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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish perry47 2018-02-21

With a soft little mewl and a delighted smile covering her young-looking face, Kathy opened her mouth, stuck out her little pink tongue, and started to lick the head of Dan's big cock with tantalizing slowness. On her knees in the storage room, her tight uniform skirt pulled up over her tight, curvy ass and her firm, perky tits hanging out of her partially unbuttoned uniform blouse as her hands waved feebly in the air, Kathy's bubbling cunt began to spasm as she thought about how slutty she must look with Dan slowly forcing his big cock down her spasming throat. Soon, her big, heaving tits were all wet and shiny from Dan's warm spit and Kathy was whimpering loudly for him to suck them harder as she bucked her thong-covered pussy hard all over his cock.

My Wife's Students Ch. 01

fetish Patrick2380 2018-02-21

My wife was a little bent about this and continued, "I asked her if that meant she thought I looked old and was a nasty bitch." She was half laughing as she recounted the story. I was on top with my back facing my wife, giving her a view of my cock sliding in and out of Michelle through our spread legs. Michelle's hand moved from my wife's thigh up to her breast and played with her tits. I leaned forward, reaching around with my right hand to grab the tit unattended by my wife's hand; both of us now fondling the girl's breasts. My wife finally hit her limit, too, pulling Michelle's face into her pussy to finish her off, throwing her head back as she came.

Pass the Pussy

fetish MNBSUJO 2018-02-21

"I'm not a guy any more, I am a chick," "Are you saying you're gay or that you're some kind of cross dresser?" "Neither, I, I, I don't..." He was trembling and looked like he was about to cry so I said "Stop, ok now start from the beginning." "All right." I didn't want to think about who this actually was again so I didn't look up when I asked, "What was it like?" After a moment, of thought or of ecstasy I couldn't tell, his said simply "Different." "Different better or worse?" "Better, much better." "Good, then you want mind if I try something else." Without hesitating I moved my face forward and began to lick his cunt.

Wife's Wish Do it for Me Baby Cuckold

fetish 425olds 2018-02-21

Mmmm, ya, I want to feed it to you, and that's what you want as well, for me to guide my lover's cock into your sexy mouth and watch you suck him until he cums. Yes, you want to suck my lover's cock, and make his cock feel good, make it feel so good that he cums in your sexy mouth. But for now, I want you to experience - and appreciate - the flavor of your arousal, the taste of your cum, on my lover's cock, and how good it can make you feel, and how satisfying it is for you, and for all of us.

Ashley's Pees Where She Wants Ch. 04

fetish Demospider 2018-02-20

He hoped she wouldn't get in trouble and peeked around the corner just in time to see Ashley with the boy between her legs licking her to ecstasy, licking the pussy that Kevin just saw peeing into the bags. As Kevin heard the quiet gulping of the boy he knew Ashley was peeing into his mouth. Ashley seemed to have gone into the change room based on opportunity, and didn't mind peeing on other people's things and even in their mouths to fulfill her desires. The moment her stream hit his tongue it was an incredible mix of tasting her pee for the first time and the thought and feeling of Ashley's pee running into his mouth.

Crossdresser's Rassling Dreams

fetish footqueen99 2018-02-20

Her CD name is CD and she likes watching pro matches in the ring and she's fond of big girls wearing panties, pantyhose, one piece suits, and boots. She is pillows, filled tan used cum filled pantyhose so she can wrap her legs around me when she tries to pin me, a flexible cock under her hose that she uses to pound mine and a blue one piece rassling suit. By this time i am humping hard into the pillow and i love the feel of my cock against the pantyhose and rassling suit. Wife is stocking and sucking your hard cock as her pantyhosed crotch stain grows with anticipation of watching her brother fight her hubbie, and the realization that your huge black cock might be in her cunt before the night is over.

The Dreamery

fetish Skada 2018-02-20

Haht-CHOO!" While Shawn remained engrossed in the sneezing fit, deep green eyes filled with allergic tears, Damien crept past the counter, his movements masked by the sniffling from the dark-haired young boy. His nostrils flared, his eyes closed, and Damien stepped up to him and kissed him gently on his lips, strong arms wrapping around Shawn's thin frame, drawing him into a warm embrace as the boy struggled against the sneezes, the surprise of the kiss causing him to lose what little control he had left over his tickly nose. Would you like to come over for dinner?" Looking almost as surprised at his own offer as Damien did, Shawn bit his lower lip once more and gazed up at the older man with a hopeful expression.

My Satin Blouse

fetish darkangel001 2018-02-20

Would you like to smooth your hands over my blouse, feel the softness of my naked breasts underneath it, the hardness of my nipples pressing against your palms? As I walk towards you, dressed only in my blue satin blouse, still braless, the shiny material clings to my tits. It feels so good to have your luscious sperm sprayed all over it, even now as it's turning cold against my skin, making the material of my blouse stick to my body, to my tits and stomach. Your tongue then traces the curves of my breasts as you lick up that cum and I'm unbelievably sensitive, turned on by the feel of the wet, sticky blouse against my bare skin and by the pungent, heady smell of your semen.

