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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Neighbour Sally's Panties

fetish Harrowborg 2018-02-22

We've been neighbours with the Barrow's for nearly 8 years now, and being a normal teenage boy, I had had the usual fantasies about Sally, my mother's friends since I had first started to masturbate. I felt my cock start to stiffen, despite the cold wet material sticking to my crotch, and decided it would be, medically, a better option, if I removed the restraining boxer shorts from my penis. I threw the knickers in my mouth at the basket and pulled the panties off, wiping cum off my shrinking penis with my fore hand. I held the panties up to the light and saw the dripping cum soaking up into the brown stain, my own sweat mixing with hers.

Nameless Breeding Slut Ch. 03

fetish LoveHugeBoobs 2018-02-22

"Why did you bring me here?" Jason asked while turning from the big house to the girl whose name was still withheld from him. Jason's huge cock sprung into view, already fully grown and pulsing, giving its best display for the naysaying girl. The immensity of Jason's pillar was like nothing Val had ever seen, its length and thickness unmatched. Val hadn't worn any underthings, and her pale, curvaceous body slapped Jason with stunned silence. Jason's fingers sunk into the abundance of tit flesh hanging on Val's chest. Eyes lidding over, Val's head leaned backward as Jason roughened his kneading. Val ran her fingers through her long red hair as Jason enveloped the nipple into his mouth.

Katie's Story

fetish Authorman1969 2018-02-22

I thought how nice it would be to pull her close and kiss and lick her over her panties, but I knew that was not what she had been waiting for. I must say she felt good across my lap and, of course, she was lying right over my cock and I knew it would be growing soon. Not sure which feeling was the dominant at the moment but I knew if I did not hear her safe word soon which one would definitely be dominant. "That feels really nice," she said though I wasn't sure if she meant the rubbing of the lotion into her cheeks or the fact that she was pressed on me, hard as a rock, pressing into her most intimate of places.

Size Queen Humiliates Liar

fetish Slamdance 2018-02-22

One of her main rivals was Summer, a sweet little blonde with a perfect ass, sexy lips and a wide-eyed innocent 'fuck me' look. You're young, I just don't have time for someone who's so clueless about basic shit - who doesn't know what she likes or what her body can handle." That was were the skit was supposed to end but a sudden look of understanding came over Summer's face. "Oh yeah baby, give me that huge fuck rod" Krista said as wiggled and opened up her perfect ass. Then it happened, as I withdrew for another thrust my little cock broke free from the dildo sleeve, which remained stuck inside Krista.

Opening Night: Act 06

fetish Smother 2018-02-22

I love the way your fingers push into the chinchilla as you draw your hands back – it kinda makes me think that you are trying to pull me over top of you, almost like you want to shoot your cum inside me." Having a penis that didn't tire or wither gave Erin the upper hand, and as she continued to ravage the woman, her and Michelle's moans and screams filled the room while the rest of the party guests enjoyed the evening, unaware of what was happening behind the closed door of the little suite in the back corner or the hall.

The Rolling pin

fetish 2018-02-22

He said well, when you take your punishment, you think of Jimmy and next time you are tempted to flirt with him, you will remember the pain I'm going to inflict on you. I asked him if he had changed his mind about using the rolling pin on me, he said he had not, I was to be ready at 11am today and he would phone me. I was shaking He told me to play with my clit for ten minutes or until such time that I was wet enough for insertion of the pin. My master told me he was pleased I had taken my punishment like a good slave and that next time I was tempted to flirt with Jimmy, I would know what the consequences would be.

Summer Fruit

fetish SINderellaBelle 2018-02-22

Taking it between his thumb and forefinger, he dipped half of the berry in whipped cream and slowly, with a naughty glimmer in his eyes, began inserting it inside her. His lips came in contact with the whipped cream that he had lathered over her and in slow, tantalizing sweeps of his tongue, he began to lick her. Her legs wide and resting over his arms, her pussy hot and dripping, her body flushed from the loving and the teasing; he took the whole sight in, savored it, committed it to his overflowing file of memories, and emptied his cock and balls deep inside her.

After Dinner Drinks Ch. 02

fetish lilactwist 2018-02-22

She yanked it out with anger, not losing a beat in my ass and just slid her other hand, fist and all, up my cunt, which was wide and breathing on its own. With each ass thrust, her fingers tried to grip my insides, then then hand withdrew a little, and the cycle repeated itself, accelerating each time. I felt as if I really needed to shit, my tubes trying to contract whatever shit was in me, but there was no way out, her hand was packing it deeper and the tension was giving way to my full, deep rising anal orgasm, I moaned and cried out again. I felt the sublime slippery eel of her tongue inside my ass and kept thinking, "it's time for your pleasure, love, I've had mine."

