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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Saving the Best for Last

fetish qudduse 2018-02-06

While Kara waited for Scott to come on-line, she moved her paperwork out of the way and started making a list of things that had to be done around her farm. Duncan had already retreated to his room to play his new PS3 games as Scott and Kara stood in the doorway, waving to her parents until they could no longer see the lights of their car. Scott drew Kara to him and held her in his arms, looking into her eyes and kissing her, not like a friend, but like a lover. After the singing there was more toasting and a lot of hugging and kissing before Scott and Kara said their good-byes and headed home.

Bree's Journey Pt. 03

fetish D_Lynn 2018-02-06

I'd hoped to sort of talk some things through with Kieran before Daniel and Bryan came back, but it was too late for that now. I heard Kieran head to the bathroom and I knew it was a matter of minutes before he joined us. I looked from him to Bryan, who was setting Kieran's cup of coffee down on the table. I felt Kieran's hands lifting my tee shirt over my head. "You're asking for it." With his free hand, he gripped my hair and yanked my head backward, his fingers still thrusting hard and deep inside me. Kieran placed his hands on the shower wall behind me, shifting some of his weight there, as if to brace himself for what came next.

Sweet Abomination Ch. 1

fetish Morgan70 2018-02-06

"Your service record is appalling" said Scorpius, his voice cool and musical, "subversive behaviour, insubordination, criticising your superiors, clumsiness so extreme that you've been suspected of sabotage three times, then there's your laziness, persistent lack of punctuality, and habit of forming emotional attachments to your work-mates, in spite of being sent to remedial indoctrination twice. As the incredible spasms between my legs began to fade, Scorpius resumed masturbating me, merciless and insistent, seemingly insatiable for my orgasm, forcing me to two more shattering climaxes, as his fierce hot mouth worried at my nipples, punctuating the relentless waves of pleasure with sharp jabs of equally enjoyable pain. "Poor child, yet I shall have some pity upon you." Scorpius said, and his fingers came round, pushed their sweet way between my fur and found my clit.

In Another Time

fetish AronB 2018-02-06

One of the women, Bea, a mature mother of about thirty years, gave Frio eyes, and once he found her washing clothes by the stream. Miko looked around like a deer who had just heard something, before reaching out to Gisho's loincloth. Frio looked down at his own dick, which he had pulled out from his own loincloth. Bea pulled her attention from the action outside, and looked at Frio. He looked back outside, and copied Gisho as he aimed his cock at the entrance to his partner's pussy and slowly pushed in. It took a while to finish cumming, at which point Bea pulled her head away from Frio's crotch.

Taking Care of Business Ch. 03

fetish CheriSM 2018-02-06

Mr. Lewis and Mr. Gibson were soon behind Ava. Their fingers and tongues worked her ass and pussy as she had seen them do the woman before. Ava continued to clean the woman's tits of the cum, fingering the woman's pussy at the same time. Marcy continued to work Ava's tits, sucking them and tugging the nipples with her teeth. It nearly pushed him over the edge when he saw Ava remove her fingers from Marcy's pussy and suck them clean. When she saw Lewis tonguing Ava's tits, she commented, "Don't you think nipple rings like mine would be beautiful on her? Gibson grabbed the lube and began to work Marcy's ass, preparing her for his cock to enter her tight asshole.

My hairy aunt Annette

fetish Twistedfister6 2018-02-06

When back home alone, I couldn't help thinking about my aunt Annette again. He was going out with friends and wasn't coming home until late at night or the day after, So after dinner it was just me and Annette. I didn't say much during breakfast, but suddenly Annette said her legs was aching and asked me if I was any good at massage. No sexy lingerie as far as the eye could see.It wasn't what I had hoped for and I started quickly to get cold feet about making a pass.I was way to nervous about the possible consequences. Annette said she had been making dinner for us and I could watch tv directly after, The appartment was really small, only one room, a tiny kitchen and a bathroom.

Double Tease and Denial

fetish chatbug 2018-02-06

About a year ago, Patricia told me that she wanted Richard to come over and spend the night once in a while. Sometimes, Patricia has me wear the Kali's when she's relaxing in bed and I'm helping her have lots of oral orgasms. As I walked over to the corner of the basement, I saw a naked woman, on her knees, gagged with a whiffle golf ball gag, her wrists locked behind her back to the basement wall. After a while, I heard Richard command, "Slave, you can relax now." The woman sat down. After 25 minutes, I heard Richard and Patricia heading to the dining room for brunch. A couple of hours later, I heard Richard command, "Slave, you can relax now." The slave woman sat down on the floor.

