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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Matching Thong Dare

fetish kinky-guy69 2018-02-17

Jon initially pondered it, looking like he did not want to do it but when he realized I had to walk there topless, he accepted. I think Jon was completely surprised and a little turned on that some of women liked his thong. They obviously have the confidence to wear thong bikinis, so I knew they would get excited about going topless. I walked back over to Jon and said that the girls all thought you looked hot in your thong. Fiona said she and her friends were going to happy hour at this beach bar in a little and asked us to come along. The girls told Jon how much they liked his thong and how they wished more guys were that confident.


fetish writerX 2018-02-17

The blonde shemale jerked greedily on Lon's cock with a bony hand - she reached forward stealing the his Mother's vaginal fluid and applied it on his throbbing member...soon Lon's semen was poised to spew and the blonde lurched savagely until she felt her own orgasm building - at the moment of climax she withdrew her cock from Lon's sucking ass mating it fiercely with his penis - holding both surging organs in one hand and forcefully thrusting up and down the hot juice fired out and landed in glistening globules on the woman's back....Lon knew the moment it occurred because he saw her face enlighten in rapture.

Mary Margaret's Shy Bladder

fetish dukemantee 2018-02-17

Mary Margaret heard the woman sit down on the toilet. Mary Margaret shook her hand and told Gina her name and that she worked on the second floor. I have to go back to work, nice to meet you." With that Gina was gone leaving Mary Margaret standing there with her mouth open. Mary Margaret looked down and noticed Gina's leg shaking and heard her thrashing up and down on the toilet. With her own hands Gina spread her pussy lips open and while Mary Margaret rubbed her clit. "Sure you can honey," said Gina," sure you can." She removed Mary Margaret's blouse and skirt. Gina took her other hand and gently pressed on Mary Margaret's bladder rubbing it slowly.

The Booted Barberess Ch. 04

fetish trasaro 2018-02-17

The thought and feel of that slimy black leather finger pushing in and out of my anus really turned me on; we had three matching thrusting movements going all at the same time - my tongue in Emma's asshole, her mouth and gloved left hand around my cock and her right forefinger in my asshole. "Now you can fuck my sexy long chap boots with that lovely big cock," she said, "but try not to cum yet, as I still want to feel your cock between my thong chains, screwing my juicy cunt". Emma's labia were now protruding slightly from the open crotch of the thong and the two little pussy chains ran right down the length of her cunt, applying tight pressure to the inner folds and rubbing against her still slightly swollen clit.

Tabatha's Sandals

fetish mrstanley 2018-02-17

"Do you like my feet in these new sandals Steve?" She asks. "In my financial company female associates are allowed to wear dress sandals with hose." I reply while taking in her marvelous perfectly formed toes and feet. I love wearing thong sandals and having men look at my feet. Look at my toes as I suck you." She says while moving my briefs down and off my feet. Tabatha is squatting on the balls of her sandaled feet as she swallows me deep into her throat. She points her toes hard in her sandals and holds her feet near my face. Suck my toes as you fuck my pussy." Tabatha grunts as she moves her sandaled feet up to my mouth.

My New Panty Boy

fetish garamel 2018-02-17

He stepped out of my view for a second and when he did I heard him say to me, I guessed he was pretending to himself I was there he muttered the words "Millie I just love your panties, do you like how they look?" I thought to myself, do I like? I slunk back down the hallway down the stairs and then to the doorway in the kitchen, I paused and listened and heard him begin to move around and clean up the evidence of his little adventure, as I listened I thought to myself, if he loves my underwear, and he'll eat his own cum I think tonight I'm going to find out just how far he'll go.

Tropical Vacation Ch. 05

fetish Drakon66 2018-02-17

"So anyway, I told her to wear them last night with the highest heels she felt comfortable working in and she would make the highest tips in the place," Jeff continued trying to cover his embarrassment, "I said if I was right, she owed me $20 for the hose and a photo shoot in the outfit she wore that night." They turned and saw Tina standing at the door way in Chloe's black dress, heels and wearing the hose Jeff had given her. "Yes it is," Chloe responded, slipping off the bed and took Jeff's drooling cock in her hand and began stroking it, "and it feels wonderful too." Tina released Kelly's cock and prepared to take Jeff's as soon as Chloe moved.

Scent and Scentsibility Ch. 09

fetish smellathon 2018-02-17

Calling the girls in the corridor to come in, Divora lined them up facing the table, a silent phalanx of witnesses to a terrible humiliation about to occur. Stripping down to her panties, Divora climbed onto the table and sat on the girl's back facing me, tiny breasts and long nipples beginning to harden. I nodded to Divora and stripped myself naked, the line of girls absorbing the sight of my semi hard penis. Divora hopped off the table and began stroking the girl's clitoris, putting more pressure on her efforts to control her bladder. The girl, tense and sweating with effort, begged for the toilet - Divora responded by ordering her to squat on the table, positioning the basin under her.

