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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish innocencejreicher 2018-02-10

She grabbed my head pulling me into her thighs as the rocking of the train jerking us around in the cool compartment. I moved from the back of her, with the racket still in hand as she hopped on a set of leather luggage, spreading her legs. I wanted to cause sexual pain to her, so I back up and shoved the racket further in her, causing her to lean back grabbing hold of a luggage handle, as the wood was pushed into her. I wanted to taste cum, that would be the only thing that would satisfy me, so with both hands, I began to shove the racket in and out of her, fast.

A Look Into My Mind: Uncle Sissyboy Ch. 03

fetish rickiee_2002 2018-02-10

I could see Mistress Jenna walking in the lead and of course, Lauren's beautiful naked body from behind. Mistress Jenna released the air in the balloon that held the catheter in my cock and pulled it out, rather quickly. As I drank my piss, I noticed that Mistress Jenna was stroking Lauren's cunt through her panties. She then took a black rubber looking device that had straps on them and guided them up Lauren's legs. She then pushed the dildo shaped appendage between Lauren's wet pussy lips and pulled the straps up to hold it in place. I looked at Lauren; her legs spread wires coming out of her pussy and from her nipples ...

Cheerleader Muscle Ch. 03

fetish curl4ever 2018-02-10

They had discovered that Josh could usually manage two climaxes during their one-hour gym time, so they eventually figured out a good pattern, favoring Liz because she was still in training for the upcoming cheer squad Nationals. Around the middle of the session, Josh would orally pleasure Liz, usually to a new personal record weight in whatever lift she wanted. As a result, as soon as Nationals were over, with her team placing an incredible third overall, she began training for muscle size as well as strength. This delightful solution to her worries on how to find a gym that could accommodate her usual private workout techniques was a relief and an exciting opportunity to Liz. In gratitude, she decided to put on a show for Josh.

Naughty Little Girl... Ch. 03

fetish IveBeenANaughtyGirl 2018-02-10

"NO!" Desire scrambled away, but soon was mewing in pain as her hair was bundled tightly in his fingers and she was dragged up to her room and shoved onto her bed, like a common kitty cat whore. Then the girl had to shove the phone down in the blankets as his large cock stretched her walls and Desire let out one of her most sultriest moans yet, and her breasts bounced once in her jersey...maybe Jason and Mr. Gabriel could come over tomorrow and fuck in her room... Obediently, she raised the phone to her ear and gave a high pitched pleasured moan as one particular thrust lifted her up a few inches and threatened to tear her apart with his cock inside her ass that deep.

Slave Ch. 07

fetish slaveheathen 2018-02-10

Louis stuck his cock in my mouth to finish, then grabbed my head and started face-fucking me with his rapidly hardening dick. Once I felt like I could get through the house without leaving a trail of urine, I made my way into the shower and soaked until the water turned cold. This was the one thing that had been missing from the morning's debauchery, a good hard butt-fucking. I think something got switched on during that long weekend, something that made getting butt-fucked nothing but raw, wonderful pleasure. I could hear her panting, could feel the sweat dripping off her, could feel that marvelous deep inside ache of bliss as she pounded my ass into next week.

Answering Her Question

fetish Scorpio44a 2018-02-10

"You want my permission to bring Sue home and fuck her, have sex with her, in our bed?" "Ok. When you drop her here at work Friday morning plan on me bringing her home sometime late that night." She leaned over, kissed me on the cheek and quickly got out of the car. From a little after four until two in the morning I had not thought about Kim, her pussy, Sue, or what they were doing. As it came up I saw that Sue was damaged just like Kim. Bite marks on her tits, bruises all over her chest. As I got back in bed, I noticed Sue's hand holding Kim's breast.

Picnic in New Forest

fetish petercee 2018-02-10

While trying to decide we stayed in a hotel in Southampton for a week to check out the New Forest area, looking for houses that might suit us. We found a parking area that had about four cars in it and decided it must be one of the local beauty spots, a few New Forest ponies roamed nearby and a path led of the car park so we followed it taking the picnic basket and travel rug. We fit in more with the doggers than the lovers, but did we want to do anything with them, I was already turned on and decided I wanted to fuck Anne anyway and if the guys wanted to watch all well and good.

Lizzie Ch. 02

fetish SamFrench 2018-02-10

Liz pushed the button for her floor, and as the doors closed, pulled me toward her and drove her tongue straight past my lips. Liz gave a small giggle, obviously enjoying the look on my face, as she unzipped her skirt and pushed it down her firm legs as well. Sure enough, Liz was now kissing all around my pubic hair while she stroked my cock with her left hand. I reached around to grab Liz's ass and pull her into me as my cock pushed aside the nylon of her panties. Liz pushed me off her gently as she rolled on top of me, sitting on my cock while dangling her incredible breasts in my face.

