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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Jenny Plays with the Big Girls Ch. 04

fetish Johnboy9 2018-02-06

This time I reached over and slowly pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist so I could watch her hand action and when I did this I suddenly noticed Jenny's hips being punched up into the air at regular intervals, realizing only then that my little sister was getting herself royally screwed, just like the fella on the screen was at the campsite. With no need for a second offering, both the boys and the girls made an immediate rush for whichever invitation was offered them, the girls running off to the Ladies Room with Lori, Julie, Denise and me, the boys eagerly rushing up to the coupled pair, Cindi and Jenny, eager to get their hands and cocks on and in the girly boy's body.

His two girls.

fetish mrdexs 2018-02-06

As I sucked Derek's hard cock, I felt my ass jiggle as my head moved back and forth, my wife behind me slapped my ass again I felt my wife's soft lips plant a kiss right on my asshole. After what seemed like just a minutes, Derek pulled out, I couldn't believe that all of that cock had been up my ass, Nikki laughed and said "that's a lot of cock you took slut." I turned around and Nikki pulled the back of my head against her wet pussy. It took a while, but eventually, I had licked up all of Derek's cum from my face and lips, Nikki smiled and said you are one of the girls now, she then began feeding me all of his cum and my own cum from my chest, tummy and panties.

Natalie and Her Professor

fetish thefootprint 2018-02-06

I walk quickly across campus remembering Professor James's stern warning, "Ms. Temple if you are tardy to class one more time I am going to deduct one whole letter grade from your final grade for the semester." I wasn't really all that nervous because I knew I had him in my pocket (or at least I thought I did). He continued, "Did you walk all the way from Wimbly Hall to my class in those shoes?" I thought the question a bit strange but then it came back to me like a ton of bricks, he was making a move on me about my feet!!!! When I figured out that you were staring at my feet I went on line and educated myself on foot fetishes." He looked up at me, smiling, and spoke,

Giving Her All of Me

fetish wifeownseverything 2018-02-05

This is turning me on in ways that you know you don't, and you must know in your heart that I will automatically draw comparisons going from the absolute sexual beast in the story to you." She stared through me, awaiting my answer, toying with my uncomfortableness like a lion who had captured a mouse. "If the very real fact that you have never lasted more than a few minutes in bed and have a tiny cock has caused another very real fact to occur, like you not being able to satisfy me, to actually not satisfy me, your wife - then I should tell you that in a spiteful, mean way to add to your weakness and reliance on me?" She looked sincere, not playful at all.

Australian Adventure

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-02-05

While Kevin, a divorced man of 45, lived in Melbourne, and had taken the opportunity to assist at the convention in Perth to be able to enjoy a bit of holiday on the west coast and spend some time with his sister, who lived in the area. I think I'll take the day to visit a few local sights, and perhaps see a bit of the beaches - I understand they are marvelous this time of year!" Kevin had rolled up his pants a bit, while Grace's skirt was at knee length, well above the low water they walked through. Somehow Kevin felt a bit odd, sitting, dressed, next to a naked lady, obviously his senior by a few years.

Sweaty shorts

fetish dieselboy69 2018-02-05

Once we had stopped, Kim put her hand down my shorts and took out my already throbbing cock and began to suck it. She tucked my cock back into my shorts and pulled her t-shirt down over her tits and said that we should go home and get more comfortable. Kim took my t-shirt off and pulled my shorts down. I could see by the damp patch in her shorts that her pussy was dripping with juice. I love the feel of her arse in lycra and I was soon rubbing her bum cheeks through her shorts. I didn't want to shoot too early, so I slowed down and Kim put her hand between her ample thighs and began to play with her clit.

Chastity & Humiliation

fetish 425olds 2018-02-05

Nancy stood facing away from me and Lisa handed her the end of my belt after feeding it in-between her legs. She laughed as she told Nancy, " His cock is hard, looks like her enjoys licking your ass while I beat him." Then the women changed places and I was f***ed to lick Lisa's ass while my wife whipped me. I went to the back door and stripped naked, then shoved my clothes through the pet door followed by the signed contract my wife had asked for. She placed her pussy on my lips with the command, "Open your mouth." She pulled my face into her cunt and let it's contents drain into my mouth.

