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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 14

fetish Many Feathers 2018-02-11

" fucking way am I going to be late today," I said lamely, though he didn't seem to really notice, back to whistling again as he gathered up his brief case preparing to head off. Bella was still sitting on my shaft, still impaled deeply inside her though we had finally collected ourselves when mom and dad came strolling out. Added to that, the fact that mom and dad had indeed been "doing it" though they had been keeping things toned down a bit, only slightly that really made any difference. Of course...Bella had remained sitting in my lap as well, she and mom talking away, chatting about anything and everything, while dad and I sat fucking (yes fucking now) the two of them.

The Day My Life Was Changed Forever Ch. 02

fetish cddream 2018-02-11

Mistresss Jade's beautiful stocking-clad legs, bare pussy, and puckering asshole were all within my tongue's reach, so I used it to probe her soaked pussy. Mistress Jade reached down, grabbed, then squeezed my cock and said, "Get that sissy-ass tongue of yours buried in my asshole or else beat your cock 'til you're bawling." Right on cue, I started to lick and suckle her asshole. Mistress Jade clamped down harder on my head with her hot, moist thighs pulling me tighter to her ass. Mistress Jade quickly spoke up, "No. A pussy boy like you can suck on my cock without wearing your stockings and garter." Mistress Jade saw this and slapped me across the face, "That toy is not done yet." She grabs the plug and forces it in my mouth..


Valentine Surprise

fetish barsh46 2018-02-11

She took the last 2 strand of wire and pull it over her outer pussy lips tying to the band at the waste with the wire cutter she twisted the all strand of wire until they were dug into open pussy tight squeezing her clitoris until it turn purple her pussy lips turning them dark red her clitoris sticking out between her pussy lips taking the alligator clips she clamp one on her clitoris she then clamp about 4 into or more alligator clamps that had nasty teeth on them clamp inside of her open pussy she " NONONOAUGH Aaaaauuuuggghhh!

Her 21st Birthday Present

fetish biggun76 2018-02-11

Now I love her cute stomach and took my time kissing and licking my way down. When I reached her crotch, I licked her pussy through her panties, making her beg me to remove them. I looked deep in her eyes and gave her a sexy, wet kiss, before telling her that I felt it was time for us to go to the next level. She placed the condom on the tip then slowly rolled it down my length, looking deep into my eyes the whole time. When she sensed I was ready, she climbed up on top of me and started kissing me while rubbing her pussy over my shaft.

Day of Bondage and humiliation for a bbw (Part 1)

fetish Ausfangs 2018-02-11

I let go of your breasts, "Stand up straight, and spread your legs" I order, you comply. As I drive, I reach over and pull you leg towards me and rub my hands over your pussy. I reach down around your front and slide my hands under your skirt and rub you pussy and clit through the leggings. There is a look of humiliation on your face when you rejoin me out the front of the shop. "Go in there and buy a packet of adult diapers, I will wait for you at the car" I order, I then walk away. I lift you face up and place my cock against your lips, you open your mouth and start to give me a great blowjob.

Milking the Bull

fetish lucifers_muse 2018-02-11

Now I want the female with the finger in the male's anus to gently twist their hand to help spread the lubrication. Ok now the other female to place their finger with the lubrication on it against the male's anus. Now will the other female take their place and insert your finger to the second knuckle and find the males prostate. If you feel it is necessary, the female holding the specimen cup may gently move their hand on the male's penis up and down or lightly squeeze to provide some additional stimulation. The females holding the specimen cups should be either gently stroking the male penis or applying a rhythmic squeezing to add stimulation.

Addicted to Cum

fetish kandor 2018-02-11

Beth's legs are brutally strong, as I was finding out, the 45-year-old blonde beauty is trim and athletic and now she had me in a crushing scissors, her thighs strapped around my ears, her gushing cunt on my mouth and I was being forced to eat my own cum from her as she howled in orgasm, the scissor tightening to the point of nearly knocking me out. Beth's come home from girls nights out, after banging a few guys and holding their collective cum in her cunt and ass, waking me up to make me eat out the spongy, nasty loads.

Stepmom and Me Ch. 03

fetish JhMcKn 2018-02-11

I began pissing and the pee just dripped out of the end of my cock until suddenly it was like turning the water faucet on full blast. She got down on her knees and stuck my fat wet cock in her mouth, foreskin and all, and began sucking it in earnest. I moved down on the bed, Velma parted her hairy cunt lips wide open so I could even see her big peehole as she did so. She nibbled my foreskin, tried to stick her tongue up inside it again, then finally pulled it back over my cockhead and began sucking on it, getting the remnants of all the piss I had just spilled out of it.

