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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A servant amd Mistress Part 3

fetish unterschar 2018-02-18

when she whipped me, cheeks flushed rouge with excitement and passion, bath very full and hot, and I soon lost count of the number of trips I But the Mistress was already fetching the strap, a long thick one leaned my arms against the side of the large bath of water and spread my She began to strap me then, long heavy strokes that wrapped the water rose to my thighs, and I felt the fierce burning as every water feeling ten times hotter than when I had filled the bath. "Isn't it too hot?" she asked coyly, and I nodded, sobbing, and cried this task, but I felt shame as I was naked before my Mistress, my sex

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 11

fetish eric shawn listo 2018-02-18

Actually, I did fuck Melissa one more time. She stuffed something in my hand and said, "You have to come, Danny. She put her mouth on the head of my prick and placed her hands on my ass. Melissa looked into my eyes and said, "Kiss me, beautiful man." Melissa put her other arm around my neck and began lifting her great girth up and down on my prick. I put a hand over her mouth--I remembered the people on the bed on the other side of the door. When I returned, Melissa was coming out of the bedroom and Mae greeted her with a hug. Melissa said, "Mae, I think you've got a couple of guests using your bed in there."

The Nerd Chronicles

fetish jpscorp 2018-02-18

Finally, after all of these months of fantasizing and looking forward to this day, there I was on my knees almost completley naked with a continual flow of pussy juice trickling down my leg and Eugene's hairy cock inches from my face. I wanted him to feel so good and I couldn't wait to taste cum for the first time so i did what I had seen on the internet while preparing for this day, I reached throught the jungle of hair covering his balls, grabbed them on the under and side began pulling down on his balls while massaging them with my other hand.

Dirty Talk, Just For You

fetish JamieLikesToWrite 2018-02-18

You know: Oooh, ahh… fuck me now, you big stud. "I'm sorry… did you want me to start an inventory of all the cocks I've seen and where your little weiner fits into that scale?" I mean, dirty talk doesn't sound the same, even if it's just a little cocktail weiner in my mouth, right?" You do know you're supposed to use your tongue, right? Okay… that's right, I guess… fuck me with your fat tongue, stud…" Never mind your fucking teeth… you don't have enough talent to know how to use them. "I stopped fucking you a little while ago." "Yeah, whatever… look at you, rock fucking hard, and don't think I don't see your hips pushing up into my head with each time I yank you.

Small penis happy ending massage

fetish 5inchsoffun 2018-02-18

Let me see it.' I like girls to make fun of my penis size, but for some reason I was very nervous and not even hard, so I replied 'no, I'm embarrassed now'. Most cocks I've seen have a head bigger than the shaft, or at least the same size, but yours is very small'. I tried, I really tried, harder than I have ever tried before, but with that pussy in my face and the taste of her sweet young juices, not to mention what she was doing to my cock, I started to cum. It didn't take long though, after a minute or so she started to cum and covered my mouth with floods of her juices, then started to wipe her pussy (and asshole) all over my face.

Fed Up with Tiny Tom Ch. 03

fetish MildmanInVA 2018-02-18

The weekend rolled around, and my dear wife, Shannon informed me that David would be stopping by for some play time, and that he would be bringing their 28 year old co-worker, Linda Reynolds. After dinner, I was instructed to give David a full body massage as he lay on the carpet, and Shannon and Linda made out and explored each others' bodies on the couch. David only made it a gorgeous threesome as he moved the couch with his muscular tanned body and huge thick cock as he alternately fucked both of the beautiful women. I looked down at my neglected little cock as I watched David's massive tool bring total pleasure to two women and knew I would only be a spectator now to three individuals having control over my life.

His Special Fetish

fetish Ladywriter 2018-02-18

“But, I think there’s something you like better than all of those, isn’t there David?” His cock was enormous and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I knelt before him and lightly let the cuff of my blouse touch his cock. “You want my blouse to look pretty, don’t you?” I stroked his hard cock gently. “You want it to look pretty before you make a big mess on it.” More precum oozed out and my hand moved faster over his slippery cock. I rubbed his balls with the end of my blouse and pressed his cock against the smooth shiny material. I rubbed his softening cock in the sticky mess he’d made and I watched as his cum rolled slowly down my blouse.

I Pay For A Pie

fetish DiggerDave 2018-02-17

As I opened my lips Barry thrust forward very slowly and pushed the end of his cock all the way into my mouth. Even before I had time to answer Barry moved to the bed and quickly positioned himself between Sues open thighs. I moved to the side of the bed to watch as with a long slow thrust he buried his cock all the way inside of Sue's smooth wet pussy. As I lapped at her smooth juicy slit a sticky mixture coated the inside of my mouth and I swallowed it down, savouring the metallic taste of Barry's still warm sperm mixed with her own slippery juice. I could easily taste Barry's sperm as I scooped it out from deep inside Sue's pussy.

