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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Christmas Nightmare Ch. 01

fetish Davion 2018-02-08

"Wow Corrine, I think Corey would be thrilled if you put that on and wore it on Christmas" Kelly said. She had known this was going to be the case, and she thought that she would be able to get the suit the rest of the way on and then sit down on the couch, which she was standing right in front of, to wait for Kelly to arrive. She just wished Kelly would say something so she knew what was going on, right as she was thinking that though she heard the locks rattle in the box and knew that Kelly had started on the items on the list.

Look At My Tits Ch. 03

fetish yankeedog 2018-02-08

Jane and I walked to the side of the store where a neon sign said "fitting rooms" and found a very large black man sitting on a metal chair. I grabbed a similar outfit and pulled it over my head allowing the material to fall over my body the same way hoping that it would have the same effect on Jane. "You look very sexy too Jane...if I were a man, I would fuck you right here" "I don't know Laura, I don't think this outfit is hot enough..." Jane grabbed the curtain and pulled it open. Jane began to spin and turn and bend and lift and everything else a woman would do if she was trying to get a man hot for her.

Hubby Allows Wife to be Forced Ch. 03

fetish Quietoldie 2018-02-08

A few days later when Joyce is out shopping I spend hours trying to find her password for her other email address. Jude's let me have her email address so I send her the email Howard sent me because I have a bit of a half baked idea that if I can somehow get Howard to send me something in writing and show it to Joyce. That loving hubby of yours was sitting on the stairs wanking whilst you were fighting me off and pleading for me to stop on that Saturday night when my cock mastered you and made you my little fuck toy. After talking through this turn of events with Jude we decide that it is time for me to be honest with Joyce about that Saturday night and face the consequences.

hedonstic crossdressing, part 4

fetish elainetgrl 2018-02-08

He told the others to lean me forward, which they did, and he hikded up the back of my skirt, spit several times on my ass, rubbed his cock around in his spit, and then pushed inside me, hard. Bradley commented on how hot a big black cock looked fucking a tight little white sissy ass...then told me to get ready to drink his hot seed...and began to pump his jizm into my mouth. Then, Reggie pushed deep into me, leaned forward pressing me hard into the back of the couch...and exploded, pumping his thick cum deep inside me, seeding my ass with his big, black cock. I'd cum again from taking cock in my ass, and being fucked like a little sissy slut.

Leila - The First Level Ch. 01

fetish susypeat 2018-02-08

I would love to know more about you." I tried to talk to buy time but at the same moment noticed that I was sounding stupid and probably going to blush soon. I cannot really remember how the conversations went in detail since I tried to pay attention to her words but her looks, in combination with her confident almost dominant aura and this cute accent made it very hard to focus. That girl who looked like an Arabic goddess, was easy going and nice but at the same time knew what she wanted. After massaging her legs some more I kissed her butt cheeks again and at that moment she put her hand on the back of my head and drew me closer.

An Object Lesson

fetish 2018-02-08

‘We’ll be in touch again soon, big boy!’ he grunted, and as he spoke, he turned to Amanda and slowly started to run his hand over her vagina and pubis, then down towards her anus.... Dazed by shock of it all, Nick could only watch with growing fury and disbelief as the ringleader slowly inserted his middle finger into Amandas tight anus and pushed it in as far as it would go. For the next 5 minutes, Nick was trying like hell to concentrate on what the ringleader had said, but he had to re-run the DVD to make sure he’d got it right. Nick got Amanda home in the dead of night and started the long, difficult process of helping her back to some sense of normality.

Pot And Pecker's (Gay) Part 1

fetish SwVaFreak 2018-02-08

Even when our cousins would come to stay in the summer weekends I would half the time in the day walk around with my smooth tight hole hanging out for the world to see. then all of a sudden he pulled his cock out and let me roll over on the ground and got down on his knee's , one knee on each side of my head and put his cock in my mouth and started saying "yeah taste a piece of that pussy hole" and right when he said that he rammed it deep inside of me, deep throat face fucking me and I felt him cum.

Little Bo Peep

fetish Sinestro 2018-02-08

Connie: Little Boy Blue let me blow your horn the sheep are in the meadow and we need some porn. Martha: Fuck your sheep there stuffed just like your cunts gonna be when Rick gets done with it. Rick held her legs and pushed his cock balls deep and then started fucking her with a steady rythmic motion. Rick watched as his cock slipped in and out of her wet pussy folds, she looked so sexy with her petti coats and dress hiked up around her waist. Connie squeezed her pussy lips and the held them open as Rick's thick white cum flowed out of her, she kept pushing until she got most of it out then she played with her pussy and made even more ooze out.

