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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

And the Fat Lady sang…

fetish thejanus 2018-02-11

I got another glass, sat down opposite her in another chesterfield and we started to talk about different thinks, catching up on old times, all the while sipping Champagne. “I have sung in opera houses all over the world” she said “and every time I am in a new city, I like to explore its museums and galleries, its culinary specialities and its…no never mind” “Well, every time I visit a new city, I like to explore its…its seedy sides” M said with embarrassment. I did not know it then, but this was the last time I would see and touch this incredibly exciting body, padding off every luscious curve, her heavy breasts, strong thighs and powerful gluts and her pubic hair and lips.

TSTC01: Cum Shy to Cum Slut Day 02

fetish IndigoCrow 2018-02-11

"Lucy gave you a strict instruction, Slut!" Zoe said, giving each stiff nipple one last lick, then climbing off of her and back to the ground. The pain was more than Sofie was used to, but even as it her nipples screamed for relief and her mind was filled with white hot flashes, she could feel her body wanting more. She let Zoe suck her tongue into her mouth, then gave a half-moan, half-grunt as the Trainer nibbled it gently whilst giving one her tits a playful slap that sent the suddenly more ample flesh wobbling. "You like being watched, you dirty girl?" Zoe said into her mouth before kissing her passionately again, one delicate hand tracing a line down her stomach.


fetish madmax2k12 2018-02-11

she again looked at me 'ur naughty ur not supposed to be hard are you, your our babysitter' this time i replied 'err im not sure why' rosy stood up and with a smirk she said 'i know why your looking at jades breasts arent you' she must of caught me looking. 'rosy come here, you said you wanted to taste a cock, well heres one all hard waiting' rosy started walkin near me kneeling down with excitement jade looked at me again smiling whisperd 'you dont mind if we just errr play' i simply nodded my head.

Creampie Desire

fetish newcastle 2018-02-11

My wife is a little overweight, she has smallish pointy tits with tiny nipples that get rock hard, an oversized ass you just want to bury your face in, pussy hair that she rarely trims and a belly that jiggles when we're fucking – although she would never be a swimsuit model, she's sexy and hot and all things sensuous, a real treat. This way, I could eat her out and bring her to another orgasm and, at the same time, be able to lick my cum from deep inside that moist pussy of her.

The Girls and Me...

fetish d4david 2018-02-11

Soon all the girls were taken turns sucking the sex juices from her cunt or licking them from my cock. One of the girls said 'I'm going to try it and y'all better not laughed.' I wondered what she was talking about, Vanessa sit up straddling my head, her cunt grinding into my lips. It was all I could do not to blast my load into her butt, as they help lift her from my cock some one started to suck on my standing member and deep throat it. They let me up, my cock standing out like a sturdy limb, each girl either licked or kissed/sucked my penile head.

Anna Gets Punished

fetish dantemustdie 2018-02-11

She felt a hand reach into her panties and stroke lightly against her pussy lips. “I said suck it, bitch!” She felt a hand on each side of her head suddenly pull her toward his cock and all she could do was open her mouth and take it in. She started to cum when he pulled her hair, her pussy juices dripped out against her soaking panties as he continued to slide her mouth onto him. With one last pull of her hair he left only the head of his cock in her mouth as he began to moan and spray is cum against her throat. She applied a hand to his cock and gave him a few last strokes to make sure she got all of the cum out of him.

The time I realized my girlfriend no longer though

fetish threeinchdicklett 2018-02-11

When I was dating my then girlfriend laura, it came to my attention that size in fact did matter as laura pointed out numerous times towards the end of the relationship. Both 17 year olds then started to fuck laura in both holes and boy did they make my girl moan. Both of the teens finished by unloading their 9 inch cocks by cumming all over laura's face upon her request. As the warm hot teenage cum dripped of my girlfriends face she looked over at me and told me to lick it off her and clean up the teens dicks with my mouth. The fact that two teenagers had bigger manhoods than me, satisfied and man handled my girlfreind and made me clean their glorious cocks was amazing.

We Converted Friend into Eating Cum

fetish 425olds 2018-02-11

Beth and I had indulged my cum addiction for awhile now, an addiction that included not only me eating my own sperm from her freshly fucked cunt or snowballing my load with her after she'd sucked me dry in her unbelievably hot mouth, but drinking it directly from the source –other men. Beth planted a kiss on his lips once, twice and by the third time Jack was so caught up in the feeling of fucking my wife's hot cunt that he went wild, frenching her madly, tasting his own cum, sucking it out of her mouth and shooting it back inside. "Fuck my hot asshole, stud, fill me with that big cock!" she screamed, smiling at me as Jack filled my backside with his huge dick.

