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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Adventures of Madi Ch. 01

fetish sexualrelief7191 2018-02-21

"Perhaps,"I thought to myself greedily, "This could finally be my chance." For the remainder of class, I started formulating a plan that would not only allow me to see the rest of her feet, but give me a chance to finally taste a woman's toe in my longing mouth. The redhead took a bit longer than the rest of the group to collect her papers, so I waited outside and walked off to the right, knowing she went the other way when she left the building. I went for her right foot next, took in my sniffs from her shoes, and worked on those toes as well.

Cap Visits a Pro Domme

fetish TheDarkCloud 2018-02-21

Cap obey the instructions to the letter and very soon Carmel was leaving the room with his clothes and he dropped his athletic frame to it's knees and lowered his head of strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes to the cold stone floor below him. The Mistress moved back to the case and came up with three items in her hand and came back to Cap and flipped him over so her faced her, she teased his nipples with first her mouth (teeth to the fore) and then her fingers before snapping two plastic clothes pegs right onto the nipples and digging into his sensitive aureoles.


Crushing Cousins Part 7

fetish 2018-02-21

Janet giggled as Kathleen said, "We have decided to give you a choice David, you can come and lie on the bed and do everything we tell you to or we are going to beat you up and both walk and jump all over you in our high heels"! Kathleen interrupted her, "I think he will need to recover first, but I am going to sit on his face and make him tongue my arse, my friend Jenny says her boyfriend does that to her and it is lovely". Kathleen handed Janet a condom and laughed as she said, "Good job I bought 2 packets, we know how to get him hard again let's shag his fucking brains out tonight.


fetish jkjkram 2018-02-21

I saw how large her boobs and ass were and often fantasized about her naked and me sucking on her nipples and fucking her pussy. A week later, at five in the morning, I snuck into her room and put a camera behind some papers and trash on the dresser, pointing it at the bed, making sure not to wake her. My dick immediately went rock hard and I took my shorts off to masturbate. "Where is it?" I got up and went to my room, grabbed the tape, and came back. I pulled out of her mouth and she stood to her feet, walked to the dresser and turned off a camera.

Doing Dirty Debbie Ch. 02

fetish jpb209 2018-02-21

Now she starts eventually to piss and I reach down and cup it in my hands, rubbing it into her cunt, thighs and stomach, finally putting a hotel cup under her to fill, then I give it to her to drink. Now I pull her to her knees on the bed and enter her cunt from behind -- pushing on the plug as I fuck her and telling her she can rub off -- which she does moaning and twisting as she comes on my cock and the plug. I reach down between her shit stained thighs and start on her clit as she works hard on licking my cock clean.

The Mistress

fetish Sharlean 2018-02-21

Leslie commands him to turn his back to her as she runs the showerhead over his shoulders and down his back rubbing and caressing his back and butt, the fingers of one hand sliding slowly, deliberately, between his buttocks to his ball sac then back up his ass crack. Leslie totally enjoys the feeling of the water pelting her nipples then her breath catches as she feels William's hand slides over one breast, lifting it, stroking it, then he asks, "May I lick your nub, my mistress?" William asks permission to switch to her other breast and Leslie moans a 'yes.' He repeats the loving, taking the erect bud into his mouth, he sucking her kernel as his other hand fondles her other breast.

Milky Tits Ch. 02

fetish amypussy 2018-02-21

"Yes baby, more cum...As soon as you get the okay from the doctor, I'm gonna be cummin' inside your pussy as much as I can." Jenny watches me, and nods as I speak. "Yes, baby, that's it...that's it...oh what a good little girl you are jenny, that's it, let me fuck your pretty mouth....oh yessss....oh yeahhhhhhhh." Jenny was able to let me fuck her mouth like a pro. Now suck all the come out of my cock, Jenny, like a good girl...that's it Jenny swallow the whole load." I coached her as I blew creamy chunks into her sweet mouth. As much as I like fucking Jenny's hot little mouth, I love fucking her pussy, and keeping her pregnant and milky, and full of my cum.

Slave Ch. 09

fetish slaveheathen 2018-02-21

Mistress was reclining on the bed, watching the show with a smile, lazily fucking herself with the Holmes dildo that had just been in my ass. Add to that the fact that Mistress was riding my face, actually sitting back and smothering me for long stretches, grinding her ass on my tongue, only letting up long enough for me to gulp down some air occasionally, well... Mistress was lying on the piss soaked bed, stroking her pussy with one hand and fingering Javy's ass with the other. As I deep-throated Mistress' cock, Tracy undid the ribbon holding the dildo in my ass, then started slam-fucking my butt with the huge toy.

