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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Sex with a former Nun

fetish pornfan1976 2018-02-17

She slipped my hard cock out of her pants, and began to lick my shaft. I could feel the head of my cock twitch, and it was at the point she took me deep. Feeling her lips on my cock, she gave me some of the best head I had in a long time. She moaned that she wanted my cock in her ass. I rubbed the top of my hard seven inch cock from her pussy to her ass, teasing entry into both. She buried her face in the couch pillow as I pushed my cock into her ass. She smiled with delight as I pounded away, as if anal sex was a long time friend she missed.


Annie & June

fetish writerotica 2018-02-17

Annie did as June said and immediately felt a slight relief each time her hand moved over the sore spot of her right breast. Unlike her own tits, June noticed that Annie's areolas were the size of quarters and the nipples like eraser heads on the end of a pencil. Annie's plugged duct in her left breast was so close to her nipple that June could not avoid slightly brushing it with her hand as she maneuvered around the breast. June winked trying to keep it lighthearted, but she was unaware one of her hands had instinctly begun caressing Annie's left breast, ever so slightly brushing the nipple with her fingertips. June place her lips securely around her friend's nipple, this time massaging Annie's breast herself.

Vanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 02

fetish fanofpantyhose 2018-02-17

Although he was ready to come right there, he wanted to hold off a bit and enjoy it all some more, so he massaged Vanessa's butt, thighs, calves intensely, gently, then a bit firmer, which turned her on as well, he could tell from her breathing more rapidly and starting to moan in a subdued almost inaudible way. In any case, she wanted to look hot and sexy, and she knew that Julia and Dan would definitely come, and the thought of turning Dan on, wearing this particular outfit, maybe even teasing him a bit, made her horny and wet between her legs...What Vanessa did not realize though, was that the more she would focus on teasing Dan and trying to get laid again, the more she would increase his lust for dominating and humiliating her, as he enjoyed the punishment so much four months earlier.

David's Doctor

fetish Thorilla 2018-02-17

The 'smiling' receptionist said she would speak to Yvonne, one of the practice nurses, whom I knew relatively well as she and I ran half-marathons together for charity. She swung her legs over my head so that both her knees were astride my face allowing her hands access to my penis and plastic receptacle. I said that I knew the 'smiling' receptionist well and maybe she could be just asked 'unofficially' to help me for a few minutes with providing a sample. Linda said she'd speak to nurse Yvonne, Dr. Cooke and Dr. Stein, the head of the practice to ascertain their opinions. Linda clearly knew what to do and within two minutes I felt seminal fluid ejecting from my knob end and her gloved hands directing it into the receptacle.

She's in Charge

fetish Eddy_Bort 2018-02-17

We got into the elevator and April slid her hand behind my ass, pushing the plug inside me. I love my car and never let anyone drive it, but I meekly handed her the keys and after opening and holding her door for her, I went around to the passenger side. A couple of women were looking at some of the items in the toy section and giggled when my Mistress loudly proclaimed, "We should buy myself a dildo too since you are completely incapable of satisfying me." I was hot with embarrassment but for some reason enjoyed this public humiliation. I signed the credit card slip and thanked Mistress April and also said thank you to Heather, as I was ordered to so by my Goddess.

Clifton Park

fetish 2018-02-17

I moved my hand up his thighs to his crotch, leaned in and gave him a long slow kiss with my tongue deep in his mouth. I pulled away and with my hands on each side of his head I gently brought his warm lips to mine and gave him a long deep kiss. I think he rubbed some on how cock before treating my ass because it took a while before his slippery fingers started caressing my hole. I love getting my ass filled even more that sucking cock, though there are some days when I'm not satisfied until i get a sweet hot load running into my mouth. I took him into my mouth, his sweet soft skin now tasting a little more like my ass than before.

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 03

fetish Thorilla 2018-02-17

She lifted her skirt hem by three or four inches to reveal an extremely ornate ruffled cream silk lace edge to her outermost petticoat. I watched her slowly lift this hem up to reveal yet another cream coloured petticoat, this time edged with a 'Guipure' lace design, again in fine silk. "Well young man," Lady Huntington said in a somewhat breathless manner, "few boys have seen what lies beneath my dresses," she announced and shook her dress down and returned to her chaise longue. I watched her cream petticoats appear then disappear from view as she dropped the hem of her vast dress over my lower legs. " Would you like to see my petticoats from the inside of my dress?" she whispered with only my head and face within view.

Darlene's Story Ch. 3

fetish Greg Lee Hunt 2018-02-17

A few days after discovering the two men together, Darlene gave the Carr's long time housekeeper, Rosa, a generous severance and found her a new situation. Darlene was also amazed to learn that many of her 'slaves' were turned on by the idea of masturbating in public, especially when there were other women present to watch them pull on their meaty boy sticks. Since the two women had openly shared details of their intimate lives for more than eighteen years, she also knew that Greg had told Abby that he wanted her to become more sexually open, playful and aggressive. Now her new work responsibilities associated with her recent promotion took Abby out of town a lot, and ironically, this permitted Darlene to spend even more time alone with Greg.