How I became obsessed with big asses "whooty

fetish Ass_worship 2018-02-11

I just stood there enjoying the view, thinking of what I would do to her ass if I got the chance, and I engaged the captain in a bit of small talk and asked him a few random questions about the boat and about working a dive boat captain just so that I could justify hanging out up there. I started to think about the days updates while I was laying on the seats in the back, I wondered why I never was this focussed on a girls ass before, do I have a chance with Jennifer, and I was having conflicting emotions on whether or not I should even try with her since she has a boyfriend!

Skank-Hunter Ch. 02

fetish devoutmalesub 2018-02-11

She really did look like a porn star - especially compared to my only other fuck of the random clerk. Delicately but ravenous in the same action, kissing her thighs, nibbling on her meaty cunt-lips, and darting my tongue down her hole and then working it up, flat, up her slit to her clit and encircling it, counterclockwise and then clockwise. "I love being filled." I worked harder, and harder sucking her clit and fingering her ass. This felt like all the times where she had been on her knees, sucking my cock deep into her throat. She was the owners daughter and it wasn't unaccustomed for her to come in looking like she had just been fucked.

I think we should Talk

fetish ruuddog 2018-02-11

I love you but I want to understand.” Sarah sounded frustrated and I knew this was going to escalate into a fight if I didn’t start talking. I want to keep playing I just don’t know if I can handle it.” I knew I sounded stupid I had started all this and now I sounded like a baby. “I am not sure I like this Sarah what if some thing happens I cant even break my fall if I were to trip.” I know I sounded like a w hiner but this was not going at all how I wanted it to. “No sarah I don’t want it to be permanent I don’t know if I could stand it.” I was panicking she was going to ruin my little button.

The Landlady Ch. 1

fetish Threesheets 2018-02-11

I asked to see the apartment and she said to follow her as we went out the back door to the garage. Looking in I saw she was still dressed in a knee length skirt and blouse but she was wearing one of the "toys" I had lost, (a handcuff on her left wrist.) "Well, well, well." I said, "What have we here." Slowly walking towards her. I told her that when she was with me she would NEVER look another person, male or female in the face, she was to fix her gaze either at the first open button of a shirt/blouse or the neckline of a sweater or dress.

Chocolate Syrup & Berries Ch. 02

fetish luv2flirtamswf34 2018-02-11

I use the tip of my tongue to tease the slit on the head, making you groan in pleasure. Feeling my lips tighten around you as they slide back towards the tip, sucking on you harder. You slip completely from my mouth and watch as I use my tongue to lick the head. Remembering how you squirmed when I allowed my tongue to tease your asshole, I slip one hand out from underneath you and slide it down to my pussy. Feeling your hot cum splashing inside my mouth, coating my teeth and tongue on the way down my throat. You can feel my mouth pulsing around you as I suck harder, trying to collect every drop.

A Slave to Socks Ch. 04

fetish AnimatedSocks 2018-02-11

Unable to resist, simply due to her love for socks, Lexi took that toeline in to her mouth, purring softly as she brushed over it with her tongue, closing her eyes for a bit and as a result, was unable to see the star speckled knee high's twin snake up to her exposed ear, to whisper in to it. Stacy hastily took off those red stripped knee highs, dropping them down on the ground next to her bare feet, gave the soft white socks a stare for a moment before looking to Lexi again. "Holy fuck..." Stacy said softly, watching with eyes as wide as saucers, watching as her own knee highs started to press their right foot up against Lexi's face, the big toe pressing up against those lips and being received lustfully by her sister.


fetish 2018-02-11

or better yet, maybe I will wear that cute jean mini skirt with my GAMECOCK bra...that way you can cop a feel anytime you could finger my pussy and make me lick your fingers can grab my tits and just play with them...Im not sure which way would be best...I just know fucking your hot cock with the tailgate down of my truck would make my could just lie there with you cock on display and I can just climb on top and ride you to cum! I make your toes curl with the suction I can get...I will then take you deep into my mouth and just suck you shaft all the way up...oh yes, I will thank you that way...makes my pussy so nice and wet.

The Balance of Power

fetish Kayb1234 2018-02-11

I felt myself begin to moisten as I imagined the seductive power she was having over his cock, teasing it to erection with her perfect body and rubbing its granite like hardness against his own thigh with her gorgeous butt. Something had to be done to pay back that heartless fuck of a man, to let him know a glimpse of the kind of pain I had felt over the past 10 years, to give him but the smallest insight into the emotional turmoil I'd been put through at his hands. This man pulled down my skirt and ripped off my blouse and bra, he licked and bit every region on my bare sweaty body for what felt like blissful eternity, my neck, my shoulders my ear lobes, my toes, my arches, my knees, my inner thighs, my butt, my lips, my breasts.

