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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Gamble Too Far

fetish jujou2006 2018-02-07

The Salon's owner, Giorgio, runs the poker games for the money and deals the cards for guys most of who fancy themselves to be professional poker players. The Salon offers the place to learn whether you have the skill and Giorgio's has his ringer to insure that no one wins too big and keeps people coming back by not letting them lose too much to the other players. She had enough to win the big hand, but not enough to leave the night feeling that she had beat John. Giorgio wondered if John would throw the hand for her as he saw the subtle reaction on College's face.

Lift going down!

fetish samvimes 2018-02-07

“……And get onto the suppliers and ask them what the fuck they’re doing.” Anita was saying as she stepped into the lift. “It’s ten twenty seven at night and there’s no-one there,” John said patiently as he pressed the button to take them to the tenth floor of the office building. “I think there’s been a power failure,” John said. “You are really something else, John Mason!” Anita said, surprised that she wasn’t revolted by the thought. “Oh yes, John,” she said softly. “Well, I’m glad I could help you out,” he said with a smile but he made no effort to pull out and his cock remained hard inside her. “First job for you tomorrow is to arrange for an emergency phone in that lift,” Anita said.

Love in a Glass Dome

fetish Bea2003UK 2018-02-07

I am dressed; I have a satin bra with front fastening, a satin baby blue blouse, which is pulled up slightly so I can feel the rug on my belly. I then pull another piece of red satin against the glass door, so nobody could peek, if in fact, anyone would be out there in this weather in the first place. I'm now tying your other wrist to the bedpost, spreading your arms wide, so you can't touch – A torturous way of sexual pleasure, I know, but I just want you to look at me. I'm sucking on the ice cube trying to get it to melt quicker, so you can feel the liquid sensation over your now extremely hard penis.

Nichole the butcher gets Sausage!

fetish KinkyPhil 2018-02-07

I sit and she kisses me deeply then straddles my lap and remarks she is clean and takes the pill her hand guiding my head for entry, lowering her hips taking the length she remarks “I have a couple of things for you to snack on while I ride!” In one motion she peels off her shirt and bra and the view is tight toned better than I had imagined, her arms fall to her sides my comment is “girl your tight and edible” as I gaze at her chest and ribs absorbing her curves I arrive at two defined round breasts flat and firm with large soft areole.

An hour of heaven with the pretty barefoot employe

fetish 2018-02-07

I looked at her pretty feet up close, I could tell she walked around barefoot often do to the width of her feet, her big toe and her next three toes were the exact same length which I always found interesting, her soles were a little dirty considering she spent the last two hours barefoot they weren’t to bad. She began to get dressed, I wanted to pull that pink tank top off her again and have sweaty, marathon sex for the rest of the day but I knew we couldn’t. she grabbed her socks and shoes and left the room saying “text me later, I want to get together again.” .

Cream-Filled Confections

fetish fetisha_44 2018-02-07

At the other end of the bench is a dildo with a strap mounted on it, and your mouth is placed over it, and the strap tightened, securing your head to the bench, Your wrists are cuffed, and brought down and secured to a pair of rings on the floor. Another man straddles your head, and proceeds to fuck his mouth, then the vibrator concealed in the dildo in your cunt is turned on. Donning a 10-inch strap on, she uses your cunt, while I, noticing that your mouth looks like a glazed donut, proceed to insert my cock so that the donut can be cream-filled.

Hotel guest left me sheer nylon stockings

fetish lovetanstockings 2018-02-07

I was servicing rooms at a time where a conference was being held and the entire hotel was booked for several days which meant heaps of work for me and high traffic corporate guests. She didn't appear cross or anything so I just continued to get cleaning products to start on the bathroom as I returned she smiled and said thanks for making up my room and pretty much left straight away. As the day went by my logical brain started kicking in and I was thinking I should return the lady's stocking and clean the other one before I leave.

Sonya's f***ed Fantasy

fetish DW2011 2018-02-07

Sonya moaned more, feeling her orgasm building up and up until suddenly, his entire mouth pressed against her pussy and he sucked her clit right into his mouth. This time, he plunged his fist back into her wet pussy and began thrusting it in and out of her, pulling his knuckles all the way out and ramming them back in. Her pussy would be far too stretched to accommodate just his cock so he pulled the petite girl to the edge of the bed and with one fist still embedded deep inside her, he f***ed his fat cock in alongside his fist, using the small gap between his thumb and palm for extra room.

