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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

It's Got to be the Karma

fetish karmadarma 2018-02-24

Now I needed to break the news to my husband that his sexually submissive predisposition is in fact his male karma, and that as a spiritual quest he should fully embrace its implications. Your dick has obviously been chosen as the catalyst to guide your heart to the feet of a woman, where your soul can out-picture its divine purpose as her slave." I could barely contain the thrill as I realized he was willing to surrender to the pain I was about to inflict on him, but I need to be certain he would maintain this position at my feet. "That right slave, I'm going to allow you the privilege of conveying your gratitude for this whipping by counting out after each stroke and kissing my foot with a passionate and I do mean passionate thank you.

Rubber Seduction

fetish BootPunk 2018-02-24

I push my feet into the boots, see how the bootleg presses on my, oh, no, Freudian, isn't it?, on the rubber skin. Touching these boots, feeling the rim, the borderline between rubber and leather, the eyelets. And the black leather toe cap, and the rubber sole, they just feel great on my feet and under my finger tips. I simply must cum, touching my boots, I want it, I want to honour them, I must rub my hands against the bootlegs, feel the leather, oh, the leather, this black, smooth leather, these boots, both boots, my wonderful, black Dr. Martens feet, I, I... I close my eyes again, feeling my -- ah, that's good: My fingers still feel the rubber skin, and, yes, my feet are still in my boots.

First fuck for Freda

fetish 2018-02-24

I would lie there, dressed like a cheap slut, dreaming of being firmly filled with cock and cum and used for whatever kinky fantasy my tormentors dreamed up for me. Uncle Steven caught me hard by the hair and kissed me long and deep around the gag. I said nothing, but closed my eyes as they turned me over on the bed, pulled off my panties and started gently fingering lube into my tight virgin hole. I caught a look at my own face as he bore down hard on me and came deep into me, my mouth forming a perfect, if trembling, 'O' around the gag. As soon as I started, Uncle Steven stiffened and shot stream after stream of hot cum into my burning hole.

A Day in Heaven

fetish isadore 2018-02-24

Soon I got to the same state as his friend did but instead of pulling out, let loose in me, what a feeling you get when a torrent of hot cum fills your ass. He started with a finger and soon had worked his way up to having three, in a flash he pulled two out and slid in one from his other hand by doing this he was able to make a space for his cockhead to slip in and it was a divine feeling-stars flashing, colours popping and an overall feeling of being in a very special place sort of like nirvana.

Self Bondage on Saturday Night

fetish suzyisgagged2 2018-02-24

Took a chair, a set of recording headphones and my laptop to the hallway, ten feet away form the door…and, yes, I unlocked it. Listening to pleading and begs, of girls like me asking to be let go right before the gag is inserted, harsh slaps, whips, loud hums, orgasms… I pretended that I had been k**napped, f***ed to listen, completely gagged, no vision, the only sound of the pleasures and pain of girls, pretending that my captor wanted me to hear this while bound, gagged and blindfolded…to know what would be in store for me. That my captor would unlock the door, for anyone to find me, to use me…in the ways that my imagination told me as I listened to the movie.

After Class Ch. 02

fetish MsMantis 2018-02-24

'Oh my god,' she thought, his silver blue, brooding, piercing eyes suddenly clear in her mind, 'it's the damn song.' She groaned again, and her hands traveled; one to her neck, feeling her quickening pulse under it's hot palm, the other grazing quickly over her breast, down her side, and over her hip, only to begin its slow journey back again. He pulled his hand away from her cunt, and quickly placed it on her face, gently pressing her back, and his finger wet with her pussy's excitement was thrust across her mouth, the tip right under her nose. He took his other hand away from her neck, and quickly pulled the mask up past his mouth.

State Park

fetish MirageLM 2018-02-24

There was a pause as she heard the familiar sound of trousers being removed, then him stepping in behind her...She gasped as she felt his tongue rasp across her upturned ass and dip between the widespread cheeks...The warm wetness traced between the cheeks and she squealed as it ran over and around her anus, creating a new and forbidden sensation...Then down further between her slick pussy lips, lashing around her clit until she was gasping on the verge of cumming...

Exit 325

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-02-24

'Yeah, cut a leg off and then I'd show you', he thinks, watching her tight ass wiggle under the short skirt, and sips slowly hoping she'll walk back his way. He'll take care of you." She leans very close to John's ear and whispers, "Lunch at eleven-thirty." She touches him again with the hook in a way Sam won't notice and he nods in agreement. "Yeah, and hitting on all the women missing an arm." She brushes the hook against his finger and he holds it like a hand. He glances over at Freda long enough to take in her looks wearing the tee shirt and jeans without the prosthetic limbs left back at the trailer.

