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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish meatloaf90 2018-02-18

I was installing a new shower head in the front bathroom I came home early one day to find you weren't at school your wet, unprotected buns, I put you to task cleaning smacks to speed you on as you hopped about, picking up I had you fetch a towel and bring it to me so I could dry deposit the damp towel inside the hamper, then bend over it. promised to never skip class again, throwing in an offer boxers down to my knees and my hardened cock between your slightly then slapped your burning buns with my cock several times before sliding into your sweet wetness from behind. You grasped the hamper firmly for balance, rocking forward

Holiday Encounter

fetish leekeyone 2018-02-18

We were almost there when suddenly she stopped in the hallway, turned to look me in the eye and said, "Do you want to fuck me?" My new girlfriend gasped as the first of my piss started to land on the light coloured cream carpet, instantly starting to cause a growing stain as more and more of my yellow pee rained down over it. From the base of her pussy suddenly shot out a thin stream of golden yellow urine which immediately started to broaden as she increased the force of her piss. Her pee stream looked gorgeous as she pissed out of her pussy and I squirted my pee all over her naked bum.


fetish MattChancellor 2018-02-18

Rich almond eyes blindfolded with black cloth. The objects - size 8, bound at the ankles, keyed with excitement and ready for love. Kath giggles around more black cloth. He covers her, in that final act, when legs are unbound and hands are retied and strikes leave prints with every thrust. Now he is kneading them, melting them, Kath's head back and silence. Kath breathing heavy now, her toes feeding his mouth. Watch through the blindfold him tugging his skin, burning a hole through the objects, size 8. Slight smacking sounds and Kath feels unholy. Meet Kath for the first time. Kath's eyes roll back and she lets him exploit her. Kath shoots almond eyes up at him, the picture of domesticity.

Our Help Ch. 01

fetish thonglick66 2018-02-18

"I know that, Princess, but I just think it's kind of odd that a 70-year-old man enjoys being tied up and, now, dressed in his wife's underwear while myself and black Bob break into their house, beat them both and fuck every hole his 65-year-old wife has, then force the old fella to his knees to clean up our cum from the woman he loves after we are done raping her. I then remembered what Louise had said to me when I walked into the office about Mrs. McGirk and asked her what it was that she wanted different than the last time.

Legs in an Elevator

fetish SquiresBoy 2018-02-18

I couldn't stop looking at her feet, her long legs, those white stockings. I looked down in shock and watched her brush the arch of her foot against the bulge in my pants. "Oh, I'm always game, sweetheart." I lifted her foot to my lips and gave her big toe a kiss through the stocking. I saw her lips part, her breath coming in harder, faster gasps as my tongue moved over her foot. We exchanged smiles, and I said, "Your foot feels so good on my cock, Elaine." She clutched her foot and brought it up to her lips, a dainty pink tongue running over her stocking as she licked my come off toes.

serving my misstress master

fetish newdaddy7777 2018-02-18

You have it set to take a picture every 2 seconds you now start to slide the small cock in my ass, making me moan as I do you pull on the leash like it is reins on a horse. With one more rope you tie the ball gag to my cock cage where the leash was, to keep my head down so you can watch me drool in two places. You tell me if you don't cum a big white mess like you leave in my cunt before I get out of the bath you will stay there, while I watch my shows and I wont turn it off till my shows are done.

Ms. Marlow's Instrument of Agreement

fetish Subtext 2018-02-18

I guess I took advantage of her, but when I saw her that day spanking that child over her knee, I knew I needed her help. After all, our son was in need of a good authority figure during the day when my wife was out socializing and our house also needed the attentions of a good cleaner. Miss Marlow, though I doubt she ever thought of herself this way, was in fact, a mercenary and a loyal servant to the ideology of pain. Then one day I walked into the back room and found Miss Marlow standing there enjoying the view from my window. In the months that followed, my son and I were both brought into complete agreement with Miss Marlow on all matters by her paddle of persuasion.

Online Affair

fetish jagua 2018-02-18

Whilst I wasn't 'ripped' I had worked myself into a comfortable shape and, with the help of my broad shoulders and well defined arms, I looked good in a shirt and trousers. I said good night, closed my laptop, packed my bag for Uni the next day and went to bed to cuddle the misses. I was just fixated with Liz. The looks got my mind going, the conversation got me excited and it wasn't long before I was restless and needed more of this woman. I was rushing the misses out the house so I could get ready to meet Liz. Pushing her out the door, she turned around, kissed me and whispered "Love you".