Sun Hee Ch. 10

fetish metalimbic 2018-02-05

Her voice high and breathy, SooYoung continued to chirp mindlessly above me, oblivious to my desire for privacy, oblivious to my chastity and the growing, burning arousal of my hopelessly trapped cock - all while Sun Hee listlessly slumped beside her and burrowed against her friend's warm and slender body. Even as Sun Hee snuggled deeper under her blanket and nuzzled up against SooYoung's body, her delicate little legs and feet poked out just above me, hanging over the edge of the sofa cushion right beside my head. Sun Hee's mouth almost seemed to be seeking out the other girl's nipple through the pale peach fabric of SooYoung's dress, and now her arm lay across SooYoung's waist as she drew her friend's body closer.

sl**ping Feet of girlfirend

fetish Lburna412 2018-02-05

me and my girl have been togahter for awhile so i know her sl**p cycle like the back of my hand, every morning i like to take her feet and cum all over them, this moring she was out cold from a night of drinking i woke up with my usally urge, so i slowly move started to rub her feet, she move a little bit, but did not wake up. the wild thing is that evertime i hump her feet she rubs moves her feet like she wants me to cum smh i love it deep down i think she knows what i do but wont say nothing, i have done tons of stuff like this too her during her sl**p from giving her a creampie to giving her a facial deff let me know what yall think more pics and videos coming soon also tell me what yall wanna see cuz i can get away with what ever iam a pro [

Marjorie Ch. 02: Domination

fetish bountyman69 2018-02-05

"Hi Mark, I've got rid of all the hair, my pussy is nice and smooth for you, lets arrange another meet, Love Marje" "So Marje, pull up your skirt, let me see this bald pussy," she complied but had a pair of very large pale pink silky knickers on, "no wonder your so worked up all the time, I bet those knickers rub, from now on I don't want you to wear any knickers when we meet, take them off". I kept this up for at least twenty minutes, taking my lips away from her smooth pussy every time I thought she was getting close and just blowing onto her, she fucking loved it but was starting to get seriously frustrated.

Fruit of the Evil Loom Ch. 01

fetish Seuler 2018-02-05

"Myrna Skitts," said Mayor Brundle, "you stand accused of panty theft." His mouth twisted in disgust. "Myrna Skitts, I hereby banish you from Holston until such time as you have completed your mission to steal the Panties of Dominion from Hiphthasa the Enchantress. When they reached the edge of the orchard, Elsteen grabbed Myrna's arm. While Myrna picked fruit, Elsteen squatted for a pee, panties round her ankles. She leant forward, putting her head between Elsteen's legs, and began licking her pussy through the shit-stained gusset of her white cotton, rose-print, high-cut panties. "I don't care." She stuck her head up Myrna's skirt and licked her silly through through the fabric of her plain white cotton panties.

Unexpected Pleasure

fetish stray_girl 2018-02-05

The next time we had sex we didn't use a condom and he pulled out before cumming all over my stomach I wasn't too keen on the idea that we had sex like that, especially after investigating the success rate of pregnancy prevention using the pull-out method. I was in an awkward position and ended up with the lower half of my body on the bed while supporting most of my weight with a hand on the floor as I fumbled trying to find the box of condoms. I was still feeling the wine I had earlier, and wished I could just lay there and enjoy having Alex inside me. "Tell me that you need me to fuck you and cum inside you," Alex said his voice full of lust.

Miss Violet Made Me Kneel

fetish missvioletspet 2018-02-05

Miss pulled on her new heels first, tying them around her ankles as I watched, barely two feet away in the middle of her bedroom floor but unable to move. She looked at the wardrobe where I sat hard and silent, watching my Miss fuck another man. Miss turned her head to look at me as she moaned for him to fuck her harder. She smiled as I struggled, then ran her fingers across my cheek and grabbed my hair, She pushed my mouth between her legs and started to grind against my tongue. Then her hips bucked hard against my mouth and she moaned, groaned, her fingers pulling my hair, as she came hard.

A Nice Night Out Ch. 02

fetish hclay84 2018-02-05

I can't stand it any longer and unzip my jeans, thrusting my hips toward your head and pushing it down by the hair to feed you my hard moan and gag a little when I shove it into the back of your mouth, groaning when my hand slaps your ass again while I fuck your pretty mouth. "You like being daddy's dirty little cocksucker, don't you baby?" My fingers slide down the crack of your ass to slip into your dripping wet pussy hole when you moan yes.... "Oh baby...your dirty little pussy feels so good around my like sitting on your daddy's lap?

A Late Night

fetish goodlooks 2018-02-05

"Here," she put her hand on the back of my head, slid her sleeping mask over my eyes and I was plunged back into darkness. I thought I looked a little silly." She grabbed my wrists standing me up and moving away from the bed. "Yah. So you have a little pink bra." Her hand squeezed my chest through the soft fabric. Her hand slid down past my stomach and she wrapped her fingers around my now very hard dick. "Purple...." My hand passed her belly button and I felt it just as she said, "Cock." 
 She sighed through her nose and closed her eyes as she moved the cock in and out of my mouth. Julie exhaled a long breath and pulled the cock from my mouth.

Milk Club Ch. 01

fetish Britguy45 2018-02-05

Heather unbuttoned the top two buttons of her dress, revealing the tops of her creamy white breasts and quite a lot of cleavage. "Alright, Alphonse," Heather replied, "I need to use the little girl's room anyway!" and she marched off to the rear of the restaurant with me in tow. "That's good," Heather said, "Bob and I were only married a little over a year when Natalie was born. It only takes an hour or so for my milk to come in again and without a bra, I didn't want to walk out of here with big wet patches on my dress." Heather paid for lunch with the gold card and, leaving a generous tip, we left.