Thick, Long and Gentle

fetish 2018-02-21

He pressed steady but gently, and when my ass began to feel like it was going to tear open I told him and he eased back a little. He was caressing my back and my ass, and in between tries he leaned onto me, kissed my neck and played with my nipples. He picked up the pace but always going in slow and gentle so he wouldn't hurt me, and bringing it out faster and faster. "Cmon baby, put it back in." He greased his cock and pressed it into me, and this time I took him with no hesitation. He kissed harder as his cock began to throb and his load spewed into me.

Jess & Lucy

fetish alex_wd 2018-02-21

Under her short skirt, Lucy was wearing black stockings, Jess "Mmm," murmured Lucy as Jess kissed her neck and then put one hand on her temptation as Jess bent her head to Lucy's nipple and began to suck on Jess got on her knees beside Lucy's waist, and began to lick her thighs, Jess licked the insides of Lucy's pussy, lapping up the juices oozing from moaned as Lucy began to suck on one of her nipples, and let a hand drift As Lucy sucked on her nipple, Jess fingered Lucy moaned as the big cock fucked her breasts, and reached down to her Sandra went into one of her bags and pulled out Jess' dad's belt.

Using Anne's Vibrators and Panties

fetish 2018-02-21

My best mate Liam and his mum Anne had gone overseas to visit f****y, and Troy, a mutual friend to both of us still lived at home at the time, so he was asked to look after their house for a few weeks. I opened the bag and peered inside, and felt that familiar rush go through my body when I realised I’d found two vibrators and a porno tape, belonging to my best friend’s mother, whom I’d been masturbating over for years. Of course I acted completely normal when he came in, but I secretly felt very horny and happy about the dirty day that I’d had, and feeling Anne’s lingerie under my pants was a rush.

The Colony Party Ch. 02

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2018-02-21

She sat down on the stool while the men explored her bare legs, hands and boobs, from beneath the cape, Priya was getting wet between her legs and the men noticed it and didn't stop fondling her breasts. The scissors were drawn out and the rain of black silky soft hair had started falling on the floor, but this time the hair was being cut so short that only clippings used to come and they would stick on Priya's smooth ass and panties. One of the men noticed this and said, "Look who is more excited in getting punished!" and he touched her panties to show others the wet patch on it.

Sissy for life

fetish germanmemail 2018-02-21

I can’t honestly say that it felt good, nothing like an orgasm—well, how I remember an orgasm used to feel before I was forbidden to have them—but the long slow expressing of semen from the tip of my swollen and numb cock gave me at least some relief from the urgent build-up in my balls. Steffie had probably gone into shock by the time Nikos snipped the testicle free, laid it on my hubby’s hollow tummy, and repeated the operation on his second ball, completing his total emasculation. Little more than a month after Diana and Max were married, Nikos and Steffie tied the knot in one of those states that had legalized gay marriages.

Tantalizing Teacher Ch. 01

fetish bootslave 2018-02-21

Nick, who just turned 18, casually strolled through the hallways of his senior level high school, his pulse racing in preparation for his English Arts class. They began talking about the novel that she had assigned for the class, her eyes kept on him and his eyes kept on her boots. He grabbed his book bag and headed home, his mind still controlled by her boots. Today was a fresh start; Nick woke up, grabbed something to eat and headed to school again. When she walked out, Nick noticed something -- she had changed her shoes, she was wearing a different pair of joggers. Nick immediately grabbed them, walked into one of the stalls, locked the door and dropped his pants.

Satin Heaven

fetish wanda919 2018-02-21

whilst I was confessing i suppose is the best explanation , it was like I was blacked out , I cant remember them saying anything or even being there, i suppose it was because I was so embarrassed.The next thing I remember was them showing me their stock , asking me my opinion ie what I liked etc I commented its hard to tell really untill they are worn as to the shape & cut etc colour / compaired to hair colour complexion etc .It started to get like a real job interview again they showed me the dresses trying them on seemed like they were having fun too all 3 of them , especially the quiet one that questioned me.Out of the 3 she semed like she was the spoiled bitch type allways got what she wanted no exceptions!, I sat in a chair whilst they tryed on various gowns etc laughing and joking then the bich apeared after dissapering for a while on the phone, she work a black wedding dress of the finest satin, she glared at me and walked straight towards me, then put her foot up on my chair between my legs looking into my eyes the whole time.I was shocked as she pulled her gown up to reveal her stilletto shoes stockings and the very start of her suspenders.

Cum Fetish

fetish 2018-02-21

As I jerk off I suck on the bubble and enjoy a constant flow of cum as I stroke to a great orgasm. By the time 79 guys have shot their load on you it is hard too find an area not covered in cum. Eating other guys cum ,of course, is the easiest and quickest way to enjoy large quantities of cum, so another alternative is the normal public park or public restroom. If I can get the girl to allow several guys to shoot their load in their cunt before I take my turn it is just absolutely great!!! Some guys like to cum as I deep throat their cocks but that way doesn't allow me to taste the cum very well.