The Black Vultures (Part 1)

fetish DeepQuandryDark 2018-02-24

In the blinking candlelight & glow of the iron fire pit, Gerrants’ hulking form is sat at the table on a sturdy oak bench, he has a large stone mug of what I can only presume as ale in one hand & his pipe in the other, he looks up at me as I enter “Aaaaah!” He booms with a large grin across his hairy face “Our glorious leader returns… Look what Yaegar has found for us”, I look over to the corner at the wooden chair in the shadow where Yaeger is sat, at his feet are two bound, wriggling bodies with hessian sacks over their heads.

Goddess Revenge

fetish KaneKing13 2018-02-24

In his shock he jumps up and looks at me like he wants to fight but my left had reaches out and grabs his throat...I tell the little panda that he should relax because his ass will be welcoming cock in a few minutes. He is a bit uncomfortable but Goddess asks me to slap his face with my cock...that makes our little cuckold look down and feel worthless. She tells him that the cock will soon be in his ass and then he will be eating its cum from her pussy.

His First and Largest Encounter

fetish bored1nhomer 2018-02-24

She laughed, "We got a ways to go before we can warm each other up." She started the car and backed out onto the road. As he placed his head between her legs, his eager mouth waiting to lap up any and all juices, she put her hand in his hair once more. With her climax came a feeling of suffocation as she wrapped her legs around him and pulled his face further into her now quivering snatch. His manhood was now inches from her warm, inviting place, he was ready to go all the way when he heard, "Get up here, I need to taste you." Guess that will have to wait.

Tissue Fetish Massage

fetish tissuefetishboy 2018-02-24

"How long have you got?" he asked, as I tried to lie down comfortably on my still hard cock, and buried my face in the sensual feel of a pile of tissues. Gerry pulled five more tissues from the box, and lifting up the waist band of my briefs, laid them flat over my cock. He kept this going for about 5 minutes, and then said "I've got something I think you might like." He temporarily removed has fingers from my now gaping arse, and I heard him open a drawer. As the heavenly feeling of tissues on my cock dragged me towards my impending climax, Gerry reached full intensity, slamming his thick hard cock into my quivering arse.

Her Punishment

fetish LilKitten 2018-02-24

She was ignorantly jealous of his time and let her big mouth open and speak without firstly thinking back to what she knows of his truth. She fights back another scream of pain as she feels his teeth torturing her tender nipples and his fingers pinching her. He sees her eyes large and her mouth stretched tight over his cock. He sees her piss leaving a damp spot on the floor and is very excited to see the little yellow arch and feels his cock expand as it empties of urine and hardens in excitement. It pushes him over the edge and he pumps his cum deep in her mouth making sure she tastes it before its shoved down her throat by his still pumping cock.

Joe's Driving Lesson Pt. 02

fetish soleful 2018-02-24

Tia remained across the room deciding if she wanted pull her levers again and suspend Joe off the ground, but she decided against it She glided across the room in high heeled boots in her practiced mincing walk. Tia had the time to try a new strategy to confuse Joe. She gave herself some extra room and coquettisly dangled a long boot in front of him. He was about to stand up to face Tia's mother, but she held out a hand and authortatively said, "Down!" Joe remained rigidly on the floor as Evelyn pulled up a chair, with her five inch stiletto high heeled shoes only inches away from his face.


Wife Encounter 01

fetish x1000x 2018-02-24

She then released it and her middle finger started flicking over it very quickly, sometime lightly and every couple of seconds pushing more towards my chest. I felt her hands reach between my ass cheeks, and she pushed forward with her thighs, holding them apart. She buried her finger all the way in, her palm reaching my body as she wiggled it inside my ass, moving it around before taking it out again. With two fingers rubbing the sides of my cock's head, her middle finger started rubbing against my hole, spreading the cum against it. I was moaning and pushing my ass back and forth getting the most of her fingers inside me, as my orgasm subsided and I stood still, catching my breath.


fetish Namazuros 2018-02-24

It means we'll have come on, come in....please...?" I fluttered my eyelids at him, giving him my best seductive pout...I thought he would faint right there, but after gulping and looking around nervously, Kay walked passed me into the dark room. I felt my arms and legs start to tingle, and I tried to buck harder, letting out a silent snarl at Kay. Fucking bastard, there was no way I was letting him get away with this! And hey, we don't want you being a lazy cat, so let's get you up so you can see how you like your new and improved body!" He nudged me with his foot, rolling me over, and I landed with a whimper on my new paws, pulling myself up to my feet.

From an early age...

fetish 2018-02-24

as soon as I came home from school, I went strait upstairs and undressed. I went to a forest not far from my house. my heart beating faster now. The next time I came to that forest, I tried it a little different. After striping, i started to walk a bit. getting farther away each time. Finally the time came where after stripping, I ran around the entire forest. I went to other forests, did the same. the feeling from it was new, and even more exciting. One day, after getting to a regular spot of mine, i decided it was time to let myself be scene. I walked out to the main trail, and started walking. Nobody came by me that time, I was so disappointed.

