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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Nina the slut-queen hostess

fetish goofiegumdrops 2018-02-14

The five of us returned to the dining room as we cleared the table and Nina laid on it with her head hanging off the edge whilst Paul and myself stood either side of her face and the two girls got out their phones to take pics and video this complete slut as Nina spread her legs wide to show off her wet pussy. Kelly then began to slowly and easily slide one hand into Nina's slack creamy cunt whilst Paul fucked Nina's over-used anus hard with deep long strokes. Nina quickly got her face in and began to greedily lick Paul arse whilst cupping his balls as he fucked Kelly's creamy wet pussy. It looked so good seeing this fat old whore naked and kneel behind a fucking couple with her tongue up Kelly's arse whilst Paul's balls slapping against her face.


fetish 2018-02-14

"You need a master," he smiled, pulling away after the long and "Tell him to stop this!," Gina said, indignant now and starting hand, squeezing and rubbing them roughly, an act which made Gina weak Gina was perfectly willing to play this little game if it got her He told Gina to unzip his pants but when she reached for the zipper he pushed her hands cunt," he said and grasping Gina's hair he f***ed his prick between "I need your prick in me," she said, adding the word "Master" to if Ben wants to use you, he is quite welcome." Gina could only stare "I want you to fuck me, master, fuck my cunt." Gina was slightly

Picking the Right Rebound

fetish tittany 2018-02-14

Four long and lonely months later, I finally realised that he was having way too much of an affect on me, and I needed a rebound. That was way non-sensible.' I said, putting my hand on his and inspecting my now empty martini glass. He took the hint and minutes later I had another martini. Stu's rough hands fondled my outer lips then slid up and down my valley a few times. He certainly wasn't worth wasting time on, so I simply shrugged and headed back to the street. Half an hour later I was settled at the second bar of the night with a fresh cherry martini. It's now eight months since that night, and I decided to visit Rob's company today.

cuck'ed since birth....cont

fetish txtiny 2018-02-14

.. without thinking, I grabbed her hips and pushed her forward a step.she was pushed into the lil coffee table and tried to bend over it to not fall on it. Dripping down on my knees, I grabbed her skirt with both hands and slid it down her legs. She had her hands on the coffee table, her blond hair in her face and her eyes locked dead on me. Whirling a leg around me , I turned to see her hands spreading her pussy lips. "Comehere", I had only taken one step, her hand reached down and her fingers scooped up a glob of my cumm. ""See what u get"...her other hand had scooped up a lil drop and she stuck it in her mouth...

Metamorphosis 01

fetish defiant_1 2018-02-14

Ten minutes later, she turned her head, gave me a penetrating look and said, "Since I've been sitting here, you haven't done a thing but stare at my legs and shoes. Nikkole extended her hand toward the side of my head and took my ear lobe between two fingers, just the way an angry mother would do a child, and said, "Your submission is evident, Allan, but you need obedience training so that you do only what you're told. A few moments later, Nikkole said, "Stand up, Allan, and let's finish this work. Shortly before 4:30, just ahead of knocking off the work day, Nikkole looked up from her desk and said, "Allan, beg me to take you and train you as my slave.

Fucking a Dirty Talking Bitch Ch. 03

fetish theprince 2018-02-14

I could feel my hot throbbing tongue slide deep inside her asshole. That made her laugh and she frigged her cunt hard, making the piss fly all over us. I could feel her grinding her pissing cunt into my face as the orgasm swept her body. I grabbed her head and shoved my hard cock deep inside her throat. I pulled my cock out and Jenna's piss filled ass spewed it out all over. I slapped her piss spewing ass and rammed my cock into her cunt. Shove it in harder asshole; fuck me so hard that I piss. I squirted thick creamy cum deep inside her cunt as our bodies writhed and spasmed from the orgasm.

Peggy Spanks Me Ch. 02

fetish drsalt 2018-02-14

In between the two, I strapped Mandy's ass while she sucked and licked at Peggy's cunt. When I felt Peggy's hands, similarly lubricated, begin to knead my calves and the back of my thighs, I knew things would soon escalate. Let's see: tied face down, two pairs of oily hands on the back of my body, both working inexorably closer and closer to my defenseless ass. Mandy kneaded my ass cheeks and repeatedly slipped the edge of her hand between them, sliding it over my tender asshole. As Peggy rode my ass, Mandy handled the dildo with one hand. One time, as they both worked on me, Mandy raised her head to look at Peggy.

Ordure Ordeal Or Toilet Trial

fetish Learningfast 2018-02-14

She was 21 inches around her waist, maybe a little more, and I held her there with my fingers almost meeting round the front, under her torso as she lay there breathing carefully with her shoulders heaving slightly. Letting go of the plastic tube, I reached round for the corset laces, undid the bow, and began to pull them across in further leverage. Quickly I took hold of the tube-globe and pressed it further into her rectum, just to be certain that the corset's pressure didn't push it out of her body. And so we lay there for a time, maybe 5 minutes, with me revelling in the knowledge and the sensations or being filled with her waste; her faeces, her dung; her crap; her shit; her ordure.

