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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Hung Games Pt. 02

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-02-07

I moaned, as much to entice him as reflect the fact that this was making me really horny, and then pushed him back slightly, sinking to my knees before him, wrapping both hands around his semi-hard cock, jerking and jacking him in long lewd strokes, letting my eyes wander between the gorgeous sight of his fat cock getting fatter in my palms and up to his, making him feel like he was the only man in the world. Not forgetting that he was supposed to be the one in control of this situation, Don grabbed his shaft by the base and dolled out two quick cockslaps, they weren't hard, but still rocked my head around a bit from the sheer weight of his battering ram smacking against my cheek, then he turned it on my tits, abusing my big soft girls all over the place with a half-dozen firm blows of his rod.

Rich Spinster

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-02-07

By the time Sadie has wiped enough water out of her eyes to see, Kevin is sitting undressed on the edge of the pool. Kevin carries their clothes as he trails slightly behind Sadie and watching her stump hanging below her hip. I won't tell if you want a beer." Sadie holds the refrigerator door open and leans forward slightly adding to the elegance of her hips. "I'm so used to your missing leg, I guess a stump like yours." About two-thirds of her right leg is missing and her black shorts leave nothing to the imagination about how perfect the end of the stump looks. His fingers work under the opening of the legs of her shorts and feel only bare skin.

Tutoring My Friend's s****r in Sex Ed (Part 2

fetish asian_guy_19 2018-02-07

"well i bet she wouldn't know how to do this" as Gina dropped to her knees and kissed the tip of my cock and slowly started making her way down the shaft. She placed her index finger on the tip of my cock to point it straight up and proceeded to wrap her tongue under my sack again and give my balls one last gentle suck before taking one long slow lick up the underside of my shaft. She continued taking me in and out of the back of her throat for a couple more minutes before giving the tip one last suck and lick and letting my cock fall out of her mouth.

Suggestions welcome

fetish klammer 2018-02-07

gagging throat finish cleaning his cum and my ass juice off his cock. But looking at his lean young body and big thick hard cock f***ed me look nice when he begs to lick his Son's nasty ass hole. service his fine young hard body, cock, balls, and ass. Want to lick my cock head clean I felt some of my SON's cum running out of my ass and I felt his still hard cock head pressing just below my sloppy well fucked ass hole. fresh from your ass and while you mouth clean my dirty cock do you Dad? ?I?m your Dad and I want to eat your cum off your cock that spilled out of

Nylon Punishment at 35,000 feet

fetish fanofpantyhose 2018-02-07

Mi-Young kissed her boss from her tits down to her crotch and stayed there a long time, licking and sucking her boss's juices, while her boss looked very excited and aroused, massaging her own breasts and erect nipples and starting to sigh a little bit. Even in the half-dark I could see how the older attendant's arousal increased even more and she then used her feet to give Mi-Young a foot job in her clean shaven crotch while Mi-Young continued her earlier treat to kiss, lick and suck on her boss's pussy. Then I felt something on my cock -- it was Mi-Young who first used her small hands and delicate fingers to give a firm massage to my penis, and then started to lick and suck my dick real hard, with lots of skill.

A Date with Daddy

fetish MischievousMissi 2018-02-07

He looks down at me and takes both of my hands and places them on his growing cock in his pants, "Take it out baby girl, it's time for me to fuck your dirty little cunt." He grabs my hips and begins thrusting even harder, Daddy gets close to my ear and says, "I'm gonna cum in you baby girl, I'm going to dump my seed deep in your tight pussy. Daddy pulls his cock out of my aching pussy, now filled with his cum, and hands me my thong from his pants pocket as he pulls up his boxers and pants, "Put these on babygirl, I don't want that seed being wasted and falling out."

She Accepts the Deposit

fetish creamedshorts 2018-02-07

Cumbrella had seen such a device before and it was often connected to a funnel for masters and mistresses to piss into and fill up their slave's asses with pee through the hollow plug. The slave girl reached down with one hand and capped the end of the tube with her finger then using a finger from her other hand she gently began to smear the dollop of cum all around Cumbrella's mouth. It must of felt great to be no longer carrying such a huge deposit of cum around in your ass Cumbrella thought to herself as the slave stepped away from her head and began to remove the plug attachment and leather G-string from her waist.

La Playa Ch. 15

fetish Fog43 2018-02-07

"Hi Mark, I'm Tim, this is my wife Rhonda, and our lovers Carl and Janie," said Tim as the foursome acknowledged introductions with various waves of hands or nods. "We'll start with colonic treatments and a vitamin boost, then a nice sweat in the sauna, cool down, then a nice long nap in the sensory deprivation tanks, ok?" Mark asked. "Ok, then we'll give you each some pain killer mixed in with your vitamin boost, and I think I'll have some oxygen brought in as well," Mark said as he led them into the colonic treatment room. He noticed the fully hard cocks on Tim and Carl, and the swollen labia of Janie and Rhonda as he led them to loungers on a balcony looking out over the lagoon, ceiling fans swirled hurriedly overhead.

