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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mrs Jordan's Wedding Ring

fetish geronimo_appleby 2018-02-23

Either way that moment is fixed in my mind's eye: Mrs Jordan's face and those rings on the third finger of her left hand. In my mind's eye I saw Mrs Jordan on her back, legs wide, big breasts bare while her sex glistened all pink and hot, winking at me through the mass of her dark pubic bush – although my perception, I'd find out soon enough, would turn out to be erroneous in certain elements of those details. Semen would have spurted from the eye of my cock and splashed everywhere, an indiscriminate spray of ejaculate, spunk spitting and raining down wherever; except, Mrs Jordan, with her bikini top dangling loose, big breasts swaying, released me and looked around at the neighbouring houses.

Multiple Melia Ch. 01

fetish realityischoice 2018-02-23

"Wow, you look great!" she said as she pulled me down in a hug, sliding one hand slowly down my back to the top of my ass and leaning close enough to my ear to give it a nibble "and I can't wait to see the rest of you!" I saw a quick flash of excitement as her eyes worked past my hard cock before she began kissing the front of my thighs and rubbing the backs, creeping up to my ass, rubbing up the outside of my cheeks towards my hips before I felt her tickling fingertips tracing the top moving inward, then finally, slowly tracing each cheek down the crack.

My First Trip to a Female Doctor

fetish Fred1177 2018-02-23

My aunt asked what the problem was and when I told her, she insisted that I see the doctor. When we got there and I was signed in, I told my aunt that I didn't want her in the room when I was examined. Once the preliminary vitals checks were done and I was in the examining room, the nurse told me Doctor Moss would be in shortly. Dr. Moss said that based on my pain level she didn't think I had a twisted testicle. Doctor Moss told me to stand up and lift the gown. To make things worse, my aunt asks the doctor, "do you think he's underdeveloped for his age?" Dr. Moss stopped for a moment and said, "Yes, somewhat.

For My Pretty Little Boy

fetish Miyelo Ina 2018-02-23

I prop on my elbow to study your face and I let my free hand roam over your skin - your shoulder, your arm, your silk-covered hip, then back up to caress your cheek. You feel my hips grind into yours and one of my hands moves over your chest, reaching inside the teddy to find a hard pink nipple to pinch. "Suck on my tongue," I tell you when I pause for a breath, then I kiss you again roughly - one hand still tugging on your nipple and the other hand entwined in your hair, holding a fistful tightly. As your breathing grows more frantic and I sense you are near an orgasm, I pull my tongue away and replace it with my much longer middle finger.

Dream lover

fetish realbigsid69 2018-02-23

A few weeks later, he was going for a drive and called Kate, asking if she fancied a spin in the country. Soon Kate was questioning him and was a little surprised as he added although so many things were fantastic with the right woman, he didn't mind giving oral, but preferably if the woman really loved it. You'd better not talk too much, you'll need your jaw muscles tonight" Kate said lustfully, shivering with pleasure as his nose brushed her slit with his tongue entering her below. "Up a bit now" she said and immediately, he trailed a wet lick up her slit and back down it again, before beginning to tongue fuck her pussy.

My New Life Ch. 01

fetish sheldonlfc 2018-02-23

"Well, yeah, that's what I came to see you about me and Carl are kind of together he found out we broke up and asked me out on a date I was going to say no but fort fuck it, why not and one thing led to another just didn't want you coming to the party and finding out there hope your ok with it" she jumped of the workshop and gave me a hug pushing her tits into my chest I instantly got a hard on.

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 10

fetish icumonyourshoes 2018-02-23

I was making progress on a project I was working on, but was mostly in haze remembering the insane weekend I had fucking Nikki on Saturday and jerking off on the phone with Emma on Sunday morning. I quietly turned from her desk and proceeded down the hall to Emma's office. I thought of how hard I came on the phone with Emma on Sunday morning and I rammed her harder. I remembered how hard I fucked Penny the night of the party and I thrust violently into Emma with that image in my mind. "I am off to my meeting," Emma said, grabbing a folder off her desk and heading for the door.

Fun in the Sun

fetish 2018-02-23

Shi smiled and spread her thighs a little more as she looked down her body and watched Rick tongue gently lap at her lips. Shi let out a small moan and closed her eyes before she placed her hands on Rick’s head. Her small moans turned into soft panting when his tongue thrust in and out of her tight opening before it slid upward, finding her very swollen clit. Rick complied, his lips wrapping around the swollen clit, sucking it deep while still flicking his tongue against it. He gently pulled the lips open and teased the wet, warm entrance with the tip of his tongue before pushing it inside her, causing Shi to create a sound between a moan and a shout.