"true" accounting of my summer of 15 and

fetish 2018-02-17

Nights weekends and in the summer time I worked my ass off. I got home from work when mom said call this number collect. At this point I knew I would finish the first fucking I had started before, I just did not tell her. By bed time I have got some finger in and she has played with my cock. I guess you want some more of this old woman this morning; I knew last night I had starting something. With in a few strokes she was working her ass for me and making her already good pussy better. I look and the thick black pubic hair of hers is soaked as is the tight little ass cheeks.

The Traveling Worker Ch. 01

fetish TimWLy 2018-02-17

Being totally blind, I have always wanted to learn to play the piano, so I could learn to use my hands more affectively, but it takes more patients than I have, so while having dinner after a long day of exhibiting during a recent trip to Dallas, I discovered that I could use a skill of massage and put that to work. My mind started spinning out of control again imagining details of how this night could go, because she didn't give any details of what she heard about the massage therapy, but she had already wanted to visit my room anyway.

The Bachelor Party

fetish CJPorter 2018-02-17

Finally after gulping down his cum for what seemed like a full minute, the guy pulled away and Lola shuddered and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Guys were jerking off as they waited their turns, and were lining up just to stick their cocks down her throat and shoot cum into her. Lola reached down and frantically stroked her throbbing clit, and the guy pushed his cock inside her. The guy, who was still pounding away, grasped her bulging stomach forcefully, which made another wave of vomit gush out of her. Finally, after what felt like ten minutes of uncontrollable, disgusting vomiting, she gasped for air, and her belly was back to a somewhat normal size.


fetish cow_dina 2018-02-17

The Mother is standing in the center of the circle twirling the whip around and hitting randomly the dancers. The sister, busy in torturing the mad one's tits, slams her cunt on the kneeling one's head and starts rolling her hips around. I start crawling around rubbing my head and face in a tangle of limbs, buttocks, thighs, drenched twats, suffocating myself in a rancid cocktail of beastly wetness. One hirsute cunt is fucking furiously my bald head, filthy feet are rubbing my body all around. I grasp the feeling of the rotten taste as the vile mass of Mother's soft, runny turd overflows out of my mouth. Stranger hands start grabbing pieces of it and to smear it all over my head, my face, my whole body.

Sub Switches Roles

fetish naughty_jude 2018-02-17

I wait a few seconds until I know You have stopped and begin to release the pressure and to caress You. Moving the tight balls within their sac, massaging the flesh, and playing with You, toying with Your erogenous area that I usually worship so willingly. My other hand sliding under Your body along side Your cock, feeling You push down onto the bed to try and stop me finding how hard You already are. Taking the other vibrator I turn it on, stronger than the first, stroking it across the damp skin as I play with You. I ensure I keep my body weight down on Your lower legs, well aware that one movement and You would buck me right off.

Cathy's Sick Desire Ch. 04

fetish almostdead 2018-02-17

Can you help me out there?" Cathy was hoping that Wanda could provide a few hard working men who wanted to dump a load of cum down her throat or in her pussy. He don't look like much, but he's the best damn short order cook in town." As Cathy nodded to him, without speaking, Wanda told him, "This is...well shit, I don't know your fuckin name. Wanda then took the liberty of caressing one of Cathy's breasts and told her, "Now if you really want to get your mouth on that sandwich, I think you'll find that old Charlie will do a better job of it, if you get your cocksucking mouth on his prick first.

When She Started to Cuck Me

fetish Cuckwanttobe 2018-02-17

She looks over her shoulder and says, "Gavin, bring my married cunt your amazing cock!" As he comes up behind her she tells me to "Grab his cock and guide him into my cunt, then start licking my clit." I do as I am told, hoping she will suck my cock while she gets fucked. As he picks up speed, my wife is yelling, "FUCK MY MARRIED PUSSY, STRETCH IT LIKE IT NEVER HAS BEFORE, MAKE ME YOUR CUM SLUT!" She still is not touching my cock, but I am ok with that. Mary screams, "FUCK ME HARDER AND CUM DEEP IN MY MARRIED CUNT, MAKE ME YOUR SLUT!" That is all that he can handle and slams his cock deep in her pussy.

Nursing My Old Male Friend

fetish rosie1972uk 2018-02-17

He paused for a brief moment looking up at me before placing his hand in mine and saying "Megan, let me help you this time." I looked down and the sunlight through his parlour window shone on my nipples, making a tiny drop of milk glisten as he brushed it with his finger and sucked it off the tip of it. Paying the exact precise attention as he did to my drained one, only this time he let my nipple slip out of his mouth to tell me I was beautiful and wonderful before continuing to devour my milk. He gently stroked my cream lace panties as he sucked my sensitive nipple, making my panties damp and moist as I moaned and clutched his head on my breast, feeling his grey hair.