Honey, I'm Home Ch. 02

fetish bigcbc70 2018-02-17

She was wearing one of those bras that held up her breasts with her nipples exposed and her strap on and some fuck me boots very similar to Sara's. I jumped on and was in all my glory when Sara said her ass ached for cock and wanted to experience another DP. Britney said, "mmmm that is much better" and started licking my hard cock. Sara said she would get some robes for everyone and unbuckled the huge strap on and dropped it to the floor and left the room. Sara walked back in the room and handed my robe to Britney and then through my shorts, with the hand wearing my watch, they landed right on my face.

Sharing Clare

fetish bawdybloke 2018-02-17

What I needed was 69; I could pleasure my partner with a flick of my tongue in a way I couldn't with my cock. We talked lots about that night; my initial feelings of envy and jealously were swiftly satisfied as I watched her orgasm. I watched the two men fumble on the bed, sliding their hands drunkenly over my desperate girlfriend. My cock was painfully erect as they kissed; squirming as the condoms were unfurled and I was on the edge of orgasm when the first man parted her lips and drove his impressive erection deep into her squirming cunt. It played into our dynamic fantastically and there was a never ending stream of men who wanted to fuck a sexy girl while imposing their masculinity on her humiliated boyfriend.

Free Use Ch. 07: Run of the Place

fetish free_use_world 2018-02-17

Angel already has hers out." Before looking at you, looking almost innocent with your towel wrapped around your nude body "Denny isn't quite out yet, so you're going to have to wait on that." Waving you over to me, pointing to the floor after you make it across the room. Angel pulls away long enough to blurt out "What good is a shy cock-sleeve?" Before going back to Denny's lips. I would ask Angel, but I know her answer already" a little laugh escapes her as she mouths my cock slowly, never leaving her knees after cuffing Jezzy to the bench. She pulls off my cock with a loud pop, turning to push her face between my Asian lease's cheeks, licking at her tightest hole, to get her ready.

I Christen Thee...The Good Slut

fetish bourbonslut 2018-02-17

"Yes, Tina, you'll learn to love this." Before she could say another word, I'd freed my semi-hard cock from my jeans and sprayed a stream of hot piss all over her tight young body, splashing her firm hot tits and face, moving down towards her spread bare cunt. "You like that?" The answer was clear, as I saw her rubbing her soaking tits and clit, whispering, "That's fucking hot....more, please." I shot more urgent streams on her pale ass, moving closer, kissing her deeply, and shooting a stream directly into her cunt; my little slut learned quickly as she opened her pussy lips wide for me, angling so I hit her clit.

It's All Poison Now

fetish valkane 2018-02-17

The gun was burning into me—I pushed out and forward, savoring its harsh steel, shoving it harder and harder into me, the trigger guard grinding against my clit. I got up close to the cabbie's ear, breathing into it as I rubbed the gun under his nose. I can feel the men in the room staring at me, wanting to know what I look like under this coat, wanting to know my story, wanting to possess me. The last man sits three stools away, trying hard to ignore me and the silent challenge my gun presents. The reek of cordite is sweet as I step across to the man on the floor and push the gun barrel right up against his ear.

Voluptus Ludum Ch. 03

fetish sexgundam666 2018-02-17

Noticing how it seemed to beg for it's own pleasure, Rebecca obeyed it, opening her mouth wide once more, and forcing the head inside, her tongue playing with the large slit at it's tip, earning a large dose it's delightfully thick pre-cum, causing her to moan loudly, despite the large object filling her hungry maw. Pulling back a single inch, she punched forward, ploughing through her slave's cervix and entering her tight womb, but even then she continued to push onward, aiming her cock at such an angle that it bulged from her impossibly elastic flesh, and almost reached Rebecca's mouth, before Emily stopped, wanting to rest and take in the awesome sensations.

Angels Meet at a Truck Stop Pt. 03

fetish Ingrid11B 2018-02-17

By that time, I had forgotten about what my body looked like and I wanted to see her breasts, so I agreed and quickly removed my T-shirt and long-sleeve shirt and waited as she removed her white jacket, red blouse, and pink bra and stood unabashedly in front of me with her small breasts showing her beautiful pink nipples defying gravity. I had no clue what Beverly was asking and she repeated her question: "Do you think I should make an effort to help some troubled young man the way you helped me, Josh?" I wanted to say, if it weren't for Karen, I wouldn't have helped you, but I swallowed the thought and said, Bev, kindness is something you can give others that has no monetary costs.