A Week in the Life of a Cumeater Ch. 01

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-02-08

We settle in to watch The Big Band Theory as my cock is growing and leaking pre cum. As I leak pre cum I scoop up what I can with my finger and clean it off by sticking it in my mouth and sucking it clean. After there were no traces of cum left I looked at my now soft dick and there was one last large drop of cum leaking out, I grabbed that with my finger and swallowed that also. I get pretty excited, reach into my pants and I'm starting to get some pre cum oozing out of my cock. I then proceeded to walk around the office sipping my sperm coffee chatting with some people and just watching others hard at work.

Finding Her Desires

fetish djm298 2018-02-08

The boots held in the woman's long finger-nailed hands, taking the tissue taken out. "Do they fit okay, let me check them." The brunette reached out with her long, manicured fingers to touch the toe area of the boot. Jennifer turned, walking quickly as she could in the stiletto boots. She was wearing a knee length black leather pencil skirt and black leather knee high stiletto boots. Jennifer watched as her long nailed fingers raised the white cigarette to her lovely lips. She boldly ran her booted legs up Amy's calf as she smoked her cigarette. Jennifer moaned as she rubbed up and down the shaft of the boot leaving a wet, shiny trail on the soft black leather.

Lara's Chair Tie

fetish masonandlara 2018-02-08

Lara picked up the first of the black latex stockings. Next she picked up the red latex basque top, which was fastened by black ribbon at the front. They were a size smaller than usual but Lara wanted them tight across her arse and even tighter to hold the dildo and plug secure. As she sat onto the chair, the plug and dildo moved against each other and the latex knickers pulled them tighter within. Lara grabbed hold of the two red cords she had and began to tie her ankles to the front chair legs. Lara looked down onto the edge of the bed and picked up the chained nipple clamps.

Sister-in-Law Gets Punished

fetish Like2Watch 2018-02-08

Mom was in her late 50's and could still turn a few heads and Dad was 61, still working out, and looking 20 years younger than he was. Lori had on a little light blue cotton summer dress that came to mid-thigh with spaghetti straps to hold it up, bare legs, and white sandals. Dad put his left arm across her back to hold her steady and with his right hand slowly started lifting the hem of her skirt, revealing some skimpy lavender panties that barely covered her ass. By the fifth blow, tears were rolling down her face and her white ass around her lavender panties was starting to redden. On the way to the theatre with Tara that evening, she asked me how her visit with her Dad went.


fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-02-08

A man wearing a light blue frock with an embroidered oval letting everyone know he is 'Andre' carries me towards a large white marble hand resting on one of the pedestals. "The missing breast adds a nice touch, don't you think." She glances at the pedestal with the legs and hand and reads aloud the card. Across the room, two women, also dressed as formally, stand in front of the female without legs in the other marble hand. "Woman's Legs (2008) Gift of Mrs. Franklin," she reads aloud then looks back. Still looking at the woman without legs, her companion lets a hand slither inside her friend's dress and cup a breast.


Fluffed 01

fetish hhorse 2018-02-08

After a brief "Hello how are you?" conversation, the fluffer had her stroking her body through her clothes, feeling herself up, stroking her belly, squeezing her bum, working her way up to fondling her breasts and rubbing her nipples erect. Her pussy was getting wider and deeper, as each time she inflated the toys she'd ram them deep, all the way in to herself. A few adjustments later, and it was switched on, the rubber toy, which slowly excreted a lubricant from its tip, approached her mouth, went in a little ways, then backed out again. It took a while for the skin or her pussy lips to stretch out to the two inches she'd wanted, but that done, with occasional breaks for the vibrator in her pussy and the mouth toy, it was time.

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 08

fetish toocold 2018-02-08

The shop-owner was still stunned, and just watched in a daze as Fay took his cock and started to suck at it, bobbing her head vigorously and making sure plenty of spit coated him and drooled out of her mouth to splash on her tits. Fay gasped in surprise and delight as a stream of hot, yellow piss burst from the end of Andy's cock to splash over her round tits. Andy was hard again, and without further ado he pushed Fay back so she was flat on her back and thrust his cock into her pussy. This left the beautiful girl standing in the street, struggling to pull her sweat pants up to hide the stained knickers, gusset sticky with Andy's jizz, hair and clothes wet with piss.

Mommie has me used...

fetish vaanna18 2018-02-08

Mommie parked the car and took me, by the hand, inside and introduced me to a very attractive woman named Miss Veronica. and i want you to enjoy your time with anna." Mommie then took me by the hand closer to Veronica, turned to face me, leaned in for a very sweet kiss and added "you had better make Mommie VERY proud, understand sweetie?" i just looked at Mommie and nodded. i then heard Miss V say "Before we get to the toys, I recommend you enjoy the innocence of this young thing." i then felt more hands and lips on my skin... i was getting so excited and Miss V noticed and announced that to the room "The little girl seems to enjoy this...

