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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Impregnation Cruise Ch. 01: Departure

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-10-31

I went to my room, closed my door quietly, took my G string panties off, pulled up my skirt and fingered my pussy, feeling the sexy sensations coursing through my body as I gently rubbed my clit and inserted three fingers in my cunt. After the first, I collected my vibrator from the drawer and used that to bring myself off twice more, imagining that it was a gorgeous guy's cock forcing its way inside me as the ship rolled slowly and gently, moving our bodies against each other. The feeling of his hot injection pushed me once again over the edge and I came, not mind-blowingly like the previous one, one a day is enough of those, but gently, sweetly, tenderly as we moved together as one, satisfying each other as only true lovers can.

Chanel No. 19

fetish Scorched 2018-10-31

I exhale raggedly and focus my energy onto my computer screen and gather my thick brown hair into a messy low bun and begin to work once more until I hear the door creak open slowly behind me and a wave of pure electric desire overwhelms my senses. I close my eyes slowly and let her drive my body into a state of euphoria with the mere smell of Chanel No. 19 and her own body's fragrance. That perfectly smooth skin glistens as she stares at me with a soft glaze in her eyes as I gently take her beautifully thin fingers and taste the succulent natural flavor and Chanel No. 19 in her pores.

Weekend Slave

fetish Tman75 2018-10-31

I'm sure you want to get the taste of that bellboy out of your mouth, plus I would like your body to be smooth. When you enter the bedroom, on the bed is a leather corset, black panties, black stockings and black heels. As you bunch them up to put them on your feet you realize these aren't like the normal drug store stockings you wear with an elastic band at the top. After you are dressed, but before you go into the living room, you look at yourself in the mirror. The stockings feel great against your legs and then the heels are not only elegant and expense, but comfortable.

Sarah Finds Pleasure in Pissing

fetish Kilgore 2018-10-31

She rubbed the outside of her pussy then rolled out of bed, lightly touching the curves of her ass. She admired her naked body as she had done thousands of times before lightly spreading her vagina lips to expose her pink interior. Each girl, a blond and a brunette, quickly rubbed their clits sending electric waves of ecstasy through their bodies, making them squeak and moan with pleasure. She felt nurturing standing there with her underwear peeled, exposing her lips and tapering ass with a huge hot stream crashing down on the tree's bark. She felt the warm trickle hitting her pussy and rolling off into her ass and down the drain.

Starting All Over Again

fetish komrad1156 2018-10-31

Kelli herself had never once questioned her decision to start smoking until Mark Harding, by far the best-looking guy in not only in the senior class, but in the entire school, asked her to go to the senior prom with him. In fact, she found herself smoking more than she ever had out of pure nervousness because, like so many other girls she went to school with, she'd dreamed of this many times, but never once thought he'd ever ask her. Kelli knew this probably wasn't the best time to bring it up, but she was already wanting another cigarette so she said, "It's not really fair of you to give me just two weeks to quit doing something I enjoy so much."


Serena takes her husband to visit The Fetish Shoe

fetish arbymore 2018-10-31

Mark quickly picked up another red 6 or 7 inch high heel shoe and handed it to Mrs Wyles and stood beside them watching his wife being sexually stimulated. She went and stood in front of a mirror and loved the slutty sight of her as she saw the tarty lipstick and cum on her nipples and as she parted her legs could feel Robert's cum trickling out of the rpussy, down her thighs and onto her stockings. Mark loved the site of his slutty wife pissing down her legs and soon Mrs Wyles was coaxing a stream of hot cum out of him which hit the glass door of the shower and he watched as it slowly run down.

A Kitty Comes to Visit

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-10-31

I couldn’t, in my wildest dreams, have imagined how exciting watching her like this could be, how sexy and delicious her body looked when her muscles worked to her into the right position, when her lips formed into a determined pout and - once she had finally managed to turn herself onto her back with her bum slightly in the air - how it would arouse me to watch her half-naked body wiggle on the floor. There are, I surmised when she awkwardly got on all fours and picked up her jeans with her mouth, not many things more adorable and cute to watch than a naked, pretty girl that is crawling towards you, her perfect bum wiggling eagerly with each shuffling step, her eyes, full of sweetest adoration, riveted on you and her lovely breasts swaying and bouncing under her.

Succulent Desires Chapter 4

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-10-31

  Trust me, I’ll leave you so frustrated and I’ll make Missa and Aidan stay here tonight while you go back to your hotel room alone.”   Ronin finished in a soft voice, staring into Alice ’s eyes as he communicated that she couldn’t back out now.   This time he didn’t add more pressure, but as she began to kiss Missa more intensely he increased the speed of his finger making Alice moan into Missa’s mouth.   And suddenly, her whole body tensed and her noises ceased as she climaxed, and when Aidan began to stop in response she quickly spoke “Don’t stop, not yet.”   After a few minutes, her body completely relaxed and Ronin made a hand signal to the men and they stopped touching her knowing she had finished orgasming.