2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 05

fetish Longjohnsilver30 2018-02-06

The week went as normal with nothing said between myself and Rebecca about the whole cumming all over myself at the mention of Patrick coming over next Sunday to take her in our marital bed. I took my time removing the various little pieces but I couldn't help but look at my wife go to town on his cock and my brain quickly became over stimulated. "You're such a bad boy coming in here trying to cum on this man's wife and take her off to Paris to have your wicked way with. I crouched low and proceeded to put my hands underneath my wife's ass and legs and lifted her up and down, up and down on that big bastards cock.

Spoiled Princess Hates Camping Ch. 04: Final

fetish RetroFan 2018-02-06

She stepped into the ladies' room, turned on the light and closed and locked the door, Madison seeing the green 'vacant' on the external lock turn to a red 'engaged.' In the bathroom, Kate pulled down her jeans and panties to her ankles and sat down on the toilet, her toes and red shoes poking out from under her jeans. And when the maid had gone to obey Madison's demands, the spoiled teenager had snapped, "Don't worry about it!" Madison then grabbed a big handful of facial tissues from the box, taking them into the bathroom and slamming the door closed, before pulling down her panties and sitting on the toilet to empty her bowels for the second time that morning, and using the tissues as toilet paper.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 13

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-02-06

She turned my head this way and that, pressed her mouth against mine at different angles, sucked and salivated and drew my lips between her teeth, nibbled at me, all the time probing away with her tongue. I tried to reach between her legs, but she had rolled on top of me: she quickly straddled my right thigh, and began working her hot pussy against my flesh, round and round, side to side, humping me as though she was working out, pumping at me forcefully until I was helpless to do anything except cling to her shoulders: until, with a series of fierce grunts, she came.

clinic visit

fetish 2018-02-06

I put on the paper gown and come out from behind the screen and sit on the table. He comes over to me, removes the paper gown and starts to suck my tits. As I begin to rub his cock, he reaches down and starts to run a finger up and down my slit. I get down off the table and I start to suck on his cock. As I get down to his balls, I start to suck on them while I rub his hard cock. He starts to pump faster and harder while at the same time I reach around and grab his balls. I grab both his balls and squeeze as hard as I can.

xdresser foxxiroxxi fucked by daddys poker buddies

fetish foxxiroxxi 2018-02-06

when marcus and john turn up I make sure they know what I want , im not beating around the bush so when they walk in im posing like a girl who wants black cock . Hi men how are you tonight as I hug both men giving them a kiss on the cheek I whisper in johns ear [I hope you like what im wearing tonight cause I wore it just for you guys]next it was marcus [is it true about black men marcus] I left it at that but that was enough to let them know what I wanted .


fetish rickk1 2018-02-06

Of course the next white babe I served looked at the dark stain around my fly and smiled arrogantly at me even while holding her buck's huge cock with one hand and taking the drink in the other. That was the beginning of my hallway jackoffs with Mrs. B and her buck, and it felt good somehow to show her the stain on my pants, and I think I got a better tip also, even though I could tell she snickered and preened even more when she saw it.

Collar Me Ch. 02

fetish puppyplay 2018-02-06

Kim shook her head and stretched out on the bed with the extra room that Marcus wasn't taking up anymore. Marcus stood up as his feet hit the floor and he let go of Kim's hand. "Got any idea of what you'd want your word to be, pup?" Marcus asked her and started to run his hand through her hair. He moved a little away from her on the bed and Kim continued to wag her butt as best she could to imitate a dog playing with her master. Marcus needed no further pleading as he removed his hand from his cock and used his arms to pull her pussy closer to the edge of the bed where he stood.

... The butler did it!

fetish unassumingmistress 2018-02-06

I stood and pulled him up off the seat, then lay on the sofa and spread my legs so he could watch me finger myself… his hands quickly reached for his own cock so I felt it necessary to scald him for being a ‘disobedient little shit’, he felt a sharp slap to his face and I used the belt this time to tie his hands behind his back. You may think that sounds like what I’m used to but the fact that I reached round and continued to abuse his arse with the dildo at the same time made it a whole different game!

Quiet Seduction

fetish insidemyheart2005 2018-02-06

As I stop I kneel and instantly use my hand to hold your hard cock and begin to lick and suck on it. I continue this and moving back to sucking and licking on your hard wet cock taking breaks just to stroke it, to feel it with my hands. I use my hand to open my pussy so your tongue can lick the inside as I play with my clit. I just sit there and enjoy feeling your hard cock inside me while I massage your chest and body with my hands. You put your arms around me as we kiss more and our bodies begin moving together slow at first and your cock deep inside me.

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 07

fetish Freddyj881 2018-02-06

Looking towards my crotch, "You like watching me suck a hard dick don't you?" My cock is at full mast and precum is starting to erupt from the tip. You like watching me suck a hard dick and let the cum shoot onto my cute little face," as her tongue continues to glide around the dildo. "I know you like to watch your wife suck a hard cock," as she places it back into her mouth without breaking eye contact. Soon the guy starts shooting his cum over her face at the same time I pull Katie's panties down as I lean down and lick her bald pussy.

