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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Hotel: Renovation

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-02-13

The dress is short and the lone leg nice, the other hidden somewhere, maybe it ends near her hip. Her face is like so many other woman I've seen on the streets the last two days, maybe more lovely as I consider her for awhile while unfastening my belt and pushing my trousers down along my legs. The taxi lets me out in front of the hotel and I pause trying to decide if I should walk a few blocks to the bar where I met Nom. I already feel as if I could use another quick orgasm and some good kissing. My hand finally slides under the near non-existent skirt and finds her stump to be only a few inches long, just a small mound of flesh next to thong panties.

A Voyeur at My Door

fetish Honda629 2018-02-12

The other foot rubbing passionately on my crotch, I soon came into her reeking black loafers. You were so respectful to your mother and me at my therapy session I felt that I needed more of your loving. We didn't know a man such as yourself could be so loving to stinky feet. Licked the grime in between them, licked her wrinkled soles and heels, arches and kissed and then fucked her feet to my satisfaction. Then I done the same passionate loving to her daughter's feet. "Would you like to lick food off our feet son?" Taking turns to be loved, Katie sucked my member next then mother. I sniffed their feet like a dog in the living room and put on their clothes.

Janice & My Fetish Ch. 04

fetish LegsAndFeet123 2018-02-12

Janice walked out and I watched her as her feet stride out of the room, wet patches around her socks. "Oh, okay, sorry, haha." Lily let go of Janice's foot and they smiled at eachother and continued to watch the movie. "I'll go wash my feet now." Janice got off the bed and spotted her white knee high socks. Janice grinned at me and quickly went into the bathroom and washed her feet of my cum and chucked her ankle socks in the laundry basket. I watched as Janice slipped her cum smothered feet into her slippers like nothing and walk out the door. I lay down on the bed and watched through the doorway of the bathroom as Janice took off her socks and cleaned her feet.

Flight SH 123 to Corfu Ch. 06 of 07

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-02-12

Danny then complied accordingly: lying down exactly as Chief Stewardess Julie Davies had instructed him, upon the poolside-recliner-like contraption -- Air Purification Technician Service Vehicle D. With an air of brisk, economy-of-movement efficiency, Chief Stewardess Julie Davies and her three colleagues set about their task: firmly securing Danny and his three former classmates aboard their service vehicles; restraining them with the five sturdy leather straps, by their wrists, ankles, and neck. With the leather sole of her right, uniform issue, two-inch heeled, dark-blue pump shod foot, the senior air hostess pushed Air Purification Technician Service Vehicle D, now bearing the securely strapped-down, taped-over-mouthed Danny, back on track -- back, onto the grooved rails that ran along the under-seat space of the Flying Pencil's fuselage.

A Taste for Designer Shoes Ch. 01

fetish biggles3309 2018-02-12

There were two ladies that worked in the place, one was an owner of the company and whilst not ugly, looking good was not high on her list of priorities and she spent most of her days in un-ironed jeans & T-shits. Over the next 3 hours I must have broken records for the number of cups of tea I made, the kitchen being located at the bottom of the stairs to the sales floor and standing the door way of the kitchenette gave me line of site to Karin's desk and a clear view of those killer heels. "Oh any ideas about taking me roughly over the desk are never going to happen, I'm married and very happy with how my husband makes me scream when I'm skewered by his cock, but I like the idea of having a plaything that shares my joy of shoes."

My Doctors Exam

fetish jpscorp 2018-02-12

before i could even answer, she pulled the paper gown up to my chest and totally exposed my cock and balls to the room. Now I don't know how long a genital examination usually takes or if it is normal for the doctor to hold ones cock during the exam but I was getting worried so i finally spoke up. She had her left hand completely wrapped around my hard cock and her right hand was massaging my balls as opposed to examining them. Her tits spilled out landing on the table and i quickly got a hand under the left one and took that hard nipple in my fingers pinching it roughly. I told her about being naked, wearing that little paper gown and how the doctor finger fucked my ass.

Sunday Morning

fetish oggbashan 2018-02-12

"Among many other tricks of the trade she tells how to make someone helpless with just two short pieces of string this long." She held her hands about 30 cm apart. Anjana wound the string around them and crossed the knot, pulling tight. Elena wound the second piece of string around my big toes. She went into the hall returning with a large handful of my wife's silk scarves. Anjana put the other scarves beside me on the settee and spread the white one between her hands. I couldn't free myself from those ridiculously short pieces of string as Anjana blindfolded me with another scarf. "I'm so sorry to screw up your wife's beautiful scarves," I heard Anjana say, "but we wanted you helpless.

