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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Invitation to a Beach, Chapter 9

fetish 2018-02-15

At one stop, Max turned to face the side of the trail and started to pee into a bush. “Why can’t you do it now?” Max said challenging me, as his stream splashed into the bush and onto the grassy trail. I started to pee, and heard it splash onto the grass between my feet. So I walked over to Max, the water still flowing from my pussy. I impishly lifted a leg and started to pee on Max’s foot. Max jumped back in surprise, and turned toward me, his piss now streaming down my belly, down my pussy and legs. I let Max pee on me for as long as his stream came.


fetish Ping 2018-02-15

Stunned by their first kiss, Billy watched Melissa remove the Rosy T’s terrarium and place the shallow container on the desk next to his bed. Unsure what she was doing with the spider, Billy kicked off his jeans and boxers and then lay on the bed the same way Melissa had before, with legs spread and feet on the floor. Billy now watched the spider stare back at him, as it did with Melissa, while it nestled itself between his pecks, amongst what little chest hair he had. Billy held his arm in the fridge, pacifying the angry wasp with the cold air, while he watched Melissa’s nipple swell from the sting.

Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd Ch. 4

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2018-02-15

Carly babes, about time you were breast-fed on Auntie Kimberley's lap," teased Jean. Mam, stop teasing the poor pretty sissy, come on kinky Carly, lets lift you up onto my lap," said Kim in her sexiest voice. "There's a good Carly babes, that's makes you bounce up and down on Auntie Kimberley's knee," said Jean laughing. "That's a good girl Carly, keep sucking my tits, you kinky fucking sissy," taunted Kim. "There's a good sissy Carly babes, sniff my stinking farts you kinky bugger," said Jean. "Lick my shit stained panties babes, good girl for Auntie Jean," replied Jean. "That's a good babes, lick my daughters pyjamas, suck and smell her urine you kinky bugger," said Jean.

the chicken crew and my time with them

fetish 2018-02-15

She laid on the back seat, pulled off her pants and Ben started sucking her pussy. How some married women had worked and got pregnant on the van. Thanks for not telling, we have this closed thing here and no one gets hurt, just little benefit of working long hours in a dirty job. I wanted Jenny to ride me like she did him, I could not imagine a pussy working like this. Had some good old bar girls, several mature women but none would could work a pussy and hips like her. I wanted three things, Tina the hooker and one of the married women lynn. Formed a sucking feeling on my cock, No lips could do this, and she got wetter as she worked it.

Aroma Lust

fetish fecalsappho753 2018-02-15

When I was young I was turned on by sticking my fingers in my ass and smelling them. I have never found another lesbian lover that shared my passion for the smell of shit. Evelyn was not shy, she said she was turned on by stinkyness and said she loved everything about shit. Evelyn then extended her fingers and said, take a whiff. Evelyn put on a thick plastic sheet on her bed and then a shit stained cotton spread. Evelyn said I hope I smell good to you. I asked Evelyn if she had been on the grounds and she said she was eagerly awaiting for the summons to smell shit with us. We have to keep our passion for shit smelling a secret.

College Panty Party

fetish panty_lover_1971 2018-02-15

They took turns kissing me, and when one girl was kissing me, the other two would stroke my body, being careful not to touch my panties, since they knew as well as I did that doing so would make me come. Stacy and Cindy made short work of getting their clothes back off, and while this was happening, Jen laid down beside me, rubbing my body through the layer of panties. First the three of them searched over the top of my body for a good pair to wear (no doubt making sure not to pick a pair of their own), and then Stacy and Cindy lent me their hands, and pulled me up, the panties sloughing off my body. Stacy and Jen took their time to each take a pair of silk panties, and rub them against my balls, and against my asshole.

Killing Time at a Head Shop

fetish Madabouthair 2018-02-15

"I see," I said, watching intensely as Sienna raised her slender arm, exposing her unshaven armpit to me like she had done for the couple before me. I bought a couple of the rocks, which were cheap and according to Sienna, lasted "like forever, man," and also bought the Doors Live at the Whisky bootleg album. I couldn't wait, moving my face to her exposed left armpit, letting my tongue slide along the same path as the crystal rock had before, Sienna's armpit hair was incredibly fine and soft in texture, and I had to run my tongue against the grain to actually feel it.

Tentacle Party, Part 4

fetish tigrenar 2018-02-15

Now lying on her stomach, with her legs spread and pussy open and oozing cum, Sarah had to resist fucking her again. Liz cocked her head like a bird, her tentacles waved around exploring her surroundings. Liz started sauntering around the apartment, her tentacles waving around, touching and probing everything. Before Sarah could stop her, Liz walked straight to the door and out into the apartment hallway. Sarah rushed after her, suddenly less worried about Liz and more concerned about her neighbors. His eyes were glued shut, and it looked to Sarah like he had passed out. You just need the proper motivation!" With that Liz grabbed Sarah's hand and pulled her toward to door.

