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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mutual masturbation in the car

fetish bigcans 2018-02-20

OMG, I thought I would explode right there but I had to stay hard for the finale., As we approached the end of the bridge there was a traffic circle and there were cars, vans and trucks there. I lifted my ass up off the seat and while driving around this traffic circle I'm stroking my rock-hard cock in plain sight for all to see. We made eye contact with several people and when another truck driver made his way closer to see, I slowed down and he was looking down from the truck window through the cars sunroof and saw a spectacular sight of my hot blond wife with her 32 DD tits fingering her wet cunt frantically and we both realized this, well thats when she screamed "OH MY GOD, I'M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD!!

Kara, the special girl

fetish 2018-02-20

A low bestial growl started in Kara’s chest as the cum poured from her cock in one long, continuous stream, coursing through the flexible tube and filling a nearby container almost halfway, much to the amazement of all witnesses. Kara considered asking how long puberty usually lasts, wondering if she could get a read on whether or not her already impressive cock would get any larger but thought better of it when she realized the reason she was being test was because of her unique situation. Kara talked about the lab, and her “condition” and what it was like to grow up different and Lynn looked on with c***dish glee, asking as many questions as possible.

Izibela's Rude Awakening

fetish NymphoQueen 2018-02-19

His cock jumped in my mouth from the attention, before he pulled my head back harshly, delivering a solid crack across my cheek, forcing a scream of shock and pain from deep within me, before he shoved his semi-erection back between my trembling lips. He rubbed the head against my lips pissing slowly into my mouth and letting his delicious golden juice drip down my chin, and then he pulled his cock from me and emptied the remainder of his bladder onto my face and tits. I began to lose myself in the pain; my face stung, my head ached where my hair was still being pulled tight, and then there was the brutal rhythm of his cock tearing in and out of my asshole.

The Black Femdom Society Pt. 02

fetish Dunn81 2018-02-19

The 47 big fat black woman told me to kneel in front of her to get upstairs. Once upstairs I went to the room where I found another big black woman naked, she was taller than Monique but they really looked alike. She told Monique she did a good job this time and she slapped my face hard. Mistress Desire inserted her strap on in my ass while Monique found another black strap on and put it in my pussy. I was a bit confused but damn, I wanted to come back tomorrow and finally have that chance to lick those black pussies! Lateisha told me if I wanted to go shopping with her and I told her yes quickly really happy to go with that perfect black goddess.

I No Longer Have A Clit To Lick

fetish Anonymous K 2018-02-19

That's the one on the right in the illustration I took from the Internet. The hotel manager grinned at me and said, "You didn't look like a virgin when you signed the register" and he laughed. Later I became a literature lecturer at a well-known University and discovered that most of my girl-friends only allowed people to lick their slits. But my husband got himself a young girl a few years after we started having only non-penetrative sex. I got a girl-friend too and we licked each others' slits. I fell in love with her and you could see it in my work. I told my class, most of whom were very young girls, that defloration was morally wrong.


Down The Path Ch. 05

fetish gbr2004 2018-02-19

'Yes Sir, this is so hard for me but I'm trying.' I keep thinking about how I need to be nice to this guy so he doesn't tell Mike about not me being shaved. 'I know this is all hard for you Steffi but it's time you stop fighting it and start acting like the fem fag you are. 'Yes Sir, I will obey.' His hand moves to my crotch and he can feel my cock and balls through the thin material and he suddenly grasps them tightly in his fist. He was so nice, but the way he hurt my balls, I realize that he also shares the same interests as Mike and know that if he doesn't like my behavior, it's not going to be a good thing.

The Colony Party Ch. 12

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2018-02-19

Priya was furious when she came out of the powder room and not finding Karthik there, but he came back with a towel in his hand and with an embarrassing smile on his face he said, "Sorry, I'd gone to get these." Nisha just snatched it from him and went along on her way towards the bar. Her hair was now above her shoulders and she just sat there, tears in her eyes The barber finished the cut and gave the woman a chin length bob. Somehow, Amith knew that if he could get the women's hair below their shoulder length, he would be able to cum inside Priya's mouth.

Miss Erin's Homecoming Pt. 02

fetish subjugated_sam 2018-02-19

This type of edge coming from a female form was new for Alex, and it, just like any stiff breeze these days, made his cock twitch in its little prison. Erin, surprisingly, had come up with a few novel ways of turning a non-perfect score against Alex in the past few weeks. 'Little boy,' Alex thought, 'that's something only Miss Erin calls me.' He shook off the momentary confusion as Sandra left the room and went to unveil his uniform for the evening. She set them on the table and scooted her chair forward so that her pussy was just inches away from Alex's face, and he noticed, for the first time, that she had forgone panties.