Making Kristy Ch. 3

fetish Royal_Prince 2018-02-22

I liked Chip; he was kind of cute the way he had to fumble with his words. “I know that you are my boss.” Chip began as he gently took my shoulder and turned me back around to face him. I would have said awkward but I guess it couldn’t have been THAT awkward because he managed to brush up against me a couple of times with his hard cock. I took a hold of Chips hand and moved it from my ass to my cock. “I like you too Chip, but I’m really not sure we did the right thing.” On the other hand, I loved Chips kiss, his scent even the taste of his cum.

Wife Invites Herself

fetish pondcat 2018-02-22

"Do they have gloryholes?" my wife Darlene asked as we drove past a billboard for a rural highway adult shop at the next exit. Darlene looked like she was starting to hesitate. When our neighbor came, I pulled back to the head and she rapidly jerked his load into my mouth. She stared whispering "How many do you..." when I saw someone was watching us through the other hole. As I occasionally turned to check on Darlene, she looked more and more curious. My next couple of cocks took a while to cum. But each time I turned around, I just saw the back of her head bobbing at the hole. She looked like she'd been in a bukkake video from the neck down.

Wife Buys A Toy!

fetish mugs101 2018-02-22

That's how things went on for a while regular fun and some nylon foot worship on my part loss of oral sex for her a little light bondage with her tied to the bed at times mutual masturbation you know the normal Ward and June Cleaver stuff that most people enjoy! Pushing me away she moves back a bit, after she cums her clit is way too sensitive and doesn't like it when I keep going. She lay there with her head propped up by her left arm like she was reading a book and with her right she placed the toy back against my opening.

A Walk in the Woods

fetish hotpop_5 2018-02-22

As I put my clothes with hers on the other rock, I casually said that I thought that women couldn't start and stop peeing. She told me to hold her lips open, and as soon as I touched them, she started a stream of pee twice as strong as before. As soon as her warm pee started splashing all over my cock, it grew rock hard again. I asked her if she had tried solo sex, since she was having trouble getting a partner, and she said that she did two or three times a day, but it just wasn't as good as having a man inside of her.

My Cuckold Experience - Date Preparations

fetish azid619 2018-02-22

"How do I look?" My gorgeous wife asks, patting her small little red dress down at her hips, showing off her sexy shapely curves. "You're so pathetic," She giggled, "look at you, you don't deserve any kind of sexual pleasure or gratification." She had such a glorious way about her, that even when she was being cruel to me she still seemed so loving. "Enough fun though, well for you," She stated still smiling, and sat up on the edge of the bed adjusting her hooped earings, "I best go, don't want to keep my lucky man for tonight waiting." She stood up and grabbed 2 pairs of shoes.

The Fetish Shoe Shop: Laura

fetish fantasyboy 2018-02-22

Laura and her boyfriend, who for some unknown reason wouldn't tell me his name, turned up early for their appointment and explained that she wanted nylons, garter belt and 6 inch shoes to go with her silk mini dress. I said to Laura's boyfriend, 'I hope you don't mind but as Laura is going to be trying on nylons I have to personally clean her feet in case she doesn't want those ones and we sell them to another client'. Lorna said, 'No, don't go, I want you to watch him play with my lovely shaven pussy.' Her boyfriends hand went straight between her legs. After a short recovery time we dressed and Laura and her boyfriend left with her stockings, suspender belt and 6 inch high heel shoes.

Scent-sational Sex Ch. 02

fetish mrbaseballs09 2018-02-22

After sitting with my nose pressed between her lips for at least a minute, I reached up and hooked my finger under the thin strip of fabric and pulled it to the side as I said, "You smell good enough to eat." She said on a pant, "Oh, I really like this game, my pussy is always so responsive when I am all sweaty," and she increased the pressure on the back of my head to get my tongue deeper into her. She looked into my eyes as she huskily said, "I was thinking that I want you to smell me and see if that entices you to do something else." With that, she hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her yoga pants and peeled them down her long legs.

Miss Carry and Miss Kloss

fetish wordyone 2018-02-22

On returning to the school I made my way straight to the staff toilets and in the toilet cubicle took off my trousers and boxer shorts and pulled my pink lacy girdle to my waist, arranged my cock and balls inside and felt a great sense of relief that the elastic material of the girdle was very resistant, capable of containing anything that those naughty students Lara and Jessica might promote in me. As I met the students outside the laboratory I couldn't help reflect upon how they might react if they knew that their teacher Mr. Martin with his Queen's English and his authority was actually addressing them whilst wearing a girly pink lacey article of women's lingerie, a panty girdle made in China beneath his 'Daks' slacks bought at the Men's clothing retailer, Simpsons in Piccadilly, London.