No Pressure

fetish Alibug136916 2018-02-20

He had been dropping hints all night (running his fingers through my hair when I laid my head on his thigh during the first movie, asking if I wanted to change into something more comfortable after the second, holding my hand lightly on his leg after I had placed it there during the documentary), but finally tiredness was beginning to overcome him and he announced that after the Billy supplementary special on the Old American West, he was going to be turning in for the night. I knew he wanted me to be able to get something out of this; he knew I got off on giving head, and I think he figured it was the same as with sex-- the longer he went, the better chance I had of climaxing-- but I always got off at the same time as the man I was with.

Out of Paper Ch. 01

fetish indieboy 2018-02-20

“Hi, Julie,” he said, “just got off my shift and starting the long walk home.” “I need a return favor,” Julie said, “I really need to pee, can I borrow your bathroom?” “Come look for yourself, but hold on…ok.” Sam tentatively opened the door to see Julie’s jeans and panties lying on the floor in front of the toilet. After about five more minutes of searching, Sam finally admitted to Julie that he had no toilet paper. Sam could see Julie’s clitoris clearly erect, and turned his tongue to work on that. “Just remember,” she said on her way out the door, “sometime you might need to use the bathroom at my house.” With that, she left.

a foot perv 8

fetish trotter155 2018-02-20

I woke up Sunday morning kind of late and headed down to the kitchen follow a few minutes later by Kate and Ann. Grabbing something to drink we all sat down at the table and I ask the girls if they had seen Doug yet this morning. I told the girl I would grill some burgers up and we could hang out by the pool until our moms got home. As I started pulling on my shorts Ann asked if we could play around one more time before mom got home. Our moms came out on the deck and said hi .Aunt Jill told Kate to get outta the pool so they could get home.

The sexy pianist - Part 2

fetish KennyNapalm 2018-02-20

As she played, she began to cross and uncross her legs, dangling her pump heels, massaging her own cunt and stimulating her clitoris. I felt a gush of her liquid all over my face, and she continued thrusting her hips back and forth as she climaxed one final time. As her passion mounted, and the playing progressed toward its final stages, she grabbed hold of her boobs and began to massage them as if pumping them for milk. My own orgasm was at hand and as she twitched spasmodically on my cock, I encircled her waist, buried my face in her cleavage, and voiced my own orgasm into that valley as I felt jet after jet of cum spurt into her convulsing vagina.

Katie's Valentine's Day Gift

fetish BigMeanie 2018-02-20

Jamie was so impressed with how well Katie's first session at Lady Desirée's private spouse training club went that he decided he wanted to do something special for his horny wife on Valentine's Day. In order to keep it secret again, he asked John to make all the arrangements once more. Jamie announced that he wanted to fuck his wife before anybody performed their assignments, and then invited John to fuck his wife's mouth shortly after he pushed his cock inside Katie's pussy. When they reached John's car, Jamie opened the door for his wife and pushed a finger against the end of the butt plug as she bent over to get into the backseat.

Days in Rodanthe Pt. 03

fetish mindingutter 2018-02-20

"Look at me, you nasty bitch!" She yanked painfully on my nuts and I cried out from behind the gag, lifting my lids to see her beautiful face, brown eyes widened insanely. She continued her upward trek, putting on a show, gathering handfuls of shit out of my lap and rubbing them on her tits, then grinding them against me, which felt awesome as her hard nipples were dragged in various directions across my dick, thighs and midsection. After a few more minutes of writhing together, I realized the brief honeymoon was over as she pulled away, raised a thigh and quickly jammed her knee harshly into my nuts, pushing my stiff meat sideways and propelling a spray of shit upward from between my legs.

How i became a sissy fuckslave pt2

fetish analsubbieinmissouri 2018-02-20

Nodding, i went down the hall, slowly and not a bit unsteadily in my ballet boots.Inside teh bathroom i did as instructed, the cool air on my skin after being encased in the latex was refreshing.Removing the plug was a challenge, it being so big that i eventually had to push hard as i pulled with my hand, and finally with a "Pop" it was the shower i squatted and pee'd, sighing in pleasure as my bladder emptied.Quickly i washed me and the toy, and stepped out of the shower. Swallowing quickly,Sir stayed inside me until His cock had went limp, pulling out of my mouth He went behind me and suddenly rolled the stand straight back from my body, causing the dildo to painfully pull out of me, leaving my hole gaping open to the cool air.

Fantasy To Reality

fetish Reverse_Cowboy 2018-02-20

Adrian went to the head of the bed and climbed between Travis' outstretched arms and positioned herself so her pussy was mere inches from his waiting face. You can address him as Sir." As Adrian finished what she was saying David lined his now fully erect cock up with Travis' ass and pushed his cock firmly against his tight hole until it gave way and let the head inside. Fuck him hard!" As much as she hated to see her husband in pain Adrian knew Travis liked things rough and got off on the whole pleasure/pain thing. Before long David was pumping in cock in and out of Travis' mouth face fucking the bound and helpless man.