Golden Pleasures

fetish betweenthesheets21 2018-02-24

They talked a bit more, and the closer he got to home, the more Jackson realized that this was turning into a real, REAL problem for him. "Ohh. Can you hold it?," Reese said, sincerely wondering what the answer would be. I want to fuck you when I get home," Jackson said, trying to squeeze his legs together and drive faster. Jackson pushed her seat all the way back as far as it would go, got down on his knees, and dove between her legs. "Ohh God, yes, yes!" Reese moaned. I'm gonna fuck you...hard," He swiftly flipped her over and spanked her firm ass and she moaned. "Ohh yes, oh God yes that's so good!" Reese shrieked.

Asian Massage: Breeding Becky

fetish rapid_growth 2018-02-24

You are like already hard and it just save time" I looked at her while turning around so I was now laying on my back - I saw that she was unable to conceal a smile as she quickly rambled on frantically: "It's just that - OH WOW, holy shit, how the fuck? This time, I told her I wanted a "full massage, and other stuff, too..." with the grand verbal vagueness that I accompanied with placing my hand between her legs and expertly maneurving beside the fabric, quickly exploring her warm depths with my bare finger. I start pumping in to her from below, feeling my balls wobble around in restricted movements due to the cock ring, pulling and stretching my genital skin further, turning me on.

That particular morning

fetish TheShalong 2018-02-23

Everyday I'd wake up around 7 am and take my morning dump, usually I'd read the newspaper sometimes I'd only have time for a quick one so it was a hastily achieved f***ed one, kind of dump that just shoots straight out which isn't fun when it's not solid as it covers the bowl like that time at my mother-in-laws when I forgot to flush after eating some bad fish. However this particular morning, as I remember it was raining outside bit dismal that milkman with the shorter left leg was hobbling into gardens on the street swearing every-time he nearly fell over/dropped a milk bottle tbh no one knows why he had ever been hired...the milk never arrives in the bottle and if you ever talked to him he would start talking about the time he made tea for the Queen until he fell over with a tray and ruined the Queen's dress.

Biology 101 Pt. 01

fetish jasliz 2018-02-23

I gave him extra containers and memory cards, making sure to tell him to label them correctly so I could put the right sample with the correct video. "Well, most of the time I can tell from the video the technique you used to stimulate ejaculation but sometimes letting me know about lotion, grip, visual stimulation used and things like that are very helpful." I really want to get good grades so I brought you a sample to get started," Steve said walking to my desk. I watched the clip and sampled the taste, getting very turned on as Steve worked his mammoth cock before the camera. Steve turned off the camera before cleaning up the sample so I missed him sucking it out and off his astonishing cock.

I Love To Ride The Bus

fetish prevacker 2018-02-23

About a month after I started taking the bus, there was a middle aged woman standing in front of me. But at least half the mornings I manage to find some lady to rub against and find the human interaction is a lot more fulfilling I probably am not going to find true love this way, but it sure is FUN. I tried rubbing myself at home alone, through the fabric; but it really doesn't work worth a damn unless you have the extra excitement of an unsuspecting butt and the reaction of a woman who knows she has just helped me ejaculate. I figure if I am careful, I will be getting my money's worth out of the bus fare for a long time; I don't even mind having to stand up the whole ride.

Recession Ch. 01

fetish fishophile 2018-02-23

They're seeing me, tied up and face down with my legs apart. My cries of half-laughter, half-agony are muffled by the gag, only a low moan coming out. I'm struggling on the bed, trying to get away: all I do is bounce - there's no way my legs are going anywhere. It's like 10,000 volts up my spine as his tongue seeks out the gap between my big and second toes. Now he's got my big toe in his mouth, and he's gently sucking on it. He's moaning low now too, with my toe as his own gag. He lets go of my toe and goes back up and down with his tongue, covering every inch of my foot.

Something New Something Old Ch. 03

fetish dorian87890 2018-02-23

Nancy pulled the dildo out again, and pushed hard back into Ted. This time, Ted felt the first jet of Josh's cum hit and slide down his throat. As Nancy kept her dildo planted in Ted's ass, Josh began scooping his cum off of Ted's face and licking his own fingers. Nancy and Sarah were on their hands and knees at the end of the bed, waiting on Ted. Josh had the fingers of both hands inserted into each of their pussies, stroking them, warming them up for Ted. Ted could see how wet and hot they were. Ted walked up to Nancy, pushed Josh's hand away, and immediately plunged his dick all the way in her waiting pussy.