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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Footjob and Tickle Torture

fetish BatterBatter 2018-02-23

You get to play with my feet now" She said, smiling, then she giggled and winked, walking out of the room, and coming back with two other girls, Amber and Paige. Tina gave Amber and Paige a quick look, and they both stripped too, taking off all their clothing, and Tina slowly removed her bra and panties, they all had a hairless pussy, and Tina climbed off the bed, pulling the blankets off of me, all six eyes went straight to my 10 inch dick, Tina sat down between my legs, and Paige and Amber sat next to me on either side. Tina, you're a lucky girl." Amber said, giggling and slowly stroking my dick.

Slave for a Day

fetish Sodomite 2018-02-23

Gretchen's only reply is a simple "yes sir." Without looking at me she slides under the covers and starts to lick my cock. I don't moan or signal I am close in any way, and when I feel my balls tighten, and the first rope of cum shoot from my cock head I hear Gretchen almost choke. I look at her ass as she places the rag on the floor in front of her, facing away from me, and lets the cum run slowly out of her mouth. At first the clerk is too shy to look, but soon is just standing there staring right at Gretchen's beautiful cunt.

Bob And My Wife.......By Charlie6334

fetish SmuttKing 2018-02-22

"I think Bob has met your wife." Jen said, nodding out the window. Over the next couple weeks, each night I'd come home from work and Jen would be in the kitchen with Barb, chatting and having a glass of wine. Jen walked around the bed to where my wife could see her, Bob still fucking her ass. "Oh God!" Barb screamed, "Cum in my ass, Bob! "Come over and lick your wife's ass," Jen said. I walked over and knelt behind my wife and started to lick her ass and all the cum leaking out of it. "Do you like licking another man's cum out of your wife's ass?" Barb asked. As I licked Barb's ass, I reached down and started stroking my own cock.

76% barb

Nurses in Rubber

fetish Slika 2018-02-22

Tina took the zipper and pulled it slowly up Melina's back, sealing her into her rubber skin all the way up to her short blonde hair; then it was her turn. Wearing the suit made her feel somehow special in a way she hadn't quite yet worked out, but there was no time to fathom out her emotions, for Melina was handing her a hood made of the same black rubber as her suit. Tina, knowing what was expected of her, set to work and now it was Melina's turn to experience the sensual bliss of having her rubber suit polished to a perfect shine.

Subject Sixteen

fetish HP_Porncraft 2018-02-22

It sounds like a person who has moved beyond what the world believes is 'moral' and 'right' and has gone to a new place, where love, kindness, and yes, sex, should be given out at will, not guarded like a scarce resource." "You took my fingers greedily into your mouth, Subject Sixteen." He says, a light growl in his voice. Your cries turn into whimpers as Four begins to pump harder against you and all you can think of is please please please cum inside me someone fuck me I need a cock in my cunt please Doctor just fuck me I want your cock oh god please. The Doctor pulls on your nipples as he fucks you, growling to you to take both these dicks into you like a good girl.

Cumslave at the rest stop pt.2

fetish SafeSexting 2018-02-22

slut-cunt!" Cumbag flashed the laughing men a warm smile as she spread her legs "Whip that cunt's ass!" "Pull on that whore's nipple HARD, man!" "LOOK be a good little ass-licking whore for us, don't you cunt?" He heard Cumbag fat man pulled his ass out of Cumbag's face, turned and screamed "FUCKING WHORE-CUNT" He pointed his cock and Cumbag's face as a giant wad of cum cunt or slut?' Cumbag quit wondering when two cocks were f***ed into her mouth this fucking whore-slut have your wonderful cock in it's mouth-cunt?... Slut's always want your cum in their mouths." Cumbag smiled at the boy, Another man thrust his cock in her ass causing Cumbag to cum.

A New Bra for Hitomi

fetish qexiqex 2018-02-22

"Excuse me, I'd like to talk with Dr. Globe or Dr. Wobbler from the nano-tech department." she told the guard at the security check. Hitomi looked at her encased boobs, thought about the possibilities, about all the trouble she had with her twins. Hitomi cried out, as her body suddenly was hanging upside down, her huge boobs dangling downwards. Globe started to wrap heavy duty rubber bands around her dangling boobs, one at the base of each tit, one just below the tip, and two in between. Dr. Globe explained her that she would need to wait for about an hour until all the data is prepared. The Doc smeared some gel on Hitomi's boobs and stuck two huge glass cylinders over her dangling tits.