How To Be A Boi Bitch Lesson 03

fetish gothicboibitch 2018-02-11

Did you enjoy our first fuck together, my darling bois? Do you think I would have fucked myself for you, stroked my cock for you, if all you would want to aspire to is to be humiliated into becoming a bizarro copy of a woman? Now, you have to hide your bitch's cock you bought as well. And with that smoke, you looked at your bitch's cock. And with each time your cock gushed cum, the box became bigger. We don't want the wife, the girlfriend to know, do we? Just enough so that the next time you fuck your girlfriend, she can feel you scratch her the way she scratches you. They must belong on a boi bitch's claws, and not necessarily on a woman's.

Slut In A Rut

fetish hi1 2018-02-11

Mom sucked him for several minutes, I even lubed his cock and massaged his balls and then gently positioned it at my mother's ass. In the darkness of the theater, Mom gave handjobs to several guys and was sucking a short, stocky Mexican when her leather panties gave way and the anal dildo slipped out, leaking her ass slurry, creamy and pleasant to me but nasty and pungent to other men. "Firstly, we want to acknowledge all the beautiful men who came in my mother's sweet ass and watched me eat your spunk." "Friends" I said, "as you all know my mother has been fucking men for 35 years now and almost all of you have deposited your seed in her womb.

Danny's Butt Mom Ch. 15

fetish Bob_Lovecock 2018-02-11

Suck on my ass, yeah, get your tongue up mommy's shitter." Dianne dipper her anus down on her son's face and felt his extended tongue slide past her loose sphincter. She started squatting up and down, taking her son's big cock up her ass, feeling her sister pump her dick up his butt at the same time. Danny squeezed his mother's heavy breasts, watching her ride his donkey dick in her shit chute, feeling his Aunt plunge his own butt with her wonderful penis. A moment later and Aunt Margaret, still pumping away at Danny's butthole, made a similar moan, and Danny felt her gushing hot spunk deep in his ass tube.

Sissy slut training ends with 3 BBC's part on

fetish foxxiroxxi 2018-02-11

From The first time I met mistress X I knew she was the one .She knows what I'm thinking sexually all the time ,it's like she is reading my mind sometimes so that's why we both get along so well .I'm going to tell you about our first meeting because that will give you an idea as to how this very kinky sexuall fetish I had came true .It was a couple of months back and I put an ad in a sex paper for a Dom mistress to teach me how to act like a women .Mistress X replied so we met for a chat and instantly we both wanted the exact same thing from one another .She wanted a sissy boy to dress up and turn into a sexy tranny.

The Bondage Whore, Chapter 1

fetish thongcutoffs 2018-02-11

"Oh yes, let me get Jimmy." said the woman as Rachel heard her go on hold. As Rachel headed out the door and started mincing her high-heeled steps down the street, she realized she was dressed way too risque for daytime hours. The woman dialed a number and announced, "Rachel's here." Quickly she set the phone down and said, "Go on in the back, he'll see you." as she pointed towards a door. The man ended his conversation, stood up, took Rachel's hand and said, "Great to meet you sweetheart, I'm Jimmy. Jimmy immediately became business-like and said, "I pay $50/hour and demand a ten hour shift, four nights a week to start, from 5pm until 3am.

Vanessa and Caroline

fetish CopyCat13 2018-02-10

Vanessa had been one of only a handful of black girls at an almost all white high school and Caroline never let her forget that. When Caroline finally arrived for her interview almost 10 minutes late, Vanessa could see at once she hadn't changed since high school. The moment she saw her, Vanessa already knew that she certainly wasn't the person she wanted making the first impression on clients when they came to her office. Vanessa had thought that when her old high school bully shoved her face into a toilet would be the low point of her life but as the warm stream of liquid splashed down on her face she realized how wrong she'd been.

Cherry Pie

fetish fantaseeboy 2018-02-10

When I turned and set the plate in front of her, Mrs. Riley looked like she might cry. After feeding her four or five more bites, I think Mrs. Riley began to believe that she was pretty again, the tears faded away and she became happier. She turned and looked right into my eyes, with a little glob of cherry filling on the corner of her mouth, she said, "If I had met you 20 years ago, I would've asked you to marry me and never let you go." Mrs. Riley told me to just put a tiny bit of ice cream on the pie. Pulling her chair in close, she looked up into my eyes and began to lick the pie from my leg.

Proud Holders Ch. 03

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-02-10

Toilet opportunities were few and far between so when they came you had to take full advantage and let it all out in a big way. I was brought up to go to the toilet when I wanted but I've found that working in the industry I do, opportunities to go don't always happen when I most need a pee. In order to avoid accidents I tried cutting back on my fluid intake but a friend told me it was bad for my kidneys to do that so I try to drink a fairly normal amount and then hold it in until a loo opportunity presents itself.