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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish mikekelly33 2018-02-23

Susan pulled up her dress and released my dong and opened Tommy entered the living room crawling on his hands and and took Tommy's head in my hands and started to fuck his Tommy on the head and he was licking her hand. Watching Tommy approach my rear and Susan's awesome pussy glanced in the mirror to watch as Tommy started licking and began to play with Susan's tits and tried to chase Tommy began to fuck into my man-pussy with a passion. my ass and Susan humped up to meet his motion. I felt Tommy's dick shrink slowly and finally plop out of I felt Tommy spread my ass and begin to eat his load from

Celeste and Dan Ch. 02

fetish KimmieNOLA 2018-02-23

I remember my mouth dropping open, wondering if I wanted that to happen to me even if just to make a baby, but Celeste just looked like she was profoundly moved or turned on, or both. My eyes bulged out at Dan as his penis brushed past my labia and the inner wings around my womanhood, and then he pressed into the tiny hole, at that moment I grunted and grabbed the bed sheets, stretching, trying to let the man in. I grabbed his ass and squeezed and tried to imagine beautiful Dan’s penis disgorging his seed right into my womb, just like he had done to his beautiful ‘pregnant’ wife next to me and rejoiced with teary eyes to the steady pulse of his orgasm drumming inside me, the music of life itself.

Blonde Foot Job

fetish Boxlicker101 2018-02-23

The soft, plump flesh felt so good to Jared, he took Joanne's great toe into his mouth and started stroking it in and out, almost like somebody sucking a cock, although he is strictly heterosexual. Wanting to pay homage to all of Joanne's soft, white beauty, Jared held it in front of his face and licked the entire sole, from the toes all the way until his tongue curled around the heel. Joanne smiled at him; she wanted the fun to last a long time too, because she loved the way he had eaten her pussy, and she even liked what his stiff cock was doing between her feet and what the handsome man's mouth might do for her in future sessions together.

A Mutual Agreement

fetish Orgone69 2018-02-23

He stood in transfixed bewilderment and not a little sense of revulsion at the red raw open gash of the woman's vagina as it pushed forward from the page of the magazine he had just found under the bridge on the abandoned railway, upwards, lunging towards his face. The glorious hot fragrant pee from within this lovely woman was filling Pete's mouth and every sense, all he was aware of was the deeply intimate sensual force from within this woman entering his mouth, filling his senses with the taste, the fragrance, the warmth, the liquid beauty of it all and his mind rejoiced in the sheer intimate eroticism of satisfying all these years of longing.

Scarf Shop

fetish oggbashan 2018-02-23

My thoughts were miles away in a fantasy land of silk scarf wearing women and I did not notice that one of the two shop assistant women had been watching me. "Did you know that the women at the bank always wear a silk scarf when they ask you for a favour or some help?" Sandra asked. There was something in the back of my mind, something that wouldn't quite come to the surface, perhaps because although I was trying to think about the business I was still distracted by the scarf filling my mouth, the scarf across my face, the scarves caressing my wrists and ankles in a soft but inescapable grip... I am watching Anna doing a striptease with silk scarves while Sandra looks after the shop.

Thea and Brad Ch. 02

fetish Timewell 2018-02-23

"Yes, Mistress," Brad answered remembering the magnificent pleasure her feet had given him the previous day. Brad was playing a repeat of the previous day in his mind as the video montage shifted to a woman's feet caressing a variety of hard cocks. Brad let his fingers drink in the luxury of being able to caress up Thea's stocking toward the garter. Brad felt a little dizzy with arousal as his hands brushed Thea's perfect ass for just a moment. "I'm glad you feel that way, slave," Thea purred, "because I love having my ass worshipped by a worthy submissive. Thea felt hot cum splashing across her hands as she looked into his eyes.

Janey learning how to squirt

fetish All_night 2018-02-23

After she moaned in pleasure from wave after wave of orgasm as I licked and sucked at her dripping wet pussy and throbbing clit, she sat on the bench, whipped out my hard cock and sucked away at it quickly incase somebody saw us, she licked and sucked at my dick until I came in her mouth for her to swallow with delight. She grabbed me by the hair while she was grinding her clit against the palm of my hand as my fingers rubbed away inside her, hitting her g spot every time until her legs began to shake and she moaned like I had never heard her before, I felt the warmth of her pussy juices running over my hand and dripping on the floor.

