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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Closing Time with Jessica........ Epilogue.

fetish BigJ0526 2018-02-09

I almost wanted to just ignore the call and keep playing call of duty, but I knew that helping Mindy out would be a huge favor for her and she'll give me more time off if I request for it. But............." she lowered her voice and began to unbutton her shirt with one hand while keeping her grip on me"I think we both know you like my body more. "Whatever you want, just be prepared for a fuck like you never had." I was more confident in my prowess after my tryst with Jess 3 hours before. After some time I wanted to see those tits flopping, so I pulled out and told her to roll over.

A Man & Woman: A Mutual Need

fetish JCBMAN 2018-02-09

Anne and I talked for a while and she told me she NEVER had cheated on her husband, but was in need like I, she furthered this by telling me she was curious about the subject of watersports and asked me to meet her for a drink at a local establishment in 15 or 20 minutes. I asked Anne if she would like to try a douche of a different sort, she asked me do you mean, by that point with all we had to drink, I sent a torrent into her, filling her to the point where it was just running out of her as well as the cum, I just deposited within her.


Piss Slave: Awaiting Freedom

fetish DesireToRelease 2018-02-09

Master shuts off the alarm sleepily and slowly stretches, finally pulling the sheets back and standing casually in front of me, pulling his semi hard penis out to relieve his morning piss without a glance at me. As if he was actually standing in front of a toilet, he begins to spurt his warm piss towards me, who, waiting on knees is forced to readjust the position of my mouth so it doesn't hit the wooden floors. Master loves watching my small stomach slowly bloat with his liquid, until my abdomen looks somewhat like a balloon, my bladder hard and swollen and my stomach now full and extending over the top of my diaper.

Laura's Four-Day Weekend

fetish murphy621 2018-02-09

My nipples were so sore I couldn't even touch them, my pussy was leaking sticky cum on to my ass, and my asshole felt like I had shit a brick. When Bob came home and I told him Brian was coming for dinner he wasn't too happy but he had no choice. " I think he likes the idea of me fucking you." He then pulled my hips towards his cock and commanded Bob, I lost all the love and respect I had for Bob but now I adored Brian and the cock that was so deep inside of me. Slut, command him to lick us clean." I sat and opened my legs and ordered my husband to clean my Master's cock with his tongue and then lick my cunt clean.

A Panty Boy's Lesson

fetish naughtyaura8 2018-02-09

I swing a pair of lacy pink panties on my finger tip. "You've been a naughty boy," I walk around you, as you stand quivering in the middle of the room, dressed only in the pink lacy panties I gave you to wear. "Does my naughty, panty boy like his ass filled with my finger?" You push your ass out to meet my thrusting finger. I remove my fingers quickly with a chuckle at your thrusting ass and whimpers. The spasms of your anus push and rub the bulb deep inside, the pleasure making my juices flow down my legs and shaft. I remove the restraints, take your cum drenched face in my hands and slowly lick the creamy rivers off before kissing you deeply.

Selfless Cunt

fetish LoveLikeAPotato 2018-02-09

My husband drooling over Liz's cut me so deep in my abdomen I felt like I'd die from shame. Despite all this time, all the building up of confidence from becoming a professional, an adult, all those years of body image repair my husband had performed when he'd praised every tiny imperfection of me, I felt exactly like I was back in school, invisible and worthless, and a thought hit me; I didn't deserve my husband. I felt and looked a wreck and my husband suggested I go see a doctor as he caressed my neck and pudgy, ugly tummy in gentle soothing motions. I lowered my eyes, unable to look at Liz, her lovely clothes that fit her perfectly, her flowing blond hair, her gorgeous make-up and bone structure.

Snowballing Fest

fetish CumshotBeast 2018-02-09

Gina and Amanda were on either side of me, and as Candice was pulling off the pants from my legs completely, Amanda had already grabbed my thick cock at the middle where it had the most girth, and literally let her mouth drop over my head, stretching her lips and going down on me in long, tender strokes. I turned her head to one side letting my dick go between her lips, and pressed against the side of your mouth, my cock made a huge bulge on the outside of herr face as I started to jerk forward and stretch her cheeks like putty.

Newly Divorced, Male Multiple Orgasms

fetish 425olds 2018-02-09

Then after marriage, when she knew that he should have at least taken the same kinds of initiative she had already observed in common a****ls rutting, her husband turned out to be hyper-shy...afraid to so much as touch himself, lying flat on his own back on their bed and leaving it up to his wife to find ways to get him hard and then for her to mount herself on top of him and ride his medium-sized six inch cock for about five or six strokes and then he would come... "Oh God, I've never had a cock like this," she bounced up and down on my shaft, "Come for me, Joey, wash my pussy with your cum, I want to feel it throb and splash inside me."