My Neighbor Ch. 02

fetish jeffss45 2018-02-19

I start squirming and Peggy tells me "Stop squirming, this won't hurt and it is necessary." I manage to relax and let her push it in. Karen must notice because she adjusts the machine again and the intensity goes down just a little. Karen starts walking towards the door, telling Bea, "Beep me when he's ready for his trip back upstairs." She's back at my side and I feel a strap going around my cock and balls and getting pulled tight. "Let's get him covered up so I can take him back to Dr. Lerner" Karen tells Bea. I realize I just learned that Peggy is a doctor. As Karen is pushing me out of the room, and saying bye to Bea, the machine starts up again.

Proud Holders Ch. 02

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-02-19

Matron checked the beds this morning whilst you were having breakfast and I'm afraid they didn't all get a clean bill of health. "I'm sorry Miss but it wasn't a case of waking up in the night and needing the toilet. Look I'm sure I'm not the only person here who wets the bed occasionally. We may as well give the gentleman a little entertainment and, given the amount of liquid imbibed at breakfast time I'm sure some of them are in need of a helping hand." Jack, we're going to do some exercises which, with any luck, will give you such a level of control that that one woman in ten is quite fearless about having a cock inside her which is attached to a full bladder."

Sex Slave To My Neighbours Part 2

fetish smallfurrycreature 2018-02-19

So, I'd ride by the house and maybe I'll get invited in again and get my cock sucked and my balls drained. Caller ID said "unknown caller." I picked up the received and was greeted by a man's voice using my full name to ask me how my bike ride had been this morning. The woman spread her legs and started playing with herself with one hand and began to stroke the man's cock with the other. When I had gulped most of my wine, I reached down and took the end of my cock between my fingers finding precum to massage around the head. In Part 3, I am refused admission to the house for a while but once in, I was blackmailed into sucking the man's cock and found it wasn't disagreeable.

My Mum's Holiday part 6

fetish coradia 2018-02-19

Are you sure that's a good idea, I said, we've got a long coach ride ahead of us, you've already had nearly two litres of fizz, you're going to be bursting. We've got about 15 minutes before the coach goes, I told mum, do you want another glass of wine? By the time she had finished it our party was starting to emerge from the caves, and our courier announced that we had about 15 minutes before we needed to board the coach for the journey back. Some looked disgusted, but mum got a round of applause when she finally fell up the steps on to the coach, with her boobs still swinging in full view.

Panty Husband Gets His Wish

fetish DrLit 2018-02-19

My wife actually just said she was willing to fuck my ass with a strapon. The next time we had sex I got the butt plug out, the lube and some lotion we both like and put it on the bedside table early in the day. I got on my hands and knees twice and my wife worked me good with the butt plug. She said, "How do you want it to start; doggie style on your hands and knees, missionary style on your back as I stroke your cock or stand up from behind?" Then after maybe ten slow strokes she got up on her feet with her hands on my hips and squatted on me and started pounding my ass real hard and fast.

Breaking in a New Guy

fetish kbking70 2018-02-19

After a few minutes I told him that if he wasn't sure about meeting that it was cool, just let me know if he changed his mind. Are you sure you're cool with this?" He looked a bit sheepish but nodded and I could see his cock was already hard under his loose basketball shorts. I put my tongue right in his slit and his cock about half way in my mouth as he flooded my mouth with several nice strong jets of hot cum! "I'm gonna cum, dude!" He said it like a warning, but I just gobbled more of his cock, making sure that he knew I wanted his load in my mouth

The Worm - Memoir

fetish Kinky_Mushroom 2018-02-19

It transpired that he was looking to be humiliated socially and in front of his girlfriend who he said despised him (sounds like a lot of relationships too me!). Most evenings he would phone at exactly the time I instructed him - he would have to cane himself if too early or too late - and I would relay my latest orders to him. After quizzing The Worm he admitted that one of the women there didn't like him much so I ordered him to go to the pub next time with only enough money for one and half rounds – which he did. The other strange thing was that during my contact with The Worm I became much more assertive at work and socially - probably did me good!

Panty Show

fetish MinXxX 2018-02-19

'Which ones do YOU think look better?' I finished, holding up the red and green pairs of panties. The pair I currently had on were jewel blue silk panties, and I let him stare at them for a moment before I slowly slid them off my hips, down my thighs, and finally to the floor. I slid the red panties down over my hips, but this time I sat down on the bench next to the table to remove them completely, being sure to flash a little pink his way as I stepped out of them. Then I slid the green pair up my legs and sat back with my skirt around my waist and the panties around my thighs.