Tiffany's Tights

fetish tightslover1 2018-02-23

I was dressed in my usual attire, jeans and a t shirt, though I had stolen a pair of Tiffany's tights, and was wearing them under my jeans, giving me a recurring erection throughout class. I ended up laying down on her floor, and I saw the door slam shut, being pulled with what looked like a moving pair of tights. I looked around for as long as I could but soon another pair of opaque black tights crawled over and slid itself onto my head, forcing me to breathe in the aroma of Tiffany's legs and feet. I lay on the bed, still encased in nylon and frogtied, and suddenly every pair of pantyhose left in the room began to levitate again.


fetish 2018-02-23

"Sorry to be so brutal, I will explain everything to you , but first I must think of a pretty name for my kinky sissy," said Adele in a teasing voice. "Hi Francesca, lovely to see you, this is Jessica your new adopted s****r," said Adele. "Well hi there sissy Jessica, brought my old school uniform with me, for you to wear," said Francesca, picking her nose. "Share my hanky with me Jessica," said Joanna in a kinky voice. Christine was a sexy 59 year old women with lovely brown hair. Adele kissed me passionately on the lips, removing the remains of Joanna's snot. "I think it's time for your breast-feed sissy Jessica," said Sue.

New York City Fun Pt. 01

fetish jusduit 2018-02-23

Forty-five minutes into the blackout of the entire North East, Althea Rogers-Jackson, day manager of the relatively small, and independent hotel of just over a hundred rooms, wondered what the rest of the night was to be like. Half an hour later, having not seen more than a second or two of Althea in passing around the lobby, a good looking and fit Italian fellow walked right up to Randy’s cushioned chair and said, “Hi. I’m Mick, Mickey Jackson.” He put out his hand and stood there waiting for Randy to make the next move. “You’re right, Randy.” He put his drink down, shifted in his chair to better face the man, and continued, “We are wondering, well, I have always… hmmmm.

margret being tied

fetish manfed 2018-02-23

His tongue suddenly licks at my hard nipple and the sensation makes me gasp in surprise He continues this slow teasing for what feels like my body, teasing, touching, licking and sucking; never I feel his fingers moving up and down my wet slit, The egg feels so good rumbling inside my pussy, and I'm squeezing my cunt around it. can feel his hot breath on my wet lips and I beg him to forever before I feel his tongue on my cunt. His hot wet tongue feels so good combined with the vibrations of the egg inside me get close to cumming, and then turning off the egg and throbbing around the hard egg and his tongue is working

London Bra Falling Down

fetish gregor69 2018-02-23

Holding the door open for me as I went through the threshold was the very cute and nice woman I met this morning -- Tracy. Tracy invited me to her room for a glass of wine and talk some more. Tracy answered the door and I walked in to her room that was located up the stairs from mine. I set my wine on a nearby table and noticed Tracy had on the John Gielgud special, too. I couldn't help but notice as time went by, Tracy's robe loose just a little. Straddling her backside, I used a travel sized container, and squeezed out body lotion on to one of my hands and continued with Tracy's upper shoulders and neck. Tracy proceeded forward, breasts moving as she walked.

Settling Debts

fetish jo_at_night 2018-02-23

Only now she's walking the dance floor of a nightclub, easily four or five years older than most of the girls in here, wondering if she's still got enough looks to get by, and trying to get enough alcohol in her to forget that she's got her husbands debts sitting, like a sword, waiting to drop on her. It took almost a minute for her to get her feet under her, even with the waitress standing not far away, a knowing a wicked smirk on her face, watching the ruined bitch get up off the floor, stumbling a little in her heels, before June could rush to the door, and out into the street.

Mum's New Panty Slave Ch. 01

fetish PantiesAndPies 2018-02-23

Firstly, he definitely wanted to fuck his mother again, secondly he loved the idea of being trained to be a better lover, thirdly the sight of day in lingerie was turning him on, and finally the lingerie felt so nice in his hands! Ever since that day I first caught your Dad in panties, he was eaten ever single load of cum that has been shot into my hot pussy. Every time he lost his load in his panties (or like today in Neil's mouth) he had to wait three more. Neil was a quick learner; soon he had the vibrator plunging in and out of mum -- hard and fast like dad told him she loved it!

Slim Girl to Fat Bitch Ch. 10

fetish robin35 2018-02-23

When she stretched up to give Gladys a hand out of the car David got a good look at her naked buttocks and he became erect at the thought that Gladys would be looking down at her naked pussy and he could not wait to make love to her. Gladys and David watched as naked Bev went to the front door and got down on her knees and began to eat at the food on the doorstep. Again Gladys led the way and Bev could not take her eyes of those glorious buttocks and now she was going to get the chance to make love to her Mistresses pussy.

Creampie for Husband

fetish victorgershwin 2018-02-23

As we lay on the bed facing each other on our sides I pushed my right hand down her soft stomach, through that perfectly shaped triangle of pubic hair and split her pussy open with my first two fingers. While she was caressing my ass hole and causing more pre-cum to leak from my cock, I was continuing to finger her g-spot and bring her towards an orgasm. Beginning to feel a stirring in my cock I found new life in me and moved my mouth from her outer pussy lips down to her just fucked opening. I stared at her pussy for a long time, trying to lock the image of her splayed open vagina glistening with her own wetness and my white cum all over her thighs and lips.