the cuckold fun

fetish leo11169 2018-02-09

Craig has stretched me out and Wendell's little wiener has come to "Well, Wendell said that anything women care about, anything they like other Fridays, maybe also to introduce Wendell to the gay scene. Friday before that it was clipping a bra onto his boobs the way girls "Your so-called man wants to be a sissy," Craig muttered under his He needs to take one more step and learn to love men the way most women "Craig, way back, even before I knew you, Wendell confessed to me that began helping my lovely man learn to be a woman, my best girlfriend, order to fuck a real man!" Craig said, staring possessively at me. "Speaking of real men, Craig, you remember how you've been wanting me

When Nature Calls Ch. 03

fetish kayleekennicott 2018-02-09

June wasn't visible from his position on the trail, with not even a scrap of her brightly colored skirt able to be seen, but Hector could hear her — the force of her stream, hissing a little as she soaked the leaves underfoot. The liquid in Hector's bladder connected to the center of his brain that registered pleasure at the sight of this lovely woman peeing freely in front of him, and like a switch, something inside him turned on that made him realize how desperately full he was and how immediately he would piss himself if he didn't yank down his pants in time. Hector's cock stiffened, shutting off his stream, when he saw how intently June was watching him as she reached her hand down to rub her exposed pussy, still dripping with piss.

A Shemale Christmas Carol

fetish ThomX 2018-02-09

After my long day on the job, I was sitting on a small bench still dressed in my Santa suit in the small dressing room they provided for me and Sheila trying to recuperate from being around all those whiny kids when Sheila walked in. She locked the dressing room door and then strode over to me, her sexy hips swinging back and forth as she walked, making my dick harder and throb that much more inside my tightening Santa suit. But I couldn't keep from grunting out in surprise when Sheila grabbed me in the crotch of my Santa suit and held my dick and balls tightly in her hand. Sheila just grinned and laughed at my pain as she bent down, took my face in her hands and cooed at me one more time, "Oh, is my Santa hurt?"

Ken & Annie

fetish Wes99 2018-02-09

"No," I said, "Gail and I are very sexual too and as long as we are talking about fantasies, let me tell you about one that I have had for a long time," I hesitated, "it's to fuck Annie!" Then I added. As he sat back in his chair he said, "This video makes Annie very horny and very wet!" It started in the middle of the video and it immediately showed a large room with about ten people all engaged in various sex acts. When I was finished she was quiet for a moment then said, "I thought something like this was going to happen because the last few times Annie and I have been alone almost all she talks about is sex." Gail chuckled softly.

The piss Orgy

fetish coolswappy 2018-02-09

I thought that it was time to tell him the details and I told him all about a couple of piss drinking incidents with my wife and also with Tannu, my masseur. Tanya (Tannu) immediately got up and removed Palaash’s shirt and vest and started kissing him all over. I was pissing like a horse and Tanya (Tannu) was having a hard time suck all of it. I stopped my stream and turned towards Palaash and started pissing on him. Tanya (Tannu) started licking my piss from all of Palaash’s body. Palaash made Tanya (Tannu) once again in toilet position and started pissing in his mouth. The moment we sat down, Tanya (Tannu) started pissing, alternately on me and Palaash.

The Village : Shaved

fetish catherine-belmont 2018-02-09

Bella turned red in embarrassment as they slowly pulled her open, feeling her pussy lips spreading open as she was spread wide. “Listen to her fart for us, imagine what she will do when the Master puts his cock inside her,” they laughed, Bella turning red in shame. She felt fingers running soap over her asshole again, her body frozen in fear, afraid the razor might accidentally cut her delicate back passage. Bella looked up as one of them approached her, his hand fumbling for the buttons on his shorts, his fingers drawing out a huge cock. “Hold her head, I’m going to shoot the first load down her throat directly into her stomach.” He pumped his cock up and down until he felt his balls swell in anticipation.

Cum Stained Nylons - Under Control

fetish ualmech88 2018-02-08

Her dark hair now had some streaks of grey but her legs were as shapely as ever and were mouth watering to young Jimmy who had taken time to admire and fondle them through the sheer black hose when fitting her with each pair of shoes. Waiting her turn patiently, she was hoping that some day soon Madame Dupree or Ms Aldridge would allow her to fully appreciate young Jimmys talents and let her have his monster inside her. After each of the women had cum Jimmy was directed to stand and Madame Dupree asked him if he had been a good boy and when he had last emptied his balls. After Yvette joined the others in the living room Veronica asked Jimmy and Dexter to take the women's coats and put them away in that hall closet.

The Toy Salespeople Ch. 01

fetish Tarbut 2018-02-08

Jane contributed to her own arousal at first, by massaging her own nipples, and enjoying squirting milk over her bed sheets; but as the urine in her colon begun irritating it, she asked John to stop and let her go to the bathroom. John felt ever greater excitation; as Jane's breasts began squirting some milk as she was enjoying clitoral orgasms, he wanted to ejaculate, but something stopped him. As Jane's breasts were now empty, John let her nipples get out of his mouth, and raised his trunk, so he could hug his wife -- but the exchange of urine between them continued; they were now thirsty, and asked Edna for water, but Edna answered, "There are other toys to test.

