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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Tennessee Education Pt. 01

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-02-05

Nearest him were two guys shooting pool and a bit further away two couples took turns trying to play pool but seemed to be having a hard time keeping the white ball from ending up in one of the pockets. The new job, getting to know new people, working with Sharon, Ms. K, Mr. Williams, Jasmine, having to drive over an hour one way and negotiate city traffic, and now this - here - now - with her - he had so much newness in his usually boring life that it sometimes felt overwhelming.

Anne Shares Her Interest in Gyn

fetish scute2 2018-02-05

I was more than a little disappointed since I had been looking forward to stretching out on my bed and replaying the exam in my mind, but this time with my fingers sliding under my pantyhose. Then, he makes a show of propping up the stirrups and tells me to get ready for him, and that means, "Take off everything dear, you'll find a gown on the table." And yes, sometimes he winks at me and asks if I mind if he looks over his notes while I get ready for the exam. And I ask my husband if he thinks seeing this little preview of my arousal makes the doctor more eager to examine me.

Dominated in Jamaica Ch. 02

fetish bi_hengst 2018-02-05

Kelly stroked Dave's big 10 inch cock as a stream of clear precum drooled from its head. "Please mistress may I suck Master Dave's big beautiful cock," I said softly hoping the camera would not pick up my lust filled words. "Please mistress," I said loudly, "please may I suck Master Dave's big hard cock." The feeling was intense as my wife fucked my virgin ass hard and fast while I sucked and slurped on Dave's big cock. He filled my mouth with his seed as my wife fucked my ass and someone stroked my hard cock. Kelly pulled her strap on from my ass and I rolled onto my back as the effeminate guy straddled my face so I could continue to suck his big hard dick.

The Harem Slave Ch. 18

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-02-05

Sophie didn't see the Master for several days after that incestuous evening. Even when the old man returned the next day to purchase another evening with his daughter (this time knowingly), the Master turned him away. Sophie was sitting alone in her room, reading a book while she ran a vibrating bullet over her clit. Sophie suddenly found she could no longer breathe. Suddenly a man came into Sophie's view. Sophie felt her belly begin to swell with liquid, although the alcohol was enough to dull her senses. Then suddenly the wetness began to seep through, and a few droplets of piss dripped from her panties. In moments it became a stream, splashing down onto the table, soaking Sophie's stockings.

10 Layers

fetish buzbybdsm 2018-02-05

My girlfriend Alisia had just been the recipient of a "sexy dare" so when I heard my cell phone ring I had a feeling it was my turn. While I felt a little funny standing there with my dick covered in tape, pointing straight ahead like a hood ornament, I remembered Alisia's instructions and called her back. But, a dare is a dare, and I knew that my reward from Alisia would be worth it when she got home! I mindlessly channel surfed as I drank my beer, not paying much attention to the TV, just thinking about Alisia and the fun we'd have tonight when she got home.


fetish onelonelygnome9991 2018-02-05

She reached downward underneath her body, spreading her thighs farther apart, and she spread her pussy lips apart to show the wetness hidden inside; a right hand carressed her sweet spot, rubbed the folds of her cunt, moved in tandem with her thoughts, urging her to release the pent-up tightening tensions. She pulls dowhwards, and moves the head over her clit, then back inside; moves up and back as her hands shift to her tits; the other hands enfold her hips, and a ocean forms in the bed, like man and mermaid, they sweep away all cares; lovemaking perfected into art, she moves faster against the hips driving heaven into her cunt....

Me and myself

fetish missycd23 2018-02-05

He wripped of my panties and threw them in the river i soon felt his strong hand slapping my cheeks ouch i said as he spanked me, hahahaha is all he said back i heard the man cough up some flem and then felt it on my ass hole as rubbed it round my tiny little crack once again i pleaded and cryed but before i could finish he had f***ed himself in one foul stroke past my virgin ass! Then he withdrew his huge length out my little fuck hole i kept his cum inside me i didnt want to give him the joy of seeing it explode out of my ass which hed just violated with that he pulled up his pants and walked off leaving me bent over cum dripping out of me and tears in my eyes!

The Party Ch. 11

fetish tghlawyer03 2018-02-05

Then with a grin, she continued, "For a moment there, just before Ian started to enter me from behind, I wished the third boy had not just come in my mouth a few minutes before so that he could shove his thick, fat cock back into my face and I could experience them all fucking me silly at the same time; I wanted to be a "three-hole-slut." Ian controlled the pace of this invasion by grabbing and holding Annie firmly by the hips, squeezing her ass-cheeks tightly, using the leverage he created from behind her to direct her movements to his liking and the delight of the other two boys.