Jill lets me out to play ;)

fetish jacksprat84 2018-02-22

I was very excited at this because I am very horny anyway...add in the fact I hadn't gotten to cum in 4 days (which I know is pathetic and my Mistress is increasing me each time) so she knew my load would be pretty big. She looked me in the eye and said "Lift your legs up and point that pathetic cock right at your face." I did as I was told and she began to lick my ass while milking me like she'd milk a cow and it felt so amazing even though I knew what was about to happen.

The Life of a Cigarette

fetish wlarrydac 2018-02-22

"Sure Honey," Her Mom replied, sliding the open pack toward her daughter, prior to extracting another for herself, and lighting it, sucking a long, hungry, double draw from it. Amanda removed Jon, the cigarette, once, to moisten her lips, and then, without giving it much thought, sucked on Jon, dry smoking him, several times, while she waited for her mother to share her lighter. Sure enough, Amanda reached for Jon again, and after trimming his burning head of loose ash, took his now moist, lipstick stained butt between her pretty lips, and sucked him hard.. Amanda casually took Jon, now almost expended, from her lips, and carefully crushed out, the fire in his burning head, and deposited him in the ash tray, as she turned to her mother and ask for another cigarette...


fetish 2018-02-22

As I did what Philip wanted, his hold on my ear eased and, though I couldn't do anything about the cock in my mouth, just as I hadn't been able to do anything all those other times, I could concentrate a little and could look around a little. I realized that all of us knew exactly what was going to happen with the possible exception of Amy. I saw the way her muscles shook throughout her body as the fat head of his long cock came into contact with her virgin pussy's entrance. With no aid or resistence, he lifted my upper leg and slid his hard cock back into my ass as I watched Edward pull most of the way out of my wife and slide still further into her.

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 01

fetish cfblover 2018-02-22

She said, "I know!" Some time had passed and she said, "So this will be weird, but I kind of want to see you use your Clarinet like you do, but I don't know maybe that would be too weird." I was waiting and hoping for her to ask me this, if she hadn't, I would have suggested to later. She said, "It looks like it." I then took my penis out of my Clarinet and my cum started oozing out. I said, "It feels really good." I started moving her Clarinet up and down and my penis was making a little noise inside it. She said, "Yeah, I just like to watch you." I started to get faster and faster with moving the bell of her Clarinet up and down and it was making a lot of noise with my penis inside her Clarinet.

My Lunchtime Lineup

fetish oralTcmlvr 2018-02-22

I felt more precum ooze out of his cock, but with my mouth buried between his cheeks, my face pushed intimately into him, I let the precum trickle down the side of my hand. I knew he liked to see evidence so I let a little bit of cum trickle down the side of my mouth. My right hand pushed down to the base of his cock again, holding his cock hard, letting me slowly suck the rest of the cum out of his cock. There had to be a little bit more cum on it so I took him into my mouth again, sucking, and, after a tentative test, licking him.

Trapped: Lucy's Tale

fetish lofwyrkp 2018-02-22

Anna then took a way too large looking needle and threaded it between the openings in the forceps, then through her clit. Anna stood back, admiring her work, and Lucy realised that the arrangement held her labia apart around her clit, showing it off to anyone who cared to look. Anna then turned to the tray and measured her hand against what looked suspiciously like an array of slightly curved steel dildos. Anna then took a pair of very solid looking bars, and deftly threaded them through the opening in her labia, and matched them up with similar sized holes in the base of the dildo. She kept her head turned as she felt Anna expertly probed and manipulated her breasts, taking time to feel and fondle them completely.


fetish cbf316 2018-02-22

And my feet really hurt from these new heels, it has just been a terrible day, I just want to go home and soak my feet" Kim said as she continued to walk without missing a step her soft soles sliding all over the hot black tar of the parking lot. "And look I had to slip off these heels cause my feet hurt so bad and I walked all around the parking lot and I ruined a new pair of stockings" Kim said as she took a long red fingernail and began to rub it all over her toes.

strooder loves my tight asshole.

fetish Lateshay 2018-02-22

Oh my god, your new video just made me cum in my pants! I couldnt believe I came so soon, I had to unzip and keep wanking as the video ended. I love right at the end as you spread your ass and show your tight asshole, I just wish you were about to lower it on my throbbing cock and fuck me until the cum bursts out of your ass! Im going to give you so much cum this year, youre going to coax every last drop of spunk out of me for the next 365 days! I wish I could put my cock inside you and unload untl it leaks out of you!

Dripping Wet

fetish Denny 2018-02-22

I loved the way the thong crotch of the leotard pulled the tights up in the crack of my butt. I could feel my sperm trying to move up my shaft but as tight as the leotard was it wasn't moving fast. I reached down and pulled the crotch of the leotard out of my butt far enough to give myself some room in the tights for something to happen. I changed positions on the couch and started rubbing his penis through his tights and leotards. I pulled the sheets up over me and kept my tights and leotard on and wondered if Jim's crotch was still wet.