Smoking Mistress Ch. 02

fetish fetishstories07 2018-02-20

Time ticked by and I felt afraid and upset, I was not long away from suffocating in the box at the hands of this ruinously sexy brunette. "Slave its midnight, you are free to leave, your contact is done." I heard her smooth voice say, her words striking fear into my heart, caressing my ears and arousing my cock. "Do you like when i grind my sexy bum on your dick slave?" She laughed, rubbing her perfect ass cruelly against my wretched cock. My head was mush and my cock was rock hard at her luscious scents and her hair teasing its way along my chest. I had to cum, i couldn't resist any longer, i thrusted my hands forward onto my cock and jerked hard and fast.

A Little Restraint

fetish Cool Eyes 2018-02-20

I closed the door to the room and she went to the mini bar to fix a couple of drinks, 'scotch on the rocks Monique tells me' she said laughing, pouring them out. I watched as Monique's head moved up to kiss her on the mouth the shine of Melody's juice's on her lips, a look of wild excitement in her eyes. We watched as Monique got up from the bed and went through to the bathroom to run a shower, 'no rush eh Cool Eyes' was Melody's comment I just groaned. As the gag came off I felt the joy of unrestricted breathing again and was about to speak when Melody placed a finger across my lips and said, 'I didn't remove that to chat Cool Eyes.

Moonlight & a Pair of Panties

fetish damppanties 2018-02-20

He pulled the window toward him – it took some effort, but it finally opened, allowing him to enter. He moved towards the foot of the bed and groped forward with his hands. Closing the cupboard, he padded over to the side of the bed and stood there looking down at her sleeping form. His other hand brought the panties to his face and he buried his nose into them, inhaling the smell of the freshly washed material and a faint lingering scent of her body. The hand working on his cock froze as she turned in her sleep. The moonlight threw the better part of her face into shadow as she was now turned away from the windows.

The Dark Erotic Side Of The Moon

fetish scattyNova 2018-02-20

I feel a presence: The castellan of the castle banishes the moon-urchins with a clap of his hands. I sit on an old rocking chair and look at her shyly, feeling uneasy. Suddenly four moon-girls come in my room and lead me to the bathroom. The mixture of shit and moon-berry juice is fragrant. Heartened, I return to licking the rest of my shit from his cock, stroking it. Touching it, smelling it – seeing it coming out of my asshole; hearing the tiny farts as I shit? With one hand I keep his mouth closed, with the other i smear my shit all over his body. I can feel his tongue licking my ass.

Love and Cuck

fetish cuckoldmojo 2018-02-20

They go on with we watching, like I'm not even in the room, He has her legs up around her ears fucking her with long deep strokes, her eyes were fixed on his, whispering to him, "oh yes yes, fuck me harder baby, you feel so good inside me", He was a large black man, a bit heavy set, as he came up and down on her, his large balls slapped agent her ass. We had dated for many years before we got married, she always said that mirage was a failed institution, and that we would be better off just being friends until we were ready to move on to something else, but I worked hard and bought us a good home to get us off to a good start in life.

First time experience with BDSM

fetish 2018-02-20

So I moved my hands away and we stayed in that position, standing upright with her breasts pushing against my chest and her legs writhing against my cock as she nibbled my ears and playfully teased me. She got mad at my condition of "right now" and turned me around and started spanking me while I repeatedly apologized and told her that my cock would belong to her forever. I started masturbating furiously at this and when I hadn't cum in about 30 seconds, she playfully got upset and began smothering me with her ass again while sadistically demanding that I cum for her.

A Surprise Ass-Fucking in Panties Ch. 03

fetish hummmph 2018-02-20

I feel a little uncomfortable and strained but that all disappears as Emmy buries her face between my ass cheeks and starts to lick my asshole. "Oh Humph, you do look good with your cum on your face, and those panties, oh my well they have been through a lot haven't they?" She says with a caring whisper as she lets me slip back down onto the bed. She takes a moment to collect up the beads of cum from my face and wipe them on the panties in my mouth before leaning in and giving it all a big slow lick while looking me straight in my eyes.

What's New, Pussycat? Ch. 02

fetish Namazuros 2018-02-20

Dimly, I was aware of the giggles of the class, and I could hear Professor Grey praising Vincent for paying attention to her, but I was too busy staring up at what I wanted, humping the air gently with need...the sight of those amazing balls made my hips quiver with need, and I rubbed my legs together like an anxious grasshopper as I mewled up at Vincent, trying to get his attention, maybe to get him to bend down just a bit... "You're so eager to meow at me, but maybe we can try to find a better use for that tongue, eh pussycat?" He moved his hand away, and there, dangling just inches from my lips, were his full, hanging eyes widened, and I felt my face flush with whole body felt awash with fire, and I let out a long sigh of longing, panting with need...