My Wife's Friend's Stocking Feet

fetish lovingfuck 2018-02-05

She told me that she never wore shoes inside because she liked the feeling of stocking feet on carpeting. When she came back again, my wife was home, but she once again took off her shoes at the door and spent the morning walking around in her nylons. My wife told me after she left that when her friend visits, she always removes her shoes at the door and spends the time in her stocking feet. While I've never had any more one-on-one encounters with this women, whenever she comes over or my wife is out, I am always assured of an evening of good sex augmented by thoughts of them leaving their shoes at the door and padding around in their stocking feet.

Not So Adverse Reaction Ch. 02

fetish ElliottEden 2018-02-05

His wife's unkempt forest of pubic hair was matted to her pubes -- her musky scent had invaded Elliott's nose -- he'd felt drops of her fluids hit his lips as he opened his mouth and her hot pussy descended... Betty's eyes met Elliott's as she told him "Slower this time tiger -- I want to tell you what happened." She lowered herself until she felt his tongue in her slit, licking so wonderfully... Elliott's right hand slowly moved up and down his hard shaft while his left caressed his wife's shapely ass. Elliott reached with his free hand and wrapped it around his wife's thigh, and using the leverage had pulled his face even tighter into Betty's pussy.

Roadside Assistance

fetish Croozer 2018-02-05

She then said, "I think you've been wanting to see my boobs since we got here, so have a look," She began unbuttoning her dress, and pulled it aside so I could see the very large, black, support bra she wore. I told her I liked what I saw, and she said, "Here...let me take off this bra so you can get a good look at my boobs." "Now I see why you like older women...young girls today just don't wear the kind of lingerie you prefer." She said, "I never leave the house in a dress or skirt without a slip under it - and it makes me feel sexy to wear them."

Green Eyes Ch. 01

fetish assco 2018-02-05

And she stood over me, her in her white blouse and beige skirt, me naked with a stupid smile and a startled hard-on, and appraised me with hungry green eyes while she caught her breath and her breasts heaved. Her breasts pushed against my legs and she took my prick in her hand, all the time her green eyes locked on mine. Her mouth was hot and her lips held me tight and her tongue worked all over and she sucked me hard, wetly fucking my prick with her mouth, her hand wanking in time. I opened my eyes and looked down into her green eyes, glowing with mischief, and lips shiny with my cum and a full mouth.

Andrea's Fan Strikes Again

fetish thefootprint 2018-02-05

A cold sweat starts to brew from your forehead all the way down to your feet that have already collected three days worth. The whole car starts to fill with the smell of your feet. We start to drive a little ways and the pull over next to an empty field. Then you feel my face start to dig into your bare soles. The smell has now filled the entire room and it feels like a dog is lapping up your smelly little soles. Right after the word ticklish leaves your tongue, you feel the tips of my fingers slide down the length of your soles from your toes to your heels. I'm going to tickle the shit out of your feet while they're wrapped around my cock.

The Weather Girl Ch. 02

fetish seat542 2018-02-05

Robbie even tried to get me to remove my body hair but I explained my Air Forces buddies would be unmerciful to any such thing and my final year would be pure hell. The day I was discharged from the Air Force I went to a local salon (I was stationed in the greater Miami area) and had all my body hair removed with the exception of my head. "I need total access to your body in order to get all the hair." Then I felt a trap door below my crotch fall open and warm air flooded my groin.

Friends, Legs and Lovers

fetish hoser4242 2018-02-05

As the girl comes back from one particular break she accidentally kicks the leg of an end table, and falls to the couch beside him rubbing her foot for comfort. She moves closer now, folding her legs under her to reach him with her hands - during the transition to her new position he thinks he sees something black above her socks, but decides in the moment that it must be 1) a trick of shadows and 2) not important right now considering what she does next. He asks her how her foot is doing, and she giggles, saying the 'injury' was all just a ploy to get the evening moving - it turns into one of those moments that end in a fit of laughter that hurts their bellies afterwards.

Stepdaughters Transexual Surprise Ch. 2

fetish juge1 2018-02-05

Dawn held the nylon tight against the head of my cock so my cum would squeeze through and she could suck and lick it up. Dawn burst my thought yelling, "get the fuck over here, Daddy and get on your knees and suck your little girl's dick. The sight of me jacking off, while I watched my little girl fuck my ass, was too much and I soon yelled, "I'm cumming, Sweetheart! "I know, Daddy and because a ass is so tight, you can really feel your cum as it travels up inside your tube, just before it spurts out of your cock. I continued to moan as Dawn took my spurting cock into her mouth and commenced to swallow my cum.