Foot Fetish Photo Shoot

fetish TheHandThatWrites 2018-02-05

I thought of all the hard, hidden cocks I'd inspired; pictured them above me and beside me; stroked fast and slow as all those men gazed upon me, dying to fuck me; wishing my pouty lips or my manicured fingers were wrapped around around their cocks; craving my smooth pussy and puckered asshole, but all too happy to have the gift of simply cumming on my tight little body. And as I slipped my entire hand inside my pussy, I came, kicking my legs back and forth, furiously stroking Alex's engorged cock to make him cum with me. I smiled and played with his half-hard cock, my feet slithering around his shaft and smooth-shaven balls, webs of his cum extending from my heels to the soiled bed.

Louise Bellman's Clinic Ch. 03

fetish margaret_jenkins 2018-02-05

She placed her hands on Paula's body and began to stroke with long, firm but flowing movements - soles of feet to the outside of the buttocks, up to her shoulders, then in and down alongside her spine, over her buttocks and along the inner thighs. Louise pressed her fingertips gently into the trained, supple muscles of Paula's calves, thighs and buttocks, sufficient to feel the tonus but hard enough to cause discomfort. Louise took something from a tray and Paula next felt a tube, with a little collar being inserted into her rear hole, followed by a jet of warm water. The enema was repeated, and this time Louise blatantly stroked along Paula's labia and, meeting no resistance slipped along her wet furrow.

Riding the Hump

fetish No Panty Girl 2018-02-05

Not planning on going out Judy was dressed in a floor-length flowing silk gown, which was loose fitting and allowed her swollen belly and enlarged breasts the comfort of freedom. With his fingers inside of her Pettit's other hand slipped the spaghetti straps of her gown off her shoulders and allowed it to fall like a veil of silk removing his hand form her pussy so her gown could drop her ankles. Pettit felt Judy's cunt spasm on his cock as he spit his sperm into her insatiable hole. After her earth-shattering peak dropped she disengaged with Pettit's cock and quickly slipped on her discarded gown and robe hurrying to see to her crying babies.


Becoming a chaste slut (Part 1 of 2)

fetish redunder 2018-02-05

Mistress then asked my wife how does he look. Then Mistress looked up at my wife and asked do you approve of my methods? My wife said, You know he does look pathetic. Then my wife looked down at me and said you wanted to find out. As my wife stared down at me I heard Mistress say, remember, you are the Queen and he is the slave. As my wife and my Mistress finish their coffee, it is time for a day of shopping. As I looked into my wife’s smiling eyes as she continued to handle my manhood my Mistress chimed in and said to my wife. I’ll make sure he’s changed my mistress said to my wife.

The Education of John: Sissy Slut

fetish Pet to my Mistress 2018-02-05

"I kinda like hope he did hear us baby, it turns me on a little, you know John could be listening to us." Cindy snuggled deep into Steve's arms, "Like when we were at my parents house, doing it every time we were alone for more that five minutes. Steve felt lucky to have such beautiful and intelligent woman, he knew she loved him and liked her to show off her tight body. "Good I hope you were comfortable in the guest room John I know its small." Cindy flipped her hair back over her shoulder, "its going to be a little crowded with the three of us Johnny but, please make yourself a home."

Jen Pisses in the Office for me

fetish leekeyone 2018-02-05

You have a fantastic body and would really like to see you act out my fantasies, If you will let me watch you take a piss on the carpet in the back office tonight after work then I promise I will do ANYTHING you ask in return. I could already image the feel of the rounded contours of her bum cheeks in my hands as I moved forwards in a kneeling position to bring my tongue up to her pussy lips. Several small streams of piss were breaking away from Jen's toilet shower as she squatted in the corner and did her pee for me to watch. A resulting stream of body warmed piss traced its way back over the carpet towards its source; Jen's open pee hole.

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 16

fetish Anal Slave 2018-02-05

Bonnie pulled her head out of my wife's cunt and said Dave do you mind showing my husband how to suck a cock. Then Bonnie bent over in front of me and stuck her pussy in my face and said fuck my pussy I got up behind her and started fucking her pussy deep pulling it all the way out and slamming it back in it didn't take her long to drain my balls into her cunt but it felt so good I just kept fucking her it looked like we was churning butter all that cum in her pussy and I shot another load of sperm deep in her cunt.

Silky Punishment

fetish satinfantasies 2018-02-05

After shopping with Cristy today and trying on so many sexy dresses, blouses and lingerie, I was quickly starting to understand why some men would have a fetish for this type of clothing. Cristy then turned Cassandra around so that her ass was facing the laptop, and stood just to the side while she started to undo the back zipper to the dress so that I could watch her unwrap my beautiful wife. I was afraid to reply at first, I didn't want to admit that I was enjoying seeing Cristy in her silky outfit almost as much as I had been enjoying Cassandra in her satin dress.