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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Mistress is My Wife Ch. 02

fetish slavetohiswife 2018-02-09

"Yes Mistress, I am your little sissy slut, to do with as you please." I said it as a wave of humiliation washed over me, which only caused my caged cock to strain again. You will show me how much of a little sissy slut you can be.", Mistress couldn't help but rub her nipples as she said this. "Much better you little sissy slut." She said as she sat on the bed in front of me and forced her foot inside my mouth to the point it was causing me to gag a little. "Now fuck yourself, hard and fast you dirty little cock loving sissy slut, but close your eyes while you do it.", Mistress demanded.

The Boxing Day Present

fetish garterbelt 2018-02-09

I wanted to run my hands over his legs so I started to pull his pants down when I noticed he was wearing stiletto heels! Starting at his heels, I kissed my way up his nylon covered legs, while playing with his heels until I reached his cock, kissing it through the pantyhose. I leaned over him and he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked hard on it, as I continued to pump his cock, feeling an orgasm building. He matched me thrust for thrust, the feel of our hose rubbing taking us to new heights, his mouth sucking my nipple, as we thrust harder and harder until an earth moving orgasm overtook me and a moment later I felt him cum and cum and cum inside me.

A Wedding With Dhipa

fetish dr_mabeuse 2018-02-09

He looked forward to watching the expressions when they saw that bright flash of slutty red, but somehow Dhipa managed to sit and slide her legs under the table cloth without exposing herself too scandalously.. Reaching casually under the table, the Doctor slid his hand up her naked thigh and touched her pussy through the sheer fabric of her panties. He leaned towards Dhipa and pretended to ask her a question as he worked his finger through the leg hole of her panties and touched her naked cunt. The woman opposite Dhipa, the one who’d just been talking about cousin Achmal, looked at her with arch curiosity, knowing something was going on, but not sure of what.

The Beginning

fetish kbking70 2018-02-09

Jason moaned as Chuck tongue fucked his mouth while his hands twisted his nipples and roamed over his underwear covered ass, groping and pulling. Jason continued to lick and suck Chuck's fingers until Jason's piss stream slowed to a halt, his legs covered in piss, his underwear soaked, his cock visible though the wet briefs. Chuck released a stream of piss that hit Jason between the eyes, then all over his head and face, hot clear piss splashing into the moaning slut's mouth and running down his chest. Chuck smiled as he picked them up, "Open wide cock whore." Jason quickly opened his mouth, moaning as Chuck gagged him with his piss soaked briefs.

Elizabeth and Lucille Ch. 02

fetish MaryGrangerx 2018-02-09

So with my panties down and me over Mrs Kent's lap, and her husband masturbating I thought that now was an opportune time to ask. Mrs Kent laughed as well saying "Good job I have this handkerchief ready, William, otherwise it would make her panties wet." William told me "Tell Derek to expect telephone calls from these friends of mine asking him to look after their accounts and businesses. I told her "I feel so nice when I tell you all my secret thoughts and about the things that I now know about Derek and although I never swear I like using the naughty words when we talk."

Feeding Mum

fetish magas911 2018-02-09

It was a photo of my mom from the summer, her brown curly hair at her shoulder, big sunglasses over her face, and she was completely bare save for a striking blue bikini that left most of her white fit body exposed. I had never really paid attention to how much she drank, but these days, it felt like she was always pouring herself a big glass of my friend's cum and then licking the excess white milk off her puffy lips. He can cum in my stomach directly if he wants, as you've already seen." A big dormant hand rose from Jon's resting body and positioned itself cupping my mom's firm fit ass.

The Monster Inside - Vampire Pt 5

fetish 2018-02-09

I love Scarlet and I know that I want to be with her forever, that we will have many wild nights together." I saw her get horribly flirtatious but he seemed rapt, "Not to mention that we would be more than willing to help with any issues that you need attending to, both of us." I looked at sweet, sexy Gwen and I wanted to throw her down again and I knew she was playing with him. Then she must feed right away too, the thirst was horrible in the beginning." A little shiver when through me at the memory of those first days, "I know it takes a while for it to work through the body, would you be able to help us tomorrow night?"

English Mistress/ American Slave

fetish trashcan44 2018-02-09

The rules of the game are very strict and can only be changed by Mistress Andrea. At any random time Mistress Andrea will text me that I have an e-mail. Once I meet that person I must have them contact Mistress Andrea using the phone of the number in the ad. I once whined to her that I thought a provider was playing me, saying that my mistress had demanded that I pay double. I had to beg her to let me meet long enough for her to call and tell Mistress Andrea. Mistress Andrea can be brutal in her instructions, from 'tease and denial' from high priced call girls to bdsm from local Doms.

