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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Prove It

fetish ticklechambers 2018-02-12

Especially clumsy people, who randomly stop jogging when they're in front of someone, and then yell at them for no reason," He gave me a slightly annoyed look, "and you may call me Matt, not jerk face." Matt walked up to me and looked right and close into my eyes, I could feel his breath hot on my face, I could smell the oh-so-heated scent of his aftershave. "Now Summer," Matt began to talk, rubbing my clit with his finger and the outside of my opening with another, "the rules have a changed a bit now, you see, you've been so stubborn." I was tiring and I couldn't fight back.

More Pantyplay with Louise

fetish pervert4panties 2018-02-12

She answered the door wearing an old t-shirt that was almost too small--her big nipples were poking through the fabric--and a pair of black nylon briefs. Back in her bedroom, the first thing I saw was a big wet spot on the sheets, more dirty clothes overfilling a laundry basket (including the filthy panties she wore the last time we fucked--right on top!) The room reeked of sex! We started in the living room; he stripped my blouse and bra off, kissed me all over my neck and tits while rubbing my coochie through my pantyhose. "You must really like these panties!" Louise said as I rolled off.

The Operative: File 03

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-02-12

I came up from the roll on one knee, instantly grabbing two dicks and jamming them between my tits, then I pinned my huge mams into place with my elbows as I snagged another two cocks, stuffing one than the other beneath the weight of each big boob. The motion popped the dicks between both sets of lips free, my final oral suck and kegal setting them both off; they shot wads so forcefully up and down my body the two streams of cum connected in a messy burst, my tits catching some of the huge load.

Hot Springs Threesome (MFM)

fetish daveevans 2018-02-12

I have been dying to tell you guys about what I got up to last Thursday at the Radium Hot Springs. The background is that I somehow heard about these natural hot springs about an hour from Kip's place in Breckenridge but nobody I knew had been to them. The directions I had for the hot springs were perfect, there was 1 car in the parking area when I arrived and I walked the 20 minutes to the springs. The couple, Rachel and Brian, were really cool., I offered them a drink which they thought was great since they had just run out and were going to do a run back to their car for more booze.

A Taste of the Exotic

fetish Reggad 2018-02-12

(At least that’s what I think I said, too nervous, too much to drink, but at least rewarded by a flush of the cheeks and a modest smile) After a moment of blushing she asked me if I’d really seen her dance before telling her that I could watch only her. “Oh yes,” She said drawing out the S, “This is what I have been missing all this time.” I instinctively sucked her big toe into my mouth as she brought her other foot up and started rubbing it against my chest. As I returned to my duties in tongue massaging her right foot, Marla slipped her left down to my crotch and tickled my growing cock through my pants.

Ooze Ch. 01

fetish eeeliborne666 2018-02-12

A warm piece of sludge spread through the water and over the pool's edge. The sludge came towards me and the sunken pocks on its skin looked to me like tiny eyes, tiny lovely eyes ogling my navy aquamarine blue bikini and soft nipples poking through. It was him, it was a man's voice, just oozing from the pool sludge -- and now it creeped its way up my leg, plucking the unshaven hairs into its tiny holes like the real lips of a Belgian prince. To my surprise Suddenly the sludge grew a giant cock from it's depths, not really like a conventional dildo or an alien tentacle but an undulating member of unfathomable proportions.

Joshua Learns His Lesson

fetish Amary 2018-02-12

"It certainly will not happen again," said Miss Haversham severely, "because you will not be at King Arthur to create any more mischief." "I think I have been quite clear, Mr Levensworth." Miss Haversham held up the letter she'd been writing; Joshua's heart sank when he saw it was addressed to his father in Malaya. You will submit to an alternate punishment of community service as Miss Scruggs deems fit. "This can't be what Miss Haversham had in mind when she gave me a community service punishment!" protested Joshua. Miss Haversham, who had a side view of the boy, wasn't able to see his chest hair, but she did observe his very round rump protrude attractively as he bent down to take off his shoes.

Fantasy 1

fetish rsmkc 2018-02-12

you stand in front of me and I unzip your pants and my hand goes in and pulls out your soft cock and I take you into my mouth. We both start to make love to each others hardness, sucking licking, teasing, playing with the balls that hold our love juice. We both increase our sucking and stroking and playing, I moaning while I have you in my mouth I feel you tense up and I do the same, then we both explode together filling each other with stream after stream of our man seed, we both do not loose a drop because it is what we live for, cum cum cum.