At two girls mercy

fetish MrJumpherbones 2018-02-19

break then 50 more,this went on for 20 min.The pain was so intense,I was getting off.I was then untied allowed a pee break,my hands and hair still bound up.Taken into the bed room,thrown face down on the bed Gina sat on my legs as Barb said let the real punishment start.I am to receive 100 whips on my ass 50 on each cheek,with a riding crop,an additional whip will added for each scream,whimper or flinching.The first few were not to bad.As they got allot harder and harder,I let out scream, my legs were yanked open,Barb wound up and hit my my pussy so hard I screamed again it took 5 more times until didn't scream.I endured 100 whips with 12 extra ones.I was untied,gag removed.Ordered to roll over and spread eagle.My hands were strapped into thick leather restraints and stretched out tight, a wooden pole at least 3 ft.

Kaylyn’s Trip to the Amusement Park

fetish MistressKateDalton 2018-02-19

I wave him over and tell him that there is a wanton little slut in the mens if he's interested in getting blown. I can hear him moaning and groaning so I know you are being my good little slut. You try to stutter out that your Mistress is waiting for you but my trucker friend shouts loudly, pretty sure I am in the restroom still, and asks if his buddies can also use my slut. I shout back and tell them to use my little slut and make sure she services them well. You giggle and give me a meek "Sorry Mistress." I tell you as punishment for making us late, you are going to do edges until we get to the club.


fetish nothingisalways 2018-02-19

One of his fingers buried in me can push me into an orgasm so hard it makes me see stars, his cock is so big it's like taking a cane up the ass. He's pushed, pulled, led me to enough orgasms that he knows my cues and he doesn't let up, moving rhythmically, rubbing my clit hard with his tongue, and persistently invading my pussy and ass with progressively deeper pushes of his fingers. My hand is so small, its fingers so slender against the vulnerable flesh of his neck that a single firm tightening of my fingertips makes him pull me tight down onto him as he arches and bucks against me, breathing several long moans into my neck while at my opening I can feel his cock throb and spurt it's load into my depths.

Discovering a Friend's Passion Ch. 03

fetish bicurious406 2018-02-19

David reached up and pulled her sopping wet panties to one side, slid a couple fingers into her pussy, and began focusing his tongue on and around her clitoris. After a few moments, after both men were rock hard and had each tasted their own pre-cum a couple times, David reached behind his chair and picked up an envelope with his left hand, while continuing to stroke with his right. It took only a few moments of jacking off and inhaling Susan's panties before he came hard, cum shooting up and coming down all over his belly and hand. Still stroking his cock with his right hand, David scooted the chair forward a bit and reached down and gently grasped Bill's balls.

Friday Night Enema

fetish battleaxe_babe 2018-02-19

So I placed the tip of the nozzle against my ass and encountered a little resistance, the fat extremity pushed against my puckered asshole like it would never open but it finally gave way and the tip popped past the outer ring, letting it in. I could feel the tip of the nozzle in my ass through the thin wall between my two pleasure holes, I touched it, moved it with care. 'Right now,' I panted 'my ass is full of water and I am fingering my cunt.' I heard he was holding his breath and urged 'Tell me, how badly you want to fuck me?'

Akazu Adventure Ch. 01

fetish sweetkarolina 2018-02-19

At the time Akazu thought these words sounded serious and tried hard to remember the path, but as time passed Akazu grew, her interests changed, she began to question things, trees began to look smaller, the world less important. Feeling rejuvenated Akazu took a new look around and thought she saw a path. The pressure with which Akazu pressed against the Wolf softened and eventually she gave way to him, allowing his paws to press her wrists into the mud, his legs into her legs, his belly into her concavity. With a swift and foul and grotesque movement the Wolf lifted both Akazu and himself from the mud and pinned her to the tree with her paws. The Wolf nodded and Akazu lifted one brow, as if to say, "No way." He pressed her further into the tree.

My dirty fetish dream.

fetish danser79 2018-02-19

Right after she slowly stand up in front of me, my hands a running softly over her skin, as she in a quiet and friendly voice asks me "do you want to lick me clean?" I go down on my knees, she spreads her legs open and pushes her hips forward. Slowly I get up in fromt of her and she puts her arms around my neck, slowly drawing us together, till our lips meet in a deep wet kiss. Without words we walk hand in hand to the bedroom, she lies down on the bed, opens her legs wide for me. While I fuck her as deep, hard and ferocily I can. She lets me fuck her slowly for a minute, to prolong my orgasm.

Judy gets a thrill

fetish ntrain2001 2018-02-19

She said no at first then sat a minute and said I shouldn't ask since you told your wife you wouldn't do it at work, but can I watch you once more. I got hard and sat there a few minutes letting her look then started to put it away and she said your not going to let me watch you play with it. I could see her sitting there looking at me squeezing her legs together, She said you wont try do anything, I told her no and said if you want you can sit in my chair and watch and i will stay in here. I said yeah and she ok, I went in the bathroom and started undoing my pants and looked out and she sat down behind my desk.