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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Friendly Favours Ch. 02

fetish Goey 2018-02-13

Her finger slides out of my ass as she removes her hand from my clit and she slides two fingers into my pussy, fucking me ferociously with them, I whimper as I feel myself failing to hold back, I scream out as I fully climax, Steve and Tom sit with their mouths hanging open in amazement, as I gush all over Jess's face. Still spreading my cheeks wide apart I feel the large head of Tom's cock rest against my gaping asshole, wet with precum, he moves his hands away as he pushes it in.

A Pleasurable Night

fetish banghimgood 2018-02-13

I speak up: “Manicure and pedicure, shampoo and possible low lights...for her.” She smiles and looks at you: “Okay, follow me.” You two walk away and she places a vinyl wrap around you and then settles you into the chair to shampoo your hair. Here comes over this sales associate and politely asks: “May I help you find something?” “As a matter of fact....” I start to look back to where this voice originated: “yes” I tell her. “I assure you-I am straight.” She laughs and says: “Follow me.” The way she walks in her tight black pants as her long curly, flowing hair slightly sways side-to-side-I find my eyes glued to her ass. I grab your hair and pull: “I didn’t ask you.” I unzip my pants and begin to fuck your very wet pussy.

Celebrity Scents Ch. 01

fetish Nomdeplumfutuo 2018-02-13

She has long, light brown hair that she keeps in tight braids at the pool, soft skin, tanned, that shows off her perfect complexion, and an ass I loved to look at every time she walked out to the lifeguard stand. It was all there, salty sweat from being out in the sun all day, and a bit of ass, clean, but recognizable, along with the distinctive smell of her sex, musky, indescribably Katie. It was a very unceremonial fuck, impulse driven and wild, and looking back at it I would have liked to have been able to take my time and enjoy it a bit more, but I certainly wasn't going to complain.

The Fetish Continues

fetish biisgreat 2018-02-13

"Don't be mad darling, Claire's as turned on as I am," said my wife, resting her hand on my bare leg, "I'm so proud of you." She leant towards me and kissed me, a long passionate "I want to fuck you" kiss. They kissed again this time Sue unzipped Claire which gave me a nice view of her pretty light blue bra, her gorgeous boobs nearly falling out of the lacy lingerie. I needed little encouragement as I licked at her sloppy pussy, sucking and swallowing our mixed juices while Sue watched me, rubbing her clit until she came again about 30 seconds after Claire.

Amy's Story

fetish TripleJJJ 2018-02-13

Amy thought about it a moment, it was really tasty and it wasn't like she was going to get drunk on a couple glasses of wine... Jenny laughed, "Good thing I brought more than one bottle," she said and filled Amy's glass without asking. She wasn't sure how much time had passed since they'd come out to the pool, but she knew she'd smoked another cigarette and Jenny had just poured them the last of the second bottle of wine. Jenny smilled and filled the glass, Amy was really starting to get drunk, she was slurring her words and swaying a bit in her chair.

Election Ch. 01

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-02-13

It was perhaps not altogether surprising that Anne was determined to avoid wetting herself whilst out canvassing if possible and it was rapidly become apparent that her only option was to knock on a door and ask to use somebody's loo. The man looked at Anne with disdain but there was a distinct bulge in his trousers which hadn't been there before she'd mentioned her (now urgent) need of a loo. "Sir, my husband cares a great deal about parliamentary standards and, like all the other candidates, he's committed to making sure that sort of thing doesn't happen again. Unable to hold her pee a second longer, Anne parted her legs and peed hard, her golden stream landing on the concrete of the garden path.

Sissy Boy Secretary Ch. 03

fetish Hotenuf4u 2018-02-13

"Follow me Sissy Boy, I think we know your size already," as she led me back to the clothing racks, swinging her ass as we went. I reached to take the panties to go to the dressing room to try them on, but she pulled them away, "Where do you think you are going Sissy Boy? I saw her walking over to Sue and giving her a deep kiss, "Thank-you for the use of Elaine's Sissy Boy. I had a lot of fun." The other woman did the same thing and I watched as both left the store, smiling as they went. "I had fun, thank-you very much for this afternoon Sissy Boy. Give my regards to Elaine." She then kissed me, swatted my ass, handed me the keys, then walked away.

Birth of a Fetish

fetish TheJTrain 2018-02-13

I felt my cock stiffening again as I continued to play with the hairs and sniff and lick her spend and over the course of the next few days, jacked off so many times I swear I was just cumming dust (poof! I thought my lust and pilfering had gone undetected all that time but as we lie there in bed several months later, my cock still glistening with the thick combination of our sexual juices, she ran her fingers across my chest and laughingly told me that she had known right from the day that first pair had disappeared that I borrowed her dirty panties on a regular basis.