Joy of a BBC Find Another Cock

fetish 425olds 2018-02-23

Jim heard the springs creaking, the head board banging the wall and all the moans and screams as they went upstairs for a "nap." And Saturday night, Jessica dressed like a real tramp in a gauzy peasant blouse with no bra that exhibited a lot of cleavage and her dark nipples, a short black leather mini-skirt, fish-net hose with 5-inch heeled black strap-ons. As Jessica was slowly sliding up and down the still rigid black shaft after their joint climax, Jim could see the copious amounts of their cum running out of her stretched pussy and down the insides of her legs and on to Marcus' thighs.

My Best Friend's Wife (His wife was ready, an

fetish KDG 2018-02-23

I headed over to Mark & Janet's place, looking to cry in my beer with at least a little sympathy, and share the news about my new digs. Just let me know what you need from me, and I'll be happy to do whatever it takes to help with anything...hard." Janet told me, her eyes staring directly into mine, as she rocked back and forth on her husband's prick. "Oh FUCK that's tight," Janet moaned, and then I felt her starting to move back and forth, my cock sliding in and out of her, feeling Mark's rod pressing back and forth against mine, separated by the thin flesh inside of her.

Sorority Princesses Ch. 01

fetish Hyperdebut 2018-02-23

Then the lecture ended and Jen got up to leave and said goodbye, walking away. "Welcome to our sorority," said Jen "we would like you to join us and become our new Princess." "You may return to your dorm and I'll let you know the initiation date in class," Jen answered. The princesses will come in here and you will let them piss in your pathetic, fat mouth, then hold it until they press your flusher," she taunted "I suggest you open your mouth, it will be less messy that way. She mounted my face and I opened my mouth, tasting her wet pussy. "Ooh," I heard a girl's voice "looks like the toilet is still open." Jen entered and walked over to my open mouth.

The Maid's Slave Ch. 01

fetish Eroticmindset 2018-02-23

I got home to be introduced to a new maid by my Dad, apparently the previous one had let in burglars and all our electronics had been ransacked. Pretty soon I started snapping pictures of her, her breasts, her ass and her feet. Looking through the key hole I could barely make out anything, so I soon got frustrated and decided to open up the door just a bit. "Kneel at my door and wait for me you stupid boy" she said entering her room, then turning around and spitting in my face before slamming the door shut. She flicked the belt and went on to say "You will follow me without question, do you hear me stupid boy?" I let out a loud yes in pain.

Tied Up Ch. 02

fetish BradsBabygirl 2018-02-23

And knowing how much you'd want it, would only make me flex my hips forward, bringing my pussy upward towards your mouth until I squatted over your beautiful face and suffocated you with the taste and smell of my sweet cunt. My hands would automatically move up to cup each breast, tweaking the erect nipples, pulling on them, my fingers spreading wide to massage the titflesh as you continue to fuck me with your tongue, grinding my cunt down into your face. And then you'd hear it, my words of encouragement, begging and pleading for you to cum inside my mouth as my lips once again wrapped around the head of your cock until I forced myself to swallow your entire length.

The Holiday Discovery

fetish tach14 2018-02-23

It is the night before Christmas and Anna and her family are rushing around in a panic before the relatives arrive for the big day tomorrow. Anna feeling stuffed after dinner goes back down in the basement to grab the last few presents to bring upstairs. Anna brushes her long brown hair over her shoulder and notices a rather large bag of what seems to be festive popcorn that should've been a present, but it was opened. Anna felt a slight urge to go to the bathroom, but pushes the thought aside as she hears the doorbell chime. Anna turns to walk toward the basement stall, and feels another large cramp. I better change and get back the the family before anyone notices!" Anna thought heading back upstairs.

Only Myself to Blame

fetish Ozcuckold 2018-02-23

She commented on how she liked the look of the large cocks these blokes had and I found her masturbating as she was watching. These emails were ones where I had sent a letter saying how their stories of wives being fucked by large cocks and the husbands having to clean up the mess turned me on. Did I want to have other men with large cocks fuck her then clean up their mess? As I stood up with her juices on my face, she looked at me and told me she was going out to the club she would be back later and I wasn't to wait up. A short time later the door to the bedroom came wide open and in walked Jenny.

