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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Side By Side

fetish Karen Kraft 2018-02-13

One would have thought that Jane, June, Nikki, and Nathan's first double date would have been awkward and embarrassing, but it wasn't. While Jane and June were accustomed to the oddity of sex with her sister reading, sleeping, or watching TV, the twins figured any expectation that Nikki and Nathan might share such openness was dismissed, at least for the time being. After a month or two, Jane, June, and Nathan had quit pretending the non-engaging sister was not present during sex, but proactively discussed sexual their proclivities, kinks, and comfort levels. Nikki and June had ventured down that path often, and Jane had come to accept bondage play and allowed their body to participate, as a practical consideration.

Daddy's Nasty Kitten Ch. 2

fetish NiteWriter 2018-02-13

"Did you like feeling another man's cock in your cunt and ass?" Breathlessly, I reply softly, "Yes, daddy." A small tear streams down my cheek. "Yes daddy." Suddenly I can feel the hot cum in my pussy and ass and I need to be fucked, long and hard. He kind of fucks my anal hole with it and then when the clip is released the feeling of the warm water filling me, shooting into my ass makes me think of daddy's cock cumming deep inside me. "Oh god kitten, you dirty fuck toy." I clean daddy so good, not missing a drop of his hot cum.

Destination unknown

fetish BiCuckold1985 2018-02-13

You saw my dazzled look and smiled "not today I want you to arrive as yourself and give you a tour on our house and ground before you transform into my pet forever." I was relieved because I felt like I needed some time to get in the right move to face you again to realize everything and to get used to you in real life again before my head can unite the gentle, friendly and caring woman that welcomes me with me Reyna that's been only in my head for years.

A footjob from Rachel

fetish morgan1969 2018-02-13

”God, I’m getting fucking hot.” She pressed her right foot onto my hard on, stroking my cock with her toes, while I licked and kissed her left foot. "Your turn," she said and gently pushed me back against the arm, then ran her foot down my body until both feet were sitting on my crotch. “I need some lube,” she said and, mesmerised, I watched her pull her right foot to her own mouth and coat her foot, toes and soles, with saliva. “You like that?” she asked and soaked her other foot, then wrapped them both around my stiff cock and started to stroke up and down, with a slow and steady motion.

My night of disappointment

fetish 2018-02-13

Mission 3 would be in the evening and promised a load. 6 loads, my heart skipped a beat at the idea and desire to be cum d***k by the end of the night. I see mission 2 walking towards my house and I can feel my mouth water. A few hours pass and I feel my hunger aching inside me, needing to be fed. It's mission 3, a brief and easy "I'm ready, come over?" I grin with excitement, knowing the cum monster inside me will finally have it's relief! My mouth starts to work on him as soon as his cock makes it's appearance. Twice more I could feel him right on the edge.

Trinity on the Prowl Pt. 01: Her View

fetish JacobRain 2018-02-13

"You may have realized by now that no one would need a safety word for a game called no touching." I looked him in the eye and snagged his right arm to attach the second wrist cuff. I took it in my left hand and practiced the stroke a few times to get the feel, make sure I had the distance correct to hit the fleshy part of his perky ass and then swung it hard enjoying the loud crack and the jerk his body made in response. I took several steadying breaths enjoying the feel of his head trapped between my thighs, his hands tied visible to me just above his bare ass with shiny red cheeks.

Payback's a Bitch Ch. 02

fetish CheriSM 2018-02-13

Troy stroked his cock, spurts of cum hitting both Kate and Nicole in the face and into their mouths. Kate positioned her pussy over his face, while Nicole worked to bring his cock back to life with her mouth. Nick liked the feeling as Troy pulled almost all the way out and his cock head slid across his lips. Kate and Nicole were lubing Troy's cock and Nick's ass. Kate and Nicole positioned themselves behind Nick, telling Troy to cum on them. Nick sucked Troy's cock, swallowing his cum, was fucked by both Kate and Nicole with the strap-on, ate Troy's cum from Kate's ass after watching her be stretched fully.

Morgan's Feet

fetish zpitt27 2018-02-13

I ran my tongue along the bottom of her dirty purple sandals hoping that in time her feet would be in my mouth. She moved each foot to either side of my face, and began clapping her flip flops against her heels, knowing how hard that makes me. Morgan's purple flip flops were off entirely and her bare feet were now on my face. Her left foot, wet from my mouth, ran along the entire length of my cock. Morgan brought both her feet back around my cock and began to jerk me off faster. She brought her right foot up to her mouth and began to lick it clean.


fetish WFEATHER 2018-02-13

He touched her, he kissed her, he nibbled her, slowly heightening her arousal, not stopping until well after she was writhing upon the bed and pulling at the secure bonds... He touched her, he kissed her, he nibbled her, slowly heightening her arousal, not stopping until well after she was once again writhing upon the bed and pulling anew at the secure bonds... He kissed her as he fondled her breast and stroked her violet mane, and again, she heard the same sultry gasp of a woman nearing the brink of ecstasy. Just as that instinct to struggle truly rose to the foreground of her consciousness, she heard that same sultry gasp of a woman nearing the brink of ecstasy, and his grip suddenly slackened.