Betting at Pool

fetish drsalt 2018-02-17

From a couple of things Chad had said in the past, Brandy thought he was into spankings. On the other hand it turned me on thinking about how much it would turn Brandy on to spank Chad. I plan to collect on it while Chad does the "hard work"." To Chad, I said, "Usually when I spank Brandy I have her suck my cock while I do it. "Spank me good, Honey," she said before taking Chad's cock in her mouth again. I snapped my fingers and said, "I knew there was something I forgot to include in that bet!" Brandy laughed and frowned at me at the same time. Before I went out I turned around and said, "Honey, I don't think you should leave Chad that hard now.

Cum on Me

fetish Many Feathers 2018-02-17

Perhaps one or two other couples glanced in our direction as we passed, and though I had certainly done a fairly good job of messing up her blouse, unless you actually examined it, it just looked like someone had spilled something on it. As we stood near the curb waiting to hail a cab, the doorman flagged one for us, and then gave Denise a rather odd look as he stared at the front of her blouse. Me in the backseat jerking off, though I was lucky enough to have something to look at while I did, and the cabby in the front seat doing the same thing, while Denise took turns watching the two of us.

Good morning, sunshine.

fetish PrettyGirl1108 2018-02-16

I begin playing with my nipples and I feel your hands firmly gripping my ass cheeks; stroking the crack and pushing a finger to nudge the plug in my tiny asshole. You grab my ass cheeks and push yourself so deep inside my pussy, flexing your cock, making me yelp and grip the bedsheets. I watch you, moaning and sucking my vibe like a good girl, as you place my legs over your shoulders and fuck me with faster strokes, fiddling with my anal beads as you go. You pull the anal beads from my ass like a rip cord as I'm cumming and slam deeply into me, flooding my pussy with your huge load, emptying your balls so hard you see stars.

Embrace the Dirty Whore Within

fetish 2018-02-16

Sitting on the edge of the bed hiking up my dress, he sticks his fingers inside of my wet cunt. Slapping his thick hard cock on my cunt, I lift my hips and butt up off of the mattress as he slaps me, indicating to him that I want him inside of me. Pulling down his pants I get on my knees and start stroking his already hard cock. Taking his long fingers he rubs my pussy, my juices all over his hands he sticks his fingers in my mouth. At last I feel my knees begin to shake, my pelvic muscles tighten around his fingers, my hips and buttocks spasm as I orgasm and lightly squirt.

Spanked and examined F/F

fetish nicedevil55 2018-02-16

Emily did as she was told and Lisa slowly pulled down the girl's panties, exposing the perfectly pink tight bottom of her dreams. She rested her hand on the warm flesh and couldn't resist taking a risk and using the advantage of the power she had over her: "Emily, I need you to spread your legs nice and wide and push your bottom out a little bit for me, that will help your cheeks take the spanking." Lisa stopped spanking to give the little bottom a break and rubbed her hand over Emily's upturned ass, feeling the heat from her cheeks. While the girl's head was buried, Lisa allowed herself another quick touch and slipped her hand inside her panties and she admired her young cousin's tight asshole and ever-moistening pussy.

Well developed girl

fetish Aeryk2571 2018-02-16

One of my duties the maintainance personal is to care for the two swimming pools and hot tubs at the resort.Most of the people that come through are forgetable to say the least.A f****y had checked in one day.It was in the middle of the week,so it was pretty slow.The weather was great.Nice and warm for early in the year.When they arrived at the check in desk I instantly noticed the oldest of the two daughters.She was gorgeous.She had shoulder length brown hair,stood about 5'3" with blue eyes and a great figure from what I could see.Something about her made it hard for me to not stare.The last thing I wanted,was to piss off her parents.She also notice me.

Office wank, cum over coworker heels

fetish markiefun 2018-02-16

What could I do - my cock was raging by this time...and I knew I needed to not cum on the clothes unless I could help it (it would give the game away!) but over the shoes would be good. With my porn on my screen, a dirty girls talking to be, my colleagues shoes on my desk and her clean panties on my cock, well, it didn't take long for the sap to rise. I remembered, just in time, to take those panties off my cock - and the dirty girl on the phone allowed me to cum. I saw her back at work the following day wearing the flatties....I am now waiting to see her in her gym kit....if only she knew!

A Tale Of Two Girls

fetish mbkennet 2018-02-16

They exchanged a look and then the blonde girl said, "Why don't you come and sit here with us?" Debbie placed her bare feet on the ground, and I could see her perfect toes and the beautiful green nail polish. I kept on working Debbie's foot with my mouth, balancing myself with one hand and using the other to unbutton my pants as Karin had ordered. I was now practically laying belly-down on the ground, with one of Debbie's feet in my mouth, the other one on my head and her sandal wrapped around my cock. "Look at the mess you made of her sandal", Karin said in a very pissed-off tone. After a couple of minutes, Karin looked at me and said, "Look at Debbie's sandal.