Henry's Home for the Summer Ch. 02

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-10-31

"Well, Lucille," she said firmly, picking up on her employer's asking her to address her so intimately, "there's no time like the present, so you had better lift your skirt and lower those panties for your inspection." Henry cringed at the idea of anyone—even Kathy, who had been allowed by Margaret to spank him—to see him in pink panties, but he decided to make the best of the situation and thank her again. "I'm going to spank you for messing these panties," she said with mock seriousness and a grin, "but I'm going to give you a note to Margaret saying that I've already disciplined you so I hope she won't feel the need to do it too."

Making Love To A Mother

fetish sexyvette2469 2018-10-31

Slowly kisses came up your leg, covering your knee and thigh. Kissing my way up the second time you moaned as your legs opened. The whole time you walked fingers were deep inside you, each step continued the pleasure. My fingers moved and pumped as you walked the steps to the bedrooms.  In your bedroom we kissed, I felt your tongue in my mouth tasting the juices you made. Kissing you again I felt your hand guiding my cock inside you. Nursing at your breast as my cock moved inside you. Moving up your body we kissed passionately and again I felt your tongue moving in my mouth drinking the remaining love nectar our bodies have made from my lips.

More than a Lodger…Part 11

fetish DarkSide 2018-10-31

Jerry walked around the table and stood next to Tom. He reached down, held Tom’s cock in his hand and started to masturbate it like his own. “The swelling is taking its time to go down,” questioned Laura, “does Emily suck harder, Tom,” she asked. Laura reached out to hold Jerry’s cock, she brought the ruler up to shoulder height and she saw Jerry wince at the thought of what was about to happen. Laura wanked on Jerry’s cock; just like he did to Tom. She pumped her hand up and down on it then she lowered her face to his knob and kissed it gently. “What are you looking at?” asked Laura as she raised her head from Jerry’s cock.

Sisterhood of Sin -- 28 -- Bitch Warfare

fetish LastWife 2018-10-31

After seeing how we've presented Kevin, she orders Oliver to strip down to just his cage and stand in the corner behind her, which happens to place him directly behind her from my perspective and off to the side from Terri's and even more off to the side from Barbie's. He looks like a man ready to go out for dinner at Pierre's and they actually have reservations for four at a fine restaurant that Barbie will be taking them to, where they will meet Terri's prospective sponsor, a local woman who has agreed to sponsor her under these unusual conditions. I herd them out the door with Barbie and her bodyguard, leaving me and Marta with Kevin, who is just finishing getting dressed, and Marianne, who is looking unhappy about the happy departure of Oliver into the arms of his lover.

Helping the wife recruiting new cuckolds

fetish woreout 2018-10-31

I told her that I'd like to watch her have sex with a well hung guy. I said , honey have you given any thought to what I asked you about? If you want me to do something you will ask me to my face and not looking at my feet. I looked up and said ummm I just wondered if you had given any thought to having sex with a guy while I watched. I said I think its time to pick a lucky guy. She said he is someone we both know and I don't want you saying something to him and mess it up. I answered it, my wife said OK baby I'm all fucked out come on home.

Black Cuckolding 101

fetish Samuelx 2018-10-31

When you think of cuckolding, I bet you automatically envision a White couple, a Black guy with a big dick and a scenario involving the Black dude fucking the White chick while her White hubby watched the whole thing unfold. I love watching porn featuring a chick with a big dick, especially if she's Latina or Black. Like a lot of Black women out there, I love anal sex but it's not an easy thing to achieve with Al. My hubby's got a nine-inch, uncircumcised chocolate stick for a dick. And just like that, I got on all fours, shook my big Black butt at Samuel and told the young brother to fuck me.

My Panties (Part 1 of 3)

fetish tcg 2018-10-31

I watched as Eddie grabbed a pair of my black satin bikini panties, and started rubbing the crotch area between his finger tips. “Mark I better go before your s****r gets home and catches us.” Eddie said pulling his pants up, and tossing my now cum covered panties back into the laundry basket for me to wash, as did my b*****r Mark. As I walked passed him in the kitchen to get a drink I could feel Mark looking at me, so I purposely bent over, knowing my white satin thong panties were going to slip out the back of the low cut waistline of my comfy pants.

A Marriage Redefined Ch. 01

fetish sotto 2018-10-31

We have waiters, custodians, stable boys and many others but, yes, women are in charge here." I think I noted an expression of satisfaction on Diana's face at this comment. After 2 miles I thought we might think of slowing down or turning back but Diana declined saying "I'm going to take you places you've never been before." A sexy smile crossed her face. At the same time her right hand rubbed hard against my crotch and the left continued to stroke my chest. Diana spoke to him again to order some red wine for her main course. "Yes we have some beautiful vintage equipment here." As she spoke Claire reached over and pulled a leather crop from its place on the wall.