The more I read the more I want to Experiment

fetish 2018-02-14

A Masturbatrix Controlls your Cock and your Orgasm A masturbatrix, or cock controller, is a woman who enjoys instructing a man's masturbation. She may or may not be into orgasm denial as well.She enjoys the experience of controlling a man's cock, masturbation, and orgasms. A Masturbatrix does not necessarily have to possess the traits usually associated with those involved in femdom, such as strict, stern, cruel and punishing - many Masturbatrices consider themselves to be sensual, gentle and willing to use all of their feminine wiles to arouse and control their strokepets. Even if you don't consider yourself to be submissive, and if you definitely are not interested in orgasm denial, you can still enjoy the pleasure of experiencing a session with a Masturbatrix.

Changeling Ch. 01

fetish Michael142 2018-02-14

Then I cuddle up with David, and he feels so warm and so good, I shudder a little from the comforting feeling with his arms around me, just being with the man I love so strongly. She introduced me to David, and I thought he was a little effeminate as well, but he was so smart and charming, and he actually gets along very well with Janet's more 'male' boyfriends when we are out together. David was just out of the shower, and as I walked into the bedroom, I notice that he picked up my dress and held it in front of him, looking into the full-length mirror.

Lucky Bitch (pussyboy doggy slut)

fetish ssspspb 2018-02-14

The next day began like any other, with six big police dogs unloading in my ass, I love fucking an ass all juiced up with dog cum. You're gonna roll over like a good dog and spread those legs. Tell me you love my cock, you fucking horny bitch." This sissy faggot dog bitch is such a pussyboy slut pig that he’s going to beg to be doggy ****d and fucked." I know what I have to do to please the Chief, so I reply “Yes sir, I’m nothing by a sissy faggot pussyboy dog slut. I want all of my sissy fuckholes to be stretched open with big hard doggy dicks and filled with doggy fuck soup.

My wife’s maid of honor Part 3

fetish Xtra007 2018-02-14

Then Contessa backed off and said “Next Tuesday is my birthday. She sign for it and closed the door and said “my birthday gift from my son”as she turn.“I have to call him be right back”. She reached for my dick and said “now I want you to cum into the glass for me”. “Contessa, I can’t leave without saying goodbye your captivating breast.” Then I took a special pleasure and time in kissing her breast and telling them that I would be back soon to enjoy there company. If it takes lying to Di to be with you, so be it.” I said “I have treasure these times too.” She continued “I want you whenever you can work it out.

Unexpected payback

fetish 2018-02-14

Tanja sat upright and an evil grin flashed across her face when she remembered what had took place the oter night, she slowly crawled to the end of the bed her cock dangling between her legs and looked over the edge and started grinning Tanja loved the way she felt the stud gag and started to facefuck him and with each thrust pushed her cock deeper in his mouth. Tanja moaned as she finally shot the last drop of her load into the stud´s belly and slowly pulled her cock out off him as he gasped for air and she jerked her dong with her leather glove.

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 02

fetish k4d0h1 2018-02-14

"But what about my sex life, how can I find a girl that doesn't care about the size?" I asked. "I really want to get back together with Rachel, it's been years, but she never complained the few times we had sex, even though I only lasted a few minutes." I messaged her back that I missed the great times we had together and that I was only interested in getting back in touch, not to come storming back into her life. That I would take it slow as she wanted and about how great I had felt lately and how things are coming to order in my life. I never fucked her without a condom before I was excited I was going to feel her warm pussy around my dick any moment now.

Repent Ch. 02

fetish evol 1 2018-02-14

Mother Superior set the bag on a granite crypt about fifteen feet from me, and started to remove things from it. After about five minutes of this Mother Superior stopped my corporal punishment, and my ass felt like it was glowing. I liked it all, the nun finger fucking my ass, the large rubber dick buried in my pussy, the cold headstone that I was bent over, and the cemetery. It was at that moment that Mother Superior pulled the tool from me leaving my panties open so that I could feel the cemetery air on my dripping pot. Mother Superior’s silky hands cradled my ass and I was in return holding her tight to me so that I could feel my breasts pressed to hers.

Chrissie - The Submissive Cumslut

fetish fantasyboy 2018-02-14

'Lick my cock clean and then pull my foreskin right back and coat the head of my cock with the lipstick and then the lipgloss, we want our cocks to match your lips and nipples before me fuck your cunt and mouth.' Still wearing the mask I could see Rob moving to the head of the bed and with his cock inches from my face he said, 'I'm going to fuck your mouth.' The feeling was out of this world, as my legs were held so wide apart, and a huge orgasm crashed through my body, then within seconds I felt James shooting his hot cum deep inside me.