Smelly Cunt Ch. 3

fetish rajivalan 2018-02-16

She leaned close to me “If this is some silly college prank then I urge you don’t play with an old woman’s feelings – I already have enough pain to deal with without this” she sounded angry but It seemed sad to me “This is not a prank” I took out a hundred dollar bill and held it in front of her – “I need to see something” She laughed “what?” “Your pussy” She was still laughing and slowly it dawned on her that I was telling the truth – she was motionless for a long time and then she said “Here in the park” I knew I had her “Yes no one is watching – you just slide out your panties – lift your skirt – spread your legs and give me a few seconds down there that’s all”

Under the Thumb Ch. 02

fetish realbigsid69 2018-02-16

Hold that thought" she said, sliding forward a little and taking his cock in her hand. It also brought her ass over his mouth and she let him gain entry with his tongue before her hands seemed to get busy again. As she felt his tongue gain entry and begin to rim her fairly deeply she could relax, knowing the rest of the night would result in a couple more orgasms at least for her and Monday would be great fun. She was almost torturing herself aswell though, as the sight of him on his knees, pleasuring her, knowing he wasn't going to get any was making her incredibly horny and she contemplated releasing that magnificent cock and fucking him all night.

The Road to Pervition

fetish pervymonkey 2018-02-16

After a while, I decided I must return Barbara's little panties to the bag of dirty laundry in the bathroom. By the time Stan lit the barbecue that evening I was convinced my secret was safe, although I was still mightily embarrassed about what Barbara had seen, I was sure she had given me some strange looks while we were eating. On one hand I was terrified that I had gone too far -- this was after all the married mother of my two best friends, but I still had the note that told me she had made her panties all wet lying in my bed! Sadly the rest of the day came and went without the merest hint that Barbara had discovered the time-bomb in her suitcase, and I retired that night feeling deflated.

Ashley's Pees Where She Wants Ch. 08

fetish Demospider 2018-02-16

Tell me have you ever given Chris a blow job?" Meghan turned her head to look away from Ashley and avoid eye contact embarrassed at being asked such a personal question but nodded in response regardless. You're right; my clit wasn't nearly this big but I have some new abilities now and I want to try them out on you now." Ashley bent her legs a bit and pushed her hips forward; her penis shaped clit coming into contact with Meghan's lips. It was such an unusual situation for Meghan but she found it quite hot to be used this way, feeling and tasting a girl on her tongue planted so impossibly deep inside where only a penis would ordinarily reach.

Unscheduled Check-ups Are a Delight

fetish escriterra 2018-02-16

"If what you're asking, Mr. Silmore, is whether you will be required to be naked, with your legs spread as you lean over my examination table, the answer is yes," said Serena, a hoarseness creeping into her voice. This time it was Serena who let the seconds tick by, teasing David as he wondered what kind of reply she would invent in answer to his question. She's really going for it this time, David thought, delighted at the idea that his fantastic wife liked to play their games, liked to tease him and herself, and then loved consummating the scenarios they invented.

Janet's Obsession - Chapter II

fetish evolg99 2018-02-16

As Angela looked around to meet the kind Samaritan with her view, she was stunned to see the image of a diminutive looking attractive blonde smiling and clothed from head to toe in sumptuous leather, almost a mirror image of what she herself was wearing except this little coquette was bedecked in brown leather gloves, a vintage looking brown leather coat and lace up brown leather boots with five inch stiletto heels. Gently reaching out and lightly cupping her hands against the blonde's to shield the flame from any intruding breeze, Angela dragged on the cigarette, inhaling deeply and then gradually broke away from the tender leather touch of the sexy looking girl, exhaling a stream of the grey smoke above her head while eyeing her with lust.

Meeting with Slave Anna

fetish bootheels 2018-02-16

I strip off her skirt and blouse, exposing her, and place a thick rubber gag into her willing mouth, "Now then, Slave Anna, we don't want your screams to disturb the neighbours." The rubber is hard and cold against her tongue. her cunt is wet and I run my fingers across her soft lips, rubbing her little button clit, tugging slightly at the steel ring that pierces her flesh there. The woman is rocking, rubbing herself on Slave Anna's face, as between her legs she feels what she needs, at last, in her cunt. Now the woman on her face is rocking and rubbing, her hands clamped on Anna's tormented breasts, tugging at the sensitive nipples, sending electric shocks of pain through Anna's body.

The feeling of getting fucked by many guys

fetish janicetang 2018-02-16

The bulging dick of the assaulter brushed against my silky FBTs, and I could feel out the whole rod rubbing against my butt crack, which slightly turned me on, and caused the dick to grow larger as we slowly moved to the site of sex. As they pulled my sports bra upwards to reveal my breasts, I still had the slightest thought of escaping, but once a delicate finger started to touch my left nipple, I aborted that thought. As I slowly felt the sports bra coming off and finally baring my breasts, I just wanted to give the r****ts a good fuck. My FBTs were badly ruptured, so much so that they're much like a skirt as the centre conjoining fabric came off.