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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Tenants under the bed Smelly worn Tights Pantyh

fetish CockBoy1970 2018-02-21

I then started to rub myself through the nylon material while sniffing the front and gusset of her panties this made me rock hard, it was a fantastic smell, when I was hard as hard as I could possibly get, I pulled the tights down to my thighs and really went for it, I knew I didn't have long so couldn't take my time, I continued to have deep sniffs of katys panties and built up a good head of steam, I wanted to carry on sniffing her pussy smell as I came so I pulled the tights back up a little bit until the gusset section which was one of those re-inf***ed ones that really hold in the lady juices, was in position right under my cock ready to take my load.

Hunting at a friend's wedding

fetish dannnutz 2018-02-21

We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed showing our pantyhose legs while dangling our high heels. tell he liked my legs for he would stare at them whenever he thought I wasn't looking. I was gently rubbing my pantyhose foot up his shin when I decided to see if I could reach his cock. realized my pantyhose was open in crotch he stuck cock like finger in fucking me with it. nylon toes, ankles and behind my knees, (my weakness) I had a massive orgasm when he was licking my pantyhose behind my the way he stuck his tongue in my pussy like it was a mini cock. The final fuck came with me wearing tan pantyhose tan spiked high heel


fetish primacord 2018-02-21

When Dana got back on the bed with me, she reached down and started rubbing my cock through the satin panties. She said "That's it, feel my ass like a good girl, let me rub my titties against yours, Yes, Yes, Yes," she said rocking faster and faster until she gasped, held her breath and came. She started with "I love the feel of your cock in these panties." Her nipples got extremely hard and as she straddled me, she leaned forward and dragged them across my chest. Then she said "It makes me so horny thinking about having a cock of my own, I would love to feel it hanging down between my legs." Dana sat up and reached behind her ass, gently squeezing by balls and I thought I was going to explode.

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 07

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-02-21

My wife laughed and said "of course not." Once she stopped chuckling she explained how Lauren said "she thought her boyfriend's cock was huge, in fact she says his is so big it feels like he is splitting her in two when he fucks her, but that dildo she used on you was a lot fatter and longer too." My wife continued tell me Amy was very appreciative of you for letting Lauren fuck your ass, she also said "You were a real trooper swallowing all that cum and getting spanked like that." She says she has another scenario if you were up to it.

A Ladyboy for Master Hans

fetish justincbenedict 2018-02-21

Hans then put on "I know what Boys Like" by the Waitresses, as Chip carefully walked up and down the living room floor, his toes killing him, not to mention his nipples. Mistress Holly said one night as they all sat in Buttermilk Brewmeistery...and indeed, most of the patrons were looking at Master Hans and the three beautiful women, only one of whom was born that way. He looked for the creep that the auburn haired hottie had mentioned, but the only gross guy with a comb over and ugly plaid jacket was now sitting with Miss Holly and Master Hans. Charlotte tried to sit in a far away seat, but Master Hans brought him right down next to Lloyd Weidner, who immediately began stroking Charlotte's thigh.

Bigger Down There Ch. 05

fetish Andrea_E 2018-02-21

I hadn't been paying much attention to Helen, having been caught up in the moment with Sam, and I had now resumed prising my cunt open with the finger-tips of my hands. Helen had started to run her finger around Sam's wrist again which meant that I wasn't going to last very long at all. I could see Sam looking wide eyed at Helen's cunt, but I honestly think she was too exhausted to do much about it, so she was simply swiping one of her hands lethargically over her still frothy girl slot.

Welcome Plumbers

fetish MungoParkIII 2018-02-21

Harriet had made a real mess in her kitchen, pulling out all the cleaning supplies from under the sink and stacking them on her kitchen floor so she could get access to the plumbing. Arranging a bucket under the leak to avoid ruining the cabinet, she carefully replaced the cleaning supplies, closed the doors and then put her tools away. Harriet then picked up her phone book, opened it to the yellow pages and slowly ran down the list of plumbing repair companies. He then bent over and began moving the cleaning supplies as Harriet watched his shirt hike up his back and his pants slide down a bit exposing just a hint of crack.

Petite Me

fetish eroticasaurus 2018-02-21

Greedily, she begins to lick, suck and mouth-pop her lover's balls while palpating his prostate with intent. Quickly, she tilts his erect penis towards her open mouth and expertly applies the clear slippery precum on her lips and chin. She continues to milk and greedily draw precum from his cock until her face and fingers are wet and shiny. They fully embrace orally grinding and moaning as their hips, sex and mouths are spilling beautiful juices down each other's throat and mouth. Impaling her mouth onto his cock, down her throat and smashing his balls, he begins to violently shake his hips and legs. She bucks, jiggles and moans as her body is locked like a ravenous animal on his face and cock.