Cream Filled: Heat

fetish Arionus 2018-02-11

The rest of the house didn't get much notice from me mainly because of Stephanie's sweet ass swaying divinely just in front of me in that skimpy bathing suit, though I did manage to pull my eyes away from it once we reached her parents' room. We may not have been living in ancient times but with her olive toned skin, her bright white bathing suit and her shimmering black hair falling about her shoulders, Stephanie was every inch a goddess. Stephanie let her finger tips glide slowly up and across her chest, spreading the lotion across her shoulders and over the coffee and cream rise of her breasts above her bathing suit top and on into the soft hollow between them until all her freshly coated skin glistened evenly.

A Quiet Day in the Neighborhood

fetish bobellen 2018-02-11

After a minute or two, she was moving her hand over my chest and then was playing with my nipples. After a couple of minutes I moved back to nuzzle her breasts again and was back to licking and kissing her nipples. Then he moved over and started to play with my pussy with his hand. He has a way of entering me while sitting that he can last for a long time but I know he likes to have his nipples played with when I want him to finish. I was going to cuddle for a minute before heading for the bathroom when he rolled me on my back again and started to act like he wanted to go again.

Jack's Surprise

fetish footshrimper 2018-02-11

Joan sucked my cock intensely, nibbling and raking her teeth along my throbbing shaft until I finally filled her mouth with hot cum. Her hand moved slowly along Joan's thigh, disappearing under her shorts and I knew my wife was getting turned on by the way she started licking her lips and the way she was breathing faster. Spreading her pussy lips, Susan leaned forward and attached her mouth over top of the wide open hole and proceeded to suck my wife's cunt like a vacuum cleaner. Susan was really going at my wife now, pushing and shoving her legs apart even wider, licking her with nice long lashes of her tongue that started at her asshole, trailed through the wet folds of her cunt and ended up on top of her quivering clit.

A School Girl's Confession

fetish just_a_shy_girl20 2018-02-11

"I've always been attracted to him, he's been my teacher since my freshman year, I'd never really considered acting on it until after my eighteenth birthday, and then I knew it wouldn't be illegal if I did anything with him." I told the priest. He didn't put up any kind of fight as I pulled is hardening cock from his pants, Oh god father, I shouldn't have said that, I'm so sorry." Now please continue; tell me what happened in your own words." the priest told me I know what I did was wrong father but I can't help it I just wanted him so bad and it felt so good.

Interactive Doll

fetish dustybit 2018-02-11

Me; "last warning user G, but; do it" (I was perhaps going a little far, I did not consider his request as polite but I wanted to see this too, I'd just have to hope that she would be so distracted that she'd not recall my presumption later on.) She quickly shifted position her luscious backside filling the screen, but her finger - unbidden to be removed - continued its advance and slow retreat, she turned her head to look over her shoulder so that she could still see her screen for instruction.

First time love

fetish vallez 2018-02-11

Anyhow, during that period of more than two years I started my long journey of discovery, the quest for what true love really is and what indeed is the purpose of life. However, back then I didn't quite understand the simple fact that a word like "student" wouldn't have the same meaning in English as it has in Dutch, and because I didn't even mention my age I got quite a few replies of people who actualy thought that I was studying at university. When I did try to confront my friend with this, that her uncle had been wrong, had wronged her and one couldn't call it love in a long shot, she simply discontinued our correspondence.

Sexy Fairytale part 2

fetish drew1207 2018-02-11

Jack stared as the young woman named Kristen started licking and fondling his dick, working herself up to wrapping her lips around the end of it and sliding forward. Kristen squealed with pleasure, lifting her body up to meet his thrust, reveling in the way his huge dick felt, filling her up, banging against her cervix. On all fours, Kristen howled and writhed as Jack began fucking her ass, hard. As the pleasure faded, she suddenly realized that she was on all fours in the middle of a road, with a dick up her ass and the cum of a guy that she didn't know in every single one of her holes.

Scott Gets Some Candy Ch. 05

fetish hells_belle 2018-02-11

But as her eyes dried, her mind cleared; she knew she had some work to do, and life would go on as normal as it could be until her soon-to-be swollen belly got in the way. The attention felt good, it was her own little secret why her body was changing, but it would only be a matter of time before she could share it with the world. Candy began to feel sad, she was really enjoying her time, and the warmth that was stirring inside of her was slowly increasing with each glance she felt from Patrick. He hadn't planned at all on spending his entire evening captivated by a rounded belly while daydreaming about passionate time spent touching and massaging her most intimate parts.