Fucking The Neighbor: A True Story of Infidelity

fetish bap72248 2018-02-15

I told her I’d get under her desk for the last hour of the day if she’d take her panties off so I could suck on her clit and tongue-fuck her cunt. Now, I’ve never thought of myself as a guy with a hair trigger (well, there was that office clerk named Dona who had the tightest cunt I’ve ever fucked and could make me cum in 2 strokes, but that’s another story!), but here was a rather nice looking young woman, someone who obviously enjoyed sex and didn’t mind seeing a guy jerking off, and best of all, a total stranger to me, watching me stroke myself.


fetish Redhipple 2018-02-15

But, like all good things, even the lack of underwear can wear thin and become something perfectly routine and boring. I like to rub my fingers along the crease of her leg that spot that is not quite ass, not quite pussy or hips just a soft fold of skin that feels wonderful against my fingertips. I like the way the velvet-clad elastic feels against my fingers and the delicious ‘snap’ it makes when I pluck it. Ah, god, the way she does it so slow and sweet, when she’s so tight and wet… I feel like we’re teenagers again. I like it when she’s on top because I can still see those lacy red panties and I can run my hands over them.

The Hotel

fetish dave0690 2018-02-15

You arrive at the luxury hotel at midday; as you swing your legs out of the limousine the doorman can clearly see your cunt lips splayed open under the wet g-string, as well as your trimmed pubic hair protruding either side of the panties. You bend down to look, and let your skirt ride up to show the waitress' panties which are now tight between your arse cheeks so the butt plug base is clearly visible beneath. I have brought a small vibrator from the shop and apply it to your hard clit as we fuck; I can feel the tightness of your cunt caused by the butt plug in your arsehole.

Stretching Pt. 03

fetish ggerard87 2018-02-14

My little slut was into size, and I couldn't help but be turned on by it, and it wasn't just that she liked size, it was how whoreish she acted with the big toy inside of her. Amy's pussy was so small and tight that stretching her a little would probably be good for sex. As time went on, I started to noticed that Amy's pussy was getting looser, and would learn she had become a pro at taking this big toy. Apparently, having now grown accustomed to the big toy, she would regularly stuff the 2-inch wide toy in her pussy while using the bullet vibrator on her clit. The feeling of slipping into her tight little asshole with the huge toy stuffed into her pussy was almost painful on my cock.

An unexpected visit from friends

fetish svgtv 2018-02-14

"Sweetie, I think it's time for you to get down on your knees and have a taste of Ken." my wife said. I hardly felt Ken's beautiful cock slide inside me, but I knew. I felt Ken grab me by the hips and started to really pound away my hole. I came on Ken's beautiful cock, with Sophies pussy all over my face. She then handed me a pair of panties - with panty liners in them, and said "And this is to avoid making a mess in your panties before your hole tightens up again - Ken must've shot a gallon up inside you!" All three laughed, and looked on as I put on my panties on shaky legs...

Bisexual Group Watersports

fetish ASIANDREAM 2018-02-14

Charles stood in front of Elise and started kissing her – on the screens we saw his hand guide his penis into position then he pushed his shaft deep inside her vagina. She moaned then gasped as Jonathan's shaft slid into her anus – she sighed as we saw on the screen Julian's tight shaved ball bulge suddenly grow wet with her piss dripping from it a stream running down his leg. Charles handed Jonathan the camera and sat up at the top of the bed – I could see Jonathan's and my piss and cum dripping out of Vivian as she sat on his lap holding his penis as it slid easily into her vagina.

The Room

fetish bimyselfz 2018-02-14

I set up the bed in a cozy room with nice mood lighting, a nice sound system, and 2 doors. My friend would meet them at the door, and send them to wait for me outside The Room. He pounded me for a good ten minutes before he tensed up and I could feel him cum deep in my pussy. Now I opened the other door, looking for Bill. The rest showed up on time, and ready with tongue and then cock. One guy, I think his name was Paul, seemed to pull back a bit after he first started to eat me. After guy #11, I opened the door for my last, Carl, and he wasn't there.


Backdoor Man Ch. 04

fetish SEVERUSMAX 2018-02-14

It will be great to do that with Sanjay, too, Master," Sherry beamed at the idea of sharing my dick with her new slave/fiance. I'm going to enjoy your slick new body, clean and smooth as it should be, darling!" Sherry took Sanjay's hand and began shredding his boxers before leading him to the bathroom ... We three collapsed for a bit while waiting for Sherry and Sanjay to return from their time in the bathroom, all of us sweaty and happy as we lay tangled in a heap of flesh, my cock resting against Brit's freshly fucked ass, while Rich's brushed against her pussy from below.