First Time Sniffing Panties

fetish panteeluvr 2018-02-07

I was excited as I walked nude down the hall to Rachel's room and went in, laying down on the spare bed that Nina had been in not twelve hours before! I remember sitting on Nina's bed crosslegged, wishing I could smell her crotch when I spotted her gym bag over by Rachel's closet. I stood their in my s****r's room, naked, holding a pair of her friend's dirty underwear to my face sniffing her most intimate parts and I got a hard on again! I laid back down on the bed and inspected the white cotton panties that had been on the girl of my dreams just hours before!

Amy's Ardent Cries & Whispers

fetish Intimate Confessions 2018-02-07

Reaching down, she picked up the bar of soap, turning to me, she lathered up one hand and softly slid it up and down my aching dick a couple of times and then said, "If you'd like to come up to our room, I'll show off some more for both of you" "I walked up to him and slapped his cock pretty hard and he started coming all over me, not just a little, but big squirts that splattered against my legs and the ones that missed me, shot half way across the room. As she continued rubbing, a forceful stream of hot liquid squirted from between her rapidly moving fingers and splattered against Rick's rigid cock and my hand which was holding it.

Megan and My Foot Fetish

fetish twny 2018-02-07

Jason and his roommates were pretty cool guys, and a lot of attractive girls would come to these parties, so it was no surprise that someone like Megan would show up wearing short shorts and sandals. As I passed the joint Megan took her feet off the table, and I thought I saw a little smirk on her face. When Megan's foot strayed further up lap and brushed against my cock I was a little worried about what her reaction would be, but she gave me a devilish grin and said, "I guess I'm not the only one enjoying this." When I took both her feet and rubbed them all over my face, my tongue out and licking everything I could, Megan started rubbing herself even faster.

Held Captive

fetish intheface 2018-02-07

"Come on, Dani." Amy said, and she left the room, Danielle following her, before turning around and grinning. About ten minutes later, I heard hysterical laughter draw closer to the bedroom, until the door opened and Amy, who was now wearing a grey pair of skin tight jeans, and Danielle were back again. I grabbed the open cuffs off the floor, pulled the chain round the bedpost and as quick as I could, bound Danielle to the bedpost, just as Amy dived onto me, the nappy crinkling erratically as she moved. Fuck's sake, get off me!" I told her to shut up, and thrust my crotch into her arse, the nappy crinkling loudly, and I carried her across the room, the floor strewn with soiled clothing, including her thongs.

Aunt submits part 2

fetish sadie56 2018-02-07

Aunt Joan asked if her being with us cramped our we seemed to be such free spirits.No Joan your fine if you can put up with us and our quirks we can live with any you might have,,but so far we have no complaints were happy you can stay with us until you can find sutiable housing and were in no rush so dont worry. About 11 I got home from work My wife was already in bed snoozing,Aunt Joan told me she talked with her and felt we all are happy with the way things are no judgements on her part and no gossip to anyone about anything she encounters while living with us or after she moves.She then hugged me tight and kissed me on the cheek said I love all of you and am blessed to have you.I will see you in the morning goodnite wink wink.....

The Insurance Salesman Ch. 04

fetish stickyapple1 2018-02-07

Jess teased me, "Now you can stare at your little pantyhose covered crush in person" she said with a devilish grin on her face. Brittany jumped in saying "Hey if he gets to fuck a Diva then I want to fuck a wrestler" giggling a bit as she said it. She really teases me when the one comes on she knows I have a crush on." I said smiling like a Cheshire cat. I stepped back and pulled my monster cock from her dripping pussy just in time to shoot massive blast after blast of cum all over Brittany's body. Totally spent and covered in massive amounts of cum, Brittany asked "Can you now tell me why you just destroyed my poor little pussy without saying a word?

An athletic girl with tiny tits gave me a wonderfu

fetish trevor54a 2018-02-07

She looked surprised, took a gentle, quick grip on my hand before letting it go, mumbled a reply I really did not need to hear. I turned to the sexy dark haired beauty, reached out my hand which she held with a firm an gentle grip. She looked me straight in the eyes as she put her thumbs inside on each side, held it for a few seconds before slowly pulling the tanga down, then stepping out of her high heeled sandals. I pulled down the boxers and my cock jumped up like a piston gone berserk, pointing straight up at Natasha who could not hold back a small shout of joy.


fetish Hornydebs69 2018-02-07

Asked to see my cunt and fingered me there and then i wanted a look at his meat so out it came a good 9" and growing gave it a suck and hey presto fully hard and 10" as he had claimed. He kept looking around worried so we wander a little further my knickers now removed and he would reach down and slide a few fingers in and out till someone appeared what he had not noticed was just how wet i was. I carried on riding and felt that lovely glow after about 15mins of his load flying up me whilst I came god guys you can never think how good that feels.

