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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Frida's Dirty Tales from Edinburgh, after hou

fetish Fridagirl 2018-02-15

I had had a little too much to drink and came out of the 'Fish-n-Chip' shop, with my hand deep into the salt and vinegar cod batter. Without warning he delved into my chip bag and took out a huge handful including fish, and ate it without as much as mentioning the bechamel sauce covering the fish batter. Stella's ass was soft and warm, and I could feel the strangers cock moving inside hers, in and out, and I said as much to him, 'Can you feel my finger', I asked him, 'Yes' came his reply, so through Stella's thin internal membrane, I rubbed his cock head and in his I rubbed his little protuberance of a prostate, I swear I could feel Stella's pussy filling with warm semen as he cummed inside her.

The Power of Clothing Pt. 05

fetish mandywilluk2000 2018-02-15

She felt Marcia's hand run down her bare arm and take hold of her hand as the older woman said, rather huskily. Despite Marcia's protestations of having strong feelings for Jo as she had sucked the younger woman's nipples last night, Jo hadn't expected to see her again. "The real successful business woman look, eh Jo. You look lovely," she said, running the backs of her fingers across Jo's cheek, down her neck and onto her chest coming to rest on the top button of her blouse. Today, Marcia slithered her face down Jo's body, pausing to attend to the needs of the younger woman's small breasts as Jo, ran her hands through Marcia's hair.

Soccer Mom and a Bully Ch. 04

fetish something1234 2018-02-15

"Don't you know how humiliating it is when everybody at school hears how my mom got drunk at a house party I wasn't even invited to?" "Enough foreplay." Colin says sternly and he grabs my mother by her ass and starts thrusting into her with long hard strides. She starts grunting words out of her mouth "I'm guunna- I'm gunn- I'm guu-UUUUH." My mother gushes a torrent of cum out around Colin's cock. Late the next morning, I wake up to see my hung over mother sitting on my bed looking at me "Hey honey." she says softly "...."

Same Time Next Week

fetish arkwrights06 2018-02-15

That first week I was a good girl, each morning I'd pop in to check on all the windows and doors, and then again at night, before I went to bed. Come on now, 'who wouldn't want something that size, trying to get into you?' Long have I fantasized about having a man with something that size forcing himself into me a little at a time the way he was doing with her now. I know I'd be begging for mercy, but at the same time, hoping he wouldn't stop from forcing it into me, 'I was frantic with lust for it!'

Train Your Man to Eat Pussy

fetish 425olds 2018-02-15

But there's no way around this one---you HAVE to say exactly what you want: "Honey, could you go down on me." "Honey, I need your tongue.." The more explicit and urgent the better: "Lick me!" "Eat me!" "Suck my pussy!" Especially, if you're somewhat prudish or restrained, the more graphic and desperate your language, the more you will turn your man on and, maybe get his head between your legs, fast. The best way to get your man started on the road to great cunnilingus, it to draw the connection in his mind between kissing and oral sex.

Punished at St Sade's Ch. 03

fetish Julie20 2018-02-15

No sooner was Fallen dressed than Reverend Mother said she had just ten minutes to take her spare clothing to her locker in Dorcas Dorm and then get to evening chapel. Fallen felt like a terrified child as she made her way to the front and was made to stand facing her former pupils as Reverend Mother recited her crimes. This time was normally spent in the common room reading or playing board games but Reverend Mother ended her diatribe against Fallen by saying the Dorcas dorm may go to their dorm early to give them time to get to know their new girl. When they arrived in the dorm and Tamsin very carefully closed the door Fallen was already bruised with the spittle of several girls running down her face and hair.

lust and desire

fetish robin8n8 2018-02-15

it was a smooth night and things started to heat up..the way he looked at me,that lust in his eyes like a and i moaned with happiness seeing that cute face being fucked by me..his tongue i stood up licked his face sucked his tongue to taste my juices.. tongue slowly and that drived him crazy then i slided that cock in my mouth ..all of it i sucked him with lust and pleasure ..i sucked him hard till he couldnt handle it anymore and begged me to untie him but i refused.. took it off,and he slided it again and started to fuck me wildly looking at me straight in the eyes each time

Sissy boy still likes pussy

fetish slipn2panties 2018-02-15

After a few minutes Rachel started moaning and squeiling while Linda kept it up putting three fingers up her cunt and taking turns between rubbing her clit at a fast pace and licking it. I had to get a shot at that, I took over for Linda and Rachel gave me her girl juice prize, it shot out of her pussy further than any cock i'd seen shoot cum. When Linda swallowed me to my balls and thrust two fingers up my ass, the feeling was to much, I was past the point of no return and shot forth buckets of thick sticky salty cum, they both had my cock and was stroking while aiming it at their faces and mouths.