Lea's Weekend Ch. 02

fetish ruthless bastard 2018-02-23

"Mmmmmm Daddy, I love the way your cock fits in all my holes, the way you fuck them all so hard." Lea pulled his cock out letting it flop onto her face, before rubbing her face against his now bare cock, before taking the base in her hand and slapping herself in the face with it. Still looking into his eyes Lea released his cock putting her hands on his hips and pushing till her bottom lip was against his ball sac, and his cockhead was in her throat. With her daddy's hands holding her head tight and her scalp in pain from the hair being pulled so hard she braced herself loving what she knew was coming next.

The Library

fetish jodarby 2018-02-23

When I looked up, ready to complain about the barely audible noise, my eyes were greeted with the sight of this beautiful woman masturbating! Unlike the beautiful woman before me, I was afraid to masturbate right there on the seventh floor of the library. "Yes," she hissed, closing her eyes, "Oh yesss." In less than a minute of rapid stroking, her body shuddered as another orgasm swept through her, stronger than before. She took another deep breath and sat quietly in the chair for a minute or so with her eyes closed. "Oh yeah," she said softly, "that's better." Seconds later, her body tensed and she came with a long, low moaning croon followed by a series of feminine grunts.

Opportunity Knocks, Literally

fetish Chrissycdslut00 2018-02-23

I asked if he would like something to drink and he said he didn’t want to impose. I reached up to get a glass from the cabinet on my tip toes and felt my dress rise, so I turned and smiled. “Mark, do I look like a guy?” I asked. Every so often I would slip his member out of my mouth and moan, and then tell him how good he tasted and how much I loved sucking and licking his big cock. Mark’s ragged breathing was slowing now and as he opened his eyes and looked into mine I licked his cum from his cock and my lips.

Left Bank Ch. 02

fetish lilactwist 2018-02-23

She let out a sigh of content and while still licking Anne's face, tonguing her mouth and nose now, found a way to get her left hand on her crotch and start frigging her clit, or so I thought. Kristin quickly lifted her bottom off my face and turned her entire body around and kissed me deeply and strongly, tonguing my mouth, searching for her own lovely flavors, the menstrual goop, the piss, the cum liquid. She lowered her blond lovely wet and now filthy red twat over my dick and started licking my lips and her left foot went over the side of the bed; she stepped on the floor to gain balance.

Nice to See You Again, Doc

fetish Stephen7Redo 2018-02-23

Now I know most guys, and probably women, don't dwell on the positives of their annual physical, but after the experience I had last year I can't help but get a huge grin on my face. I know I do a little awkward dance with that feeling upon me as I walk up to the reception counter and am greeted by the bright smiling face of Carol. "Okay, if we are going to do this today, proceed with your exam that it is," another huge grin spreads across her lips before she clears her throat and takes on a more serious look. "So, you can't feel the rest of your testicle or what?" Dr. Benson says as she dips her head to look between my legs.

Cock worship

fetish 2018-02-23

I love sucking cock. The feel of a man's hardness filling enjoy sucking his cock, but I large semi cock and hanging cums because his body simply slowly running my wet tongue feel his cock stiffen pleasure his balls, I drop mouth and slowly lick all of fully hard cock, shallow and into his eyes as my mouth let his balls drop from my mouth and rest his hard cock on my face as my tongue simply cannot resist tasting cock head resting on my lower mouth as I gently suck it, mouth as I gently suck it, meet his body his cock tenses and I feel him grow slightly cock's head resting on my tongue as the last of his cum

Gloria's Panties Ch. 10

fetish murphybrown537 2018-02-23

She wondered what Kathleen would think if she told her about Seth and his panty fetish. "You're pulling my leg, stop teasing me." Kathleen half shouted, however Gloria could tell she believed her. Gloria hadn't followed her, so as she turned into the bathroom she slipped a hand inside of her pajama bottoms and gave her now wet pussy a couple of hard hesitant strokes with her finger tips. Gloria hadn't told Seth but his desire to take dirty panties had peeked a curiosity in her. She wanted to say it was only a onetime thing with Kathleen's panties as well, however she had actually done it several times now.

Pakistani girl sucks me off ( bradford girl )

fetish crbigboy 2018-02-23

I asked her name samia she replied after chatting for 5 minutes I gave her my number she looked reluctant but she took it anyway. It's her we chat shit for almost an hour before she asks if is like to meet for a coffee . There's was no chatting now she lent over and kissed me at the same time she groped my groin feeling my hard cock she unzipped my fly opened my button and began to slowly but firmly wank me off. I fucked her hard in her pussy , ass before finally pulling out and firing my full load into her mouth.