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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Dark Horse: Tales from the Ranch Ch. 03

fetish AwkwardMD 2018-02-16

Beau glared at Ms. Winters as the steel haired woman stepped forward, leash in hand, and clasped it to the collar around her neck. Beau's eyes widened as the older woman approached her, riding crop in hand, and she gasped as she felt the tip of the crop slide up her cleft. "I'd say that's a bit more than was there before, wouldn't you?" Winters gave her a dark smile as she smeared the wet end of the crop against the tip of Beau's nose. "Contrary to what Velvet and Peep think, I am not actually a mind reader." Beau turned her head slightly to stare at the steel haired woman out of the corner of her eye.

Dana Ch. 02

fetish Pyro 2018-02-16

“Blake, I’m not a wine snob, Ron is – or thinks he is, though he barely knows which end of the bottle to open. We put our arms around one another and kissed again, this time our tongues coming gently into play and my hands roaming down from the middle of her back, following it’s curve down to her cute, tight little butt. It was the same story as the last two times he went off on these ‘business trips.’ He calls me after he’s gotten drunk, but it’s usually on Monday night when the game is playing and he has the TV on and thinks I can’t hear the girls.

A Full Measure

fetish tdallyn 2018-02-16

We sat unmoving for what felt like hours; me on the edge of my seat, anxious, waiting, desperate to hear what my wife wanted of me. "Wow, he's got a big cock," Heather said as one image filled the screen. "If you're a good boy, and do your lessons well, I'll make sure that you get a reward." Heather grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her wet shorts. I'd taken Heather to the day spa several times and tolerated the typical male discomfort of sitting in the foyer with women waiting their turn for appointments. Despite my prior resolve to do whatever my wife wanted, the walk from the car to the spa entrance seemed like it was miles long.

The Mirror Ch. 03

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-02-16

And now, the mirror proceeded to give James an extreme close-up, 'grand tour' of Sharon's right, suntanned, grimy bare sole ... James, uncontrollably rub-rub-rubbing away at himself through the fabric of his trousers, barely made it half-way through the mirror's close-up view, 'guided tour' of Sharon's left, suntanned, grimy bare sole. Drinking in the incredibly arousing sight of Jennifer's dirty bare soles: the bottoms of her round and prominent heels, dirt-and-sweat smudged; her longish toes, clutching the rounded, all-the-way-around chrome stretcher-bar of her high, red-leather topped barstool, it was now, that James finally abandoned any last and lingering notions of resistance. James watched, courtesy of the mirror, as Joan gratefully eased her shapely bare foot all the way out of her bright red pump.


fetish Masashi1 2018-02-16

I fantasise about coming back in time and catching the guy or girl in the act, accepting their offer of sex in return for my wallet and my silence, and the smile on their face as I reveal myself as a fellow thief by by showing I've lifted something of theirs while we were fondling and fucking each other, and afterwards we become partners, going off into town and robbing people on the streets and in the stores, heading back to their place or mine and screwing each other before, during and after looking over our prizes...But still, I know the pain of my victims.

My Ebony Goddess

fetish chatbug 2018-02-16

"And another thing," Whitney continued, "Black mothers treat their kids rougher than middle-class women. When I want to, I will tie you to a chair, straddle you, and let you lick my nipples while I blow cigarette smoke in your face. After Whitney finished her cigarette, she got off me and sat on the floor. When I arrived at Whitney's apartment Friday night, she answered the door naked, smoking a cigarette. I was concerned, since black women generally have a stronger scent than white women, and I wanted to please Whitney and not gag. She'd tied my hands behind my back a few times, and had me lick her nipples while she blew cigarette smoke in my face.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XVI

fetish Victor2K 2018-02-16

“Well, since you are an army guy and you will be not in the front or at any occupation for some time, how about you dress for me your general suit for having nice sexy love with your wife?” I went to where Julian was and gave him a big, wet and full of tongue kiss on my hubby, while one of my hands cupped his dick through his pants. I sucked his cock for, well, I don’t know, for time enough to feel that he was hard rock enough for me to enjoy it at best. But soon my asshole was begging and he delivered some anal fucking that I still feel, banging my little bunghole with the strenght and the delicacy only an army man can have.

Brush Spanking for Masturbating

fetish Chastebob 2018-02-16

Like a lot of western guys I suppose I thought all Asian women were naturally submissive. At one point she suddenly stopped, and I foolishly thought it was over, especially when she told me I could stand up. She kept moving from side to side so that she could get a good shot on both ass cheeks; forehand, backhand, she had all the moves, and each one hurt more than the last. I promise I'll be good!" I could hear the sob in my voice, but it almost seemed like the sound was coming from someone else. "Stop your squirming and take your punishment like a man, or I'll just have to extend it longer." She was so matter-of-fact about it that for a moment it almost seemed like a good idea to me too.