The Saga Continues Ch. 05

fetish WifeWatchman 2018-02-15

"And this is the other Bobby, Bobby Breeze." said Callie as young man with a pear shaped body (i.e. getting overweight) and light brown skin came in. "Speaking of the girls," said Callie, "here they come now." Three hot young women in tank-top blouses, hot shorts, and high heel sandals came in. 'Cassandra', from the case in your Town." said Callie, referring to the beautiful raven-black haired woman, whose eyes bore into Cindy's with both lust and curiosity. "This is Chris, our hot new star." said Callie, her eyes twinkling a bit. "You know what I've got under this dress, don't you?" said Chris, coming up close to Cindy. "Oh God, now I've got to get laid." said Callie, absolutely loving it that Cindy had fucked Chris's cock.


Toilet training options

fetish yutransam 2018-02-15

The first time I did this my slave didn’t know I had fed him a laxative and he thought he had genuinely messed his pants during a session, when secretly it was Mistress controlling him all along… Mistress will take you for a 30 minute walk around town or around the local park after giving you a laxative and using zip ties to make sure you cant remove your trousers. The laxatives take between 20-40 minutes to work and you will wear your normal clothes, with no spares… If you can hold it back then you may get to relieve yourself in a toilet, if you cant hold it back they you mess your panties/diaper in public and I will laugh at you. Only for very select slaves who prove themselves worthy and who want to be dedicated I now offer my full day toilet sessions.

Lunch Piss Ch. 02

fetish wyldechylde 2018-02-15

Her bladder pumped and pumped its load of hot urine through her jeans and onto the floor and Mark simply sat directly across from her and watched with interest as the supply of hot piss fell off the front and back of the chair to make a large puddle of yellow pee at Janine's feet. "Good, suck that cock some more." Janine held her mouth open for Mark to stuff his dick inside and face fuck her again. "Fuck me like you want to kill me." Janine took hold of his hair and started moving her hips back and forth trying to get Mark to start fucking her but he stood still.


fetish xinycep 2018-02-15

An hour and three cokes later, and I felt confident that I had successfully warded off any ill effects from the hike; I did have to pee pretty badly though - since the camp's bathrooms were a few minutes walk away, I tended to put off going a bit longer than usual. A slight urge to pee tugged at my bladder as I left my tent, but I didn't plan to be at Jake's site for long, and I didn't want to have to walk all the way to the restrooms right now. "Jake, my mom's outside the tent," that really got him alert, "I need you to distract her, or I'm literally going to pee right here, please."

Premature Ejaculation Training Camp

fetish threeinchpete 2018-02-15

If I can't hold out long enough, (again one minute) I have to wear her tight jeans as pajamas. Tina makes not of the feminine front I have when I am packed in her tight jeans. She actually loves the look and calls me her girlfriend when I wear her jeans. Tina calls out the time in 10 second intervals while we make love. One night after she called out 10 seconds she leans close to my ear and asks me, "Have you notice that my ex-boyfriend Hector can really fill a Speedo?" I can usually hold out about 20 seconds after that. Tina often refers to me as her girlfriend when I wear her jeans or tights.

Lunch with Liz: Part 1

fetish sly74 2018-02-15

It’s nothing to feel the need to hide, I work hard to stay in shape and some admiration is nice.” Obviously, she had already observed I enjoyed hers, probably starting back when she sat next to me in meetings. It’s nice to finally know what it feels like.” With a devious look, she pressed against it again even harder. Looking at her with dazed eyes, I tell her, “Take your panties off.” “Umkay...” she replies, and as she does so, raising the left, then the right cheek of her ass before sliding them down to the floor. We gotta take care of you.” Not replying, I took her foot in my left hand and rubbed my cock against it.

Submissive Secrets Ch. 03

fetish robyne_morgan 2018-02-15

I sat hugging my knees and rocking gently when I heard the bathroom door open for the third time. Stephen had called me that afternoon and told me he and Lindsey were going grocery shopping, and to meet him in the men's bathroom at 2:45. I walked into the last stall, closed and locked the stall door, and hoped like hell nobody had seen me come in. I leaned my head back against the stall, closed my eyes and was sinking into a half-conscious state of ecstasy when the bathroom door opened. I slid back down to Earth, straightened my dress, and stood looking up at Stephen, my hands behind my back, twisting back and forth like a school girl.

nasty ,smelly,kinky sex

fetish leo11169 2018-02-15

As soon as her blouse was opened and I buried my face into her cleavage she was at my belt and jeans, pulling them down as I lifted one of her large brown nipples free of the fabric of her bra. I turned my head to one side and tried to fuck her with my tongue and as I pulled her lips apart with my fingers my mouth filled with a stream of sticky, white metallic tasting juice. I pulled my tongue from inside her and licked her lips and as she let go of her clit a huge squirt of hot fluid filled my mouth and covered my face.