A Gift Returned is a Gift Enjoyed

fetish clipperdreams 2018-02-10

Both Chris and Holly give it a few days before speaking, both wanting to have cool heads prevailing. Holly enters the grocery store, looking to pick up items to make dinner for her and Silvia on Saturday. About a week later, Chris arrives at Holly's house and they make plans, taking into account her fears and ways to resolve it. Chris picks up the big clippers and Holly, never having seen anything so big, nearly cums looking at them. "I loved how you played with the vibrator, it helped distract me from losing my hair, but I have to admit, when you shaved my neck, I could feel it all the way to my toes. Chris helps Holly pick out a couple different ones and pays the woman.

Eva my Dominate Coworker Ch. 01

fetish Lawyerlyzach 2018-02-10

It's really not a lot of the brief, and I know this part will be better with you writing it than if anyone else writes it." She said, her hand still rubbing my thigh, and getting close to my very obvious erection. I've seen you admiring my stomach as it gets larger, and I know at least two of the other women in the office have noticed the same thing when they have been pregnant." Eva continued. Worship my huge belly, kiss it, and lick it, and rub it." Eva moaned to me while she ran her hands through my hair. After a few more minutes Eva began to play with her breasts, pinching, and squeezing them, while moaning as I kissed her stomach.

Rear Ended

fetish Anal Slave 2018-02-10

"You know how you get when your wife has your balls in her mouth and she's jacking your dick, you will promise her anything." About that time my wife had my clothes off, and she had my hard cock wedged into her hungry lips. I felt pain in my balls as my wife tighten up on the string that she had bound my balls with, and then she bite down hard on my cock. My wife quit jacking his cock and loosened the string around my balls and I immediately started filling his ass up with hot thick cum. He told us the other day that he sucked his cum out of his wife's spent pussy, and that she really enjoyed it.

Visiting Nurse

fetish papadog 2018-02-10

"I'd like you on the bed on your tummy with your head at the foot of the bed for your enema," she said, maintaining eye contact with him. It took him a few seconds to grasp the fact that she was sitting on the bed just to the left of his head, her right hip and thigh so close that he could not focus on the white cloth of her dress. Amanda LaWinter glanced at her watch, handed him a bottle of baby oil and said, "Maintain your erection manually for 15 minutes, then we'll go to the next step." Purse strap over her shoulder, silver metallic attache case in her other hand she went to the door, clicked open the thumb latch and went inside for the second time that day.

Dominated By 2 Exotic Bitches

fetish Kayb1234 2018-02-10

She had a voice that was sultry enough to make a man hard just by reciting the alphabet and between that, the damp sock that was right on top of my hand and the bare sweaty foot that was inches away from both, my brain was starting to go towards its happy place. I found myself gripping her moist wet sock with all the strength I could muster, squeezing it with a vice-like grip until Maryse's 24 year old, Brazilian fitness model foot sweat oozed out onto my hand, hopefully making it smell just as strong as her sock and twice as wet.

A Whipping From Lawrenzo

fetish spankingjenny 2018-02-09

My crew, Lawrenzo and I made our way to the Town Centre and positioned ourselves right in front of the stage and soon a horse drawn wagon worked its way through the crowd with 2 young bound girls in the back like they were prisoners. The crowd almost went insane when I stepped up onto the stage and when he tied my hands and hoisted them over my head it made my dress ride up and over my hips exposing a very tiny very wet thong panty. He brought my hands down and pinned them to my sides as he started to thrust his manhood into me, full long fast strokes felt like his cock was going right thru me, driving me into the bed, faster and harder until his cock erupted a flood of hot liquid love juice.

This is Whose Fantasy?

fetish balboa_rain 2018-02-09

When Rebecca had called me a half hour ago, she had told me the TV at Kiesha's house was having some problems, and since her husband Steve was out of town, she wondered if I could take a look at it. "Looks like a clit now!" "Let's see him try to make it bigger, let alone make it shoot!" Clapping began as Keisha stood behind me and whispered, "Okay, Gary. He literally face fucked me for ten minutes before he told the crowd he was getting ready to cum, and asking them whether they wanted "swallow or facial". Keisha told me you had a great time jerking off for everybody, and it sure looks like everybody else enjoyed the show as well.

Becca: High Times

fetish kpaddack2 2018-02-09

As Kevin reached back and pushed "Record," Becca lit up the long, fat joint. As she exhaled a long plume, she sighed, "Oh god, that's good." Becca took another long pull and inhaled like her life depended on it. Just a minute later, as she felt another orgasm approaching, she pulled the huge tool out of her cunt and gasped, "Please, fuck my ass, baby." Now fuck my ass hard." She looked up at him and exhaled the smoke right in his face, then looked down to watch his hard cock plow her tunnel. I want to feel you cum in my ass." With the middle finger of her free hand, the brunette violently massaged her swollen clit.