Sexy Neighbor

fetish spandexman 2018-02-16

Like any other guy who lived at Playtex Pond Apartments, I made it a point to look for and at, Ruby Rouge, the 5'11", 27-year-old, gorgeous Barbie doll faced, new tenant, with big almond shaped brown eyes, high cheekbones, a cute dimpled chin, full red lips, thick long curly copper-red hair, and a firm, but very voluptuous 42DD-28-40 hourglass figure that her exercise outfits hugged like a second skin, everytime she worked out in the cabana exercise room. The next scene had the ultra buxom blonde trying to walk around the stall with an even bigger load of shit in her pants, the two basketball sized load looked fake, most likely horse manure had been used to increase the smelly warm brown load, however the whole scene excited me, and from looking at the prominent bulge in the front of Ruby's panty girdle aroused her even more!

Sleeping in the Train

fetish Tveksam 2018-02-16

"Sorry," I said with a red face and pressed my hands to my legs to prevent them from moving at all. "That is usually true," she said, "but you take your pills to help you sleep." She grinded her boot harder and I screamed. "No hands," she said and I let go and she kept her boot close to my lips and I continued to kiss and lick its surface until it was glistening with saliva. "Dreams are wonderful," she said and stood up and turned and placed her hands on the seat, positioning her skirt covered ass in my direction. An old lady opposite to me looked at me like a sour grape and I saw several others close by lift their heads as if they had seen something outside their preferred normality.

The Power of Clothing Pt. 14

fetish mandywilluk2000 2018-02-16

He was pulling at her clothes, undoing the zip of the top and with her help, struggling that off; she wanted him to look at her, as he had termed them, 'fabulous' breasts, she wanted to 'share them with him.' He rolled the singlet up and with no hesitation whatsoever, not that she wanted any, slid his hand inside the left cup of her sports bra. Kate had come to terms with a number of things recently: her strong need to masturbate, a newly found exhibitionistic nature that enabled her expose herself on her cam and cyber, now, with two guys and her fetish for clothes, the white, almost see-through coat, the sexy undies and, of course the sports bra.

play time

fetish binympho 2018-02-16

Jake lays there a beat longer looking confused before he also gets up and practically runs out the front door saying he will see me later. He takes that moment to shove his tongue in my mouth kissing me f***efully I lay there eyes open frozen.i snap out of it as his hand grabs the hem of my shirt and pulls it over my head. I open the front door stepping out when I hand grabs my wrist jerking me back I let out a yelp as fall into Jakes bare chest. Grabbing a pair of shorts for himself he waits for me to pull the shirt over my head before opening the door.

Tumblr Saved Us Ch. 02

fetish MyUncensoredSelf 2018-02-16

"Tammy's invited me to come over next weekend," Candice said to me as she put her arms around me, "and she suggested I try the goods before I come." Her lips were suddenly on mine. She stood me up, knelt down and licked her piss off my cock which flickered up in excitement. A strong stream of piss shot out of me right into her face. She was pulling my cock hard with one hand and rubbing my arse with the other. I knelt behind her and ran the tip of my cock up and down the lips of her pussy. I kissed her then started to fuck her as hard as I could, still pulling at her hair.


fetish 2018-02-16 My nails,fingers and toes are always lacquered usually in Revlon Cherry Crush 760 and that was an added bonus for him,he loved to look down and watch as my long polished nails grasped his cock.Yes,you may have seen in my profile how I wear 22 inch black satin opera gloves when I fuck – while he loved these around his shaft,the problem was that they would get so sticky.I know the sight of my slender lacquered fingers raking his rod was the biggest turn on for him even more so than when I wore my's those polished nails again you see!!!!!!

The Love of Panties Ch. 03 Pt. 2

fetish chuckp7860 2018-02-16

I sat for awhile feeling the tightness then laid down and as I rubbed my nipples through the silky top and nylon cup of the bra and figured to finish my climax I would either have to pull the skirt up or take it off to be able to rub my cock since everything I had on were clean clothes and had to be put back. "How many things have you tried on.....never mind, maybe I don't want to know, just keep going," she said as I watched in amazement as she pulled her top up and over her head and a really nice black bra was holding her beautiful tits.

Caught Pt. 01

fetish FriedPies 2018-02-16

I eyeballed her sitting on the couch, she had changed into just a tank top, with the casual beige bra underneath supporting her busty bosom, a pair of pink stripped pjs covered her legs and some pink fuzzy socks on her cute small feet. "So, I don't know about you, but I think it's bed time, got another long day tomorrow." Colby said. Under the blanket I decided to pull out my cock, I started to jerk a little when I heard some stirring. I gently pushed open the door, to reveal her gorgeous body resting fast asleep, her breasts were pointing up as she was sprawled out on the bed. Trying to breathe quietly, I sighed and placed my cock in her hand.

Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 2

fetish stacycd 2018-02-16

Lori met me as I came out of the bathroom and pulled my shirt up, she grabbed the lacy waist band and warned if I folded it over again there would be serious consequences. Minutes later my wife went in the house followed shortly there-after by Mike. "Guess what honey, Karen has Mike dressed in panties just like you. Karen and mike arrived and after greeting us went upstairs with Lori. A short time later they returned with Mike dressed in panties, my full slip and thigh -highs. I didn't answer and she chuckled and said, "I hope you had fun, because this is just the beginning." I fell asleep with the taste of Lori's pussy and mike's cum in my mouth.

The Pack Ch. 06

fetish Quin 2018-02-16

Turning my head to face Jennie I gripped her husband's cock at the same time curling my other hand around her waist gently applying pressure to the small of her back to draw her close. With her hands in my vagina and her husband's hands on my tits I was the one who finished up begging, begging to be fucked, to feel that hard cock inside me, at the same time taking the opportunity for it to be my turn to explore and examine Jennie's well-rounded breasts, suck on her nipples. Our kiss finished then I turned my head back toward Steve, smirking defiantly as I felt Billy's hand caress my tit.

Natural Born

fetish a real jrkoff 2018-02-16

I wrapped my right hand around my hard dick and began to beat off in front of my landlady for the fourth time since moving in. I watched horrified as the woman with the black stockings stood there looking directly at me then down at my penis. With shaking hands I began the mammoth task of removing her shoes from her stocking feet. I'd like to make sure I get the sizing right." As soon as the words were out of my mouth I realized how stupid they sounded. I cradled the shoes under my nose and gave delicate little sniffs as if too much of the delicious footstink and I would overdose like a crack-junkie.

Jane's Exquisite Tattoo Skills Ch. 01

fetish stacey_lynne 2018-02-16

When all six were in place, Joel could see in the overhead screen that Jane had completely gripped his foreskin in six equidistant parts. As Jane turned this particular gear very slowly, Joel saw that the six set of tightly gripped tweezers were opening very slowly apart and moving away just as slowly! Samantha and Jane looked at each other and smiled back, "Amy, this is as tight as we want to make it. All he heard was Samantha telling Amy, "Now that we have his foreskin as a large, very taut canvass, we can start tattooing it first inside and then outside with this very intricate and colorful design you selected."

Untimely Lust

fetish lialani 2018-02-16

He smiled to himself as he looked at the time, Elea was on night shift she wouldn't be back for ages, he knew getting a key cut for Kasey's room would come in useful sometime. "That is no way to be talking to your baby daddy Kasey." Lint's hands were now roaming under her night dress, sliding up her bare thighs not letting her move away from the sink. "It means I fucked you that night six months ago, surely you remember waking up to wet panties, no bra and I bet you had cum in your pussy for days." Lint breathlessly whispered close to her ear as he felt himself harden just at the thought.

The cleaning lady

fetish qudduse 2018-02-16

Ivana, with her arms still in the air, walked slowly over to her purse and with out taking her eyes off of me, reached in and pulled out her company issued ID and handed it to me. When I caught Ivana not looking, I turned and adjusted myself, by placing my hard cock head between the elastic of my sweats and my stomach. It was then that she surprised me, and broke our kiss and sat up on the side of the bed, with her face in her hands and her elbows on her knees. To my surprise, she quickly lifted off my cock and got on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed.

Goldenrod Ch. 03

fetish rlmmike 2018-02-16

With frightening speed she sat upon the edge of the bed, knees together and feet apart on the floor, toes pointed in, her hands on her thighs in front of the ready dick. Five minutes later I was bending over with my hands on the fronts of my thighs, and she was standing behind me with her feet wide apart, gripping my hips like grim death. In that same posture of bent knees, toes pointed in, and hands clinging to my flesh, she leaned forward and slammed her hips into me with all the brute strength in her mighty form, at the rate of one wail per second, the slapping against my ass of the circular area around the cock's base being the only sound in the world.

Getting Pregnant By My s****r's Husband

fetish 2018-02-16

addicted to feeling him shooting his cum inside my When I felt it would make me cum twice as hard. It's hard to believe I never got pregnant. young that almost all men like to cum inside a girl and know how intense a mans orgasm is when your having sex But I wanted to be sure first so I got wonder what he was going to feel like when he started I felt his cock hot against my skin. my ass off the floor to meet his thrusts and came "Cum for me baby," I said. I want to feel you shoot your sperm into me, "Yes cum inside me, get me fuckin' pregnant, I want to