Elephant Cock

fetish badjoedirt 2018-02-13

as I continue to finger and eat her pussy, I slip my pinky in as well, and she jumps a little and says "what the fuck, how much you got in me?" I tell her I only have a couple fingers in her and to relax. Now, I would LOVE to get my whole fist in her pussy but I know that's just not going to happen as I have larger hands then even the elephant dildo is big... Now, the head on this thing is impressive, but the shaft was still a little larger than the head and I knew I had more work to go to get that cock into her pussy and before she started trying to get me to stop again.

Mary Farts Naughtily

fetish Vera42 2018-02-13

Mary waited a little longer, she felt so naughty for having farted on Amy's bed, but didn't plan on doing so any more. "Unngh" Mary softly groaned, and let out a puttering fart deeper into the sheets. Amy stood dumbfounded while Mary grimaced, and pushed out farts with all her might on Amy's favorite pillow. "You fat-assed farting slut!!" Amy screamed, then released a torrent of long chain farts on Mary's very surprised face. "POOOM POOOM POOM!" the farts echoed against the dorm walls, and poor Mary was receiving full blows of Amy's ass gas. Amy provided heartily, and let Mary lick her wet cunt and farting asshole. Amy continued to fart on Mary's face, and got wetter with each ass blast.

Kala and Kitty are Punished

fetish kchappell76 2018-02-13

Her mind slowly began seeking pleasure, when she grabbed Blackie from her backpack, and placed him underneath the front of her bra. After grabbing a gallon size freezer storage bag from her backpack, she carefully placed the dirty diaper inside of it, and closed it up. After putting on her black gothic boots, she grabbed her laptop, and began converting what the camera witnessed into a dvd for her Daddy to watch. The pee from the diaper began pushing up on the stuffed animal, as her wet pussy forced kitty into the diaper. Because she had started fucking the sock animal harder, the butt plug slip out, and a gush of water and shit began filling the diaper.

A Quickie

fetish zrob 2018-02-13

Pushing her head even further between his legs, Randi sucked one of his balls into her mouth while gently stroking his cock with the hand holding her cigarette. Randi placed her tiny hands on his muscular thighs and began fucking his cock with her face, a low moan building deep in her throat. Later, Randi was lying naked in Steve's arms, her head lying on his deep, smooth chest, a french-manicured finger tracing the outline of one of his nipples as he gently stroked her slender thigh. Randi groaned and broke their kiss, pulling his face down over her shoulder, her eyes shut, panting with lust, a contented smile on her lips.

Love Cream I'm Addicted True Story

fetish 425olds 2018-02-13

She got her one hand tickling my balls an the other between our bodies using her fingers in the V applying pressure to the sides of my cock and brings her that hand up to my face and I can see the Love Cream on all white glistening wet on her fingers , but wait I have already cum a few times in her already dripping pussy so I know my cum and her pussy lube is on her fingers, I know is my cum and I don't care. Once more I know its my cum mixed with her pussy juice, she brings her hand up to my face once again I can see the thick white love cream on her fingers being careful not loose any she wipes a little under my nose and I take in another deep breath and feel my male desire for pussy as I thrust harder and deeper into my wife's already wet pussy.

Appointment By Card Only. part two

fetish midsummerman 2018-02-13

'You'll come with me to the ante room and we'll make you comfortable, then you can tell us what you like; there's no hurry.' Bruce's cock erected as he was led through the plush hallway, the first thing that hit him was the scent of femininity which permeated the house; a girl in a flowing white dress and wearing a collar was led on a leash up a broad staircase by an eager looking gentleman; they were passed by a slender woman in a short leather skirt with black pantyhose and boots as she descended, she flexed the crop she was carrying and smiled as she found the new arrival eyeing her.

Footfuckers - Barefoot Roxy

fetish FootjobLover 2018-02-13

In this scene, she had slowly foot-fucked this guy in the tub, sensually soaping his hard cock with her soles and toes, occasionally allowing him to suck and lick her bare feet. Gav watched, open-mouthed and panting, as these beautiful bare pornstar feet began to caress and stroke the entire length of his penis, back and forth, back and forth; her toes making fists around the tip of his cock, then opening beautifully, gliding down the entire length of his dick to his balls. His hard-on had returned fairly easily from watching her licking his sperm from her beautiful bare feet, not to mention from her insanely sexy pink toes still in his mouth.