Sea of White Pussy

fetish 425olds 2018-02-07

I remember the first time, with one of those petite white girls they get to tutor the guys like me in high school. By the time I graduated, I had fucked fifty or sixty black bitches, and then my white angel Tina Collins of course. If a white girl entered that school with her pure virginity or some stable monogamy, I deflowered that bitch with my ebony rod, or I showed her exactly what her boyfriend wasn't giving her. I guess Lindsey's frantic moans and grunts were well muffled by the pillow around her face, because her scrawny Jewish boyfriend seemed pretty surprised to walk in and see his beloved woman squirting oceans onto my black horse cock.

Smaller than Average Ch. 02

fetish runtz4 2018-02-07

I rubbed my eyes and looked for the clock, it was just past 6am, I lifted the blanket slightly and glanced down at my exposed dick, it had been punished hard yesterday, and was obviously in hiding as the head had completely disappeared under the fold of my foreskin. Reaching over and taking a palm full of soap I began washing off, as my hand slid over my dick I started pulling it out, hoping to resuscitate the little fella before anyone could see me like this. I continued to wash in the shower trying desperately to scrub the thick sticky cum off my hands, arms, chest, dick and ass.

My Kinky Step-Daughter Ch. 03

fetish csm1967 2018-02-07

I removed my shirt and hung it on the back of the door and, holding the phone in my left hand, starting rubbing my now stiff cock through the soft material. While waiting for her to come home, I had shower and put on the white satin panties she had bought me and sat waiting for her, occasionally stroking my cock and balls, imagining sliding my hard cock into her tight asshole. She then pulled my stiff cock out of the leg of the soft satin panty and started licking my shaft, running her tongue up and down the length, paying particular attention to the underside of my cock head.

Girlfriend Makes A Discovery

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2018-02-07

Like a total whore I said, “Please fuck me.” My ass was making these obscene wet sucking noises. She slowed down to the point of almost stopping and said, “That’s right think of me as your master or your pimp baby!” She grinded against me hard I let out an involuntary groan. She passionately said, “Oh yeah baby, just think what it will feel like to get a real cock up there. She withdrew the immense cock with a popping sound making the comment, “Whew, look at that ass its gaping wide open like those sluts in the porno moves – you have definitely been fucked baby.” She noticed anal lubrication oozing from my ass and said, “Wow you look so sexy in woman’s lingerie after having been fucked up the ass hard.

The lady next door

fetish 2018-02-07

His tongue was getting a little tired going in and out of her pussy so he began to piston his whole head. At one point my cock was being fucked at a feverish pace and my tongue was buried deep into the ass on my face. The anus tightened around my tongue and the ass began to rub on my face like it was the saddle of a fast riding horse. My tongue buried deep in her ass went for another ride, and treated me to another sopping wet pussy clean up job. Hours later they were egging me on to cum, working my cock with there hands, pussy, mouth and vibrators.

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 12

fetish EisAlntheia 2018-02-07

When I'm done with you, you'll be the best slut ever!" With that she stroked in and out of me 10 more times and continued, "There you go, now that should be enough to keep you wanting more. The crowd of women burst into giggles as Misty said, "Then prove it by sucking on this!" undoing her skirt to expose the biggest strap-on I never imagined possible "Now while my slut here is sucking my cock, my friend Brandi will demonstrate how much my slut enjoys a good fucking." Feeling my eyes go wide when she said Brandi's name, she directed her attention to me, "That's right; slut...Brandi is here and never went out of town. I took it like a good girl as I continued to suck on Misty's 'cock'.

Funnel: Conclusion

fetish a real jrkoff 2018-02-07

Only Emily was left unattended and could only watch as each woman smiled smugly and raised her skirts before lowering them again over the heads of the young girls. When Elise caught his eye, she slowly raised her little green skirt and loosely stroked her closed fist in front of her white panties as if she were mimicking a boy jacking off. Taking one of her hands from his ass, Emily reached down as if in slow motion to wrap her gloved fingers around the bulging shaft and gave it a long, very hard squeeze. They were no longer smiling but he saw both girls had their hands busy in their little panties as they watched his mother working him over.

How I become a Whore

fetish pooja 2018-02-07

He fucked me on the bed, taking me slowly and deeply and then faster and faster as I bucked and heaved and writhed desperately under him, my teenage body tossing and jumping and jerking in an uncontrollable fever, my cunt convulsing and spasming on his thrusting cock which was so big, so thick, so hard, so hot, so good. I graduated and, for a few months after that, waiting for a job offer and replies to my applications, I spent time fucking with what I called my three musketeers, long afternoons of glorious sex in Zahid's hut.

Gyno Exam of Lacy

fetish MikeWillMadeIt 2018-02-07

Doctor Jennings sensing the palpable anxiety, broke the awkwardness with a smile and said, "Ok, I'll just check your eyes and ears," as she reached beside Lacey and pulled the Ophthalmoscope from the rack on the wall. "Let me just slip this down," said Doctor Jennings as she gently tugged Lacey's loose gown down to her bellybutton, exposing her perky 34Bs for the first time. The doctor lightly placed her hand on the girl's gown-covered thigh and said, "Ok, Lacey, the home stretch here. The doctor placed her left hand on Lacey's lightly trimmed patch of pubic hair and pushed the skin upward, which in turn partially exposed the girl's clit.