Come. On. Me.

fetish city_girl 2018-02-21

Except I came to realise that the rest of the time, actually, a 2 1/2 inch cock really does not do it for you, and so a few months, and a few faces covered in cum later, I dumped him. 'Well, I am like a bit going nuts here, for lack of dirty blow jobs and I have this image going round my head of you standing over me cumming on my face.' I could hardly believe that I had told him what I really wanted, too long away from my vibrator I guess. My clit was already buzzing with expectation as I sat on the chair in the corner, legs wide open and let them drink up their view of my pussy, I had shaved it in expectation, I knew Dan wouldn't like it, and that added to the thrill.

Poor Pregnant Prostitute

fetish tommarvolo 2018-02-21

So Veronique had to continue her career as a pornstar and prostitute throughout her pregnancy.But she was happy and eager to work for saving money for her baby while she was pregnant. Throughout her pregnancy, Veronique had to take a lot of naked preggo photos, videos and aslo got fucked by her other partners and customers.Sometimes alone or sometimes in group whichever they preferred. "If you want homebirth, you don't need to spend a lot of money and I know some experienced midwifes who can hely you" the nurse says."But it is sometimes risky and not very safe as hospital birth.And you may even have a long and painful labour naturally because you will not have an epidural at home" the nurse says.

Subtle Mind Control

fetish Davion 2018-02-21

Jackie was thrilled to have Jim back to talk to, and they had a great conversation over lunch, she loved being able to talk with Jim because she felt that she could talk to him about anything, but today was different, the entire time they were talking Jackie just kept thinking to herself that the conversation would be better if Jim grabbed her feet, took off her shoes and started giving her a foot massage. As she began, she thought to herself that Jim would probably like it better if she took his socks off, she knew she did, so she took off his socks and threw them over toward the end of the couch and then continued rubbing his feet.

My Hobby

fetish 2018-02-21

After about 10 minutes one teen passed by, but within 10 meters of her was a businessman, so I stopped short of flashing my cock. Once she was 20 meters away, committed to passing by me without any option of turning up another side-street, I positioned my torso in her plain view. Once she was 5 meters away, I slowed the pace of my stroking, making damn sure she got a full view of my stiff cock being jerked off in front of her. Most look away, but there have been times when the teen was so confident she just stared at my oozing cock and half-smiled, as if to say “Of course you’d want to shoot a load for me.


fetish 2018-02-21

I lay down on the bed, he took my hands and put the handcuffs on, now it was slowly unheimlig me, but I've put up with me. With two handcuffs attached to the bed, he began to kiss me on the neck, cm for cm, it was breathtaking, I could make my way through the blindfold and the music are really quiet and enjoy. it was such an indescribable feeling, as he then kissed my thighs and had pulled the thong aside, he began to indulge in my clitoris. It was so Horny, I felt for 30 seconds in an orgasm that lasted at least 1 minute .. So I had an orgasm experienced only once. These orgasms were still 3 more.

(Gay) Scummy Streets Of Vancouver

fetish dirtydirtymoney 2018-02-21

On the first night here, I couldn't help notice that there were a few homeless guys who were quite young, and quite good looking. When he felt ready, his lips parted and my hard cock slid into his warm wet mouth. Then I started bobbing up and down on his now hard cock, using my hands to play with his low hanging ball sack. Coming off his cock, I slid his nuts into my mouth and sucked them one by one as my hand slowly worked his shaft. I kept his cock in my mouth as it stopped spewing cum and started going soft. Shot after shot after shot, wads of cum came hurling out of my cock and straight up this guys guts.

Office Bathroom Breaks

fetish Hollow_Eyes 2018-02-21

Staring at the sensor and up and down the stall door, Lily rubbed under Diane's heavy breasts, slightly squeezing them, feeling her flesh push out between her fingers. Softly pushing in on her dark pink nipples, Lily felt their body heat in the stall, feeling less than a inch of space between her hips and Diane's plump butt behind her business dress. He hated to see his cameras go for a brief vacation, but he really did not want to get caught, that is how many people get caught, Mike, he told himself, they get greedy and caught when they had more than enough, while watching Julie finish up her restroom break, wiping her pussy dry and sliding her bottoms up.

Public sex

fetish assmandan64 2018-02-21

We love to search out very sexy babes in shopping centers and park by thier car and wait for them to return and see my wife and I doing our things. My wife loves to have her naked ass and pussy up in the window area as she sucks my cock when the ladies return to leave they can see me fingering her wet pussy. We sometimes go to a beach parking area here in Miami and just sit in our car as the sexy girls walk by and look in and see her sucking my cock or me eating her pussy, sometimes we even fuck with my wife on top!