Slap & Tickle Ch. 9

fetish Hudson 2018-02-13

Linda rocked her hips pushing the air against her crimsoned cunt, looking for a way to stimulate her want, Julie lay motionless, I draw the hose further back this time letting the tip hit Julie's cunt, she squealed, and Linda moaned from the touch, their pelvic thrusts in time with each other, I shortened my grip on the hose and quickened my hits moving in time with each synchronised thrust of the girls, stroke stoke, stroke, Linda's buttocks tightened and she screamed as her orgasm ripped through her body, her pussy lips pulled in tight clenching at every inch of her pleasure, the sound of Linda's ache being released, brought deep moans from Julie's throat her back arching as her hips pumped the air, she closed her legs rubbing her wet lips together stimulating her desire, then she paused her anus pushing sky ward her legs trembling uncontrollable, her head lifting as her orgasm pulsated through her entire body.

Charlie's Fantasies Come True

fetish Naughtyboy1986 2018-02-13

When Charlie entered their bedroom, Liz was stood there, one foot on the bed and wearing nothing but black knee high latex boots and what looked like a pair of black latex crotchless panties with some sort of buckle design. As Charlie began to lick he felt Liz start to undo his trousers to release his throbbing hard cock from its confines. Regardless, Charlie continued with his task – currently giving her ass hole some undivided attention – when to his relief Liz stopped playing with his cock. With no further permission required Charlie thrust his cock deep into Liz's pussy, shooting a massive creamy load filling her to the point where it was leaking out onto his balls.

Cub Reporter Becomes a Human Cow

fetish homeboundboy 2018-02-13

They shrugged off Jessica's concerns about how they were bound in place for the milkings, explaining that otherwise they might squirm too much and could hurt themselves if they pulled away from the milking machines. Brian agreed, "That way we wouldn't have to worry about contamination the lines." Jessica wasn't sure what that meant, since she didn't think she would be producing any milk. We'll need you to sign all of these." Jessica looked over the forms quickly and signed each at the bottom, getting more and more excited at the thought of being strapped to one of the milking machines. The machine would alternatively milk her breasts, which she felt growing larger by the day, the hormones doing their job, and stimulating her anally and vaginally.

Night Shift Pt. 02

fetish Peethagoras 2018-02-13

Before they got married, they fucked at every opportunity; while parents were out for just minutes, sneaking into their respective homes when they knew their parents were out for a considerable time, but, most of all, Jeff remembered the sessions they had in his car. Jeff realised that she hadn't come back to the car and looked up to see her parading about the road naked in the beam of the headlights, striking poses. 'I wonder what happened to that sexy, exciting, girl,' Jeff thought as he neared his home, 'We never have sex like that now. 'Why do I feel like this?' Sally wondered, 'I wish when I get home, Jeff is there having decided to take the day off work, and he gives me a good hard fucking.

Breakfast in Bed

fetish Musa83 2018-02-13

I can feel the pussy juice dripping down my thighs and that makes my dick even more painfully hard. I pushed her up with my thighs as if to insert my dick inside her pussy but she said "It's not yet time, dessert comes last baby." "Wow that was delicious." I said; with a full tummy and milk dripping down my chin. The pussy juice came nonstop and I ate like a hungry street kid. "It's time for my breakfast too." She started sucking and licking my dick which was already dripping wet. My face is wet with pussy juice and that drives 360 volt of electricity to my dick as she sucks me dry.

Legends of the Fel Ch. 05

fetish leaky_one 2018-02-13

Tan stared in half horror and half sexual thrill as he took on the sight of the army encamped around the city's walls. The distance was too great for Tan to make out the sight of the uncovered pussies arrayed before the cities walls but he knew well from the tales that where the armour ended at the women's waist, nudity took over. Tan watched on with a growing thrill and wonder as his piss pattered over the bare flesh of the naked body of Tavern owner's daughter. Suddenly she stirred in her sleep moaning slightly as the golden shower of Tan's piss continued to rain down over her naked flesh.

My New Masters Ch. 3

fetish jamiesecret 2018-02-13

Malik stopped and pushed me back onto my back saying, “look Wendy, the whore is getting off on this.” I looked down in horror and realized that my little cock was hard, and poking from my panties. She stared right in his face, and said, “you’re right, there is only one way to deal with this betrayal.” Wendy then sank to her knees, and grabbed Maliks now softened cock. Wendy then got up and pulled her clothes off; she looked at Al and said, “ready for a real woman?” Al just put his foot on my chest and shoved me away. Wendy got on top of Al facing away, looking right at me she slid down onto Al’s thick black cock.

The Slave Girl (Chapter 6)

fetish wastedaway 2018-02-13

Satisfied with a small clearing, he demanded: "Give me your hands." Quivering with the joy of being alone with him, Miss Corey Gibson surrendered to the breathtaking sensuousness of watching the rope prison her wrists. There's the Auction boys to pay, there's a couple of political factions, there's the lousy police, and there's some damn heavy bribery to find the girls, get them k**napped and delivered to where the coffle starts it's trek." He grinned, admiring her taut loveliness in its tiring kneel. Quietly smiling, her Master stood her upright before nineteen curious girls, tied her ankles tight, then took her crossed wrists to the nape of her neck and tied them to her collar.