Seth's Crazy Vacation Ch. 02

fetish EsotericNiceGuy 2018-02-05

After a few seconds of pointed silence of me standing by the wall and the women eyeing me with smiles on their faces Anna said casually "Lose the trunks." The trunks were all I had on of course, but I only hesitated for a moment. Mrs. Johnson circled to stand directly behind Cindy and, right when Cindy finally took my entire cock deep down her throat; Anna pressed herself bodily into me, holding Cindy's head in place with her hips, pinning the woman down onto my cock. Somehow Cindy managed a nod in spite of the tight hold Anna had on her hair, Anna's hips pounding the back of her head, and my huge cock filling her mouth and throat.

Massaging not mom's feet

fetish tugboat99 2018-02-05

I start getting to work and my mom says she's just gonna try to relax, and she pulls the covers over her face, which was weird, but I figured it was like those sl**ping masks. My mom's head was still under the covers so she couldn't tell that I was like, dead-eye staring as if I had x-ray vision right to where I knew her hand was maneuvering that purple toy. Another time she said her back hurt, so she fucking covered herself up in a blanket, and got on her hands in knees with her (covered) ass in the air, feet hanging over the bed. My mom hid her face in the towel while she masturbated, giving me all the time to massage her feet and watch her pussy quiver.

All Tied Up

fetish tantricjim 2018-02-05

She lay there exposed; totally vulnerable to her lover, her breasts splayed one to each side, and her pussy spread open, the lips glistening in the candlelight. His fingers worked in between her legs, rubbing the oil along her pussy lips and back to her butt hole. Suddenly he was on the bed, kneeling between her legs and she could feel warm breath on her open pussy, then a tentative touch. She felt the bed sink beside her head, the person must have been leaning over her on extended arms as he forced his cock his slowly into her. Fingers rolled and pinched her nipples and suddenly the cock was gone, the weight lifted from the bed.

The Quadruple S Ordeal

fetish Pinwheeler 2018-02-05

Doctor Dawn lightly took Elizabeth's ankles, lifted her feet, and gently pulled her legs straight. "Okay, Elizabeth," said the doctor, coming to the end of the exam table. Now please," said doctor Dawn, again gently taking Elizabeth's ankles, and pulling her legs, "keep your legs straight. Elizabeth just stared at the bright lights on the ceiling, humiliated, as the doctor measured each of her cute little toes on her right foot. "Okay, Elizabeth," said doctor Dawn, handing the caliper to the nurse, " now for a sensitivity test. Elizabeth felt the male nurse cup her right heel in his hand and raise her foot up. "Make a note of that, nurse," said doctor Dawn, carefully watching the small box monitoring Elizabeth's heart rate.

A Fantasy Pt. 01

fetish Rebellious_ 2018-02-05

I feel his hands on my right leg, his fingers trace up the inside of my leg from my foot all the way up to my pussy. I moan when I feel his hands cover my breasts, drool dribbling from my gag, my head spinning, he gently plays with my nipples, ever so slightly lifting them so my heavy breasts follow. I hear feet shuffling on the carpet, suddenly the vibrator turns off & I feel the belt removed from my leg. His hands leave my mouth, I hear a belt & pants drop to the floor, I can feel the familiar sensation of a penis at my lips, I hungrily open my mouth to accept it.

Kyle - A Moneyslave's Morning

fetish Kalista 2018-02-05

Kyle kneeled there, worshipping at the sleeping altar of his Goddesses pussy, trembling, his cock hard as a diamond in anticipation of what was to come. He leaned down on his elbows, using his fingertips to gently part those honeyed dewy lips before he began feasting on his warm breakfast of melon balls. you are my very favorite slave boy..." she whispered, flushed and beautiful from his 'breakfast' – he loved her, worshipped her, and felt such a wonderful rush of pride from knowing he could please her in such a way – a small smile on his beautiful sticky wet lips, the hungry ache in his cock reminding him of his service to this beautiful angel creature.

My name is Siobhan

fetish 2018-02-05

These girls were always the hottest looking ones around and I knew that they all fucked each other at some point in time and that most of them would go straight when they got older. I had to fuck myself with whatever I had at the time of my sexual urges and in my younger days I started by inserting one finger in my cunt while I rubbed my clit to a blur. With all that cunt juice around my hole I lost all control and felt myself pushing my middle finger into it. Now my three fingers in my cunt felt the finger in my ass and my orgasm brutally attacked my entire body.

Caught in Panties

fetish 2018-02-05

I’ve had a secret fetish with panties for a long time, but was afraid to tell you because of what you might think. “Oh I’m sure he’s having a hard time already if he’s wearing panties again.” Tammy said with a laugh. I thought that I had my opportunity to tell you when I found you wearing those panties, but Tammy made me understand a few things. I don’t want to see you leave, but I don’t know if I could stand having another guy fuck my wife with me sitting right there watching.” I know you have longed to stick that little pecker of yours in this hot pussy.” She was right I came in several pair of her panties before thinking about how sweet her pussy must be.