Mother-In-Law's House

fetish PmelCalTech 2018-02-12

With one pair on my nose and another on my cock masturbating, it wasn't long before I exploded my built up load of cum in her panty crotch. She also told me she started fantasizing about rubbing her sticky wet panties on my face while she had them on and would explode with powerful orgasm's. With that said she got up, took her panties and bra off, then put the soaking wet panties on my face, and mounted my still rock hard cock. I noticed the very top pair, a blue silky brief with lace trim with the inside crotch face up with sticky wet, cum soaked pussy cream.

I Love The Taste

fetish 2018-02-12

My wife finds it a little weird but she's cool with it, we've been married 5 years, over the past year she has helped me experiment with s**t; me watching her poop, her shitting in my hands and a couple times on my chest, she has always refused to go in my mouth. Her big yellow ass right over my face, she releases a few smelly farts and then I see a pretty brown turd peeking at me, I open my mouth immediately and a rush of poop fills my cheeks. I gulp down whats in my mouth and then she releases another mountain of poop, she now has my c*ck in her hand using it to hold herself up and squeezing it every time she pushes out a turd.

Mommies Make Great Pets! pt. 02

fetish JaxsonCurry 2018-02-12

When it finally did, Stacey turned off the water, took hold of the "Butter Cup, you are being such a good girl doggy, now hold still as I "Does my little puppy like all the attention her new master is giving her? I so desperately wanted to show my daughter I was a good puppy. "Bark for me Butter Cup, show mommy how much you enjoy humping her leg." fucked my daughter's leg like the bitch in heat I was. Now I know I promised Butter Cup that I would let her inside the house if she behaved like a good puppy, but she really doesnt want to come inside all the real a****ls live than inside the house like the mother she used

Her Will Be Done Pt. 01

fetish IndyML 2018-02-12

"Jesus fucking Christ, look," she exclaimed in sarcastic bewilderment and pulled my head away from the balls resting on my chin, she had ordered me to lick whilst she rubbed the shaft of his cock through the skin of my neck. "Sucking cock makes me get hard because I'm so turned on by big, hard throbbing cocks that are full of the hot cum I want to swallow and have shot on my face and up my arse," I confessed looking each man and woman in the eye as the words left my mouth. She trained me to love cock and cum by fucking my arse and mouth with her quiver of cocks as she explained every detail of forthcoming events,"

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 18

fetish Thorilla 2018-02-12

Out of the blackness two pairs of hands grabbed me and tore off my dressing gown; they guided me back naked to a bed which was half way along one side of the long room. Before I knew what was happening two girls dressed in long cotton nightdresses grabbed my wrists and pulled me over to another bed on the opposite side of the room. She swung her legs over me and dropped the hem of her nightdress as I felt Kate's slim fingers and cat-like tongue on my penis. I lay there watching her cup and caress my hairy scrotum and at the same time felt her tonguing my penis gently inside her mouth.


fetish 2018-02-12


30 Days or Bust: Day 02

fetish l8bloom 2018-02-12

These thoughts brushed through my mind just as my hands would carefully adjust a dial. I set the coffee on the deck and attacked the back yard, raking vigorously and enjoying the crunch, whoosh, of the dead leaves. And so, on only the second day I'd ever laid eyes on this man, I straddled his hips and felt the heat of his erection as he laid his mouth to my breasts. Immediately he lifted his head away from my body and pushed my hand away from his crotch. "The other thing that's important is that, even though what we're doing here is intimate, a certain" – he waved a hand in the air, as if trying to catch the word – "a certain professionalism applies."

Steven's Fetish

fetish eurorevenue 2018-02-12

I felt my cock stir in my pants as I let my mind wander about what I would do, the smell of cum, watching whatever beautiful center they had and the release I was aching to have for so long now. We both sat there staring at the TV for a few moments when he turned to me and asked me if I wanted to see a video of one of their parties. I didn't want to be sitting there on Mark and Christie's couch with a full hard on. As I returned my gaze to the TV, I noticed Mark wasn't even trying to hide his hard on and Christie seemed to be fidgeting in her chair.

Cold Winter Mornings and Old Men's cocks

fetish 2018-02-12

Stig looked at me as my panties flew through the air and landed at his feet, 'Sure Mariel', and a smile broke across his face, 'Give me a show', was his last words I heard as I closed the door, my bum shining in the light as I had naughtily hiked my short skirt high to show my brazen nakedness, and went to the main building to study bare-assed amongst the males, who says going commando is not an exciting endeavor, besides, three in the afternoon is dark, so there is always Stig, two fucks a day is becoming the norm for me, and I smile at the thought and walk to my class, my pussy feeling the urge yet again, such is the power of recovery in a f******n year old pussy.