First Sheer Nylon Fun

fetish sheerpeter 2018-02-13

As the assistant gently folded the scarf up again and slid it into a paper bag, a female voice to my left said, "They're like gossamer, aren't they?" I've always got excited when I've seen women dressed in sheer clothing in magazines, on the TV or in films, so I've been longing to try the feel of the fabric against my skin for ages and I finally plucked up the courage to buy some." I pulled it out carefully and folded the square scarf corner to corner and placed it over my lower face ready to fix it at the back of my head, but as soon as the fabric touched my skin, this wave of unexpected pleasure ran through my body.

A Wild Adventure With A Prostitute

fetish Jae_one_01 2018-02-13

I told her that being that I could not get what I really wanted she would have to get my balls really good and also lick my ass hole, to which she had no objections. I was hard as all hell when she took me in her mouth, her hands on my balls where still a little cold, but it felt wonderful. I started pulling down her panties and as I rubbed and caressed some more I realized that what I thought were her pussy lips was actually her a dick. The time in between was with me fucking Andrea and her licking and fingering my ass hole, which I enjoyed immensely.

After School Lessons Ch. 2

fetish krilencu00 2018-02-13

Lee stood and followed, he heard the swish of the crop and collapsed in pain as it made contact with his penis, "Good boy" Janice said stepping back onto the floor and rubbing his pert ass. Lee guessed he would not like any 'surprises' but was terrified of the punishment for disobedience so he rapidly stood in the corner, facing the wall, his stupid mini-skirt creased and riding up his back. "Now darling you be a good boy or there'll be more trouble than you could ever imagine." As she walked away the doorbell rang and Lee shook in fear. "Yes Goddess, I love being your little slut" Janice smiled one of her wicked smiles as she asked one of the lesbians to fetch a tape recorder.

Dream come true

fetish german-rosi 2018-02-13

I bet my fat cock will fill you up nicely." I then felt him climb on the bed and he pulled my panties down and began rubbing his hardness against my wet pussy lips. Louis walked in, came up to me and whispered in my ear, "I hope you love your surprise, and I love you baby." "You look incredible with your legs spread and all these men hovering over you." I told him, "Yes I was in heaven and thank you for the fantasy come true." Jerry asked Louis if he wanted a turn seeing it was his wife. I got on top of Fred and slid on his cock with Jerry cumming up behind me and sliding his thick hard on up my tight ass.

Got Milk? - Delilah & Mac Ch. 01

fetish Little_Mac 2018-02-13

18-year-old Mackenzie (affectionately called "Mac" by his friends and peers) could only wipe the sweat gleaming on his forehead as he hiked up the steps of his high school. Standing back, Delilah showcased her surprise for Mac; even though she was a tomboy, she made the decision of dressing up today for him: A long sleeved black blouse with white dots, followed by a thigh length floral white skirt. look at the rest, dude..." Mac could only obliged once the shock value wore out, but what he saw next he was totally not prepared for: I wanted to dress up, just for you, Mac. But, you have to be patient until after school.

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 07

fetish cfblover 2018-02-13

She said, "I liked that, let's do it again." So I picked up the second balloon, put my penis back inside Abigail's pussy, and we squeezed the balloon between us. She said, "No, the first time I decided to come home early because my friend was being annoying, the second time I figured you wouldn't be doing anything with Abigail gone, and this time I thought you would want to use my English horn." The next day though when we woke up, Mallory said, "So, about my English horn." I was thinking, why is she so horny when she is around us, I mean the only thing she talks to us about mainly is sex. She said, "Good." I took me penis out of her English horn and my cum started oozing out of it.

Part 1. A girl rediscovers her father.

fetish 2018-02-13

Shortly after that my father left home, my mothers debauchery knowing no bounds as a constant stream of men, made no secret of their loud and incessant fucking, there were many mornings I awoke with the bitter aftertaste of strangers semen in my mouth, being occasionally facialized, primarily of my beautiful c***dlike looks, saw me driven, like my father, from the f****y home, and found me where I am now, lying in bed listening to my fathers machinations, almost three years from my first bleeding, our beds sharing a common wall, a thin plasterboard boundary carrying every sound we both made, tonight it was he, exciting me, hence my wetness, I may be his daughter, but that accursed law outside on the other side of his front door, I turned in the darkness and pressed my naked form against the cool wall, had it not been there, my leg would have slipped across his and his cock would now posses my cunt.