Christine Takes Charge Ch. 03

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-10-31

In that embarrassing position, with panties and undershorts down and their anuses exposed as well as Susie's pudenda peeking through her open legs and Jim's scrotum visible, Chris took the plugs, rubbed a bit of lube on the business end and slowly inserted them in each anal opening. So when Dorothy mentioned a man she had been seeing, Chris smiled and mentioned that yes, he had been a year ahead of her when she was in school and was regarded as a good catch for someone back then. While they were getting started with dinner, her sister and brother-in-law could not hold back telling her the shame that they had felt that day when their immediate bodily needs brought on by the buttplugs had caused them to behave differently.

Droopy Drippers

fetish Troglodite45 2018-10-31

Karen kept her body bent enough so her breasts were at just the right height as she cupped and lifted them to my eager and waiting lips. Not only had she shown me her heavy drooping breasts, allowed me to touch and nurse them but now she was locking her lips around my heated turgid organ and letting her lips slide down its length. I was as hard and erect as I was going to get when Karen lifted her hips, found my organ and slid the tip inside her hot wet sex. Karen’s heavy breasts hung down from her chest and swayed as she moved her hips trying to regain my erection into her body.

Cum Sponge

fetish HungryGuy 2018-10-31

That thought made her feel horny, and she also had to take a leak, so she stood and headed toward the alternate ladies' room, the one with the live human toilet slaves, to piss and get her clit sucked on at the same time. _CUM-SPONGE wanted: Using a two-part harness joined at a cock ring, I will wear one part on my hips with the cock ring held tightly in place at the base of my cock, and you will wear the other part over your head with that same cock ring pressed tightly against your mouth. Amy thought this game would never end, but it finally ended when Brian jumped up, jerking her head up by the neck yelling, "Whoohoo!"

In the Water

fetish AlexBird22029 2018-10-31

There were a lot of rumours about black guys and the size of their dicks and, as I sat pressed against Leo, feeling his gentlest touch sending shivers through my entire body, I wondered whether they were true. I felt like his cock would be pushing out of the front of my stomach but when I looked my flat stomach gave nothing away, but the disappearance of the black shape in the water underneath me spoke volumes. Leo tensed underneath me, pushing his cock as deep as it would go into my pussy and I felt it pulsing as he shot wave after wave of hot cum right into my tight, fertile, unprotected pussy.

The Elevator

fetish Pearl_Necklace 2018-10-31

As the doors slid shut Mr. Smith turned to me, his usual smirk on his face, his hands on his belt buckle. I swallowed another mouthful of piss, and another, all while keeping one eye on the lit numbers above the elevator door. I nodded a little too vigorously this time, his piss hit my chin and dribbled onto my full breasts before I recovered and was able to line my mouth back up with his stream. He took a step closer as he finished peeing, his weaker stream of urine meant he needed to get a little closer to make sure it landed in my mouth.

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 4

fetish Heel 2018-10-31

After that, she helped Nicole take off her panties and draped something that looked like a towel over her pelvic area. “It’s too late to worry about that now?” Nadja replied and looked at the screen again. Nicole turned her head aside, trying to hide the disappointment in her expression or maybe her moistening eyes. A minute later, Nicole’s waist was bandaged completely, as well as her hips. I have to go now,” Nadja said and knocked on Nicole’s bandaged hip. “You need someone who can take care of you,” the doctor said, looking suspiciously at me. “I know that, Nadja.” Nicole replied with exasperation, and made an unsuccessful effort to turn on her side.

Giving Daddy What He Wants

fetish JuicynSweet00 2018-10-31

It wasn't much; it had barely grown back enough to wax, but Daddy noticed when he slipped his hand into my pink panties upon his return. I'd vowed not to let Daddy down tonight, and though I was nervous, I was excited at the prospect of giving him something I knew he'd wanted for a long time. Daddy groaned and gathered my hair in his hand, pushing me down further as he thrust his hips. "Sweet girl, you've made Daddy very, very happy tonight." With a gentle kiss, he took me in his arms and carried me towards the bathroom, where he ran a warm bath as he murmured sweet words in my ear.

Mouthing Off

fetish AlphaBeatHer 2018-10-31

Good drink, some nice snacks and a really great range of videos and pictures of guys throatfucking, getting rimjobs and pissing into the mouths of some lovely women. You are going to collect a top class range of downloads of cock sucking, piss drinking, rimming and bukkake movies for three hours of watching ready for next week. 'They want to see just the same as I do and for that bit of insubordination I have got a good mind to make you come in and serve the guys as well as collecting our entertainment.' You have got to do more than another hour yet and if there is anything in it that I have seen before, I am telling you that you are going to have to make it up to the guys.