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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Going Down Under Ch. 02

fetish drab_man 2018-02-18

John dropped to his knees and Sam could feel him pushing his tongue deeply into her soaking cunt, her juices were running freely over his chin. The combination of having the plug pulled from her tight little asshole and John's tongue buried deep in her pussy was too much and Sam came hard on his face. Cleaning it thoroughly a wicked idea forming in his mind, a smile making his mouth twitch as he turned and faced Sam, butt plug in hand! John had let the butt plug go it was so slick, but Sam was happy to just have something stuffing her cunt while she was ass fucked. He could feel Sam's legs wrap around his waist as he gripped her ass and aimed his cock at her dripping hole.

The Possessed

fetish zeta515 2018-02-18

However, the resulting reduction in aggressiveness, (especially among males whose late teen and early twenty age-group were responsible for most of society's antisocial problems), would dramatically reduce crime and war. The slight increase in female assertiveness would also serve to further reduce and check the remaining aggressiveness left in the male population as well as further empower women and their role in society (which had long been recognized as a positive and stabilizing force). A relatively few males could insure sufficient genetic diversity to maintain the race as long as the female population remained large. For several years prior to this incident, several radical female political factions had been calling for the elimination of the entire male population.

Panty Patrol: First Taste

fetish lickinyou 2018-02-18

She wanted my girl friend to go for a quick walk with her. "Do you want to stay here and watch TV?" my girl friend asked. Making sure that the blinds were closed, I went for the pile of dirty laundry peaking out between the slightly opened closet doors. I breathed more heavily as I turned them inside out and turned the crotch of my girl friend's panties up to see what she might have left for me. As I inhaled through the crotch of her panties, I imagined her soft, light brown pubes pressing against the fabric. Reluctantly, I replaced her panties on the laundry pile and returned to the living room as they came in the door.


Milwaukee Cuckold's Wife and the Neighbor

fetish toothmedic 2018-02-18

Judy got a fearful look on her face and said, “You heard?” Cindy said, “it sure sounded like you were having fun.” Judy said, “can we not talk about this outside?” Cindy said, “sure come on in, just let me get the baby so I can nurse her.” Within seconds a female voice said, “you weren’t k**ding, I’m glad I left Hannah in the car.” Judy and Cindy looked up and Cindy said, “if you bring her in, we can put her down for her nap and you can join us.” Cindy’s s****r Leslie didn’t wait for a second invite and ran out and got Hannah and rushed her upstairs to her room, came back down and was undressed in no time.

Pissing On A Pavement

fetish TheDarkCloud 2018-02-18

I watched agog as a dark puddle appeared at the drunken girl's feet and only continued to grow as she kept up what looked like a flood of piss. I think all her friends were stunned for a moment that she would have done it and in that brief silence I heard the harsh spray noise as her piss splattered against the cold pavement. They giggled and goggled, drunkenly at me for a moment before the girl whose piss it was I was in the process of licking stepped right over me and I held my breath at what she would do.

Police Brutality Pt. 02

fetish bloodlovers92 2018-02-18

Without a second thought, Emma opened her mouth as Mistress Scarlet lowered herself. Emma felt her lower body tingle with excitement as she moved her tongue around the officer's balls, sucking in hard as she did so. Without warning, Mistress Scarlet removed herself, staring down at Emma's wedding ring. The third ring sounded as the officer shoved her cock hard inside Emma, who gasped as she took it all in. Mistress Scarlet let out a pleased moan of her own before pulling herself out of her slave, bringing her dick up close to Emma's face. I love you." Dan said as the officer began to cum all over his wife's face.

Dear Dirty Diry - part 4

fetish AdorableLaura 2018-02-18

Pulling on the needle while pushing on the earring in perfect synchronization, she drew the earring right through my mortally wounded little clit then clicked it closed. Her beet-red teats swelled up like bumpy overripe raspberries from their aureoles and her little gold hoop poked straight up out of her clit each time her labia was expanded by her glorious machine. Thoroughly appalled at what I had done to my darling's poor little pussy, I asked Louise if I had crossed the line into abuse like her ex-husband. When Louise saw me staring intently at the rest of her toys, she told me to feel free to experiment while she was away then added, "Speaking of using each other's belongings, would you think it kinky if I borrowed something of yours to wear when I'm missing you?"

The Gig

fetish rt-85 2018-02-18

The band came on stage and the large crowd cheered, everyone pushed forward and all of a sudden the bar guy was even closer to her than before, pressing his crotch right into her arse. Using the lube from her hot wet cunt his slowly worked his index finger into her tight arse and she was shocked at how dirty he was, but she fucking loved it, knowing what a little slut she was being in a room with eight hundred other people in it, none of them having a clue she was getting pleasured. He teased her, placing the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy and rocking her hips with his strong hands back and forth, jus the way the rest of the crowd were moving.