In Love

fetish BearsBabyBee 2018-02-15

You know how much I love hearing you growl, and as I feel your hand slide past mine, you start undoing your belt. Almost forgetting that we're not alone, our baby stirs below your chest in my tummy and we look into each other's eyes, reading the passion off of one another's face, and smile. Increasing your pace, you kiss me again and as I start moaning faster and a bit louder, your lips clasp around my nipple and you suck on my breast until it is rock hard in your mouth again. Lifting your head briefly, you whisper, "Are you sure I'm not hurting him like this?" I giggle softly, kissing your lips, "You ask me that every time, baby.

That Awkward Moment When.....

fetish sexualrelief7191 2018-02-15

Rachel ended the hug, gave me another smile, and walked upstairs to her room. Rachel's feet, like the rest of her, was something to look at. "Oh, so you can oogle over your best friend's sister's feet at her own home while she's asleep, but when I'm in control you back off like a little pussy huh?" She wasn't about to give up, I could tell. Rachel brought her right foot down my monster cock and pushed it down, stroking it rhythmically to the point where I was throbbing. Her small nipples looked like they needed to be sucked, but Rachel was more concerned about her feet on my cock.

Bad Girl Ch. 02

fetish meridith 2018-02-15

"Meridith, I want you to just stand up and bare your breasts." Doctor Tomlinson told me. Doctor Hajjari had made arrangements for the sessions, he had walked into my office one afternoon, there was a paperwork error and he simply wanted my handwritten notes so they could correct the billings. "I want you to start going to see Doctor Tomlinson, Meridith. "Yes." I thought about that, the woman had glanced up first, surprise at seeing a flash of my bare pussy as I stepped onto the stairs. I had pretended to not notice as the woman nudged her man and whispered, her eyes turned to me as I looked out over the room, then I saw them drop down out of the corner of my eye.

Chocolate Syrup & Berries Ch. 03

fetish luv2flirtamswf34 2018-02-15

You trace around one before bending your head to gently roll it between your teeth, flicking it with your tongue as my back arches off the bed, trying to force more contact with your sucking wet mouth. You can feel my heart pounding as you lick the whip cream off my nipple, my hands caressing your scalp as you suck my entire breast into your hot wet mouth. I close my eyes and enjoy the feel of you, sliding down my side as your mouth follows the path of whip cream you placed on my stomach, sometimes licking, sometimes sucking, sometimes kissing or nibbling but always totally cleaning off my skin.

A Conference Legacy Ch. 03

fetish barelegs 2018-02-15

Louise walked over to the door of a small ante-room, in which were a long table and two chairs, beside one of which was a large open holdall, in which, clearly visible, were several girls' outfits, all skirt-top combinations, and all of which had very short high quality cotton mini-skirts as their dominant feature. In fact, as I had anticipated, she did ask me to remove the skirt, which I did, slowly and deliberately as before, taking every opportunity to stroke her bare legs as I did so. I placed my thumbs under the thin material and pulled her panties slowly down the full length of her lovely long bare legs.

Creampie Delight

fetish bareman 2018-02-15

I just call your boyfriend up, tell him who I am, and ask if it's okay for me to go over and eat his girlfriend's pussy, which, by the way, he just got done cumming in?" I barely remember the five minute ride to Ann's house, but I know my hard cock was tenting my shorts the whole way, and my heart was pounding like a drum. Starting at her left knee, I began to run my tongue up the inside of her thigh, drawing closer and closer to her wet pussy. My tongue reached Ann's pussy and I licked lightly up the sides of her lips, first one side then the other, teasing her and myself.

Prom Date

fetish fanofpantyhose 2018-02-15

He was sitting in the bed, nude, with an enormous hard-on, and Rachel was sitting opposite to him, her hair open, her breasts firm, her dark sweet nipples erect, and she was wearing very hot sheer-to-waist suntan pantyhose. I watched as my brother was kissing his girlfriend all over her body, paying a lot of attention to her breast and nipples, and then caressing and kissing her wonderful, gorgeous legs in pantyhose. I decided that I didn't want to come yet, so I took Rachel in the same way I did her sister, ripping a hole into her pantyhose at the crotch.

Tiny Tina Ch. 1

fetish Purplelover 2018-02-15

Looking past her trim, tanned stomach, Tina absent-mindedly strokes her completely bare pussy lips with her small fingers. His cock wakes up as he watches the little tease reach down into her dress, pull on of the succulent nipples into her pink lips, and begin to nurse on the hard rubbery flesh. When she feels his hot, salty sauce begin to fill her mouth Tina swallows his cock to the root, letting the rest of his cum drip straight into her stomach. Tina slips from her seat and slides into the empty seat next to the man, looks up into his light-brown eyes, and gives him her sexiest smile. Tina slides her small frame between the man's long legs and begins to bob her head in earnest.