A Summer Holiday

fetish arkwrights06 2018-02-12

"Looks like you really need to fuck something badly," he said, His eyes were glued to my erection, and what made it even worse, he didn't hide the fact that he was wanking himself off while watching me take a piss. I got up, and felt him kiss my ring when I bent over to pull my pants up, I turned to him and he was sat there with his deflating cock out, letting the dog lick him clean. I stopped, thought a bit and turned away and headed towards my sisters room, I don't know why, 'I just needed to check on her.' I knew there was something wrong, I could hear her again crying as I approached her room.

My Dream Role 01

fetish newsub4rall 2018-02-12

He made every movement deliberately sexual, and was immediately aroused, he started to slide his hands down to cup his balls and to stroke the head of his cock, when he realized that he was not supposed to be touching himself this way, he was supposed to clean himself for her, all of himself, and not to take it any further until she was there to watch. She walked all the way around him, leash taut, lifting the sarong to look at his inviting ass, his thick balls hanging down, the head of his cock. she released his head and reached down, she reached into her belt and pulled at something, he was riding her hand like there was no tomorrow when she slid the dildo into his ass...

Hockey Buddy and His Wife - Part 6

fetish MassMan669 2018-02-12

My dick started getting hard looking at this CD panty boy. I bent down and kissed his red lips and grabbed his ass through the skirt and then said, “You look fucking hot.” I had never kissed a guy before but it was pretty hot. I don't know what came over me but I pulled him to me and took his dick out of his panties and sucked it into my mouth. My dick was rock hard in my underwear and Pete saw it at face level and reached out and stroked me through the fabric. He pulled the rest of my clothes off and then started to suck my dick while he stroked my balls and my ass hole.

The Guestroom Session 02

fetish EyesNotOpen 2018-02-12

"Yes Mistress." My answer confirmed to her that I had scrubbed my body head to toe, shaved everything from face to groin, and had given myself an emena. "Yes Mistress." This answer insured her that I injected several ounces of lube in my ass, and had inserted my butt plug after the cleaning. "Yes Mistress!" I wanted to say something like, 'are you kidding?', or 'as horny as I can stand!', or something comedic; but I knew this was not the time for that. I felt a finger over my mouth, "No more words from you tonight, pet. I was sure I heard the click of a camera shutter several times, my Mistress taking a moment to document my airtight situation.

Daddy's Fetish pt.2

fetish 2018-02-12

I’d given Dave a blowjob and I’d been eaten by him and in the end daddy ordered Dave to fuck me doggie style so that I could suck daddy’s cock and make him cum. Daddy nodded and Mike leaned forward and started sucking on my nipples. I moved my hips back and forth like that for a wile and Mike started moaning and reaching for my tits again. I grabbed is huge cock with my hand and started jerking him as daddy kneaded my tits. Daddy shoved his cock across my lips and started fucking my mouth. I was sure daddy and Mike could feel my pussy getting wetter too because soon Mike let my tit out of his mouth and looked at dad.

Fucking a Stranger

fetish SuzieReid 2018-02-12

One day I was tied blindfold and spread-eagled to his bed, sucking on his cock while he worked a dildo into me and told me how good it would be to see another guy fuck me, and as usual I was really getting into it. The stranger upped the tempo, fucking my asshole harder and faster, making me grunt in a mixture of pleasure and pain, as he reached round and mauled my tits, pinching my nipples hard. As I finished cumming, I felt the familiar throb of a cock on the verge of orgasm, but just as I was bracing myself in anticipation of receiving his load, he pulled out and got off the bed.

The Enforcer Ch. 19

fetish OmegaZone 2018-02-12

I loved where this was going, and hoped that we could talk the girls into playing along, but first I wanted to have a little more fun with Mandy, so I said: "I think that would be interesting. I laughed at that and said: "I don't know many girls your age would see it that way, but I tend to agree, naughty little girls are fun." I held her closer as I added: "But I've always wanted my own little innocent, good, girl and I will always love you Mandy dear." I continued to probe her anus with my tongue for another ten minutes before I pulled it out and softly asked: "So how about it little girl, do I get permission to try stuffing your ass with my cock?"

Brooke, Sexy Sister-in-Law Ch. 01

fetish brttsnchz 2018-02-12

I was told that we might go swimming and I secretly hoped my sister-in-law would pick a small bathing suit. I knew I was seconds away from smelling the sweet cunt of my sister-in-law. I moved the suit a bit to smell where her ass would be. I couldn't really make out the smell of her ass this time and I felt a little disappointed. I took down Brooke's bathing suit from the back of the door. Then I smelled the ass area of the bathing suit and almost came in my pants. As I smelled the seat of her bathing suit, I pictured my cock sliding up her warm butt hole. I emptied stream after stream of hot, sticky cum in my sister-in-law's ass.

