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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

teasing and worship

fetish leo11169 2018-02-16

“All right my slave, it’s time to start your second tickle session, but this time I’m gonna focus on your lower body and on your feet!” Ya’ know Dave , I distinctly remember Candice telling me that you are excruciatingly ticklish on your feet. “Ya’ know Davy, to me there is nothing more fun than to tickle feet, especially when they’re helpless like this,” Sadie giggled. This should make for a much more productive training session, I think.” Now that you’re locked in place, I’m going to take off your blindfold, just like I promised; if there is one thing you should know about me Davy, is that I keep my promises…ALL OF THEM.”

When my friends found out I'm a lesbian!

fetish JanneButtcrack 2018-02-16

Mary’s pants has ridded SO low that her whole butt was almost on display, and since it’s pretty round and the jeans so tight, they were pulling her cheeks up and so it was looking even rounder and bigger. We talked a bit the next day, while everyone was having a hangover aside of me, and I explained that even when they’re all so pretty, I might check their bodies but I don’t see them like anything but friends. I think it was one of my best days, not because the butt-crack (even when that was a big plus), but because I was feeling a lot better being just… myself. Of course, they play a lot of jokes about me checking butt-cracks, but that’s what friends do.

Her Dominate Night

fetish redheaddom 2018-02-16

She has soft curves and enough meat on her hips to provide me with a wonderful place to grab and thrust into her hard. I was panting and pushing against her fingers as I felt the steaming hot liquid flow down my ass and drip off my cock. I was in pain with my swelling hard cock as she demanded I rub the head all over her pussy. Right when I thought she was going to cum, she grabbed my balls hard. I gave her no chance to ease down on me, I grabbed those hips that teased me all night and pulled her hard down on me. I felt her hand gently stroke my cock and go down to my balls. Her soft hand felt like iron around my balls.

Flying Blonde

fetish Decayed Angel 2018-02-15

They finally let us board the plane, so I quickly found my seat and pulled out my book. Surprised I hadn't noticed the beautiful shiny hair before, I rested my head next to the window, peeking between her seat and the hull of the plane, trying to see as much of her hair as I could. I was almost certain the woman with the beautiful hair was asleep, so I reached out a hand and let my fingers gently touch one of the curls. Trying to calm my breathing some so I didn't wake her, I grabbed the base of my cock and kind of twirled it, letting the hair wrap around it.

Warm Summer Rain

fetish watersportslvr 2018-02-15

Still locked in the embrace, she can not imagine she is going to do what she is thinking about, but the desire, excitement, and the passion of the moment stir her and she concentrates hard on relaxing just enough to let a small amount of clear, slightly golden nectar escape her body, all the while hoping he does not notice, the warm rain still falling on them. And with that she steps forward away from the car, shaky legs and all, and embraces him, kissing him passionately as their tongues again dance in each other's mouths for what seemed like too short a time, but longer than they had imagined.

Power Of a Big Cock Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-02-15

That you're my cock sucking faggit slave who lives to have dick in his mouth?" He said even louder, smiling while I squirmed. I firmly held unto the other black dick in my hand and slowly stroked the entire length of it's shaft as I furiously sucked the one in my mouth. I had both black cocks in my hand as my Master walked toward me with an erection that already had precum on it's head. I sucked his cock and then one of the black guys said, "Hey, our dicks are feeling deprived here, faggit."  The black guys left while telling my Master how good his little cocksucking bitch is and that they want to come back sometime for more.

An Angel for Christmas Ch. 3

fetish Samuari 2018-02-15

She enjoyed Christmas day so well that she asked to do it on a full time basis (7/24). Reaching down, I stroke her hair, "Pet, where will this lead us?" I ask. Thinking out loud, I said, "We'll use the yellow, red safe word system: Yellow means slow down, but keep doing whatever it is you are doing. "Keep that silk robe by the door, you can use it to cover yourself. I have to get some more sleep before I go to work, so give me one of your world class massages, to relax me to sleep." It was really hard to concentrate that night at work.

Hitchhiker Play

fetish Aaron310 2018-02-15

"Where ya headed Ned?" Sandra started to play with her hair. Ned slowly turned back to see that Sandra had slipped her hand into her shorts and was now breathing rather hard. His eyes glued to the erotic scene beside him, Ned watched as Sandra jacked herself off while driving at 90 miles per hour. Sandra put bother hands on the wheel and Ned slipped his hand into her jean shorts and found her pussy lips. He was about to ram himself into her dripping cunt when she turned around and said, "Fuck my ass you dirty man and I want it hard!" Sandra dropped Ned of at his friends house and drove away.