My Bi Lusting, as my Husband fucks her.

fetish Fridagirl 2018-02-07

Men dress either right or left, its where their erections lie, bulging their intent, I dress right, that's where my pussy discharges my lubrication, even now as my husband and my neighbour confront each other, my fingers feel the warm and the coolness between my legs, the heat of my body don there, drawing my digits deep into me, as I kneel in my garden, peering through my hedge, masturbating myself like a c***d. She is naked, bending forward her ass high in the air, with my husband behind her, humping like a dog on a bitch, each thrust into her open hole, throws her heavy breast forward up to her chin, and rivulets of lactating milk, spray the surrounding air from her nipples, 'Give it me', was all she could moan, twenty something, being shagged by a fifty something, old gratifying an appreciative young.

Flow of Passion Ch. 05

fetish Iread2relax 2018-02-07

During the journey which lasted for about 20 minutes Flo opened Savin's fly and started playing with his cock. "I think that beautiful lady has a crush on you," Flo said while kissing Savin. Flora said she always wanted to move nude in the house and we decided to remain naked. Mrs. Khan's daughter noticed my erect cock and also peered to get a piece of Flora's pussy. "Please take me there-I would like to buy a couple." With that she tugged further and said, "Good soft feel!" As she pulled it a little it parted and my cock became visible. Flora watched Savin with Huma as she equally enjoyed her time as well.

Cum Covered Chocolate Cake

fetish skitzo4442000 2018-02-07

She climbed on top of me and looked me right in the eye and said, “I’m gonna make you cum over all of this food then I’m going to eat it.” My dick was harder than ever and I just put my head back and watch her, she leaned down and took my throbbing cock into her mouth and pumped it with her hands she got faster and faster and I yelled out in between moans , “I’m gonna cummmm!” She quickly grabbed the piece of cake and placed it right under the head of my cock.

Close Shave

fetish Winemaker 2018-02-07

As I sat down in the chair, she asked me what I needed done, and I said I was there for a haircut and a shave. She asked me if I were ready, and when I nodded again, she removed the warm towel from my lap, spread my legs apart, stepped between them, and began to massage my balls and my cock. Then, carefully, and with tremendous skill, she picked up the straight razor and began to shave my crotch. I thought that my haircut and shave was over, but as I started to rise, she placed her hand on the center of my chest, and pushed me gently back into the chair.

Myself Golden Shower Ch. 2

fetish SweetWetness69 2018-02-07

She moans slightly and says, "Today I'm going to do something so kinky and nasty to Rod. I'm going to piss in is mouth and all over his body and cock." "First, I'm going to let a slow trickle of my pee run into his mouth as he drinks it and licks my pussy." Ohh this is good. Annie raises herself from his wet face and kisses him on the mouth and cleans any of her piss from Rod's lips. I lay the towel on the floor and sit on one end facing the tv so I can still watch Annie fuck that thick cock. I finger my clit flicking it back and forth faster and faster cumming over and over again with the sweet taste of my piss in my mouth.

Dominance and Submission

fetish klammer 2018-02-07

I promise that you’ll enjoy what I have planned for you.” I liked letting Shelly dominate me so I said, “Yes, Mistress, whatever you desire!” “Good! Don’t you want to please me and be a good girl?” I replied, “Yes ma’am!” then swallowed the pills with a gulp of water. They’re the size of g****s now!” Shelly asked Sonia, “Is now a good time? Sonia glanced at Shelly, then continued: “We decided it would be easier on you if we just went ahead and did what needed to be done.” I sensed tension. Sonia usually gave me my hormones on the days we visited her office, so I spoke up and said, “Doctor, it’s time for my treatment!” She handed me a cup of water and two tablets.

A Hairy Ride Down

fetish YDB95 2018-02-07

But not that day, as a lovely long-haired brunette appeared poolside in a very modest blue one-piece swimsuit complete with a skirt. I had other things to do that day, of course, but I couldn't resist a chance at one last look and maybe even getting to know one another a bit. So I lingered by the elevator and got a glass of water and kept a discreet eye on the women's locker room door. "We've got to stop meeting like this," I said as we stepped into the elevator. "What do you think I mean?!" She pushed the emergency stop button, and the elevator jerked to a halt. "We've only got a few minutes before someone gets suspicious about the elevator, Chuck," she teased.

Chris & Lisa Ch. 1

fetish cbf316 2018-02-07

Finally Lisa stood up and turned and kept her eyes right on Chris as she slide a finger inside the silver thong and slowly and ever so slowly at an inch at a time let the thong slide down her hips and down to her thighs and with one wiggle the thong was at her feet and she quickly kicked it away. Chris came over and began to kiss her toes, but didn't kiss the bottoms of her feet and Lisa noticed this as he worked his way up past the silver ankle bracelet, a small trail of pussy juice began to fall down Lisa's leg and Chris dove up like a madman to catch it as he drank it right down.