Creampie Hypnosis

fetish cpluver 2018-02-06

She laughed and said, "You know, if this works, I'm going to have to keep my mouth busy for a while. I wanted to grab her head and start thrusting into her mouth, but I knew better. She pulled me out of her mouth and said, "I know you're ready to cum. You weren't going to try and pull a fast one on me and cum in my mouth, were you?" Sheila saw the look on my face and wanted to know if I was alright. I told her I was going to cum and then buried my cock in her, as deep as I could. She probably was thinking of how anyone would want to suck cum from her pussy?

Tara Didn't Understand

fetish VeryDirtyMind 2018-02-06

"My head is spinning," Tara said, putting her other hand on her head but continuing to let me rub her other arm even though if I kept it up I might wear the hairs off. "And this is not normal?" Tara asked as my hand landed on her ankle, where I learned that she did not shave her legs and the lower calf my fingers were on was definitely hairy and the hairs were crinkly to the touch. "I have not touched a man in many years," Tara said as her hand moved up between my spread thighs, and when she got to my dangling balls I couldn't help the pathetic moan that came out of me.

Teach Me Trans-Mistress Ch. 04

fetish JoannePare 2018-02-06

As she started to sit in the opposite chair I said, "No Nancy, I want you to come here and kneel in front of me, it is time you start to submit to your Mistress for her pleasure!" As she knelt down in front of me, I looked at her and raised my right leg, exhibiting my stockings and G-string, "Now I want you to worship my high heels, kiss and lick them, become a slave to my leather!" I slowly turned around and told Nancy, "Now I want you to kiss each of my ass cheeks and then you will part them to expose my asshole, you will then push aside my panties and worship my anus with your lips and tongue as a symbol of your submissiveness to me."

The Problem of Emilie Fain

fetish Nicole_Striplin 2018-02-06

The female knight, just above the slick entrance of her lovely sex, had been gifted with a throbbing, thick cock, nearly 9 inches in length; the member pulsed visibly and Ryn sucked in a breath, her eyes flicking up to meet Emile's smoldering gaze before she reached out and stroked a single finger along the shaft, in sheer awe of the powerful dick awaiting her touch. "Swallow it, Ryn, all of my seed--I'm going to cum," Emile cried, rocking even more intensely--it was a mark of the knight's care for her partner that she did not thrust all near-nine inches of that throbbing length down the consort's gullet, possibly choking the poor thing, but still Ryn was working desperately to suck on as much of that lovely cock as she could; already a hand had dipped 'twixt her thighs, a thumb rolling over her sensitive clit.

I Hate Her

fetish CatofDrake 2018-02-06

"I don't know, sir," Joe said, smirking as he glanced at Natalie. "Nate said you wanted to see me about something." She led him over to the fountain and pressed her hand to his chest until he sat on its wide rim. "Heads up, Joe. Nat's just emerged from the can." Sure enough, Joe watched Natalie stomp towards them in platform stiletto-heeled shoes and a yellow dress that reminded him of a banana peel. God only knows how many nights he had used the memory of Kerrie's kiss under the mistletoe in his masturbatory fantasies while he tried to tough out his relationship with Natalie. . ." Joe couldn't help sounding distant; his attention was centered more on the heels of her shoes, which traced slow, graceful circles in the water.

A bride's tale

fetish basa930 2018-02-06

I turned to look at Jenny and I was surprised to see that Jay didn't waste any time and was now kissing her and nibbling on her neck while his hand on her thigh under her dress. Jay looked at us with his cock still in Jenny's mouth and said “Yea man, we got some first class pussy here” and they both cackled. The next man in line was so eager to fuck me he pushed him out of the way and rammed his long cock inside me, a few minutes later and he was climaxing as well, he grabbed my hair and yanked me to the floor, emptying his balls in my throat and face.

Marisol: Passion in Bloom

fetish Bacomicfan 2018-02-06

Still thinking about those impish blue eyes, Mari sat back and crossed her legs, slowly sipping her water and waiting for "blue eyes" to look back once more. Again perplexed, Mari looked down more quickly this time, thinking that maybe this time she was going to catch something, perhaps something she'd dropped from one of her bags onto the floor by her chair, or some mesmerizing insect that was scurrying grossly about at her feet, that the man was looking at. The next time he looked around, if his eyes were aimed downward, she'd let that dangling shoe fall...then just wait to see what happened next. Mari smiled as she saw his eyes looking at her toes, dilating pupils moving slowly from toe to toe, admiring each one.