The Exhibition: Breakfast

fetish sammy_808 2018-02-15

Use a fucking chair, pet," Annie told her without looking up from the tablet. Seriously, calm the fuck down." Annie reached down and grabbed Sammy's chin, pulling it up so she could look her in the eyes. "I'd fucking gag you if I didn't want you to eat the fucking food I spent thirty minutes cooking for you to let get cold." Annie slid her tablet across the table to Sammy. "There was a bit of a scuffle." Annie gestured a "flick to the next picture." Sammy looked down at the tablet and saw her old boss with a bloody nose, and his dick sticking out, sitting in a pile of trash and let out a laugh.

Cum Orgy

fetish jptune 2018-02-15

With my cock in my mouth Julie started to pour some more cum in my mouth so that it was as full as it could be. As I'm sucking my cock with the cum in my mouth, swallowing some and some pouring out, Julie fills her mouth with cum and starts to pump those dildos in and out of her. Julie quickly grabs the cup of cum and starts to pour cum into my mouth. She filled her mouth with cum and started to suck my cock with her mouth full of cum. Julie lied on her back with her mouth open and I started to fuck her mouthful of cum until I got to that point again.

My husbands overseas part 4

fetish lauren003 2018-02-15

He washed all the sweat of me, soon turning me around, he placed 1 hand on my bum pulling me into his body the other on my cheek as our lips met and we started kissing. I eventually moved and got on top of Nick and entered his now hard cock into my pussy, I moved to lay on him in reverse missionary position and he slap his hand down onto my ass and started moving me back and forth, my body tensed up and I started to orgasm. After cumming I sat up again and started riding Nick's cock hard back and forth, he soon stopped me and told me to lay down on my belly.


fetish oedipus 2018-02-15

She caught my cock and whispered, “You want to fuck äiti?” I shook my head and said, “Äiti dearest, open your thighs I want to eat your pussy,” and went down. A moment later Helen caught my erect cock in one hand and with another hand brought my head to her plump breast. She held my erect cock in her right hand and said, “Tell me your fetish for lactating mothers and why you want to call them ‘mamma’ while having sex. You can call me ‘mamma’, you can suck my tits and finger my pussy while telling.” She pushed my head next to her breast and held me closely.

High and Low Ch. 01

fetish bisexualsmoker 2018-02-15

"You like getting fucked by guys?" Karen had asked him. Like several other eccentric West Hollywood characters, Karen loved to go barefoot too. "Good to see you're letting you're hair down," said Claude one night at a club. "Shithead!" she said as she went off to smoke a joint, sticking her tongue out at Simon as the techno music pulsated throughout the club. Karen liked them her way- ultra slut whores, extreme party animals, ultra fem guys who went both ways, submissive trannies who lived for cock. Karen just grinned and fell to her knees, the now lipstick smeared cock at the back of her mouth, as her tongue did it's subtle work.


fetish DCEnstreet 2018-02-15

She takes my balls in her hand and passes them through the base ring, then—her touch almost clinical, fingers cool and dry—she does the same to my cock, pulling it through the hard plastic hoop, which she then slides up snug against my body. She stands up, tucking the keys absently into a pocket and only then does she lean in and kiss me, long and hard and thoroughly, one hand coming up behind my head and the other caressing my back, pressing me to her. The tube slides, ever so slowly, off of me and I am instantly, gloriously hard, the feel of cool air on my skin a novelty, and she is tracing a soft, gentle finger along the length of me, first on top and then underneath and I can hardly breathe with the pleasure of it.

Encounter at Travelodge, Part 4: Or, “The te

fetish Telman 2018-02-15

Tying the dental floss in a knot around the neck of one of the shampoo bottles, then leaving around 30 centimeters of the line free and tying the other bottle on it, I manage to improvise a pussy-and-butt plug. Moving on to her ass, I flick her asshole with my index finger. I shove the two fingers of my right hand into it, and use my left hand to guide my improvised butt plug to her mouth. Flick her ass, and use the toothbrush on her clit. I use the toothbrush to push the bottle back into her ass, and also bury the head of it.

Passionate About Her Subject

fetish CodaCiel 2018-02-15

Scott's mind felt unbalanced as he tried to rationalize the panic away, but instead of being away, it seemed to slosh around inside his head, and obscure his ability to construct the sentence. It was almost a full minute before Jessica decided that she would relinquish control of Scott's body back to him, and for the third time he was smiling through soft hiccoughs. His mind silently confirmed that she was right; he had already thought those words the first time she had tickled him. "I want you to think of me as your friend, Scott," Jessica said. Scott hadn't even been thinking about that, but the moment Jessica had said "erection," he realized that energy was rushing to his penis.


Her Name Was Willie

fetish goinstrong 2018-02-15

In short, people are not only my business - they are my hobby. Because my work was focused on helping to establish a new culture, Willie was my principal contact. Willie asked for a napkin, and I obliged. As I handed her a napkin, our fingers lightly touched. Our eyes met as we each said "Excuse Me" to each other - then laughed. At day's end, after work was wrapped up, Willie asked if I was busy on Saturday (this was Thursday). I was convinced Willie was interested in more than work for us. Her eyes focused on me, and she then replied, "Why don't you come over to my place, and we'll see where the day takes us!" Naturally, I said "yes."