Hot Nuns

fetish finnius72 2018-02-23

“You will meet me here everyday before homeroom, and we will begin our goal to get the Hellion out of this school and on to college.” She turned around and looked at my crotch, almost like she knew I would be hard. I got my pants in order and looked at my schedule, I had to make sure I behaved myself the rest of the day, I knew that I had to see if Sister Mary Beth was for real the next morning. She turned around and looked at me, “ I bet you’re the hellion, well you and I would have been in a bad state if Sister Mary Beth hadn’t stopped by and told me you would be late.” She smiled.

Jay Becomes a Feeder

fetish msxxl 2018-02-23

Kerri grinned and said "Well I guess that depends on if my friend is buying or not." She looked up at Jay and seeing his nod she pulled open the menu and began ordering, "I will have one of those really big southern fried steaks and eggs platters with a double order of hashbrowns with gravy all over the whole thing and a large chocolate shake, extra think. Jay looked at her and he realized she liked to be commanded, told to eat or suck cock in a playful way and that if he phrased it right she would do either at the drop of a hat or a Snickers bar.

The Fisting

fetish robin35 2018-02-23

He knocked on the door and stood there for about a minute before it was opened by a woman in her dressing gown and her hair wrapped up in a towel. He took her face in his hands and tilted it so that he could kiss her lips. After working her pussy for ten minutes she bucked against him and clenched her thighs together so much so she almost choked him as she came all over his face. Soon he was moving his finger in and out in time with his cock in her pussy. He moved and began to stretch her again as he drew his fingers to the edge and then he pushed back in again.

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XXI

fetish Victor2K 2018-02-23

At first, it was the same tip that gave her pleasure through rubbing, but next a good part of that, nearly half of the toy, fucked the American woman, giving to the housewife and mother a kind of pleasure that even if it was one that she felt many times with her husband, it was new because it wasn’t him directly that did that to her. The man was slow at the start, but as soon as he found his beat, it was like he fucked her for real, but instead of his dick it was a dildo going inside her.

Jill's Spanking Ch. 03

fetish guy4funuk1 2018-02-23

I lay face down on the bed while she got the cream and started to rub it in, as she finished I felt her take my pants and shorts off completely and looked back at her. This time I quickly looked round, seeing the coast was clear I quickly sat down pulled her over my knee and delivered two quick slaps to each of her cheeks and let her up "now behave!" I said "if this weren't our local you'd have got more than just the two. I fucked her bum with my thumb as my mouth and tongue played with her pussy and clit, I could tell she was getting close to orgasm and knew one thing would drive her over the edge.

Prom Week 4

fetish SafeSexting 2018-02-23

The Principle was the best looking piece of ass in the entire school, and Brick was just a cock worshipping whore deep down inside, like the rest of the women in this fucked up berg. "Mickey you've always been a good student, now it is time to give your principle a facial, blow your hot sperm on my beautiful face, just like you've always wanted too" Jamie teased, licking her lips at the though of wearing her students cum. "Oh, Brick please call me a cheap slut, a big titted whore, a fucking cum slut" Jamie begged as her mind was fogged over with orgasms.

This Could Be the Start

fetish Scorpio44a 2018-02-23

I see that and I want to hold his head in my hands, kiss the smooth skin... When I stood back up I saw the vine and the flowers went around her legs and very near her pussy lips. Her hand grasped my cock and said, "That's obvious." She stepped out of the cotton pants and led me to her bed. It took a while for me to kiss all the vine and every flower so her crease got stroked many times. I'd never seen a sight quite so sexual, sensual and inviting as Faith on her back, holding her legs pressed against her tits and with her red swollen pussy lips pointing skyward as her body was wrapped in a vine of flowers.

The Girl Next Door

fetish NTsarina 2018-02-23

"Come in, you are the first one," said Jason when he opened the door. At the word daughter, my headache began to wear off and I figured she must be around twenty or so, considering that Jason looked like he was in his late forties. As I was about to open the can Elsie looked up from her laptop and smiled at me. When I opened the door to my tiny apartment off campus and let her in she turned around and said. She lifted her head off the table and when she saw what I was looking at her eyes went wide and she said, "oh, wow.

A Different Sort of Cuck Ch. 03

fetish Subone1 2018-02-23

Then, looking down at her perfectly manicured hand around my still semi-flaccid shaft, she said, "But, in order to have a nice ride and make me happy, this thing needs to get quite a bit harder, isn't that right Timmy?" Looking back into my eyes she continued, "You DO want to make Miss Susan happy don't you Timmy?" Her bright lips were inches from mine, almost as if she were daring me to kiss her. Obviously my outfit worked!" she said as she removed her foot from my cock and stood up, towering over me in her four inch heels as I stayed on the floor.