The Slave Ch. 05

fetish Zoeeee 2018-02-18

Ross leaned his face back in between her legs sucking and gently biting her clit, when he lets one hand slip lower and his middle finger finds its way into her hot and wet pussy. Brenda and Sara didn’t know that Linda had emptied the slave’s balls once that day, and they continued to apply the pump until Ross’ cock and balls were only convulsing; his balls dry and totally empty there was nothing coming out. Brenda wanted to play all night and Sara was game, but Linda finally told them that Ross had cum so much today that there simply couldn’t produce anymore for awhile and he needed to rest his battered cock and balls After some discussion, Sara stopped pumping and Brenda handed the cylinder to Ross, ordering him to take it off.

Contacted Through Feedback 2.0

fetish JackTheRimmer 2018-02-18

You're fucking hot, too..." Alana pulled me back in for another long kiss, grabbing the back of my head as I let my hands start to explore her body. Yes. I'm gonna taste your butt right fucking now..." I grabbed her hips, spun her around to face the bed, pushed her upper back so she bent over but kept her legs straight, dropped to my knees and slowly licked up her left, then right thigh until my face was right behind her ass. She loved this, and tried to press back and bounce her ass against my tongue, but I didn't want my tongue to pop out of her asshole, so I grabbed her hips and just held her butt to my face.

Sandler Finishing School Ch. 01

fetish humanoid_typhoon 2018-02-18

"Stop fucking struggling" he ordered angrily and I had to take a deep breath to calm myself as he pushed my forward some more and painfully pulled my arms up and started tightening the chains for a second. She cowered away from the guard as he stood over her, his hands pushing her down and pulling her arms up painfully as he unlocked her chains before moving onto the final girl sitting a couple of rows behind me. Professor Goodwin just looked at me, not even caring as she pulled a dildo out from one of her desk drawers and walking over to kneel between my legs.

A Matter of Law

fetish OneWhoAdores 2018-02-18

In it I stated that I very much wanted to ask her out to dinner but that if she wanted to refuse this or any subsequent such offers, she should have no fear for her position at the firm, and if she should ever feel so compromised or challenged, this letter would serve as proof against that. I selected and poured a glass of a Reserve French Bordeaux, and made my way back into the den where she was sitting in the middle of the overstuffed leather couch reading her mail on her iPad. I handed over her glass of wine and stood before her stripped down to my legal briefs, which consisted solely of a locked chastity cage, and which except for times of supervised cleaning or occasions when the spirit might otherwise so move her, remained constantly in place.

Oh, Behave!

fetish im_invisible69 2018-02-18

You are still trapped in the shirt, and your eyes open at the feeling of the knife traveling up your arms. I stand up again, my hands sliding over your exposed flesh, reveling in the silkiness, in the way your body jumps when my fingers find a particularly sensitive spot. Your eyes tear up because you know you must tell the truth and I can tell from your body language that you've actually had a couple small orgasms, the most recent when I put the second nipple clamp on. Finally the game was over and I started moving around your body, first releasing your legs, then your arms.

She made me suck his cock.

fetish kgbcd 2018-02-18

She had picked a cocksucking movie and there was a good looking girl dressed like me on her knees sucking on a cock. Can I give you a blowjob and be your cocksucker?” I’m not sure how much of that I said, but it was all what I was thinking as I felt his cock. He was holding my head and I was sucking on his cock and then he was fucking my face, fucking my mouth – just like I’d wanted. He moved his head up and down and sucked me faster as I exploded into his mouth as my wife was kissing my cum covered lips. I smiled and said, “Yes I had a good time and yes, I liked sucking a cock.”

Sheila's Workout

fetish jaques 2018-02-18

I stopped driving and gave him a dirty little smile and took one hand to work on my breasts titillating my nipples. I loved playing with myself while another one was watching, I slowly slid a finger inside my cunt and felt my hot and wet flesh embracing the touch. While I ran my tongue over the cream of my rubber seat I rubbed my pussy and stuffed the panties deep inside to make sure they got all of the sticky cum. After coming down a bit I put my Polaroid camera on the desk and took a great shot of my cum soaked pussy wrote 'Have Fun' on the back and placed it inside a small parcel.

We Were In The Kitchen At Home...

fetish topcattopone 2018-02-18

"Look Mum," I told her, "I started it earlier today, knowing full well that Bob would mess me up, so I'm sorry if you were upset, but there's no need to be. I went over to Mum's a few days later and whilst not explaining fully our fetish, I think I got her to understand a little. "Choose your event my dear and it will be fine." Was all she said, and she was right, all I needed to do was to be careful where I went whilst wearing a dress as short as this. "In that case, if you get it wet, it will seem that you are not wearing a dress at all." She told me, "Which is what your grandfather got so upset about.