Nephew and Wife

fetish mustanger7up 2018-02-21

“Don’t you gag bitch, you fucking better learn to suck a mans cock!” “Good bitch, if you wanted your ass fucked I don’t think it would be as good for me!” I screamed at her as I jammed my hard cock in her asshole, marveling at its heat and tightness as I began to fuck her roughly. Amber swallowed my cock whole as her head began bouncing on my lap, her long blonde hair tickling my balls and inner legs as she did. I climbed off her while Dan sat there still in a semi shock, Him watching and hearing my cock make a loud PLOP when I pulled it out of her fresh fucked pussy.

letting her take me again (true)

fetish tonkier101 2018-02-21

I sit up and pull her to me so I can suck her cock before she has me.It hits me just how hot it is to be sucking your wife's strap on cock.she gets me down on all fours and rubs lube on me and her shaft,( I admit I was a bit nervous as this was only the second time for us, and the first she initated it)but that all left me as I felt her press her shaft against my sweet tight hole.she took her time to penetrate me, I started rocking front to back on her cock till I got relaxed for her to take over...And boy did she!!

A Business Arrangement Ch. 1

fetish Isabella Thorne 2018-02-21

He tells me to insert 2 fingers into my pussy and fuck myself so they can watch their little blonde slut. She fucks me hard with that big dildo of hers as she watches my face closely and calls me her little blonde slut. He grabs me by the hair with those massive hands of his and demands that I suck his aching black cock making sure it is big and hard enough to stretch my ass the way he wants it stretched out. My mouth is dripping, my ass is oozing with hot steamy cum and the mammoth sticky load in my pussy is slowly trickling down my legs. She slowly licks my breasts and pussy and ass hole clean for me while she pats my hair and tells me what a good little slut I have been.

Shit Eating Maid.

fetish girlloverrekha 2018-02-21

I had Stained many a Panties and Bed Sheets while thinking of Chhaya but I was scared to make the first move towards her for fear of her Rejection but one day finally the day came when I heard some noise from her room as I peeped in I found her lying on the floor masturbating violently with 3 fingers into her 'Honey Pot', I went on looking I soon came to know from her movement and moans that she was going to CUMM any moment btu what I saw next I something that Shocked me and I am sure it will shock you all as well, I saw Chayya let go of her and she Shat on the floor I did not now what to do but went on looking and what I saw next was even Worse, she bent over and Ate all the shit and licked the Floor clean.

The Sissy Diaries Ch. 1

fetish colettegrrl 2018-02-21

I don't know what it was but it seemed the more I said the easier it came out "Please let her suck down that big thick black cock, let her feel what a real man cock should feel like in her throat, fuck her little white face with that dark monster, please Sir she needs it, please Sir let her suck your fucking cock!" I thought I was going to leap over the table and do it myself the way I was watching Rod stroke his cock. "Yeah baby suck that fucking cock, come on shove that huge dick down your throat, suck this black cock with you little slut white mouth!!" Rod grabs the back of your hair and start to really thrust his cock in and out of your mouth, it look like you were going to choke on it.

Life's a Bowl of Cherries

fetish Bakeboss 2018-02-21

She readily accepted my offer of help, and her smile lit up her face and even those dark eyes turned friendly. She put one arm behind her head and began to pull at the hair in her pit as I watched trance-like. "You mean you like this; I refuse to bend to the norms of women shaving their bodies just to keep a man happy." I thought I was going to cum in my pants and then as an answer to her, when she started to pull her hand away I grabbed it to hold to my nose longer. I slid out of the booth and she stared at my erection as she got out, then she looked at me and smiled.

The Colony Party Ch. 09

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2018-02-21

Priya felt like the woman derived to be fucked like that, for the attitude she had shown, underestimating the men's penis size. After another few minutes and some more fucking later, Priya saw that the hair on the woman's face was at nose level in the front. The men were ready to cut the remaining hair covering the woman's face, and just as the scissors slid at crown level to expose the face, the camera's angle changed and Priya got more frustrated. She dearly wanted to see the face of the woman who was experiencing this much atrocities, but Priya was getting excited seeing the developments in the video where another round of cutting had started.

pregnant a life changing night pt 3

fetish vinney 2018-02-21

Hoping that I’d escaped my deserved fate I took her in my arms and told her how much I loved her and that I did not blame her at all and that it had been the best moment in my entire life. Her sex was gripping my cock like a hungry mouth seeming to suck on my knob as if to pull it back inside her at the beginning of each stroke. I ejaculated long and hard; longer and harder than I’d ever come in my life and if my mother had not already been pregnant she surely would have been impregnated then.