 2018-02-24

Three girls were at the pool - Brittany, Talya, and Diane, all dressed in two-piece bikinis - as well as several total strangers whose names I didn't know. Before they left the pool, Talya turned to me and said: "Hey, John! come here," Diane said, and she began to walk away, and motion for me to follow. Talya pulled my trunks all the way off my feet, and held them up in the air, high above her head, yelling loudly with victory. I tried to walk quickly across the pool, hoping nobody would see me, until I got all the way to the showers, but of course people saw me. Have a nice day!" Now Talya began to walk away from the pool, with all her friends, all laughing and smiling from my misfortune.

The Cuckold Chronicles Ch. 04

fetish Gay_sex_only 2018-02-24

"Are those my underwear?" Nick asked, looking down at Shawn's crotch. Love you, Joanna," Nick said when he was heading for the door. A little while after Nick left, Shawn got down between my legs and ate me out. "Well, I like it," I said, and Shawn turned away with a smile. "See, I never get to watch it anymore cause Nick thinks the same thing," I said gesturing towards him. Nick fell to his back, and Shawn looked down to see my hand up my dress. When Shawn went to kissing my neck, I saw Nick beating his meat beside the bed. Knowing that Shawn's third leg was inside of me while Nick was just a room away turned me on so much.


Damn, My Buddy is a Sub! Ch. 01

fetish Watcherdownsouth 2018-02-24

"Hey, before Terri gets back, I want to tell you something", Cal said with a mischievous grin. Terri looked at me and asked "Well, can I have my panties now?" I motioned towards my groin and said "You can have them, but you gotta come get them. Terri giggled and said, "It looks like you were wearing the panties, not us!" Even Cal grinned at that remark. Sure enough, as Cal sat staring at my dick, Terri sat forward again and stroked my cock with both hands for ten or fifteen seconds, rolling her small hands up and down the length of the shaft and rubbing my balls for good measure.

My naughty s****r cumming into my bedroom at night

fetish 2018-02-24

So after about two week of this she got a little braver and put her soft lips around my cock for just a second and when she did it again I reached up quickly and pull her head down! My cock went to the back of her mouth and got instealy hard! Next thing you know my cock was balls deep in that yummy wet pussy! She was cumming white pussy juice quickly all over my rock hard cock that was ball deep in her pussy! And yes I got cum in her yummy pussy many times sence she got on the BC. pill when she was 15 and I been cumming in her yummy pussy ever since.

Gloryhole Fantasies

fetish cocksucker1966 2018-02-24

Then going to an adult bookstore, entering one of the booths with a gloryhole on both sides, and sucking one cock after the other, never seeing who I am serving, then the door opens while I am busy at the hole. I feel this visitor groping my body, feeling my satin pantied ass. Pulling my panties aside and fingering my well lubed ass, as the cock in my mouth cums I pull off to watch it shoot all over me. After fucking my mouth for several minutes he pulls out and turns me around to the other hole where a cock is waiting for me. I suck a couple more cocks while he is thoroughly fucking my sissy ass, then he cums all over my panties and skirt.

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 03

fetish sethwaite 2018-02-24

I turned to look directly at her, smiled and said " You have a great figure Ann, I bet you love nice lingerie, I know Sarah does and you know what they say? I started to massage her tits, each one was almost too big for a single hand, with each squeeze I heard her breathe getting shorter, and just as with Sarah I could feel her nipples hardening under my palms. All to soon though Sarah called through that the program that they wanted to watch on tv was starting, reluctantly I let go of Ann's tits and said "you had best be on your way" adding a smile and wink for effect. I managed to mumble "yes I would love to get my hard cock between your mums tits and fuck them Sarah".

Panty Husband and Wife Share

fetish DrLit 2018-02-24

One day I wore a pink pair of my wife's older panties to teach a class. Just before she left she said, "I hate to ask this last question professor, but are you wearing panties right now?" My wife said, "Yes, we are wearing matching pink VS panties with white lace trim." Sherri said, "Now I want my boyfriend to wear panties even more. Sherri said yes and loved my black flowered panties and my wife's navy blue with lace. As soon as my wife got me lubed good and I had my panties pulled to the side I felt her cock at the edge of my ass hole.

Go Green

fetish smilingatthedarkness 2018-02-24

"Common household trash cans." The man says, taking another drag from his cigarette. He then peels the rest of the bag off her skin, pulling the husk off her corn-legs, leaving the woman utterly naked. "I suppose I'll have to prevent you from making so much noise!" He takes off her gag, as she curses at him, and stuffs the woman's mouth full with the wrappers and tissues she'd only thrown away days ago. He takes out two used tea bags, still moist, and jauntily places each one on her eyes for a bit, just letting them sit. He goes behind the woman, her body still kneeling on the floor, and begins repetitively pushing her face into the mess.

Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 01

fetish Chastebob 2018-02-24

David went to lower the thermostat but Mary said her mom was a little chilled and could we leave it where it was. Let's just say it quickly went downhill from there with Momma Ann making a remark to the effect that it didn't appear David was much better than Fred and perhaps this whole idea of a rapprochement wasn't going to work. Later the next day Mary talked to her mother by phone, then told David that it looked like there was a way to get past this, but it would require something from him which she wasn't sure he would agree to. "I will tell Mary not to worry, Momma Ann will be in your lives for a long time."

Gloria's Panties Ch. 07

fetish murphybrown537 2018-02-24

My only regret from that day I took those pictures of Gloria, is that I didn't get any with her panties on like I did that first weekend my affair with her had officially started. I then took a closer picture of Erica's jeans with her hips just filling the frame. I then spread the opening of her jeans a little wider and took a picture of her exposed panties. Erica's lovely ass in the yellow panties, or her beautiful mound that was now before me. She immediately wrapped her fingers around me and applied a little pressure as she pulled away, squeezing me when her hand reached the head of my cock.

I Don't Want to Share

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-02-24

“My mouth is too big.” She said smiling, with lips that rivaled mine. She lathed his head with her moist pink lips without shame, her saliva dribbling down the shaft, her hands caressing all of the stiffening schlong that escaped her mouth. She pulled back for air, a thick cable of pre-cum dripping from her lower lip to his cum-slit, she marveled for a moment at the sight, and then snapped her head back down to inhale the creamy morsel into her throat. I watched as he pulled out, and then started to fuck into her with deep masterful strokes, adding a little bit of length each time. I sucked it hard, and gently pulsed his left nut with squeezes from my hand.

Trapped Teacher

fetish L R 2018-02-24

"See Jerry," I said while looking Tammy in the eyes, "I did too hire a hooker for us. She just loves to give blowjobs, don't you?" Jerry looked at her and I could read the fear and humiliation in Mr. Gunn's eyes. "I bet you love this don't you Tammy?" I asked looking at her, "You probably want to moan about what a good time you are having. Go ahead, and let it out." Tammy took the hint and started to moan and hum as she slurped on Jerry's hog. I knew Gunn had to be trying to look like a girl getting laid to try to fool Jerry. Jerry was grinning from ear to ear, "Look at her face, dude, "She is loving this."

A Mid-Twenties Night Dream

fetish rnumbers123 2018-02-24

Finally during sex and pestering from Bryan, she came out and admitted that one of her co-workers, Dennis, was turning her on. Each day after, Bryan would have sex with his wife while she described how she'd flirted with Dennis. Stephanie was excited and nervous, wondering if Dennis would even see the clothes, Bryan wondering if he was crazy, trying to make his wife as attractive as possible for another man. She had reciprocated and had only meant to rub his leg, but she quickly felt his large hard cock under his slacks. This time he wanted to see, so he got down between her legs and started to lick, first gently on the inside of her legs, then along her slit, like an ice cream cone.

The Man Wrecker: Maggie Flynn

fetish Subtext 2018-02-24

Maggie gagged and did her best not to taste his thick, salty dick as it grew big quickly inside her mouth. "I know you've heard about me, Mr. Maddux, but now you're going to get the full experience!" she announced before moving back behind him to his propped up ass. "Does momma have little Billy's ass now?" she teased as she saw Maddux's body was beginning to shutter. Maggie knew he was changed forever now because these anal climaxes were the most intense a man could have since they affected the entire body just like vaginal orgasms. And so Maggie succeeded in turned Maddux into an ass fuck squirter. Maddux was not the last man Maggie virtually castrated and feminized, but he was the one she took the most satisfaction in.


The Quest (Chapter 1)

fetish wastedaway 2018-02-24

It is a pleasure to see you again." This time he opens the front door of the car. In the warm tub you finally start to regain yourself a little bit, knowing that there is no need to try and work out what is to come. You are a bit embarrassed as you get back into the car and try to cover your body as you sit. As the car enters into the car park you look at the driver for further instructions, but there are none. Instead, he stops the car and opens the door on your side. Standing at the river bank, my back turned towards the car park and looking out over the water, you see an all too familiar silhouette.

Sissy Joanne Parr Fantasy Fucking Ch. 02

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2018-02-24

Christine Wells tried to comfort a distressed Sue Lewis. Ashley fondled Christine's breasts through her white, cheese, cloth blouse. "Fuck me Sissy Joanne, my dirty, old pervert, so much sexier than Ashley," panted Georgina. Christine Wells was getting sexually aroused, as Ashley played with her breasts. Christine groaned with pleasure as I fucked her, in front of Sue Lewis. Christine Wells my grunting granny, Just like your daughter Sally, a dirty, fucking slag," I shouted at the top of my voice. "Oh You kinky bastard Joanne, my God I'm enjoying this, kiss me sissy Joanne," shouted Christine. Mummy Sue Lewis, please breast feed me my pretty foster mummy," I said. Posted a film of my orgy to the husbands of Sue Lewis and Christine Wells.