Christal Persursion: Chapter 2a_ Filet His Prick

fetish edintx99 2018-02-17

I drooled some spit on the head of his cock and gently swabbed his pee-hole with the sable-hair tip of the brush, pushing in just a little. “You fuck, men pay good money to be sounded and you do nothing but squeal like a little girl. Time might now be of the essence so I pushed the full eleven inches down his pee-hole, past the base of his cock and into his sack. Bl00d poured out around his ball gag from a freshly bit tongue as I ever so slowly bent his stiff man-meat, threatening to break the brush-handle and rupture his cock from the inside out.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 05

fetish fursmoke11 2018-02-17

Ruth Mears took a long drag on the half smoked marlboro, exhaled a steady stream upwards and then looked at Paul and Julie with black eyes; her red spikey fringe falling over them putting them even darker in shadow. Well how can I deny you this?" Part of Ruth Mears struggled inside to resist the wickedness of tempting the girl into this ; but that part of her remained gagged as tonight the song of corruption was to be sung loud among the dreamy spires, their silhouettes diffused in her exhale against the stars that twinkled through. "Kiss her know what I mean." Ruth turned on her heels and bade them goodnight, watching as Paul put his arm around his girl who awaited the inevitable, a smile growing on her face as the tip of her boyfriend's cigarette sizzled red.


fetish earlbrowder 2018-02-17

Jen was going wild, gyrating her hips and now playing with her tittties while I moved my hand up and down her dick in the time-worn jerk-off fashion. That's a first for me, I said as I opened my eyes to find Jen's lovely face only inches from mine and felt her tits mashed against my ribs and chest. I watched her sexy black body nestled between my legs while Jen started licking my cock like it was a popsicle. I started pumping my hips upward rhythmically, and Jen began riding my dick, grasping its base in one hand and sliding her mouth up and down it. Jen started frantically moaning and gobbling my cock, using her whole head to fuck my dick into her mouth.

Gassy Rehab part 2

fetish LittleMissFart 2018-02-17

Sam suddenly asked, she moved her nose back a little from Joy's asshole. Joy suddenly paused and reached back, grabbing Sam's hair and pushed her face back into her ass. Wanda also joined Brenda on top of Sam, by sitting down hard onto her lower stomach. Joy positioned her ass right over Sam's nose, and with a little push... Sam could only wince and close her eyes as Brenda raised her hand and slapped her across the cheek. As Wanda headed for the door, Brenda turned around and stuck her butt out to Sam. She taunted and blew off another airy fart towards Sam. Having said good night with her fart, she then headed out the room with Wanda,

Pick-up truck abduction scenario

fetish subval79 2018-02-17

I turned my head to the left as the pickup slowed to match the speed of the truck, at which point the driver's big, bearded face came fully into view. And I'll also bet that you're feeling a bit frustrated at not being able to wank your stiff little cock in his face which I know you'd love to do, you filthy slut. And the driver went mad at that point- eyes wild as he tugged his cock while driving his rig down the highway at 70 miles and hour. I writhed in the back, huge hard-on, tied in the bed of a pick up truck while the driver watching me stroked himself closer and closer to orgasm.

Desires Realized Ch. 2

fetish rick277 2018-02-17

She replied that unfortunately, she had to be at work very early and that it wouldn't be a good night for that, but she could spend a little more time and that she was very comfortable with me and wanted to get to know me better. Her pussy is quivering and I feel her cumming all over my face as she pushes herself harder against me, grinding her clit against my tongue. She grips my cock without even looking in that direction and moves it towards her opening, she slides down and I feel the head of my cock touch her entrance. I don't know what's coming over me but that just felt so right and I do feel like I am her bitch.

Amy Cuckold Brian Ch. 06

fetish CuckoldGuy 2018-02-17

Amy went on, "After Sheila got a map of the boy's personality and his intentions, she would ask the girl if she wanted to keep the boy or dump him? If the girl indicated that she wanted to keep him then Sheila would start the second stage of her hypnosis session which was conditioning the boy to obedience in a female led relationship." Amy nodded her head "Yes," saying, "Sheila used post hypnotic suggestions and reinforced the notion that the woman is the leader and the male can only find happiness in serving, and obeying her. Amy went on, "Yes I do and tomorrow night when Chris takes you, you're going to enjoy the experience.

The Small Black Velvet Dress

fetish kypris 2018-02-17

I take it in my hand and rub your shaft over my boot for a while then sit in your lap stroking you. I then sit on my knees and take your cock in my mouth and suck it hard till it's all in my mouth. I look devilishly in your eyes and make your shaft slide in me...slow...inch by inch, then take it all in me as I start riding you...My arms are wrapped around your neck and I pull you closer so you can suck my nipples. I bite your shoulder hard when I feel myself reaching a long orgasm, but I keep squeezing your cock in me till there's no more...

Panty Husband's Wife Adds Lace Top

fetish DrLit 2018-02-17

I remember the first time we made love my wife was wearing a very sexy, silk pair of burgundy panties and a matching bra. Last Valentine's Day my wife handed me a bag at this restaurant and said, "Go to the restroom and put these on right now." She pulled a pair of sexy panties out of the bag. I think it's time I fuck you wearing a garter belt, lace top stockings and your red panties." She looked so hot in her purple and pink panties, a garter belt, lace top stockings and her big black cock. Then Jessie said,"I intentionally pick these red satin string bikini panties for you tonight because I knew I could pull them to the side and fuck while you wore them.