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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish Dar_Jisbo 2018-02-20

I kissed her again, this time open mouthed, and our tongues wrestled for a good 30 seconds before we broke away. This time I pressed my body against Courtney's. Courtney lightly caressed my balls as she gently ran her tongue up and down my shaft. "Not this time, if you let me fuck your pussy afterwards and then cum on your gorgeous big tits." Courtney carefully worked it inside me, being slow and gentle to let my body adjust. Courtney worked herself to two more orgasms, then pulled out, removed the strap-on and washed it before returning to the bed. "Mmmm." Courtney scooped a little bit of my cum from her cleavage and licked it off her fingers and palm.

Locked Away

fetish johnlocke1123 2018-02-20

Each time I request a milking I will not be eligible until I submit myself to the following: sixty hours of solitary confinement in my cage and two beatings during each of which I will receive a number of lashes (or spanks etc.) equal to the number of days left until my birthday. Upon my release I will receive one lash for each day of the year then I will be securely restrained and my chastity device will be removed - my wife has teased (hopefully only a tease) that she may use the Hitachi to milk me a couple of times before removing my cage so that I would be unable to orgasm when I am finally allowed the chance!

Mr Brownloves Adventures

fetish 2018-02-20

I stripped nude and wandered out to the bathing pool immersing myself deep in the water slowly stroking my cock I reached a full erection and closing my eyes began to masturbate , opening my eyes I looked up and saw a naked young woman watching me her small nipples hard in arousal I looked at her and carried on masturbating she watched me come and ran away giggling.

Between the Cushions

fetish bewonderful 2018-02-20

She replaced the couch cushion and sat with the tube in her hands, eyeing the lid — it looked like it just twisted off — and Sarah's retreating form. "Oh my god." Aly couldn't help but moan as her pussy gushed, her breasts pulsed, and the skin over her stomach pulled tight. Aly grabbed what felt like every single bit of her favorite junk food items from the pantry: Oreos, peanut butter, sweet rolls, chocolate cereal, Poptarts, cinnamon bread, chocolate chip cookies. Her belly rumbled, and Aly realized it had listened in more than one way; as she fucked herself with the tube, her belly — once just as taut as Sarah's — seemed to fill, softening into a soft mass of fat and skin and rolls.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter III

fetish Victor2K 2018-02-20

You are a very pretty female, perhaps the most beautiful teacher of entire Wayne’s, and the shame here is to see that a person like you will stay part of the summer in a class with two students while you could be enjoying the weather and finding yourself a man” I don’t know if it went out of hand or not, but what else I can say other than I loved to eat the pussy of Miss McMillan while I was pounded in the desk by my boyfriend. I was almost gagged with pussy when Allan decided that it was his turn to show how much he was a good fuck for Miss McMillan.

our last session

fetish 2018-02-20

I gave his bottom a few more quick passes with the cat-0-nine tails , threw it on the bed and moved to grab the lube , flipped the top lubed it up well , and slowly slid the stupidly large cock up and down his ass crack teasing him.I smiled when his back arched and he pushed back ,I loved it when he gave me an excuse to spank him and I did .My free hand came down with a loud smack ,landing a handprint to his bottom and part of his thigh. he quickly obliged with a “Yes Ma’am” and there he was , his cheek and chest resting on the bed , legs and ass spread wide like a bitch in heat and I couldn’t take it longer .


fetish loveto600 2018-02-20

you moan with pleasure as i give your ass another firm thumb slides into your tight anus a bit as i continue to rub it, my four fingers stretching your pussy almost to the limit. i slide my middle three fingers into your pussy and cup my fingers together and being to slide my whole hand into your stretched suddenly realize that your taunt was a mistake and try to crawl away, you are rewarded with another firm smack on the ass as i continue to push my hand into your pussy. with one final push i have my whole fist inside you.i begin to work my fist in and out as your moan and writhe with pleasure, mud covering your pantyhosed legs.

Birthday Surprise

fetish spintype 2018-02-20

As her moaning got louder, he suddenly grabbed her wrists from her sides, threw them down to the bed above her head, and began to lick her right nipple. As she moved her hands on her own for the first time since she fell back on the bed, she felt the bruises that his fingernails left on her wrists. The underwear looked even better on her than he thought it would -- his fingers itched to tear what was left of the red satin of her body and have his way with her, pounding into her, grabbing her, digging his hands into her back, until they both screamed in passion. As his hands reached under the edge of her stocking, his hips started thrusting, making his still hard cock rub on her foot.