Husband's Plaything

fetish ryanfromtoronto 2018-02-22

Naomi's eyes got wide, and Sarah saw some moisture, "Our only child graduated from college three years ago, he's now on the East Coast making very good money in finance. When John got home from work, Sarah and Naomi told him the whole story. But she went on, saying, "Yeah, I know, you're probably thinking that I'm crazy for even asking." She got a pouting look on her face. He thought, 'Shit, she hadn't taken him in her mouth in years!', as he looked down and smiled, feeling his cock twitch as her tongue ran races around the head of his meat.

first encounter continued

fetish 2018-02-22

miss a drop.She sucked until there was nothing left.Then she kept kissing and sucking my cock until my knees got weak and I had to sit down.I told her that was the best blowjob I ever had.She said you tell me if anyone does you any better and I will do even better the next time.She then untied her robe and said as she open it,and the next time we get together your going to return the favor and suck on my pussy.As she dropped her robe she said how's this body for a 65 year old.It is gorgeous.Nice rounded tits,not every big but nice, nice hard nipples,a little spare tire and a nice hairy pussy.Very nice.She said I can shave my pussy if you want,NO I like hairy pussy.

Lost Bet leads to waxing CFNM

fetish 13anonymous13 2018-02-22

The manager stayed in the room and handed the waxer girl supplies but mainly just watched it seemed. At the end the waxer girl had to rub the cream into my balls which got me super hard. She apologized but then I think more to the manager said she thought I had to finish. The waxer girl got a warm towel and cleaned me while my girls friend asked the waxer if she was enjoying her job today. Then she looked at my girl and her friend and said she never got to jerk a guy off in front of others especially his girlfriend. Afterwards when we were having lunch my girls friend said that some time my girl was going to have to let her feel my dick.

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 05

fetish NancyPan 2018-02-22

Your tiny penis is being monitored 24/7 by women, you are wearing silky pink panties, a bra with DD silicone breast forms, nylon thigh highs, and you want to argue about what dress you'll be wearing? You are a sissy, and your role in life going forward, now that you've admitted it, will be to serve women," she paused and put her hand under my skirt and stroked my semi-erect cock until it was hard, then she continued, "Kelli has been quite specific in her orders. Kelli's panties over my head, Ms. Jensen watching Ms. Panington spank me, my ultra-feminine clothing, too much.

Flow of Passion Ch. 02

fetish Iread2relax 2018-02-22

I was sucking Jess' clit and cunt while Tom was licking cheese off Flora's nipples. I would take position behind Flora as she sucked Jessica's clit while Tom fucked her. Soon Jessica started riding Tom as, my lover Flora, dived face first in her hot snatch. Tom looked at Flora's fat shaved pussy and knew that he had to fuck her. We all were cumming almost at the same time when Flora shouted, "Don't cum Tom and you too Sav. We are changing positions." She move away from Tom and came to me and pulled my cock from Jessica's cunt. I am too selfish about this, Savin." After saying this she started sucking my cock vigorously and I jetted all my semen in small bursts into Flora's waiting mouth.

Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 5

fetish Jayson23 2018-02-22

Now I need to fill you in on a couple of things, my friend, J lets say, had two female members in his family - his mum, at the time aged late 30's, a nurse, with pleasantly large tits and a lovely smile. which I will of course post when I get the chance - suffice to say, there were times when she would come in from 6th form in her uniform, goes upstairs to change, dutifully placing her dirty clothing in the hamper - I would then go for a supposed 'number 2' and lay out her complete uniform, just peeled from her young body, white cotton bra and wet dirty 6th former knickers too boot.

A Couple's Cuckold Fantasy Pt. 02

fetish flash321 2018-02-21

After their first encounter Danielle teased John mercilessly about how horny she was and how if she still had the key to his chastity device she wouldn't be able to resist sucking him until he came in her mouth or fucking him until he ran out of come. She decided to wear her sexiest thongs under her work clothes and changing immediately when she got home into high heels and skirts because, as she said, she needed to practice walking in them for her date. That night Danielle got home at 6:20 and John had already picked out her clothes and laid them on the bed, as he was pretty sure who would be in trouble for her not being ready on time.

Cuckold-Foot-Slave's Everyday Life

fetish cuckold_footslave 2018-02-21

All these men know much better my wife than me, because they made love to her, they fucked her mouth, they embraced her, they kissed her lips, they caressed her body, whereas I never did these things! This time I was no more ashamed and looked at her feet with passion while she barefoot washed the dirty floor of the building for an entire hour. Before finishing chat with her date, she gives me the phone and I must beg her boyfriend to come to our house and fuck my wife. Again, she laughs in torrents hearing how humbly I say: Master, please, come and makes love to my wife, because I am a stupid cuckold and I am not allowed to fuck her!