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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Cabin Ch. 12

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-02-07

The two women had agreed to share their men with one another only a week before Katie and Ken welcomed Tracy and her husband Tim into their home with open arms. Her life changed the moment she walked in the front door along with two other young women to enjoy a lunch and learn about wife led marriages; one served by Katie's husband. "This is my husband Tim. He has a little cock as you can see and so I keep him locked nice and tight." Whispering into his ear while he still held her loosely she added, "I don't want to contribute bad things to the gene pool.

Like Minded Neighbors Ch. 01

fetish BethB 2018-02-07

For example, Jim knows I've always had some exhibitionist tendencies, and every now and then, we do something insanely wild like going to the mall with no panties on, and he'll watch while I shop for shoes, teasing some poor salesman with little peeks between my legs, or, sit across from some man in the food court and innocently let my knees fall open. That night, when I played my little game and pretended to go out with my old boyfriend, he wasted no time in pulling my skirt up, my panties down, and putting his face right into my pussy and licking and sucking me.

Only In Panties . . .

fetish Joie_de_Vivre 2018-02-06

it doesn't matter about the knickers, let me come inside them" I begged, pulling my wife's breasts out of her dress. During a moment in the kitchen, Sandra had pulled down my zip, felt inside and recognised the flowered-lace of her clean briefs and waggled her finger at me in disapproval, but when I tried to slip away and change, she caught me and steered me straight back to the dining room. The moment her friends had left, Sandra opened my trousers, checked out the underwear again, then pulled my cock out of the side of the red shorts. She leant forward and softly rolled my cock and balls in her hand, before placing them back inside her underwear.

Claire Takes Control

fetish ctemple 2018-02-06

The kid thought for a few seconds, remembering how she liked to play her little dominance games, finding her appealing he said, "Yes Ma'am is the right answer?" Claire took the long pretty looking cigarette in her right hand and held it down at her side, she said, "Okay here's the drill, I've decided to give you a little smoke test, it's to break in a new smoke slave, and see how well they follow orders, so, go get my lighter and pick up an ash tray." Claire looked down at her young protégé, he had a dreamy half hypnotic look on his face, very pleased with her power, she smiled a satisfied grin and eagerly put the burning cigarette back to her mouth, did a snap inhale and blew smoke at the kid's nose.

Justin's Starring Role

fetish escriterra 2018-02-06

"Justin, babe, when I take off my bra and you see how hard my nipples are, it's because of the thought of your gorgeous, naked body in a beautiful picture in a calendar that will be bought by hundreds of eager coeds who like to see naked men and make up stories in their heads about the guys in the pictures." She reached behind her back to undo the clasp on her bra. Justin's quickened breaths, eager actions to struggle out of his jeans, and the cute way he then slid down on the sofa so his tush was positioned nicely at the edge of the cushion reinforced for Candace the knowledge that he loved taking her finger-fuckings as much as she loved giving them.

Anal Assault

fetish tabithajones 2018-02-06

"I think I know how to help you but first I must just examine you to rule out any possible damage to your rectum like a split or tear from last night. I nod my head, feeling sick inside partly from the anticipation of the pain but also from the humiliation of knowing you are going to examine my anus and rectum. You also have a load of shit up there pushing down and we need to get it out of you so that you will feel less pain and so the cramps will disappear. "Tabitha, of course, cum for me darling" you say and for just a couple of moments I am able to forget the pain in my rectum and I cum hard squirting my pussy juice over your hand.

Around The World In A Night

fetish little_elvis 2018-02-06

When she was dried off, she said to him "Well, I think it's time to begin, don't you?" Her bed was large, and it was stacked high with pillows. As they stood next to it, she kissed him deeply on the mouth, while stroking his cock with her hand. She pushed his head back and began to lick and kiss his neck, starting just below his adam's apple. She held her mouth on the end of his cock, stroking it with her hand as semen erupted from him. She grabbed his ears, and began to push and pull his head up and down her pussy. He moved her legs over his shoulders, and began to rub her clit with his right hand.


fetish Schnuckems 2018-02-06

I returned to her sweet tasting pussy and began slowly finger fucking her ass as I worked her box. He slid on her spit and the leftover come, I eased him in past the head, she released her cheeks and put her hands up on the mirror, bucking back as I slowly worked him in and out past her o ring. I held on to her beautiful perky boobs, pinching her nipples and kissing her neck as she reached back and grabbed my ass and pulled me in. I pulled all the way out, leaving her poor hole gaping as she bent all the way over on the counter, pushing her ass up in the air.