Wet Stone

fetish xinycep 2018-02-21

A girl in a skirt with black leggings stood near the center of the dance floor, standing in front of a boy whose arms were curled around her waist. Looking keenly around the room, I soon noticed a small wet spot on the floor beneath one of the girls sitting at the card table. The caps player waiting second in line still stood holding her skirt firmly between her legs with both hands, not caring who saw or watched. On my way out, I walked past the girl with the green cup, who, upon seeing so many people lose control, had decided to let the rest out right where she stood.

Foot Slave

fetish 5horn 2018-02-21

Then lifting her foot up her bare soles hovered just above my head I tilted my head back following her every move with my eyes and salivating tongue, she continued to move her foot above my head, swirling just out of reach, I felt so powerless, kneeling on the floor with my hands bound and a slave collar around my neck, following my Mistresses feet as the moved from side to side and up and down, like a cruel game to tease her eager footslave. It was an unbearable tease to feel her soft soles in my hands, and with her foot placed so close to my face due to the short chains connecting my slave collar to my wrists, it was hard to restrain myself from worshipping those perfect toes with my willing tongue.

New Kisses

fetish saffire eyez 2018-02-21

Your lips feel so good on my skin, you raise my foot above your head and kiss down my calf until you get to the backside of my knee where you trace your tongue along the sensitive flesh there, eliciting a whimper out of me. I feel one hand leave my foot and a loud gasp escapes me as I am overwhelmed with the mixed pleasure of your lips pressed to the bottom of my foot firmly, my own fingers pinching my nipples, and two of your fingers inside my wet pussy. Lord have mercy, the soft wet warmness of your tongue against my fleshy nub along with your two fingers still inside of me is too much for me to take and my hips lock in a tensed position upwards against your face as spasms explode in my belly and I deliver my juices into your mouth.

Another Boring Day at Work

fetish MagicaPractica 2018-02-21

"Ummm, Melinda, you should really knock," Sam said, as he slid forward, trying to hide his exposed cock under his desk while clicking the screens on his computer closed. As she walked, Sam couldn't help but notice her sensuous curves, those long sexy legs, her long black hair cascading over her shoulders, her ruby red lips and her dark blue eyes that always held a special little sparkle. Sam started to turn to look back at her but Melinda's hands reached up and held his head facing forward. Melinda pulled back and blew lightly on the wet portion of his cock then licked her way down to gently suck on Sam's balls.


fetish uchihamax 2018-02-21

After about a minute, the tramp couldn't hold his breathe any longer and started to struggle, but was careful not to bring his hands anywhere near her ass, for fear of losing his manhood, although he had no recreational use for it at his age and status. She knew this was not only because of his tongue was getting tired from continuously licking her, but also because he was getting asphyxiated and because the concrete ground was unforgiving when confronted with the Newton's third law, the action in this case being Veronica's concentrated weight on his face. After a minute passed, she knew she needed less than 20 seconds to reach her orgasm.

David's Ordeal

fetish oggbashan 2018-02-21

A forest of legs pressed against the skirt I was under and I was timed out, helplessly penned in, and suffocating under layers of satin and net. Then the four to try to stop David this time are Anna in cream, Elaine in dark red, Pam or Pamela in lilac and Sonia in glossy black." Like Deb's gown, Anna's skirt was held out with a hooped petticoat, this time with three graduated hoops. Even though the front of her dress was out of reach behind my head, my body and legs were completely hidden by the train of her skirt. In the distance beyond the rustling sound of Anna's skirt and petticoat I could dimly hear Deb counting to ten slowly.

Ashram 64

fetish suppleWriter 2018-02-21

It provided a place for yoginis to practice yoga, research and translate eastern philosophies, and create 'new men' who could eventually return to the world with a changed viewpoint, thus helping to disseminate the ideas. The yoginis were well aware of ideas in forced feminization, the wearing of women's clothes, but these were regarded as too culturally influenced (who would wear high heels and lipstick in an ashram?) and violent. However, after a few more weeks of training, plus soy and flax as a part of every meal, I was able to pass the erection test, and was allowed to remove my langota for most of the time.

The Bumhampton Chronicles Pt. 01

fetish Brianbunny 2018-02-21

To think of whom he once was. They all think he's gone around the bend. I should know about His Lordship, because I was on the receiving end many times of his particular method of motivation. He nodded at me, and motioned towards a leather wingback to the left of his magnificent desk. I made to get up, but he bade me stay seated and came around his desk to receive the missive. He frowned at that, and muttered that perhaps I was not suited for this position after all. The shock must have shown on my face. Perhaps, it would be best if I left." You are nicely built, sweet face; let me see the rear view. Speak up lass, now's not the time to be shy."