S****r Love

fetish drew1207 2018-02-18

Emma reaches over and runs her finger over the handle of the hairbrush, and sure enough, it is still slick and wet from Amy’s little girl juices. I was feeling all hot and sticky,” replied Amy. “That’s good!” said Emma, as she sensed a bit of panic in Amy’s eyes as she stared at the sticky hairbrush on the desk. Emma said nothing, as she continued to attack her little s****r’s pink pussy with her strap-on, and she could feel a big smile appear on her face. “OH GOD, EMMA, YOU’RE DRIVING ME FUCKING CRAZY!!” she exclaimed, “I’M GOING TO CUM ANY SECOND!” Just then, Emma pulled the slippery strap-on out of Amy’s sopping wet pussy, and stood up behind her, and straddled her dainty little bottom.

The Weight Loss Clinic

fetish Georgepat 2018-02-18

As Pam's good feeling passed and she regained her breath, George sat back on his stool and took a couple more shots of her still very wet, wide open cunt. "That's right Pam, that's the one I want." George replied, then to the other he said, "Bend your fat ass over your chair and prepare to be spanked." As Brenda dressed then walked out of the room, George turned to Pam and asked her to stay for a few moments. "Well, Pam, this is the way it works," he said as he looked into her eyes, "If you come here next week and have lost the five pounds, I'll reward you with the fucking you want so badly now.

First time with Judy

fetish Wolf95 2018-02-18

My wife and I had been out drinking and dancing and went back to Tony and Judy's house for a nightcap. I massaged her feet and continued sucking on her toes. After a few minutes, Judy ran her hand up under her skirt and began rubbing her pussy. She climaxed playing with her pussy and me sucking her toes and massaging her sexy feet. It didn't take long of me eating her when she grabbed my head and began to thrust her hot, wet pussy to my probing tongue. I gladly ate her beautiful, hairy, wet pussy as she sucked my cock. She began to thrust my face and I let her suck my cock.

Her Petite Possession (Pt 2)

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-02-18

“What do jeans feel like then?” Kate asked as she again admired her own figure in the mirror, but this time confident that Brad wasn’t watching. “Oh yes,” Kate blushed as she stood up and pulled Brad out from inside her skirt. “What happened?” Kate cried, “Where is he?” but then the feeling from inside her skirt answered her question, “Oh my god, he’s turned back into my panties and I’m wearing him, I mean them!” She didn’t stop and, for the first time against his will, Brad transformed into pink panties now buried deep beneath both her tight black yoga pants and the white cotton underwear that she’d been wearing all day.

Sandra the Ponygirl, wanting to be Sired

fetish 2018-02-18

We were both old enough to know what was going on and as I have mentioned in several stories before, we became sexually active with the old man, but this incident is about something with a slight twist to it, Sandra, who was slightly more developed than I was, had a fetish, she wanted to be a 'Pony-girl', and sent off to the UK for a bridle, reigns, plumes, and crop and the man over there sent a tail, with real horse-hair connected to a butt-plug, asking her to send him some photos with it inserted.

Melissa & Her Socks Ch. 2

fetish dirkpitt 2018-02-18

Melissa made a point of flexing her socked feet as she slipped on each of her shoes, showing off her nice high arches. While we were necking, Melissa slipped out of her shoes once again and curled her legs up under on the seat, giving me a nice view of her socked feet. When I started to rub on her crotch through her jeans, Melissa paused her assault on my neck long enough to pull her coat over her lap. I took both of her feet in my hands, and brought them up to my face as I began to rub them gently. Her left foot began rubbing on my dick while the toes of her right foot started teasing my balls.

That Thing with the Cup Ch. 01

fetish gaminegrrl 2018-02-18

Cupping your testicles in one hand, I wrap my long, French-manicured fingers around your stiffening shaft. Looking up at you, I run my tongue slowly across my lips and smile. I turn my head sideways, glancing up at you in the corner of my eye, and pretend to bite into your erection, my teeth resting firmly on your flesh. Hearing you groan, I then lick my way slowly, delicately up your shaft, my favorite popsicle in all the world. As I reach the tip, I envelope your glans in my mouth, sucking your velvety head with my pouty lips. Then, looking up at you, upside down, I lick my lips slowly, leaving my mouth open. I close my eyes and caress my breasts, waiting for you to fuck my mouth.

Crimson Rain

fetish blood_inferno 2018-02-18

His head gradually lifted and his dark hair glided back revealing rivitingly, deep blue eyes- full of pain and agony, brightened by the new light lingering in the air around us. I felt a cold hand touch my face; I swayed forward to meet a pair of succulent lips again, this time more moist. When his lips followed as well as a crack or lightning, I brushed my face beside his and licked a trickle of blood coming from his head. I tipped toward his luscious lips, my tongue slid across his smooth teeth and his hand caressed my neck, descending toward my chest.