I Fuck Sheets...

fetish Sabrinaseales 2018-02-09

As years went by, even when I'd have sex daily with someone I was highly involved with I still loved this ritual...when he wasn't home, I'd taken a fancy to watching cartoon porn, first then hardcore porn, and I'd lie naked on the living room floor on my stomach, with that sheet bundled up my cunt, my legs tightly together and my waist moving in rhythm as if I was fucking the was my secret stress reliever, but it seemed so unrighteous, so wrong...yet when I looked at any form of pornography that turned me on, I felt the need to satisfy myself, and somehow masturbating with my hand didn't feel the same as the way I was tempted to do this weird thing with the sheets or with any piece of cloth...

Dirty Deception

fetish Arla 2018-02-09

Lara: *looks on eagerly, leaning her head back slightly as she spreads her lips and slides in a second finger, pumping them inside herslelf as se grabs her left breast with her free hand, rubbing it* Lara: yes sir~ *pauses, stunned that she is in this position with her master and gently wraps her lips around his head, sucking at it softly* Lara: *feels her pussy about to flow and begins to suck harder, wanting her master to cum at the same time as her, deepthroating him and twisting her head* Lara: *pulls up, still sucking at your head, not wanting to gag at her masters cum as she purrs deeply, pausing as she cums, crying out into your cock as she shivers*

caught wearing my friends s****rs bra and panties

fetish floyd1985 2018-02-09

i pulled every bra out and smelt them and jerked off with the bra cups one at a time and then put them on the bed.the next thing i know im wearing a pair of her bra and panties with a little pladd skirt and have another bra wrapped around my cock while i stroke it. so im all dressed up in her clothes lying on her bed covered in all her bras while jerking off and just as im about to cum my friend opens the bedroom door and sees me wearing his s****rs underwear and freaks out.


fetish 2018-02-09

She patted me so close to my crotch area it set me off; my cock began to grow inside my shorts. She paused, “I can feel your cock throbbing in my mouth,” she said. It was the greatest feeling EVER, fucking her warm fat mouth with my hard dick. I went right behind her and slowly slid my hard cock into her fat, dripping wet pussy. I can feel that hard cock inside my pussy!” “I want your fucking cum inside of me!” I was getting weak again; it was about to come out. "You're gonna cum deep inside my fucking pussy?!" I kept going and fucking her harder. Then, my body locked up as loads of hot, sticky cum gushed deep inside her pussy.

Airport Liaison

fetish apache822 2018-02-09

She replied, “I would love to suck your cock Mr. Jones, and then have you fuck my sweet pussy, until you come right inside me. She kept talking to him, calling him Sir, as she licked and gently stroked his huge cock with one hand, while her other hand had slipped underneath her skirt and was playing with her clit. She thought she had plenty of time while he showered so she lay on the bed, pulled her panties down slightly and inserted the vibrator into her pussy while she looked at the pictures in the magazine. They collapsed on the bed and she slowly slid down his body and took his soft cock in her mouth and gently licked the juices from it.

Feet First Ch. 01

fetish thezinger 2018-02-09

Recalling the brief description in the article about massaging the sole of the foot to relax the rest of the body, I scooted over to the footrest, grabbed one of her feet, and started rubbing away. But as she began to squirm I did look up at her and saw her head leaned back, eyes closed, and a half smile on her contented face, so I didn't think that I was doing something that she found discomforting. Marie's eyes were still closed, so, with one hand still massaging her foot, I very slowly lifted her skirt just a bit to get a better look. Marie gave my cock a few little licks and one nice long suck, then leaned forward a little more to lick my stomach while swinging her lovely tits against my hard-on.

Fun with the Mechanic

fetish hotcdsub 2018-02-09

After prepping my pussy for the show and also for the second time today, I did my makeup, glued on the long oval shaped red nails, red lipstick, brunette long hair wig, black thigh highs, short black frilly/sexy dress with a nice push up bra that gave me cleavage and open toe 4’ black heels. I kept teasing and then finally grabbed his now, rock hard throbbing cock and he kissed me with passion and moaned again. Meanwhile he was twisting my nipples with one hand and had found his way into my black lace panties and begun fingering my lubed pussy hole with the other when I gave him access.

Stranger on a Plane

fetish Erocus 2018-02-09

Maybe I had gotten too used to k**s asking why balloons were round or how come we can't have french fries for lunch everyday, but Michael's skills at developing a conversation were a welcome respite from my previous months at home and at preschool. I caught my fall with my right hand which instinctively reached for the nearest stable object, and it was Michael's crotch. Michael reached for the door to help me, and asked if he could share my cab since he was meeting a college friend for dinner near the Staples Center. Michael's hand slid up my skirt, along my right thigh and headed for my panties. I wanted to bury my face in Michael's sweet-smelling strong neck, but the cabbie would notice that even in the dark as he occasionally glanced into his rear-view mirror.