Shaved For The Gym

fetish Gztowns 2018-02-12

Yesterday before I went to the gym for my regular session my mistress shaved me completely, I am normally shaved around my little cocklet but yesterday she took it all off, chest, legs, arms. On the way to the gym I was rock hard thinking about being with all those men, not knowing I was wearing panties and smooth all over. I had to get out of their before someone saw me, but to get out I had to walk right past him, on my way past I couldn't help but take another look, I got butterflies as I saw his hand wrapped around his now erect cock.

The Dresser Files Ch. 2

fetish rapidran 2018-02-12

"He licked my cock and sucked me until I came." I said as I ran my hand over her breast. "MMMM, that looks good enough to eat." I said reaching out and rubbing his cock. Jan pressed her lips against his/her panties, planting little kisses along the outline of his hard cock. Slowly she sucked the head of his cock through the silk panties, tasting pre-cum. I tongued her cunt and she pressed her body down on my mouth as she continued to suck her son's cock. Let him fill your mouth with his hot, sweet, sticky cum." She frantically sucked his cock and gripped his balls. Jan passionately pressed her mouth to his and licked and sucked his lips and tongue.

Mervyn's Last Play

fetish Subtext 2018-02-12

But as she lead me into the living room that day, all I could see was that big delicious ass of hers, trapped beneath those running pants trying its best to break out at the seams! The first time I went to see Doris wearing the diaper I was nervous, because I knew if she sat in my lap, there was a good chance I'd have an accident. "Let momma have a look at that poopie diaper." She said as she pushed my jeans down to my ankles. She would squat over me as she wiped my ass clean, and her big, bulbous behind would be right there over my face, and I would want to reach out and feel it, but then I would realize I didn't have the power to do that.

Life's Changes Ch. 13

fetish Scribler 2018-02-11

Then I said as I took a hold of Jeri's right nipple and gave it a squeeze as my fingers picked up speed fucking her ass Cum in to Pam's mouth while I fuck your sweet ass." I had my three finger going in as deep as they could, Jeri's ass would grip them tightly every time I pulled them out then he would release his grip as I plunged back in. But what really did me in was, when Kim and I came in after our run we found you in the shower with Pam and Jeri. I then set about getting some work of my own done till Ginger told me it was time for the board meeting.


fetish lovebigblacktits 2018-02-11

Many people recommend eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice to make you cum sweeter. At the same time, you should also limit your intake of foods that break down into strong tasting or smelling chemicals that are excreted by the body, like asparagus. There are a number of supplements now available that claim to improve the taste of semen or even alter it to specific flavors. Drinking a lot of water is probably the best thing you can do to improve the texture of your semen; being dehydrated can make your spunk thicken or get stringy. Some people recommend eating egg whites or gelatin for increased volume of cum and better consistency, probably because of the protein they contain.

Five Drunken College Girls

fetish leaky_one 2018-02-11

The two girls pissing over the lawn took a quick look over their shoulders towards the sound of the voice but made no attempt to cease the pee streams flowing from their uncovered pussies. A second hissing sound arose from the direction of the stairs and the girls who had been watching Jodie pee over the floor turned to find that Mary had ascended several steps before lowering her own pants. Under the stairs, Jodie's pussy was still pissing strongly, the flow of pee leaving her fleshy lower lips, a thick squirting stream. Jodie opted simply to pee over the floor whilst Mary adopted a standing pose up to one wall before proceeding to spray it with the hot jet of piss flowing out of her pussy.

Funnel Ch. 02

fetish a real jrkoff 2018-02-11

He reached down with one hand and tried to rub it a bit to make the pressure not so hurtful… it was wrapped painfully around one of the leg openings of his white cotton briefs and as it tried to stiffen it goaded his sore penis. A moment later Thomas opened the door looking flushed and nervous as he practically walked into Audrey standing in the bathroom doorway. He saw that Ms. Green was wearing those kind of stockings that Ms. Fortune always wore and his penis stiffened up slightly. He watched Ms. Green’s pretty hand glide down to covertly play with one slightly exposed garter strap under their kitchen table and he practically swooned.

Randy's New Life

fetish Rich5Spot 2018-02-11

He then told me that they would watch their wives get fucked and stuffed by these big dicked black men, and then they would orally clean off the studs and eat out the cum from their wives cunts and asses. I looked aver and noticed that Curtis and Noreen and Lisa and Mark paired off as well and Jim and Steve got up and followed their wives as well. He then looked at me and said, "Hey boy, get your ass over hear and clean this mess off of me." I started to walk towards the bathroom to get something to use when Curtis yelled out, "Where do you think your going?"