A Night with the Mistress

fetish AngelTyrael 2018-02-11

My eyes closed, floating in a sea of sensation provided by my Mistress, I felt warm, wet lips press into my neck and nibble me slowly. I kissed and traced my hands slowly down her body to her waist, slipping fingers underneath the waistband of her thong and nuzzling my face between her legs. I ran my hands down smooth legs, gently spreading them a bit and kissing the insides of her thighs. I muttered something about how good it felt, though by the sound of her giggle it probably came out indistinct as I licked and sucked away. "It is time," she said with a smile with a hard jerk of my cock, "to please your Mistress again."

Confessions of a Taxi Driver

fetish picturepainter1 2018-02-11

“Oh great!” She smiled as she stood and I first noticed her in all her glory, her long toned legs leading up to her perfect shaped bum and then the glorious big round breasts hanging down aching to be licked and sucked, well in my mind anyway!” I pulled on the bow of her bikini top which fell to the floor releasing what I can only describe as beautiful big soft breasts, that were perfectly shaped and sized and begging to be licked and sucked. Then finally as she reached the cock head again with her eyes looking back up at my face she opened her lips wide and started to slide my cock into her mouth.

Tied & Teased

fetish tzme_plzme 2018-02-11

I lower my head and begin to lick and suck on your nipples. I bend down and give you a gentle kiss on the lips then turn and leave the room. I come back a few minutes later and without saying a word I pick up the feather and begin to run it all over you. Popping it into my mouth, I lower my head once again and begin to lick and suck your hard nipples. My hand moving slowly up and down, you can see the head of my cock begin to shine from the precum. I lower my head and begin to lick your inner thigh. Inserting 2 fingers in your cunt, I begin to frig your pussy as I increase the sucking pressure on your clit.


fetish PTPhotoguy57 2018-02-11

Needless to say, all four boys were genuinely impressed (all having experienced Lois Griffin’s “generosity” in the past during “one on one” sessions of their own…) not only with her abilities, but their collective effort and delivery which ended up being exactly what Mrs. Griffin expected. “Is she the best or what?” Steve asked as Lois took her turn on his cock, deep throating the Smith teen ager to the amazement of the other three. Stroking their poles to a rousing finish, Chris, Snot, Neil and Steve took careful aim at Lois Griffin’s face and let go a perfectly timed launching of warm, pasty, semen that flew through the air in elongated globular strands.

Redbook Date ---Ashley Mature Meth Queen Part II

fetish starbucks169 2018-02-11

Recalling my experience with "Ashley" from the day prior, I was envisioning her walking up the stairs ahead of me, watching that sweet, bubble butt ass swaying d****d in her pencil skirt and thinking of her ad, "Greek is not on the menu, yet". She handed me the Red Bull and said, "your going to need this to stay up with me all night long". After some introductions Wanda pulled out a glass pipe and they started smoking…around the second or third hit, Wanda told me to come closer to her…she took a hit and placed her lips over mine, blowing in the large cloud she had built up in her mouth….It was immediate euphoria, unlike anything I had experienced before.

Sex Wrestling Couples

fetish Femfightfan 2018-02-11

Don and Laurie had not watched any matches during their training out of fear they would change their minds, but Drake insisted they attend both nights before their last week of training began. Larry and Jennifer finally managed to pull the new couple away and took them to a table near the ring to watch the four matches on the card. Laurie stayed focused on the petite woman as the winning couple focused all their sexual attention on her while the woman's husband was forced to watch from the corner of the ring. Do you want me to keep stroking your big hard dick or do you want to face fuck your pretty little Toni?" Mike stood stone faced staring at Christine.

The Gambler: House Rules

fetish stateofdenial 2018-02-11

In front of her was a jewelry bow, a velvet bag, a container of green marbles, a container of white ones and a single clear sparkled one. The clear one we'll get to later." She picked up one white marble and ten green ones and put them in the bag. 2. Every time that I want to have sex a marble does not get picked, you are not allowed to cum and rule #3 still applies. 6. Every month I decide if you've been good enough to earn another white marble to put in the bag. Every new year the bag is emptied and you cannot earn a white marble until ten green have been put in.

Texas Heat: The Final Frontier

fetish Sabrina Leigh 2018-02-11

The bell rang, and I assumed Daniel had forgotten his key, but when I opened the door, I was stunned to see the stylish Miss Conaway, my next door neighbor, dressed in a simple but chic white knee-length dress that flared out from her hips and swirled around her long, shapely legs as she flowed into the foyer. We sat in silence for a few moments, I mulling over the machinations of my husband's mind, and Miss Emily Conaway staring openly at my cleavage, scrolling her gaze down my long legs, examining my face, which was now smoldering with a blush under her confident inspection.