Compromising Positions: A Fantasy

fetish GingerM 2018-02-08

Nathan sighed and turned to the way his wife was gyrating with her round little bottom and had a look. Good; the last thing anyone wants to hear is an old man mangling a romantic tongue." He paused a moment, looking at his wife again. Cynthia looked up at her husband, and then flashed a bright smile Erin's way. "Sarong, sweetie, and I doubt she got it nearby." The woman pulled away from the older man and stepped closer. And I can see why, your cheeks are beginning to look like Erin's hair." She giggled and reached up, pinching one, before leaning into her husband.

My Friends House Part 5

fetish HosieryQueen 2018-02-08

MMMmmm...the feeling it gave inside my body when he called me a girl just felt right! Let me take a picture of that cum-covered sissy cock!” My cock got hard and I started to moan like a little girl. Then a huge load of cum came flying out of my cock and into my face - and kept cumming while he still took pictures. I was moaning so much it felt as good as getting fucked in the ass. He then pulled his cock out, and right then, I came on myself - not enough f***e to hit my face, but it went up my stomach and his mom’s bra. “You are a useless little sissy whore that took my mom’s pantyhose and clothes for your own perversion!

The Measure of a Man Ch. 02

fetish KarlMartinK 2018-02-08

And, Becky got doubly mad at Jeremy, both for pulling her top down and for having told me what her tits looked like. Both girls leaned inward after Becky dragged the porch swing to a stop with her foot, then started wrapping the rope around Marybeth's wrists, finally tying it in a big knot. "Okay," Becky said, "But let's do it right," She lifted my bound hands up and over her head so that my wrists were behind her neck and my forearms were resting on her shoulders. "Hey!" I said, as Marybeth used one hand to pull the waistband of my shorts out and away from my body. Both Becky and I were looking straight down with our foreheads touching as Marybeth pulled the waistband of my shorts and underwear away from my body.

Holly's Seductive Toes Ch. 02

fetish Bacomicfan 2018-02-08

Every time I tried to get some sleep, all I could think about was Holly...about her feet, her delicious love nest, how she pulled me to her and finally gave me my much needed release. Clearly, Holly did not like hesitation when she wanted something from her "foot boy." I got the picture...crystal clear, and in ultra high resolution. I was, twisted at an awkward angle on the floor of Holly's car, my head barely able to squeeze under the dashboard, and I was kissing her feet like an adoring puppy. "I'll bet you'd love to come right now, wouldn't you, foot boy?" Holly cooed, licking her grinning lips.

All Day Tease Ch. 02

fetish shapeshifter37 2018-02-08

Of course, with such an intense encounter, I desperately wanted it to happen again, and a couple of times Kelly has partially accommodated me by bringing her cigarettes along during a Saturday afternoon out and smoking a couple while we shopped or explored. Kelly masturbated like this nearly the entire way to the town, moaning softly and smoking two more cigarettes in the passenger seat next to me, and maintaining as much eye contact with me as I could safely manage. When we were about 10 blocks from home, she took out her cigarettes once again and this time said simply, "Last one," shaking the pack to emphasize she had smoked the entire thing that day.

2010 Mustang

fetish Middleagepoet 2018-02-08

"I bet it does a lot more than that," the woman said, moving away from the car door as she trailed her hand behind her, running it over the side fender and onto the trunk. "Reach on the side, raise it up as high as it will go and then slide your seat all the way back." When I did that she smiled gleefully and said, "I want to feel the steering wheel on the back of my head." She kept her mouth on me as my cock began to shrink, continuing to suck the last drop of my come before finally pulling her head away. When pulled back into the Hilton I parked under the Porte Couchre worked my body out of the driver's seat and opened the door for Marion.


Emily Visits the Farm Ch. 04

fetish The Needler 2018-02-08

"Got it." The hotel job looked like a piece of cake, watching the desk during the mid afternoon/early evening slot when guests checked in, and Lydia told Emily where to find the stores that supplied her interests in knitting and drawing. Trudy's eyes blinked a time or two before they focused, then she looked at the younger woman and nodded her head in approval. It came out with a flood of saliva, and Trudy moved her jaw up and down a few times, getting used to the freedom, before squealing as he pushed her butt cheeks together again. Graham switched off the machines, and answered Emily's questioning look: "She gets a minute break after the end of an orgasm.

Harem Ch. 2

fetish TheWriter 2018-02-08

"That's why I'm here," she continued," I want you to do to me what you did to her." If you think it's possible, I became aroused without having an erection, just like with Katrina. When Amanda became a little restless, I decided that was enough looking, time to start the music. I took the same path as with Katrina, down between her breasts, stopping to flick from side to side, sucking her erect nipples, nibbling slightly. I don't know why it hadn't struck me earlier, but Amanda was very different from Katrina. I stopped playfully sucking her clit, and started on it like it were a little cock, keeping it in my mouth and applying lots of pressure.