Colour Blind

fetish sarahsmith1989 2018-02-13

Our entire town had only a handful of black families which gave me pretty slim-pickens when it came to finding a man. I had seen these videos on the internet where guys would get sucked off anonymously through holes in the wall. He looked to be in charge, so I decided he was the one to ask about these mythical booths from the videos. The action on screen had got me feeling very warm, so I reached down my jeans and started to rub. My sounds identified me to the booth next door, soon a great white cock entered my room through the hole connecting the two stalls. I couldn't decide who enjoyed this more, but I knew he felt great inside of me.


fetish MsViolent 2018-02-13

Sarah looked at her friend next to her, watching him stare, smiling as she did. Sarah's eyes went back to the table, first to the woman, and then to the man, and his bandaged knees. The woman at the table standing before him, her pencil skirt hiked high above her hips, with her panties in a bunch on the floor, smiling down at the man on his knees before her. Sarah, leaned forward nonchalantly, and ran her hands across her knees, letting the woman know she noticed the man and his bandaged knees. Sarah smiled at the gesture, turning toward her friend as she did, and looking down at the band-aids on his knees.

Pregnancy Pill Ch. 03

fetish Bumpman 2018-02-13

The two didn't know it, but Dr.Walters had laced the champagne fountain with a generous dose of his pregnancy pill, plus an oyster extract he developed to increase horniness in anyone who took it. She didn't know the tight bride's maid dresses were chosen so they couldn't wear panties. After watching her friend for a few minutes, Elizabeth was beginning to feel the heat and the good doc moved quickly. "Uugggh," Brian grunt as he released his baby-making juice deep inside Jo, who went into a multi-orgasm that rolled her eyes back into her head. Just seconds later, dad let go his life seed and filling Elizabeth to unbelievably for a 47-year-old man.

My First Crush

fetish kingkeywriter 2018-02-13

Hell, I feel as if I could come just looking at Mrs. Hipps, pressing her wonderful rump against her car, smoking her cigarette, and blowing smoke in my face. But it's hard to relax when I soak in the magnificence of Mrs. Hipps in her slinky garterbelt and stockings, her form-fitting, shiny dress, and her high-society gloves. Say "intercourse" and I will always visualize her the way she looks now, her precisely coiffed hair now disheveled from the thrashing movement of her ethereal body, drops of perspiration despite the cool September night air, and an animation I've never seen in her green eyes before, a cauldron of lust, benevolence, and triumph.

The chair of the White Queen.

fetish R3DD3R 2018-02-13

I walk to the chair and wait, i look to you and you smile, “Yes, sit.” The warm words roll across your lips, almost hinting at concern, that I may be tired after long travel or weary at the end of a long day. I know this is to help distract and prepare me for what's ahead, they are skilled and it's working, I feel the chair lower closer to the floor as the massaging stops. I hear the soft tap of her shoes come to the top of the chair, tap, tap, one each side of my head, I feel her above me, her hands on me, not soft and relaxing now but with nails from my hips to my shoulders, sharp scr****g, cold like goosebumps, then hot pain trailing her fingers.

Mother Knows Best

fetish Deecee29 2018-02-13

She couldn't catch you at the office before you left, but she let me know that after talking it over it over with all her men friends, all eight of them, none want to use condoms." Over the next twelve weeks Norman's mother got her wish that he get know more about Nora's studs. Norman ended up doing a lot of babysitting for their baby son, while she continued to see and sex her various men friends and their friends. Norman, realizing that might take 12-15 years, had the resigned look of defeat on his face, knowing that his wife wouldn't want to have his k** after having all those of her lovers.

SD Wild Pony Races Ch. 01

fetish SDcowboy 2018-02-13

"Yes master, as you wish." Ali replied as she rubbed the tip of the black toy in-between her wet pussy lips to gather moisture before placing the thick shaft on the opening of her tight ass. "I really love a big hard cock in my ass and the feel of hot cum shooting inside of me." Ali said to the men. I am really horny and want you guys to take turns fucking my hot little pussy and ass." Ali said with a moan. Ali hooked her arms on the woman's thighs and held her firm as she started to the suck long strings of the bikers cum out of her pussy.

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 12

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-02-13

Sharon had found someone she could love and own and Bobby had been placed with a dominant suitable to Deb's liking. Knowing Mariko was here and the sudden realization of being in the presence of several hundred mistresses made him feel diminutive and insignificant indeed. "Do you Mistress Debra take this slave Bobby Ashby, formally number 2235 to be your married slave? "I knew within the week of getting him," she tilted her head toward the slave still on all fours and facing away from everyone, "that I wanted this day to come. Speaking with more force she repeated and pushed the microphone into his face, "Do you promise, Bobby Ashby, to love and care for me?"

Fun Down Under Ch. 02

fetish watchdwag 2018-02-13

Jayne was groaning loud now as I swiped my tongue up and down her slit, stopping to draw her clit into my mouth and tease it, suck it, biting gently before heading back down to her hole. "Fuck, oh I love your tongue, eat me, eat my ass," Jayne cried as I saw John shifting in his chair to my left as he reached down and started rubbing the outside of his own shorts. Taking my cock in her hand she let her hand slide up and down the shaft just a couple of times before looking him dead in the eyes said two words, "Suck it."