Konquering Krista

fetish Johnnytames69 2018-02-17

Amanda took one look at him and quickly stepped around Krista towards the door. From the look on Jaspur's face it seemed that Amanda knew what she was talking about. Krista gasped softly in shock at the power in his movement, in his kiss. “That was Amanda’s idea, she was trying to make me look like had just been to school.” Krista replied in a matching whisper. That he liked it when she sucked harder, or licked her tongue over his cock. Krista gasped sharply at the feel of his lips around her breast. “God, I’m going to, Jaspur baby, fuck yessss…” Her words faded into one long loud squeal as she came. Krista put her hand to her mouth, licking the juices off it.

My first black Pussy

fetish landon789 2018-02-17

It was normal chit chat but my dick was so hard knowing i was talking to a sexy black female that wanted to fuck me. Her black pussy looked so hot the way it shined after it got wet so I rubbed her juice all over her thighs so i could see them shine. Tanisha said I guess the white boy stereotype isnt true because you have a really nice thick cock! She said oh yes I keep coming just from knowing im taking white cock tonight. As I start to wonder if shes sucking harder to tell me its turning her on that im getting closer to her ass she pulls her mouth off my cock and says....go ahead.


fetish angrylittletsk 2018-02-17

Laura slowly reached over, pulled him close and lightly grazed his lips with her tongue, "Baby, you've worked sooo hard. She closed her eyes and let her head drop back in pleasure as he lightly kissed her soft neck, put his hand in her panties and slid his middle finger into the opening of her tight wet pussy. He felt the softness of her lips wrapped around the base of his cock and shuddered a little, closed his eyes as his dick slid in and out quicker and deeper each time, while his warm shaft throbbed against her soft wet tongue. He slowly slid up her body as she felt her pussy give way to his cock letting his thick dick head into her gleaming twat.

Barbecued Negrita

fetish Hornyman69WithU 2018-02-17

At least I had the forethought to get a twelve-pack of beer, which by then was none too cold, but we slammed down a few in a hurry in the hot upstairs room where we sat on the drop cloth as I got the ribs and trimmings ready. Finally, I slammed down another brew, screwed up my nerve, and said, "Do you know why I invited you over to have ribs with me in this big house all alone?" Her big, rubbery pussy lips tasted so good I was tempted to take a bite, and her dark skin and quivering flesh covered in tiny beads of sweat in the sun looked simply divine.

Baby Changing Station

fetish WRJames 2018-02-17

"That's what we need," my wife whispered, and I thought, yes!, but she was pointing out, not the girl's lap, but the little device she was holding on it, squirming a little to show even more skin, not a trace of fabric yet to shatter my illusions. The look got a little hotter, as the departure time for the Jamaica flight got pushed back another hour. For one instant I thought she was actually going to slap me, but then she thought it over, and gave me a little smirk I had a sudden suspicion that she really was not wearing anything under that dress, or not much, maybe a tiny, tiny thong.

Stepmom sl**ping

fetish JFQ358 2018-02-17

stepmom was wearing a knee length skirt, she sat down opposite me, I caught a glimpse of thigh as she sat down, she sat there with her leg's slightly apart, I was enjoying the show, when Dad said to Mom "come on honey bed time" off they went. She squeezed my ass cheeks and pulled me into her, now honey slowly in and out, I done as I was told, then she whispered faster honey, I started to build up a nice pace, go on honey faster she said, pretty soon I was pounding her pussy, that's it honey fuck me harder, I was at full speed now driving in and out, she was moaning loudly, then she wrapped her legs around me and started to buck wildly, she started to come, I started to shoot my seed into her, fuck me fuck me she cried, I came so hard it was incredible she milked my cock with her pussy sucking me into her.

Footjob from Co-worker

fetish baronhadrian7 2018-02-17

On this particular day, I happened to be reading Marcel Proust's magnum opus. "I'm so sleepy," she said, rubbing her eyes and sitting on the empty chair across my desk. I knew she felt my hard cock pushing through my thin slacks because I was rock-hard by this time and already about to burst. I wasn't surprised by this. I wasn't sure if I wouldn't to be honest. I nodded affirmatively. I nodded affirmatively. She continued to stroke my cock with her feet while closing her eyes with head back and caressing her tits for me. It was so intense that it was nearly painful. "Oh yes, Baby," she said while surveying the damage of my intense ejaculation. I smiled and nodded affirmatively.

I Can Be a Good Girl!

fetish Kelly Louise 2018-02-17

"Lift your skirt, now, show me, I want to see how wet you are," you said as your hand cupped your balls then slide over your cock, "Have you touched by the way?" your words questioning me as you stared into my face seeing that my eyes were watching your fingers wrap around your shaft. "You slip so well from the bitch to sub role don't you angel, but I have a feeling your bite will come if I untie you so lets try this another way," you bent and picked then folded towels and placed them at the shower door before kneeling down, "Comeer you," you scoffed looking down at your cock pushing the towel away from your thighs.