Shades of O Ch. 2

fetish Jenna 2018-02-20

Abruptly I was pulled from the shower to feel more hands begin to dry me off, rubbing extra hard between my thighs making my knees week. You enjoyed getting fucked, drinking cum, you even let them shove a hard dick up your ass while someone filled your pussy. I began to squirm as if I was trying to get away but all it really did was to brush my rock hard nipples against his hairy chest and rub my ass over his erection. His mouth descended on one of my pointed nipples and began to suck hard. "Daddy's slut feels so good," he mumbled as his mouth sought my other nipple that was bobbing in front of his face.

The Harem Slave Ch. 11

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-02-20

So while Sophie was sliding this stranger's dick into her mouth, Sabrina was taking a big, black cock up her tight ass. Eric moaned even louder at this turn of events, watching Sophie slide two more fingers into Sabrina's pussy. She pushed her fingers in to the knuckles, then began to ball her hand into a fist, forcing her whole hand into Sabrina's tight cunt. His eyes locked on Sabrina's fisted cunt, he began slamming into Sophie's pussy again and again, his hands gripping her hips for leverage. Eric felt her pussy begin to spasm around his shaft and pulled out, moaning at the flood of Sophie's cum that followed, gushing out onto the floor.

The Lindy Series Ep. 05: Lindy's Camping Trip

fetish PTWaters1 2018-02-20

Clara could aim her stream, so sometimes she would pee off to the side in Lindy's direction, and other times, if she was planning to get in the pool, she would hold her member skyward and create a warm fountain that would splash down on her tummy and groin. Lindy playfully pushed Clara's hands away and pulled the leg opening to one side, completely exposing the gusset of her grey cotton panties. Replacing Lindy's hand at the base of her cock outside her shirt, Clara sunk down in the seat, allowing her to place her mouth on the tip of her penis as the flow of pee was shutting down.

Lightgirl's First Adventure Pt. 02

fetish Mouselegend 2018-02-20

"Pig!" Samantha felt like slapping him but just then the manager came over and told them to get into positions. "Blitz sure thinks highly of Matter." Samantha thought. While Blitz had entertained the audience Lightgirl was positioned in the arena, across from ten tough looking thugs. The gong sounded again signaling the end of the match and the thugs helped Samantha up before they left to cart off their colleagues writhing on the floor. Blitz looked at his little device and called out "Her choices this time will be 'Golden Goddess', 'Deluxe Flavours' and 'Nymphomaniac'." While Blitz spoke, Samantha felt a tingling go through her entire body once and her mouth was suddenly filled with an intense strawberry flavour.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 10b

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-02-20

Master's degradation continued, "don't be so eager you cum loving slave...I want my slut leaking all night so just savor my previous cum on the outside of your wife's pussy, the cum that has already left my slut's stretched cunt hole... Jeremy then pressed the tip to my lips as I gained my composure and ordered me himself, "I want you to verbally thank me for allowing my precious cock in your faggoty mouth slave and afterwards you can give the head a nice kiss." I heard Master tease Miss Jenny as we walked away, "those are some massive cocks that are going to fuck you this weekend," he said and I stepped up quickly to see her reaction.

Fantasy Sisters

fetish Freak4fantasyfuck 2018-02-20

Kylaya watched as faeces spewed from her sister's once creamy white backside, which was now tarnished by a rich chocolate colour that reflected the rest of her body's state. She watched her sisters gaping anus spewing the looooong snake of warm delectable creamy poo. Ennelia stared at Kylaya for a long time, and then suddenly embraced her and began to suck her mouth into hers. Ennelia watched as Kylaya lost control of her body, while she gained it. She then cast "Ennelia's Super Ingestion" and "Endless Nutrition" on Kylaya's body. Ennelia then cast her enchantment that made the poo super smooth onto Kylaya's anus. The film on Ennelia's face allowed her to breathe and open her eyes while swimming naked in her sister's poo-filled bowels.


fetish oggbashan 2018-02-20

I heard Sophie talking to the security guards as they let her out through the vehicle gate, but not what was said. I heard two different voices, some metallic scrapes and clanks, and then we went up a ramp, presumably into the only taxi that could take Sophie's scooter. My mouth was nearly torn apart by the ball gag and my nose was pushed deeper and deeper between Sophie's breasts. I couldn't turn my head even slightly and it seemed that Sophie's breasts were expanding, possibly because the heat generated by our bodies jammed together. Rory, kneel in front of Sophie and put your arms around her waist." Irina said.

Nylon sissy femdom - Part 4

fetish hosierian 2018-02-20

The last action of pulling up the tights over the panties once more brought me close to the point of climax as the softness of the nylon pantyhose gently caressed the thin sensuous fabric that comforted my clitty. My clitty began to pulsate faster as Melissa's hands deftly slipped under the nylon lining of my sissy dress and found each of my nipples. At the point I thought I couldn't take anymore Melissa opened up the pocket around the middle of the sl**psack and felt around until she located my panty covered clitty. It was then that auntie began kissing Melissa passionately whilst the pair still had their hands busy playing through my nylon body rubbing my panties vigorously and toying with my nipple in everyway possible.