83% bdsm

The Cruise Ship

fetish revol 2018-02-09

Ted sniffed the fleshy perfumed armpit for a long time, then licked both her juicy armpits in turn with long strokes of his tongue, depositing lots of his saliva in her underarms, lustily kissed and sucked both her armpits with lot of sound. Jane gave him a tight embrace from behind, and as Ted turned his head, she kissed him over his shoulder, holding his member in her hand, and pressing her boobs on his back. Jane caught hold of Ted’s shoulders, kissed and licked his shoulders and put her long and sexy nose in his armpits, and sniffed and sucked hard.

A Surprise Ass-Fucking in Panties

fetish hummmph 2018-02-09

I just want a closer look!," Emmy smiles as she leans behind me and pulls my Jeans open to expose the top back of my Lace underwear. I lean forward as instructed and I can feel Emmy's cool hand trace across my exposed cheeks and her finger starts tracing a line down the Lace where it meets my skin. I can feel myself rocking forward and back over my elbows as my asshole gets a fucking from Emmy's finger. I say fingers because now there are 2 fucking my hole and I can feel a wave of pre-orgasm wash over me and I instinctively reach down to my cock and as I grab hold of it through my Jeans I feel Emmy's hand on top of mine.

GayMaker Strike's Again

fetish 425olds 2018-02-09

Little by little my desire to feel that cock again grew, to the point that one day I went to my old gym to see John. I think John and Vicky don't need your help anymore, and you have a lot of work to do here," Pam told me. "Come on, princess, we want to check if what John says about your skills is truth," said Marcus, one of them, while rubbing his cock against my mouth. After hearing my plea, he responded, "don't worry princess, you will take all our cocks inside your girly ass, but I think it's time to share it with your girlfriend." Then, John took his cock out and with a few strokes he also came in my girlfriend's mouth.

Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 2

fetish 2018-02-09

"Anything you want, my darling girl," the woman said and cupped Julie's left tit with "You are an attractive girl, you know, Julie," Aunt Dee said and quickly looked away "Sure, I understand," Julie said and looked the young woman customer up and The blonde teenager stepped into the dressing room and the young woman shyly "Doesn't your old man fuck you?" Julie asked the young woman whose ass was The young woman pulled Julie's dress up, so that the blonde teenager's naked ass The blonde girl raised her mouth from the woman's cunt lips and reached for the pink teenager pulled the young woman's ass-cheeks apart until the pale pink asshole lay while the pale, young woman used her mouth on Julie's cunt.

Estel From Carmel

fetish YankyPanky 2018-02-09

She looked at me and purposely blinked 3-4 times and said "Inside the car when we were young, but right here.." she paused and knocked on the metal. Long, slow, firm pushes into her made her moan wildly, with thick squishy liquid oozing out with every pull-back, all the time sounding very much like an older women, she moaned wildly. She felt like moist velvet, grabbing at my dick as i pulled out and restricting my entry down to a tiny tunnel needing opened for me every push. "I needed that after seeing that dress all day" i joked and she said, "I've had a fantasy about you since you bought that first car years ago" and winked.

Twisted in 24 Hours

fetish toniukcd 2018-02-09

"What the fuck are you looking at boy?" I could feel my mouth was moving but try as I might nothing came out beyond a pitiful squeak, which brought a more thoughtful light to his eyes as he snapped his fingers. Don't you like looking at sexy bitches flashing their tits at you?" He taunted, "Or is it me that's causing this?" His hand eased over my swollen shorts and took a firm possessive grip on my cock. "You may also show you care boy!" Master William said, lightly pushing my head forwards until my lips came in contact with his cock. Tossing something at me through the window Master William said, "Here be in it morning!" Nina's bikini hit me in the face as he called dropping the clutch.

Public Foot Fun

fetish MadisonMadness 2018-02-09

The waiter leaves to fetch our drinks and Anthony and I are making small talk about the weather, travel, my new video, and all the time, he can't take his eyes off my stunning shoes and perfectly manicured toes. As I see the waiter approaching to get our dessert order, I move my foot quickly up and down forcefully on Anthony's crotch so that just as the waiter guessed it, my companion is nutting in his pants like a stallion. As I cracked the burnt sugar topping on the crème brulee, my right leg was crossed over my left under the table and my companion was licking at my foot hungrily.

Playing with Abi

fetish Bitrotic 2018-02-09

The act of pressing against Lynn's breast was enough to trigger more milk to come out and a short stream sprayed forward and onto Abi's night gown. Kneading them with an urgency that both surprised and excited Abi. She returned the enthusiasm by hungrily sucking harder on Lynn's breast, making a slurping sound now as the sweet milk continued to fill her mouth. Abi was enjoying this moment so much she didn't want to stop, but knew she had to take a breath at some point so she took one last suck and released the nipple, dropping her head onto Lynn's legs and letting out a long, deep, sigh. Holding back the urge the touch her step-daughter, Lynn aimed her nipple down and sprayed a long stream of warm milk directly onto Abi's pussy.