Getting His Attention...

fetish 2018-02-07

He got into position and started fucking me, in a good pace, and then he grabbed a hold of my vibrator and pulled out of me. He pushed my legs up above my head and started pounding his thick cock into my soaking wet pussy until i begged him to let me cum. He didn't let up for at least 5 minutes and then He grabbed my legs, pushed them up again put this time putting them over his shoulders. He pounded my in this position for another 5 minutes before He pulled out, rolled me over, climbed back on and proceeded to fuck my pussy until he came deep inside me.

Elizabeth goes Shopping

fetish amberspice88 2018-02-07

I have even been lucky to have fucked Elizabeth in her stockings and suspenders several times with the help of some lady assistants licking my wife's cunt as we fucked. The posh lady owner was called Marjorie and had very effectively stripped Elizabeth naked and was now attaching a suspender belt to one stocking. Each time Elizabeth was stripped bare she was sexually pleasured by Marjorie, often this would be with fingers but also increasingly with her mouth, sucking on nipples and her tongue licking at Elizabeth's pussy and being poked into her cunt with her clitty sucked and nibbled. "Perhaps Sir would now like to give Madam's posh cunt a good fucking!" I jumped off the sofa and was between Elizabeth's legs in a flash I rammed my stiff cock straight into her open cunt and began to fuck her.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 09

fetish NastyPierre 2018-02-07

After my escort had reapplied a bit of lipstick and brushed her hair, she must have felt right, because she snatched the leash from me, looked me in the eye and laughed. She turned and applied a thick brush-full of hot wax to my right wrist, slathering down my entire arm without the least concern for my pain. Fran, the lady performing that task, took real pleasure in my pain and pulled at the pieces of wax slowly, with the intent of prolonging my agony. As Barb continued, Fran moved along my body, peeling away my hair with the dried wax. As ever more women came to view me, I let my mind relax and my body become more limp, in hopes of allowing myself to open for their pleasures.

Bus Ride With Pete

fetish aishagrey 2018-02-07

I turned back quickly to the front and I began to feel Peter's cock getting hard as he continued to rub himself on my ass. His cock was now positioned in the crack of my ass, and the oriental man seemed to also take advantage of this as he continued to rub my tits with his face and he now had his cock pressing to my pussy and he was getting hard as well. I could feel the inside of my cunt begin to get wet and my breasts, being pushed in to the Oriental man's face had hardened my nipples and I knew if this did not stop, that I too might have an orgasm on this bus.

A Hot Swinger's Kink. A Wanker Dream

fetish 2018-02-07

I could feel his body quiver and as I brought me hand back from the dimmer, I felt under my breast, as precum was flowing freely down my naked torso, 'Karol, come', I called, and my niece emerged from the bedroom in all her youthful splendor. I heard Karol groan, with her infatuation with mens large cocks realized, her involuntary movements as she rode his shaft, between her cheeks, spoke of her enthusiasm for his, she was impatient, as he held her slim hips and kissed me full on the mouth, breaking away and murmuring, 'My beautiful wife and my beautiful daughter', the realization hitting home what he wanted, but my niece Karol, moaned in reply, 'Oh Daddy fuck me fuck me'.

A Mom's Sexuality Is Awaken chapter NINE

fetish rollhigh 2018-02-07

Then again she would slide her lips further down his shaft until this time she felt Josh thrust his hips up trying to get more of his cock into her sucking mouth. He told Bill and the other customer standing there that she was going to continue sucking that cum coated cock for a long time. This girl is unreal Jeff thought to himself as he watched Sally sucking his cock and eating his thick gooey cum. With a thick film of cum coating her eyes Sally looked up at Jeff and told him Josh was on his way home now. Then Josh told her to get ready to suck the cum from his cock and she screamed at him hell yes feed your whore your sperm.

Julia Takes Over Ch. 03

fetish bisubhubby 2018-02-07

Then she began stoking his cock towards his mouth as she continued to fuck him all the while telling him he was going to have a mouth full of cum to swallow. I was watching this guy on the video laying on his back as this young naked girl slide that black, cock shaped dildo in and out of his ass. My orgasm slowed down just as Julia said "Oh, so you like the idea of being told to eat your own cum?" The girl wearing the strapon pushed the guy who was stroking her strapon over to the thoroughly fuck girl and pushed his head towards her pussy and screaming at him to lick the cum out of her pussy like a good little slut.