Carley's Breasts

fetish Atgod 2018-02-06

I stopped writing closing my new diary and took off my glasses, Rubbing my freckled face. I would usually study in the school library but I thought going home would be better as I wasn't feeling myself and buy a new bra on the way. I dressed in my usual clothes a different skirt and tights and not having any bras that could fit my large boobs I put on a loose white top that was thick enough to stop people from seeing my bare boobs underneath. I couldn't run much towards the school as any attempt to try resulted in my boobs bouncing and moving so much it felt really uncomfortable so I just walked quickly.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 17

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-02-06

I lay there like a corpse: the woman ground her pussy against my leg, grunting; the movements changed from rotational to straightforward humping: she had heaved herself on top of me and was thrusting and pumping, her hands pinning my arms down, her breath on my face, her hair occasionally brushing my cheeks as her head drooped over me. Instead I lay there, feeling abused and nauseated, trying to remember precisely how the thighs and buttocks felt, of Dawes, Mrs Tiggywinkle and the others, how their vaginas had tasted, and anything else which might give me a clue to the identity of the woman who had sneaked into my cell in the night and violated me.

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 08

fetish Alfamann 2018-02-06

My Parents in Law, Jane and Ben, along with John and Debbie filled the doorway. "Yes, Ma'am," I whispered, very embarrassed by the topic and hoping my Mother in Law would quickly drop the subject. "Keep your eyes open and look at me while you play with yourself," directed my Mother in Law. It was inconceivable any self-respecting woman could behave like that in front of a roomful of people, especially when two of those persons were my Parents in Law. But then, so much of my life in recent months could not be thought of in rational terms. It was bad enough having to address my Mother in Law as 'Ma'am', but I hoped it would please Debbie if I showed her similar respect.

Cycling in the Rain

fetish rheineck1 2018-02-06

It was obvious that our clothing had to go: it was stopping both of us from getting the full impact of the warm shower and the heavily pregnant Lisa was obviously still cold. I leaned forward and licked the milk up towards her chest and then took one of her nipples into my mouth and suckled it and licked it and stretched it with my tongue and lips for all I was worth, feasting on the flow of liquid that was entering my mouth. I changed to the other nipple and Lisa started running her fingers through my wet hair, clearly enjoying the attention.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 01

fetish fursmoke11 2018-02-06

"Fire away" Jane responded, raising the long white tube to her lips again , the fiery glow illuminating her narrowed eyes and seductive smile "and you don't have to call me miss's Jane..." With the nicotine caressing her veins and fur caressing her face; Jane felt sexy. As she slipped to the ground ; satisfied for the first time in two months, she took a last drag on the cigarette, eyes closed and lips smiling. "Is the play finished Elaine?" Jane asked, as she heard the door open behind her, and caught with a glance Jason walk into the gents washroom.

Liberated Auntie, with an eye for boys.

fetish Fridagirl 2018-02-06

With the sheets spread and the downy fluffed and aired, I would mockingly chastise him and add, 'Don't be shy, get undressed', an invitation that thankfully most young bucks will do, to impress, as I held the downy down, and my eyes looked down at the growing bulge, my invitation to tuck them in, in a mother-like gesture, I was hoping to see the male equivalence of the 'Camel-Toe', bulging in the tight underpants, which was my cue, for a lights out, and a climb in beside them for the fuck of a lifetime, a secret we always kept, between us, albeit unbeknown to the boy, as my husband was listening in the next bedroom, jacking himself off to the rhythm of the bed-springs and my suppressed moans.

Expanding Horizons

fetish JacobGoody 2018-02-06

About ten minutes into our walk, as our conversation grew deeper and quieter, he stopped and laughingly said, "Holy shit, I totally forgot to ask you where you live!" I looked up into his big brown eyes and told him "Actually, I live about a half hour THAT way," pointing in the opposite direction to where we were headed, smiling sheepishly at him. He was now moaning quietly from the other end, and I momentarily got lost in the rhythm before turning my head and appreciating the fact I had begun to fuck my boyfriend in front of a large crowd. I kept on fucking his ass, in order to push me over the edge on the other end, and in no short time, i was a quivering mess splayed out on the mattress.

Dahska's Trial Ch. 03

fetish the giant peach 2018-02-06

She felt it as he pushed her harder up his ass the thick shit smashing around her head in her eyes and mouth. " Dahska was grinding her cunt into the girl ass. " She thrust her pussy in Dahska's face and with a loud fart shit right in her mouth rubbing her ass all over Dahska's face smearing shit in her eyes and nose. Dahska pulled the girls ass cheeks apart and slid her hand up the shit covered passage. Pushing harder Dahska's arm was up to the elbow in the girl ass. " The girl looked at the thick shit covering Dahska's arm, Leaned in and put it in her mouth. All 16 inches and when her mouth touched ass she hummed and the girl came, passing out face down in Dahska's cunt.