Getting What You Wish For Ch. 04

fetish Phun4u2 2018-02-22

"I am a little stunned by the other day as well and I'm not sure what I want to do about it." I began. "Well, honey, her breasts are a little bigger, but yours are perfect, they don't sag at all and your nipples are beautiful." I said, thinking that this was a very strange conversation to be having with my own daughter. "No, please don't stop, I want to cum" she yelled, grabbing my head and trying to push it back to her crotch. As I played with her, she put her hands to my nipples; stroking them and pinching until they were like little erect cocks. I lay back and closed my eyes thinking that I wanted her to never stop.

Our Fantasy

fetish herdad 2018-02-22

It drug on for a couple of weeks and every time Kelly came into the bar I began getting more excited by the thoughts of seeing him nude. I would get my chance to find out if Kelly was into guys when Janice went to visit her sister for five days. It had been a good ten years since I was with another guy and the thought of sucking on Kelly's dick was getting me harder be the second. I broke our kiss and sat back on the couch with him and for a second time I lowered his head down and eagerly went back to sucking my cock and playing with my balls.

Kandy's Panty Show

fetish KandyKravenkox 2018-02-22

"Okay Candy, stand up and keep that sissy walk going down this way." She pointed a long painted fingernail and away I went, making sure those panties of mine danced with every step. Just make sure that is all this sissy has on, okay?" Mistress Mommy within one hour had left me in the hands of a total stranger who was liking what he saw and knew good times for him were coming! "You are going to get to be good friends with Mr. Paddle, I can see that!" Daddy knew a hot burning pantied ass was the key to making a sissy into a nasty slut who would suck any cock, swallow cum and piss, lick any balls and eat any ass it was told to service.

Proper Therapy

fetish Randand 2018-02-22

She slapped my ass hard and said "be still and let yourself adjust to it." I tried but my asshole felt like it was on fire. My cock was rock hard and dripping on the floor as I looked up between my legs and watched her pelvis work back and forth into my backside. She then moved in, setting her knees into position against my buttocks, leaned forward between my legs and after resting her hands on each of my shoulders, raised her pelvis up until the tip of her "cock" was poised against my asshole and then slowly let her weight settle on to me.

Tonight Is the Night!

fetish shadowheaven 2018-02-22

As dessert arrived and I was telling the waiter what I wanted he moved a finger inside my wet pussy. Taking his cock into my hand I started to stroke his shaft, giving light kisses on the tip. please fuck my ass and cum all over me again" He started to play with my ass first with a finger going in, then he gently put the tip of his cock into my little tight hole. "I want you to clean my pussy really well." Telling him firmly as I moved my hand along his shaft. I jerked my husband off onto my chest as he cleaned the left overs from my lovers cum. "Now I want you to clean up my chest my good loving husband.

Barb’s Full Cut Panties

fetish puterguy88 2018-02-22

She came in, went to her suitcase, and pulled out a bag of laundry, removing a damp, beige pair of nylon full cut panties, the ones just worn, handing them to me and saying, I’ll give you a hand”. She then took the clean pair from my hand, and slid my cock into the gusset pocket, so I was encased in the most incredible soft, silky nylon. She then stepped back, dropped her shorts and pulled off her shirt, revealing another pair of full cut nylon panties and her magnificent boobs in a lace bra, with the hard nipples poking through. With that, Barb got up, stripped of her now soaked panties, and took the ones I had just cummed in off my cock.

But Hon, It Was Only Sex

fetish 2018-02-22

Beth came home at her usual time and dinner was nothing hell brought that on, but I liked it," she said while my Beth was screwing around on me," I said to myself as "Beth, you have no idea what the hell I'm thinking right By the time Beth got home, I had moved all of her see you," Beth said with a puzzled look on her face. "Going out tonight?" Beth asked, as she looked into my "Dan said to look for the most beautiful woman in the by the end of the week," Beth said while standing up. call her at work but Greg said that Beth had taken a the room to ourselves for the night," Beth said with

Becoming a Sissy Part 9

fetish snoozer2000 2018-02-22

Julia responded quickly "I'm not eating his cum out of you :-)" Sarah laughed, she definitely was fixated on a massive cock, but Julia certainly knew how to turn her on, and she would always be grateful to Julia for helping her realise her own sexual needs. As she started to feel her orgasm building she gradually increased the size of the movements until by the end she was lifting herself off so that Tom would be able to see the head of the dildo before it was slammed back inside her body. He played and played the video each time gazing in wonder at Sarah's magnificent orgasm, pounding her cunt with the huge dildo, her tits bouncing and finally the massive ejaculation.