My Pregnancy Fetish

fetish bigcanuck 2018-02-14

"I know guys don't want to get mixed up with a pregnant chick, but I'm not looking for someone to help me raise the baby. I watched this gorgeous young pregnant woman suck my cock for a few minutes before I pulled away from her. Although I was disappointed that I couldn't see her face or pregnant belly, I wasn't focusing on that very much as she started to ride my cock. "I want to cum on your belly!" I said. "Look at that sexy pregnant belly!" I said. "Fuck yes!" I said as my cum began shooting onto her belly. "Pregnant sex is amazing!" she said, running her fingers through my cum.

Pretty Chris-tine Ch. 02

fetish jealouscuck 2018-02-14

The first time she asked me to wear panties under my dress clothes, I was nervous beyond what I could have imagined. We made it through the evening and she felt my little cock through the panties on the way home. She laid out a shiny gold bikini panty for me along with a black garter belt and sheer black stockings. She then dressed me in casual clothing over my bra, stockings and panties. She began calling me at work asking "Is Christine there?" I knew that I had to get home, use my depilatory creams and razor and get my whole body ready to be feminized that evening. Sharon told me to use "night time club makeup technique".

Naked Boy Cleaning Service

fetish JacobGoody 2018-02-14

He sent me another picture of himself, this time seated in a club chair, wearing a white hotel robe that was open, exposing his long, limp cock. Scurrying over to the pile of clothes I had left on the floor, I leaned down to pick up my pants when I felt a strong hand on my shoulder pushing me down. Folding and stacking my clothes by the door, Tom gestured down the hall, and I slowly, and painfully crawled on my hands and knees to his kitchen. I studiously cleaned the dishes, and would randomly feel the splash of hot water on my belly and cock. I sat back, with my butt on my heels and watched as Tom unzipped and pulled out his beautiful cock.

true little story

fetish funlover93 2018-02-14

i love to play with my self as much as i can most i have done in one day was 30 times with one of my ex gf's watchin and joining in at times to clean up the load. then the other day i craved sex soo much i was fucking an old friend and came all over her tits so she pulled my face to hers and started kissing untill she whispers in my ear now eat it, clean your own mess. AM I TURNING IN TO A CUM EATER well yes i think i am it dont tast bad but it dont tast good its just like water and pussy juices allways taste better.

My First Ballbusting Experience.

fetish nintendofan404 2018-02-14

Her feet were big which is a turn on, it seemed that part of the summer she had picked up upon my little Foot Fetish, and was slowly beginning to tease me with her feet. She thought I was joking, but I told her I really wanted to know what being kicked in the balls felt like. She slammed her foot towards my defenseless balls, but she missed and hit my leg. At first she put her hands on my shoulders and slammed her knee in hopes of smashing my balls up. I was getting edgy,I wanted her foot to slam directly into my awaiting balls. She said "These balls are gonna be mine, prepare them, they shall serve my feet". She then slammed her foot directly into my balls again and made me moan in pain.


fetish msound1 2018-02-14

My rent was late, I was unemployed, and I was spending literally hours each day with a pair of suction cups attached to my tits. In addition to wet nursing, they specialized in mass producing human breast milk for use in their products. I kind of felt like a cow myself, but fifty bucks in less than three hours went a long way to put me at ease. It seemed like everything I ate and drank instantly turned into breast milk. One day as I sat in my beloved chair, smiling dreamily as my mechanical milker sucked away at my massive tits, I accepted the fact that this situation was permanent. I was making good money, I loved my job, and I felt strangely fulfilled.

My Anal Pets

fetish biduo 2018-02-14

Mike stopped sucking on Rick's cock and had him turn around and stick that sexy, muscled ass of his in Mike's face as Dave grabbed hold of my husband's cheeks with his big hands and spread them wide open. I was like a zombie in a trance, my eyes wide open, unblinking, as I watched Mike dig his tongue into Rick's crack and start to lick his hole as Dave did the same to my husband, the two guys slurping away hungrily at hot male ass. "Cum inside me, boys, drain your big heavy balls in my mouth, cunt and ass," I told them as I pulled my lips away from Dave's cock for a moment.

Sweaty Business

fetish badreamer 2018-02-14

He liked a blow, with a finger in the ass, and would finish quickly as I would start pushing it in-and out hard and fast. "Ok, big guy." her smile was a little less faked this time, as she took of her shirt, bearing the nicely formed breasts in a bra which was not covering the nipples. When I took my clothes off, keeping only the panties and bra, which made my tits look ten years younger, he unbuckled his pants and took them down, then sat on the bed and said: I held onto the guy, almost glued to him by our sweat already, while the fire in me burned and I slowly, willingly, slid down on his big cock feeling it enter deep into me.