Slut Wife at the Movies

fetish Rudolf420 2018-02-12

"Put his cock in my pussy for me, darling," I said, and Cal quickly moved closer to us, grasping the man's dick, then spreading my cunt open for it before sliding it into me. Other men were all around us now, and before I began sucking the man next to me, I said to our new lovers, "You can all come on my face, if you like, or wait and fuck me, your choice. I stood up, grinned at Cal, kissed him again, letting him taste some of the man's cum and piss, then turned to the sink, splashing water over my face, cleansing it with some of the industrial strength soap from a large container of liquid soap sitting on the counter next to the sink.

Brotherly Lust

fetish Nick_Mason 2018-02-12

In his own room Nick glanced over to his bed, as Katie continued to yell and throw things around searching for her missing socks. Time in work passed slowly, and while Nick considered texting Katie to ask whether she'd found any socks, he was sure it was better not to let his mind wander back onto her legs and feet. I told you, I wanna see if I can make you cum in your shorts.' She laughed a little cruelly before lifting her legs up and kicking her gothic boots off, revealing her dainty sock-clad feet. 'I know you like to see black polish on my pale feet.' She hooked her thumbs under the hem of her right sock and slowly eased it down, revealing her leg inch by inch until she reached her ankle.

The Hand

fetish Nickoxoxo 2018-02-12

My hand falls from your waist to your thigh, as the persistent kissing of you neck relentlessly continues my hand slides back up to your waist from your thigh gathering dress fabric on it’s journey of feeling the soft skin or a male is a fine pleasure to be savored slowly like a fine whiskey, the softness of the skin gives way to a few elastic bumps my heart skips a beat, the bl**d in my veins feels as it is pumping faster and hotter, the smell of your perfume, making me feel giddy with primal desire for you with a leg fully exposed for all Manila city to see from below.

Her Majesty's Creampie

fetish conroy39 2018-02-12

"Her Majesty the Queen has requested the presence of one of her young Lancers to guard her chambers," said Waring. So I saluted Waring (he actually laughed at this), quickly finished polishing my boots, put on my best hat, buckled on my sword, and went all the way up the tower and along the passage to the Queen's chambers. Queen Sella closed her eyes again, brushing her hair out of her face with one pale, chubby hand. "No matter how good it feels." The Queen pressed slightly against her swollen bulge, then shivered, her breasts jiggling. Sella looked like a great mass of velvet and flesh blocking out the light, and a big droplet of cream was forming above me in her still-gaping pussy.

Secret Pleasures, Good Girl

fetish Sas It Up2 2018-02-12

Sighing softly I opened my eyes to try and tighten the corset a bit more, I could feel the fantasy developing in my mind, and see the effects it had on my body. "Maybe you should, dressing up can be a lot of fun" He smiled as he looked over her body, she was a mans fantasy. All white a vision, dark black hair floating down her back, she looked like a woman who could make you beg to touch her and yet she would beg for every inch of your cock as you slipped into her body. "Yess....please...I its been so long...I need to feel....." she reached down between their bodies and grabbed at his slacks...pulling the material down she heard him intake his breath and try to calm himself.

Haley's Foot Empire Ch. 02

fetish brisocks 2018-02-12

He finally took notice of what Haley's footwear, a pair of furry boots that looked like they would be worn almost exclusively around the house, not out and about. With the boots away, Haley rubbed her socks against his face faster than before, but stopped after only a few moments and looked down. Without notice, the socked feet extended from his hands and reached again for his face, massaging it for a moment as Haley laughed and asked "How do they feel?" It was all too much for Connor to process, and the thought and smell of her socks filled his head as cum raced for a final release. Thin nylons, thick boot socks, two whole drawers of fuzzy ones like Haley wore now; the variety was greater than that which Connor knew existed.

in the begining

fetish amitokinki 2018-02-12

I pulled her tights down till only one leg still had them one and drove my tongue up her pussy as I did she grabbed my ass cheeks in her hands and began to squeeze them and smack them which I loved . I wanted to fuck her and wasted no more time I swung off her and got between her legs for one more taste as I did so she brought her feet to my cook and jacked it , I brought my cock to her pussy and ran it up and down her wet lips till she grabbed me and pulled me inside of her ‘ I leaned down and kissed her as she wrapped her legs around me .

Spilled Milk Ch. 02-03

fetish mr_incognit0 2018-02-12

The past week had been hell; Kate and Mike were crippled by addiction, and weren't going to last much longer. Two figures dressed in black slowly exited the truck, and began a brief hike to the steel gates of the walled Bolstein complex. They lay flat on the dirty steel floor and counted the minutes until the truck slowly moved past the gate. Mike nodded at Kate, and they silently ran toward the door of the barn, keeping clear of the cabin to the truck. The cold, metal hands tore through Kate's black sweatshirt and she let out a bloodcurdling scream, but her voice was lost to the clamor of machines. The belt soon brought Kate out from the dark, quiet tunnel and into a massive, brightly-lit assembly line.