Marblehead Max Ch. 1

fetish laabaa 2018-02-14

I held out my good right hand as she moved forward and looked closer at my bleeding left. I followed her creamy legs up to the top and saw the bottom of her ass from beneath the night T-shirt, Max moved forward. Max looked over her shoulder and placed the free hand, still cold from the water, under her top. Max laughed when the door shut; he had the taste of young blonde cunt on his lips and was so hungry it hurt. Tina stood back with a look of apprehension, but Max simply asked for a cigarette. She was stunned to see Max stood between her legs, with his 8 inch Rock looking back at her from his open zipper.

Fantasy Week End

fetish hotwife87 2018-02-14

The guy arrives, we have a drink, she smiles all the time but she is nervous, the guy goes to take a shower and in the mean time my wife shoes me her pussy, soacking wet, and all this without doing anything, , she just drops her dress and tells me to sit on the couch and keep quiet.She lais down on the bed, and starts playing with herself it was so dam hot, and then her lover comes out from the bath, with the towel on but the erection of his big thick cock was visible.He jumps in the bed and they start kissing and touching each other, everything was slow and soft, they kissed and licked each other for a long time, then she sucked him off in that special way only she can, slow and deep, playing with her tong all over his cock and balls, after some time she went on the top and slided his cock in her sweet wet pussy, she started moaning instantly while riding on him as he played with her tits slowly.

A Good Relationship Ch. 6

fetish Ian H. 2018-02-14

The man stopped and stared making sure he got a very good look, Dan loved it, he was very excited, I stayed like that for a short while until some other people came round the corner into our aisle and I quickly covered myself up, pulling my dress back under my coat. He took me into the other room, it was like a living room with carpet on the floor, a low doctors type couch was across the middle, one end up against the wall, he sat down on it and I sat along side him, the black leather was cold on the backs of my thighs, he turned to me and began kissing me, soon his tongue was probing my mouth, then his hand was sliding up my leg, over my stocking top and up to my panties.


fetish blassyfurfem2 2018-02-14

Security here must be very lax because it seems as though I've interrupted her from filing her nails.I tell her I'm here for an interview and she reaches into her desk and produces elevator keys tells me to follow her as all of the elevators are turn off at this time of the night. In the background I here the elevator door open, I here the sound of high heels coming closer.... At this point the office door opens and the security guard asks if everything is OK? I try to scream but the guard cover my mouth with her hand. Pamela announces "I christen you to be my son in law and Denise (the guard) is my wife at work" The guard places herself in front of me...

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 06

fetish Thorilla 2018-02-14

Miss Amelia Wiff-Naseford explained to me and Matron that class 1B were all eighteen year old French girls who spoke very little English and that they had all been playing tennis on the courts at the far end of the field and were just about to get showered and changed back into their school uniforms. Here I was naked, spread-eagled, about to pleasure twenty French eighteen-year old girls all wearing short pleated tennis skirts. I noticed three pair of tennis panties had dark brown stains in the cleft region and I suddenly realised in horror that although Miss Wiff-Naseford had asked how many of the girls were having a period she had not recorded their names or done anything more about it.

Wet for Him

fetish viridia 2018-02-14

Sure, the bed was warm and it was cold out, but that wasn't why she was delaying getting up. She'd had quite a bit of water before bed and even some during the night. She had drunk all the water and had waited in bed till he came to her. He stood at the sink and turned on the tap just a little bit. She stood there listening to the water running into the sink. The running water was exacerbating her need to pee. He moved away from the sink as he finally turned the water off. "Kneel with your back to the shower head." As the water washed over her, she felt her nipples harden in the cool.

Submissive Secrets Ch. 04

fetish robyne_morgan 2018-02-13

His e-mail simply stated for me to call in sick, and have a turkey & swiss sandwich and black coffee ready for him at 12:30, wearing blue jeans, a white tank top, no belt, no shoes, no panties, no bra, and my hair back with two simple bobby pins. After Stephen finished eating he sat in silence for a minute, then his voice startled me. "Blue jeans, a white tank top, two bobby pins, no shoes, no belt, no panties, no bra." I answered. I unbuckled the belt, pulled it through the loops of my jeans and handed it to Stephen. I held that position for several minutes while Stephen drank his coffee.

Couple Seeking Master

fetish Justwords 2018-02-13

Happily married white couple seeking long term control relationship from a clever Master with significant experience and a keen ability to be discrete. If you decide to enter our bedroom for an encounter at three AM, while my husband sleeps beside us, we will oblige completely. My husband was however, offered a job transfer to this city and after a considerable settlement was agreed upon, our master eventually gave him permission to accept the promotion. I struggled to concede to my master's wishes, turning my back towards my dreams of motherhood, but some primal instinct continued yearning to feel life growing inside my ripe, fertile womb. The children will call my husband "dad", but only you control who their genetic makeup comes from.