Wetting Ch. 04

fetish Rosebramble 2018-02-18

As the rush of fluid left me to be replaced by that good feeling you get when you go, I though that I should go next time, next few times even, in the bed. The next push brought more out and this time spilled from the underwear into the nightgown, into the bed. Then a slow push that made me feel turned on and full of pee before it slowly seeped into my clothing. Enough of the slow leakage; I now wanted to go and go, so I did, thinking of you pushing into me, thinking with surprise of the stream that came over my thigh instead of behind my legs.

s****r-in-Law gets punished

fetish Use_Me_Im_Yours 2018-02-18

Nachdem das mit dem ersten Opfer so gut funktioniert hatte, planten Lars (Bruder von Mutter Petra) und Jana (Seine Frau) eine Woche später ihre nächste Tat. Jana hatte eine Kollegin mit der sie sich nicht verstand. Doch sie war viel zu überrascht um zu reagieren als Jana ihr plötzlich die Arme auf den Rücken zog und ihr Handschellen anlegte weil Lars Nikki gefesselt hat Jana hatte inzwischen die Peitsche in die Hand genommen und schlug Petra ohne Vorwarnung auf den Arsch und Lars hat der Kleidung von Nikki ausgezogen als Warnung. Sie presste ihre Fotze fest auf Petra‘s Mund und sagte:“ Los schön lecken.“Petra hatte viel zu viel Angst vor Jana, als das sie gezögert hätte.

When the Wife's Away

fetish AmethystMare 2018-02-18

Drawing her head back just as the cougar let loose a wild yowl straight into Mar's muzzle, Chemical licked her muzzle and lips lewdly, a long string of pre-cum trailing down to his cock as she cradled the base and his balls in one paw. A flicker of jealousy crossed the white dragoness' muzzle and she unhooked her bra, leaving her scales bare but for the red heels, on all fours and twitching the tip of her tail back and forth with every breath as if to call the cougar in, a siren of lust. Holding her wrists up to the head of the bed as Chemical groaned and regained herself, Ropes wasted no time in hoisting up her upper leg as they tucked together on their right sides, cock nuzzling up to the wet warmth of her pussy.

Dirty Deeds

fetish AVaugn 2018-02-18

I sat in my office chair getting rubbed by a superior executive, and I did not know what to do; the massage started to get deeper. Mr. Molawi fingered my pussy so hard and fast, I couldn't help but spread my legs wide and fuck his hand. As soon as I displayed my pussy, Mr. Molawi started to lick my snatch like a Popsicle. Mr. Molawi continued to finger fuck and suck my pussy. As he sucked my twat and pushed his tongue in-and-out of my pussy, I wildly rubbed my clit with my middle finger. After a few more seconds of pleasure, he removed his face from my snatch and looked at me and said, "Damn, you have a juicy pussy, Maple.

Metamorphosis Ch. 03: My turn

fetish dirtymaria 2018-02-18

I was pounding my pussy even harder now, my long fingers deep inside me, rubbing the entire length of my front wall. I still can't tell if it was out of the anger or my need to cum again, but the next thing that Jim saw was me mounting straddling his hips, holding his cock as I lowered myself onto it. Instead of his cock, what I felt was his tongue, gently caressing my gaping asshole, giving it tiny wet licks before stiffening up and sliding deep into me. I took me a while to realise that my right hand was already pounding away at my pussy, matching the movement of his tongue in the adjacent canal.

The Proof of the Pudding

fetish rick_oh 2018-02-18

She introduced him to Mistress Vicki, a dishwater-blonde woman in her early forties who let him work on her feet for a while before she mentioned that she too wanted to see how David would perform under the table. Mistress Vicki opened her legs and treated David to the sight of her honey-blonde pussy. His cock stirred and he felt an occasional pulse of semen course through and spurt into Mistress Kristy's pussy. Kristy was in no hurry, and she knew that David's fervor for extracting male cum from her pussy was probably completely gone. His ejaculation was no less intense the second time, and after he spurted far up inside her, he again put his will, and his mouth, to the task and sucked her pussy clean.

His Ch. 02

fetish SubmissivePregnantPet 2018-02-18

And now, his Pet lay there, hips elevated by the pillow as her Master's seed flowed deep into her. His hands caressed her, massaging her wide hips and then moving upwards, finally resting on her slightly soft belly, pulling her close to him. Could there be any feeling more complete than being wrapped in her master's arms, his seed flowing deep into her waiting body? Let's see how long my attentive master takes to realize what's going on in here..." smiling wickedly to herself, she went about her business yet again, only taking some time to schedule a doctor's appointment for a time when he wouldn't be home.