Birth of a Cuckold

fetish Aladylover 2018-02-06

2. Caroline would answer any questions I had, which included what had/had not happened; she would tell me only what I asked nothing more, nothing less. The sex had been good but, on this rare occasion, she had not cum because she couldn't completely let go. "It felt so good feeling him pulse inside me, and yet so strange not to be followed by cum filling my cunt." She explained. "Now," she said assertively, "I have been fucked senseless tonight, my little cunt has taken a pounding and now you.." she paused for effect "You are going to soothe it." He's going to fill my cunt, dump his huge load deep inside me." As she made the announcement, I felt her tense and cum on my face.

The Secret of the Home Run Pt. 02

fetish clipperdreams 2018-02-06

Linda moves the vib around my clit and pussy, pushing in, pulling out and I start to cum. Junior lifts my hips up so Linda can clipper the hair near my ass and pussy. The buzzing feels good but the clippers are getting hot and irritating and Linda presses them into me as she shaves. The pressure eases for a few seconds, and I think it's over, but then the clipper is pushed even harder and moves slowly up my neck, excruciatingly slow, and the pain is so incredibly exquisite, so intense I cum by pain alone, and hump the board, the vibrator still on max, trying to fuck the pain away.

Life With s*s: Pt 16

fetish 2018-02-06

I started to move a couple of fingers into my pussy to get my own juices to lube my clit, I was already pretty wet from playing with Jeff's cock. Jeff said he couldn't wait if he kept going, so he got up and moved over to get his face between my thighs, he was going to bring me to orgasm first, he does that a lot and I love it. Next I felt Jeff's tongue move in and out of my pussy getting up as much of juices as he could, this was followed by him gently nibbling on and pulling on my labia moving towards my clit.

Lucky Christmas Bitch

fetish learsdaughter 2018-02-06

From what I could see, Jerome had a nice thick cock, too and I watched Mariah's scarlet lips stretching in her best form, swallowing it into her mouth and then deeper into her throat. Jerome was holding her head again as he arched his back and groaned, not letting her stop, spewing his abundant cum down her throat as she tried to swallow it, gagging and choking as he fucked her face over and over. As the sighs got louder and the streams of cum began to shoot out, I whispered to Mariah that this was the thing most erotic to me of all: watching a man shoot his load in ropes of white cream on or in almost anything.

A Taste of True Friendship--Part II

fetish BennyBlank 2018-02-06

Spooning yogurt mixed with a dash of honey into my mouth is like licking semen off my hand. The other day in the lunch room at work, as I was eating my lunch of a little bit of tuna with lemon on it and a small cup of plain yogurt with some honey in it, I think I actually had an orgasm. I deflect all of those inquiries with a simple, "No, I am just getting a little more exercise and my diet has changed so I have been feeling better in a lot of ways." That seems to satisfy them. As I said earlier, life is now really exciting and wonderful, though I am sure it would seem strange of a lot of people.

My experience with my sister - first story

fetish chris118123 2018-02-06

After looking at them and studying every inch of her naked body I could feel my cock getting rock hard, not caring about time I just sat there going from one to the other looking at how many fingers she had inside herself and how wet she was! She snapped I reached out and she grabbed my hand and said stick out a finger she then began to rub it around her lips I could feel the soft wetness and it was amazing I was just staring at it then she put the finger at her hole right push it now all the way in!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Ch. 05

fetish yummymess 2018-02-06

Through the lace of her black teddy you could see the squares of white bread covering both her tits, the rock hard tips of her nipples just beginning to poke through them, while the peanut butter and jelly oozed out from all sides on to her cleavage. My cock returning between her ass cheeks, while my hands reached around to massage her tits through her teddy, working the peanut butter and jelly in to her chest. She clasped her hands around the back of my head and shoved my face into the sandwich that was stuck to her pussy, smearing peanut butter and jelly all over me.

Tut Tut

fetish DesertFocks 2018-02-06

He laughed and returned to sucking my nipples, one after the other, and as I returned to holding his cock and feeling the precum already at the tip, he slipped a hand down the front of my panties. Each time the tip of his tongue traced across my tightly puckered ass, my body seemed to shake, and when the tongue stopped there and began tracing little circles around it, I pulled harder on my legs, forcing my lower body to push harder against his mouth. Finally the excitement became so intense, I thought I might explode so after holding on as long as I could to relish the intense pleasure, I released my legs and as they dropped back to the bed, my ass pulled away from his face.