Surprise Surprise Ch. 2

fetish Sobek 2018-02-08

God the thought of Anna getting fucking by other guys, made my cock start to jerk. He unzipped his panted and whipped out a huge black cock, it was still a little limp so I dropped to my knees and started licking his long…black shaft, and kissing on the head. Her cock began to jerk and quiver, and cum shot forth, on the bed, on my hand everywhere, Anna quiver and looked back. As Anna said those final word of "he shot a little load on my face." I came hard in her, she even quivered a bit feeling the impact of my shoving and the hot load of cum mixing with the other guys.

Sniffing My Pussy Scented Panties

fetish creamymilf 2018-02-08

I am a confirmed panty loving slut and have been selling my dirty, creamy, cum stained panties to sexy men, a few women, and quite a few couples all over the world for over 2 years now. This is a story about the 1st time that I experienced the scent of a wet pussy on a pair of panties. When I saw the 1st pictures of naked women, with their plump, curvy breasts, and to my complete surprise, very hairy pussies, my fear turned to lust, and I felt like I was on fire between my legs. That day began my life as the secret cum loving slut that I am today.

Sandler Finishing School Ch. 06

fetish humanoid_typhoon 2018-02-08

The heat was incredible, my breathing ragged as Ada dipped her head, opened her mouth and placed her warm wet tongue on my painful tit. My high pitched scream filled the cold room as she pulled her head away from me, nipple still held carefully between her teeth. A slip of her fingers in the palm of my hand before she pulled away and grinned, flashing those small, sharp white teeth at me, like the Cheshire cat. I started at her with wide eyes, her posh, crisp accent shocking me as she grinned one more time and with a swish of hair, turned and walked away. I opened my eyes and carefully turned my head, looking across the room to Sheva's bed.

The Awakening Of Sara

fetish smokelover 2018-02-08

Ms. Serena pulled out her cigarette case, removed one of the long white cigarettes, lit it, pulled long and hard on it, and then exhaled the smoke in Sara's face. She knew Serena had to be close to an orgasm as she let the cigarette dangle from her mouth as she placed both hands on Sara's head and began to fuck her face. Serena extinguished her cigarette and pulled Sara to her so she could kiss her long and deep. I want you to sit on the couch, light a cigarette and get that sweet pussy of yours nice and wet for me", Serena ordered. Sara opened the case and pulled out another long white cigarette, lit it and handed it to her mistress as she was instructed.

Sexy Fairytale part 8

fetish drew1207 2018-02-08

Wrapping his arms tightly around her body, Prince Charming began thrusting in and out of her pussy with abandon, Kristen thrashing underneath him as her orgasm came closer and closer. As she began to scream her orgasm, his plunging dick making her ecstacy mount even higher, Prince Charming pulled all the way out of her pussy and slammed into her ass. Kristen was completely shocked at the sudden behavior, until she realized that the Prince Charming had thought she was a peasant maid. Kristen turned beet red when she looked at the page that it was open to and saw herself in the middle of a clearing, a little man with his dick up her ass and another with his cock in her mouth.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 21

fetish fursmoke11 2018-02-08

"I think you know I am beyond salvation don't you Elder Fossey?" Jane Matthews said, leaning forward and bathing him in smoky exhale, before lifting the cigarette to her lips again. Here Lee...nobody need know..." Jane Matthews said as she held the sacrament to the boys lips and watched as the clean cut American in the pristine white shirt, tie and suit eagerly fed. "Oh my God..." Lee Fossey whimpered as he watched Jane French inhale and hold a thick white cloud of smoke in her deep cherry lips before descending on the straining hot cock. Now there's a thought..." Jane said as she filled the lovely innocent Mormon boy's mouth with smoky poison once more and his cock exploded its ten months of denial inside her rotten, corrupt, but beautiful body.

Is It A Need Or A Want

fetish jlltec 2018-02-08

I said, "swat it", she smiled and she did, hard, five or six times, balls and cock flying with each hit. I was totally aware of my cock and balls all day, hardly a minute went by without a twitch, ache or the feeling of wetness as another drop of lubricant dripped from the head. I obviously like it when you're in control, I like being shaved and naked and hard for you, I like it when you squeeze my balls or swat my cock. "I'd think you are going to want to slap my balls more than my cock or you may make me cum." Yes, I actually said, stick to slapping my balls.

Aroma Lust New Frontiers

fetish fecalsappho753 2018-02-08

Evelyn asked me what I would like to see as she had a large collection of porn videos. The conversation turns to how much they enjoy the smell of each others shit. They even talked about shit smelling as an erotic fetish that may be more common but that has such a taboo to it that almost no one will admit to it. Evelyn asked me if I would mind if she left for awhile because Nancy wanted to have me alone. Or wanted an oil based perfume that smelled like shit. Nancy asked me if I wanted a shit back rub. Nancy spread the still warm shit on my back, down my legs then rubbing my toes. They were already aficionados of fecal delights I said kiss me, I want to taste shit.