Being Christina's Bitch Ch. 03

fetish boytoy23 2018-02-18

Christina and I cried around the cocks in our mouths while our assholes were being stuffed and pumped repeatedly behind us. Charlie pushed his cock deep into my throat and I felt it filling up with his hot cum. We continued making out until Mike slowed down and announced he was cumming deep in Christina's ass. Charlie grasped Christina by the hair and dragged her to my ass as Luke pulled his cock out. Soon, I had no choice as the pressure on my asshole was too much and the nasty mixture of piss and cum and shit erupted in her face and mouth like a volcano.

cuckold submissive learning my place part 3

fetish jojosmallone 2018-02-18

As soon as she kissed me i could taste his cock and cum on my wife's mouth and instantly got hard in my panties, Cindy noticed this and ask me if my little dicky was excited and did i want to have sex. As she got in the car i could smell sex and booze, when she leaned over and kissed me i knew, the taste and smell was of cum and cock, when i pulled back from her a slight smile was on her lips and Charlene and the guys were laughing. She also told some of her girlfriends that not only was i small, i came in like two or three strokes, i was shaved smooth and that i wore panties, she even told her best friend that i would eat her after she had been off with Chris and Gilbert.

Her Full Return

fetish underthestars69 2018-02-18

Her kiss was erotic and tasting her hot and sexy mouth made my thick cock throb between us. My favorite fantasy for many years was being fulfilled as I stared at my baby's beautiful, sexy pussy dripping with another mans hot come. As I slowly slid my finger into her throbbing and dripping pussy, she moaned again "Mmm, don't tease me baby, eat my naughty pussy, I need you to make me come". We broke our kiss as she asked me to fuck her deep, saying that she wanted to feel my big cock fill her and that she wanted every drop of my hot come. As she told me of her pussy being fucked hard by a big strange cock and then being filled with it's hot come, I exploded.

The Fantasy of a Real Spanking

fetish verbosa 2018-02-18

After having her lay across my lap with her head resting seemingly comfortably on the short arm rest of the couch, I would lift her dress fully exposing the traditional white panties angling across the cheeks of her ass. The stinging sensation on my ass and the weight of my body pressing my cock into her leg was starting to make me a little delirious. She then continued to spank my bottom over my underwear for what seemed like forever (in a good way) and it began to seem as if she was purposefully pressing up with her right knee against my straining cock each time she smacked me. "Very good," she said as she grabbed my cock in her fist and squeezed, I was sure, as hard as she could.


Working with Trista Ch. 05

fetish ChastityLatexSlave 2018-02-18

Having all my hair removed professionally, wearing only a thong at the pool, being allowed to wear only spandex when working out, wearing lingerie almost exclusively the past couple of days, being spanked repeatedly, being f***ed to try on and purchase high stiletto heels, watching as Trista had sex with Jake, tasting a drop of cum, taking a dildo up my ass, and maybe most importantly of all, having my cock locked in a cage to which only Trista had a key. Trista then said, "Well it's high time you start." With that, Alana lifted my head up and in front of me was Jake's hard cock.

Girl's Night Pt. 01

fetish DifferentBreed 2018-02-18

Fisher handed the phone to the nurse who looked at him quizzically and began typing. "Now," said Viv as he now knew she was called, "are you going to be a good girl and kneel or would you like me to get some of the male techs too?" Short and stocky Patty tossed the duffel bag on the bed and unzipped it quickly, she gasped and Fisher strained to see why in the mirror. Jenny returned shortly and Fisher knew what was coming next, and as he lay on the bed wincing in pain he quietly accepted the lube on his ass and the graduated anal beads that soon followed.

A Day's Preperation

fetish 2018-02-18

I will shave my entire body and apply baby oil, skin lotion and a light tanning cream all over. Next comes the Lipstick, and a light touch of concealer makeup on my face where needed. My Lipstick is usually a light shade of bronze, pink, red; not to be to outrageous. Again, I prefer light shades of bronze, pink, or red. I prefer sheer to waist and sheer toes pantyhose; tan, off black, or nude. I like it when the top of my pantyhose can be seen through the shirt with ample light. Of course I really only like to tease and please the really gorgeous Men and Ladys; and will fantasize about having a romantic, and sexual encounter.

Fun on the tube ( sexed up)

fetish Smokeybluexx 2018-02-18

Leaving the tube once more, they and sit in the park, her lover making some phone calls as she playfully teases his hard cock discreetly through his now bulging trousers, locals and palace sightseers meandering past the park bench oblivious to their sexual arousal, she leans her head forward and bites his firm throbbing cock through his trousers, in return his hand slides down the back of her skirt, gently stroking the base of her spine; he pulls her tighter towards him and slides his fingers in her wet pussy, after a few moments of playing, his finger strokes her tight bum, she groans with pleasure, feeling her cunt filling with her juices.

sadistic s****r in law

fetish dav78945s 2018-02-18

"It was silly," she said, looking away from him and clearly embarrassed. "Yes?" he said, knowing exactly what she was trying to say but wanting her to say it first. "I don't suppose you would really like it if someone dominated you properly," she said. If you want to see the things I have in the loft then you'll need to come round when I have more time." "There's nothing you'd like better," she said, staring down at him, "Than to put your face right up between my legs right now, is there?" Reluctantly he raise his hands to his head once more, knowing that she would slap him again with the crop and flinching in anticipation as she walked round him.