Trained to Have Transvestic Fetish

fetish Everyday2 2018-02-15

I got him three pairs of VS panties called The Lacy in the cheeky cut, a garter belt, some stockings, and a white lace baby doll nightie. I stopped jacking him off for a few seconds and slid the panties up and pulled them into place, then immediately started rubbing his erection through the lace. And he immediately got hard when he picked them up, so after he put them on I pulled his cock out the leg hole and made him cum into my hand, letting him lick it off and swallow it when he was done. When we got to the car, he was still very aroused, so I had him strip down and put the new panties and nightie on, telling him he had one more orgasm to go before we went home.

Stories of Women in Control Ch. 03

fetish Frotter 2018-02-15

Once I was certain they were going along I'd discretely drop my hand to my lap and squeeze and stroke my cock, but because of the public setting I could rarely be blatant. There was never any conversation during these encounters, although one time I was seated next to an older woman who used her cross word puzzle to encourage me, tapping her pencil under various words such as "good," "excitement" followed by "builds" and then "need" followed by "release." She could tell I was getting excited and at that point she pointed to the word "together," and she put her thumb in her mouth and sucked it, I began squeezing and rubbing my cock through my pants.

Growing Accustomed to One-Another Ch. 03

fetish Fitnerd7 2018-02-15

I mean those breasts are too big to be comfortable, surely." Every time I told Laura about their thoughts and every time she enjoyed being the centre of sexual attention and knowing that "her man" was the non-plus-ultra amongst the stronger sex. One evening Laura decided she wanted to teach me how to play Magic: the Gathering, since, according to her, "I will have to revoke your nerd card if you don't even know the basics." And after some confusion due to the game's complicated rules we were both having fun, despite of her kicking my metaphorical butt. Starting Tuesday I didn't want to waste any time, so I approached guys and said directly I had a bet with my boyfriend regarding who can fuck more and whether they agreed to help me out.

176 Anne-Marie and the desert chicken run

fetish alibodge 2018-02-15

Gloria was dressed in a silken nightie, and flat soled slippers, which earned her a scowl from Mike, who was about to say that this was no way to appear before the Prince, when she said; ”before you start, I know you will kill me this weekend Mike, and the Prince will want to see the goods he is paying for hence the easy to remove robe!” the Prince raised his arm to silence Mike, saying “She knows her fate, and she`s obviously a practical woman, it is no matter, she`s correct!” he then turned to Gloria and astounded them all by saying “ Yes woman your time has come and you will not see the Monday dawn, if Allah allows, you will not see Sundays sunset, and your suffering will be over but for me, you will scream this I do promise you.” She turned pale as he continued: “Before that happens you will grace my bed, you will be filmed so you will forever leave something for me to remember you by, and again you will grace my bed willingly or by f***e, for a last time you will be a whore before I put you to a painful and horrible death.

Such a Deal Ch. 05

fetish Angelscuck 2018-02-15

He effortlessly spun me around and placed his glistening cock at the entrance to my anus, and said, "Ok sissy, ask Angel's permission and beg me to fuck you and it better sound sincere or you can count on getting those two-hundred blows from Pam, which I'm sure she is dying to give you!" "Please, Angel," I pleaded, "Let Mark fuck me with his big cock. "Look at that little sissy go!", "She loves it!", "I think she is going to cum!", "Looks like Mark turned him into a fucking faggot!" After cleaning his dick and balls I said, "Thank you for fucking my fiancée and making her cum so hard."

my wife , a old friend and a new cuckhold who is m

fetish 2018-02-15

we were all quit and thinken the same thing and tom jim's dad says hello ben how are you, this must be sarha set up on ben lap and put ur feet in my lap ur cock sucking hubby want care well you BOY. tom removed sarha heels and told her to work his cock with her toes and feet because that boy of her's is gone be sukcing it as soon as we got to the house. tom told the rest of them to get naked and to sit around us, that i was gone suck all of them hard, sarha was gone ride all them tell they cummed and i was gone go back around and clean them and then lay in the middle of the floor for sarha to set on my face.

Sexy Hairy Flatmate

fetish j_zep2001 2018-02-15

Using my tongue I followed the white line down, starting from the top -- sucking the hairs and her outer pussy as I went down. The cum exploded out of me but the first shot went onto the small of her back, the second lot landed on her ass hole and I moved my cock so the last splurts went right onto her pussy hairs. She moaned and quickly moved -- she turned her head in my direction, dropped her hands down to the couch and brought her mouth down to my cock. I was looking at her pink ass and the little hairs around its edge when I noticed her middle finger working its way through her bush and onto her clit.