A Special Event

fetish qexiqex 2018-02-20

"Welcome to our brand new functional art show [F.E.T.I.S.H: Fiona's Exhibition of Trends and Insights into Sexual Habits]! The 'receptacle' that was positioned right at the front of the metal counter really looked like a pussy. "Like that?" Ben asked as he pulled the wet object out until it disengaged with a wet plop and then pushed it slowly back inside again. Ben walked over to the prized art object that was placed on the same metal counter as was the ticket reader. And Erin had come up with the idea to randomly discard the data so the gate would only rarely ever work, so people would need to fuck her repeatedly until the gate finally opened.

The Unofficial Cowgirl Guide Ch. 01

fetish msound1 2018-02-20

What I will do is provide you with some highlights of my twenty-five years of experience buying, training, milking, breeding, and selling cowgirls in the hopes that it helps you avoid some of the pitfalls of the human dairy industry. It is not uncommon for a man to breed his cowgirls, raise their offspring to maturity, and then train up the next generation as a brand new milking herd. As he put it, "the dairy business is a young man's game," and though Tom had plenty of years left in him, keeping up with a bunch of horny naked young cowgirls was beyond his stamina.

Dinner with Arnold

fetish rattails 2018-02-20

"Good evening, my lady," said his female counterpart to her other side as she made a full curtsey with a little, all-knowing, coy smile. And so it went as the guests arrived and were greeted with acclaim and then proceeded through the reception line of handsome college men and woman who would make such delightful remarks such as "what a delight it will be for me to service you this evening," and "I am so looking forward to see more of you," and "I do hope that you enjoy your meal beneath the table half as much as the one above." Down below the girl who had said she would let her male guest know when she was servicing him was heard to acclaim: "ah; a number six."

After The Shower

fetish amethyst wind 2018-02-20

Leaning over and giving her hair a toss she shakes it out around her face and feels the drops of moisture cling to her skin while more cascades down her body over her breasts and even drips off a nipple. Grinning at him she scoots down his body letting go of his hands but watching him for any sudden movement, she then drags her wet hair down his lower chest and over his belly. The wetness allowing her fingers to caress him with ease as she feels his hands reach up and grab her head holding still as his hips thrust up and he cums.

A Pop Star Caught Smoking

fetish lordpdown 2018-02-20

Watching the spark brighten as she drags the smoke through the butt made me very aroused, especially seeing the middle of it covered with her shiny black lipstick when she pulled the cigarette away from her lips. I could not believe how hard my dick got from watching Carmen enjoying her smoke; I became really hot when I started to envision her cigarette being my dick in between her lips. However, my luck changed when Carmen had left a heavily stained by lipstick cigarette, that was half smoked inside the ashtray. For a couple of years now I have secretly got off on watching beautiful women puffing on all brands of cigarettes I love ogling at fellow female workers and students standing in front of my work place lighting up.

A Wet & Wild First Time

fetish Art 2018-02-20

Somehow Jim almost got the idea that while she had said that she was embarrassed, she had actually liked peeing her panties in front of him. "That's a relief," Louise said getting into the car, "I didn't think you would like it very much if I got your seat wet with my pee." She hiked her skirt up behind her so she wasn't sitting on it when she go into the car. I know this sounds weird, but I have always thought it would be erotic as all hell to watch a girl pee." Jim was now hoping that he hadn't sacred her off with all of that.

Jenny Finds Relief in India

fetish usemytongue 2018-02-20

And I'm not going anywhere near a pussy of a girl I don't think is good looking." Most girls just come and place their pussy on my mouth and ask me to get to work. "Oh, so you are gonna let me rest...OWWW!!" she exclaimed when she felt my tongue dart into her ass. The ass that teased me all night was finally under my tongue and I wasn't gonna stop relishing it. I licked her ass for about 20 minutes, dipping my tongue carelessly into her pussy that was filling up with hot juice once again. She started rubbing her clit against my nose as my tongue tried to find its way into her juice factory.

Gloryhole And More

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-02-20

plug in my ass so this guy's cum wouldn't ooze out. I had sucked a big load out of this guy's cock, so I that I would let a complete stranger fuck my ass hole cock), stale piss (just a trace), and his ass hole made attention to the head of his cock and I put two fingers By now the thought of having his cock up my ass was as he watched me lick his ass juice from my finger. ass muscles so he could see that my hole wanted start squeezing his cock with my ass muscles, making it your cock that it wants some cum." he told her about how my ass sucked his cock.