Bigger Down There Ch. 02

fetish Andrea_E 2018-02-09

This time I said 'it is an enormous cunt hole you've got there Helen,' and at that she started toying with her lips and dipping all four of her finger tips in. She said, 'come on, keep going – keep telling me what I want to hear.' I think I must have kept up the verbal and graphic description of her huge cunt for at least 15 minutes (even surprising myself sometimes) and Helen appeared to be getting more and more abandoned. Helen let me move my hand around inside her (and it felt like my hand, rather than my fist if you know what I mean), and by now I could hear, as much as feel how sodden she was.

Bridal Cumslut Ch. 03

fetish heeledboots3 2018-02-09

I looked at myself in the mirror and looking back at me was a 22-year-old virgin bride, with a gorgeous dress, a fine and firm pair of breasts, a pert arse straining outwards to be spanked, a long mane of brunette hair, wide innocent eyes and a wet, warm and willing mouth which was every inch as slutty as the thigh high leather boots in which she was standing. I immediately went back to fucking Andy's cock with my aching mouth, caressing and gently squeezing his heavy balls when I felt another slap on my arse that I realised must have been Vicky's as Andy now had both his hands on the back of my head. God I was feeling good, so many dicks around me, my arse still warm from Vicky's fingering and me dressed up like an inexperienced bride with a whorish twist and two pieces of meat in my mouth.

Story Of A Kinky Train Journey

fetish RajaMikey 2018-02-09

Same time I got some opportunity to touch her ass and thighs pretending looking something under our seats and re-arranging my luggage. I said: "your lips are so sexy." All this time my hand moved over her thigh. Same time I moved my free hand to her back and started feel her ass cheeks. I tried to push her lips with my tongue she started moan bit and opened her mouth. I untied her bottom and pulled it bit down and pushed my hand into her panties from back and started feel her naked ass cheeks which was slightly sweaty. I again kissed her mouth; come back to suck nipple again even my tongue reached in her armpit.

The Choice

fetish MrDeviant 2018-02-09

For example, I could cum on her face, shoulders, chest, in her bellybutton, on her shaven pussy, between her thighs, on her thighs, on her calves, on her feet, in her armpits (as an online lady friend, lover, slave and Mistress suggested), in her ear, on her ass, her back etc. Of course, I also know my wife doesn't swallow cum so the fact that I would be doing something forbidden whilst she slept is a great turn on for me even though, if she awoke, I would probably be told I wasn't going to have sex with her again for a great, long while.

The Bridesmaids' Revenge

fetish oggbashan 2018-02-09

The other bridesmaids, Alison, Frances and Sandra are planning to kidnap Harold and force him to be at Lisa's mercy tomorrow night. Tomorrow my friends Thomas and Jane will marry and I am finishing the sash for Jane's wedding dress. I had used the adjustable hooped petticoats for a couple of recent wedding dresses and the brides had been pleased because they could be formal at the service and yet dance freely at the reception. The year before that the men had played in full-length women's night-dresses and some of them had been tripped up by them. Other years had seen 10 goalkeepers in the women's goal; the men's team reduced to five players; and the men playing while balancing books on their head.


fetish Irish_Guy17 2018-02-09

Okay, I knew he was away from the house a lot, but I thought he was working hard to build up the business. I couldn't wait to send him the e-mail when he was at work, and when I got a reply saying "Awl, thanks honey, love you too," I felt pretty satisfied. I said I wasn't feeling well to stop him trying to screw me: I couldn't bear to think of his sweating body crawling all over me after he'd been fucking all those other sluts. He said he thought I'd look good in school uniform. Feeling me touch his dick made him rock hard, and I opened my legs wide so he could smell the juice running from my cunt.

Houseboy for Hire Pt. 01

fetish OneWhoAdores 2018-02-09

He vacuumed the three rooms that needed it, then finished dusting, polishing and tidying up so that by noon everything, except the unmade bed which Mrs. Givens had promised to take care of, was clean and immaculate. He had not seen Mrs. Givens again, but did find the envelope with his check for the morning session on the dining room table, along with, as was written on the outside of the envelope 'a little something extra for all your good work.' He smiled , pocketed the envelope and made his way out the back door, placing the key under the flower pot as he left for his car, and to make his way to the afternoon session with the new customer.

Doctors Visit

fetish dlbiblkm 2018-02-09

He pulled on my legs me to meet him to the edge of the chair, I looked at his big, wet with my juice, dick, he was fucking me bare “you like that huh?” he asked before pushing his entire dick in me again. He grabbed my legs and pushed them apart as far as he could and looked me in the eyes while taking short strokes inside of me, I would be a liar to say I didn’t want to scream in pleasure but I bit my tongue and stared back at him “good pussy baby, good fucking pussy” he said wiping sweat off his forehead.