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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Fussy Husband

fetish DeviantToby 2018-02-05

Maybe you'll figure out what you want to do tonight while you're out." She said, trying not to let her mild annoyance show. She looked through his t-shirts quickly and grabbed one she knew he liked and tossed it alongside the diaper on the bed. "Meaning I'm putting you in a diaper and then you're going to play video games." She looked at him to try an gauge his reaction. But, we can find better ways for you to let me know you want to be diapered." She took a moment and lightly grabbed his cock through the diaper. She climbed up on top of him on the bed, straddling him and kissed him as she started to grind against his diapered cock.


Your My Bitch for Tonight Pegged

fetish 425olds 2018-02-05

As my mouth once again began to suck, this time on a woman's breasts, I felt the cold lube on my wife's fingers hit my anus. "Enough loosening, it's time to get your little ass fucked, slut." My wife moved into position and placed the head of the dildo at my ass hole. She reached down and stroked my cock a little and the precum that had been slowly flowing out dripped like a leaky faucet. My wife continued calling me her little slut and a cock whore as she pounded away at my ass. "Yeah, I fucked you so good you need to cum without me even touching your cock? Take that fucking load like a good little bitch!"

The Strip Club "XXXperience"

fetish funtimes12345 2018-02-05

I moaned and enjoyed her mouth around my hard cock and her hands playing with my balls. She looked up and me with my cock in her mouth and smiled then asked me if i would like to fuck her. She said she was very horny and that her pussy was soaked and needed a hard cock. She slid up and down my hard cock with her wet pussy and rubbed her hard clit and moaned. She moaned hard so i slid a finger inside ... she slid my cock in her mouth and asked me if i wanted to cum in her ass... i slid my cock inside and fucked her doggy style hard and fast.

How It All Began

fetish 2018-02-05

That got us all asking lots of questions and she described what it looked like but said she wasn't allowed to touch it. Our friend said she would ask her dad, and she left the room, she was gone maybe five minutes but it seemed like it was a lot longer; the anticipation and excitement were building. She came back with a great big grin and said he would do it, but it was a secret, we couldn't tell our parents (to this day, I never told dad). His daughter asked us if we liked looking as much as she did and we all started nodding while staring. At least two or three times a month we'd ask her dad to watch him, he always agreed.

The Sex Show Ch. 01

fetish CafeExtreme 2018-02-04

During their stint on the show, our contestants will live in the land of gangbangs, gaping holes, cumbaths, super cocks and everything else that is legal in the U.S.A. I'm your host Simon Cumwell and along with my co-host, the beautiful Ms Daisy Riley, we will be taking you on a journey to extreme sex. Simon Cumwell: Thank you Daisy, in this show we'll be taking a lucky slut and her partner and allowing them to fuck and suck their way to financial freedom and win $500,000 if they can go all the way through to victory in the grand finale. The Fuck Team leave the stage in single file, leaving Simon and Daisy in a set with a sofa and a coffee table.

Used But Not Abused

fetish Kinxx 2018-02-04

As luck would have it, the side she was exploring was the side that my now hard cock was trapped against and when she first brushed it she stopped quickly and I fully expected her to pull away but when I looked over at her she had a very sexy smile on her face and her hand continued higher until she was stroking the length of my shaft through the clothing. She must have felt my uncertainty because she looked right at me and said, "I was really enjoying myself and I think you noticed when your hand went up my leg - just because he's gone doesn't mean we can't keep going" and as she finished she leant in and gave me an even longer, hotter kiss than we'd had so far.

Smokey Sex

fetish Lostinsmoke 2018-02-04

Ingrid would take long deep drags of her cigarette and blow the smoke directly at my cock. Ingrid reached over to me with her cigarette in her hand and grabbed my cock through my pants and said, "We need to get out of here." I told her I had a room in the hotel. I told Ingrid that if she wanted me to eat my cum from her pussy she needed to light up another cigarette as I began fucking her. As I drove my tongue deep into her pussy, licking all of me cum from her, Ingrid began cumming herself and released her fluids and mine into my mouth.

Role Reversal

fetish cby2 2018-02-04

I want you to crawl very slowly." As I crawled, Sasha began to rub the crotch of her white pants. You better get it good and wet because I'm going to shove it in your ass in a minute." She forced my head down onto her cock even harder with both hands. I want to fuck it some more." I opened my mouth, and Sasha placed her cock in my mouth and slowly fucked my mouth. As I looked into the mirror, I saw Sasha pour lube all over her big black cock. In my head, I dreamt of her black dildo cock exploding white creamy cum all over my face as we looked into each other's eyes.

Sexy Magical Princess Miharu Ep. 01

fetish Uniracer 2018-02-04

With a wave of his hands, pink sparkles gathered in the air and flew towards Miharu, on whose neck appeared a golden-chained necklace. A moment later, Miharu was floating around in the dimension of cheer, sparkles and rainbow backgrounds, not really knowing nor caring how she got there! As it passed in front of her face, more sparkles trailed behind it, which applied light pink lipstick to the girl's slightly plumped lips, plus just a touch of blush to her cheeks, then caused her glasses to vanish, revealing large, sky-blue eyes with long, fluttery lashes. She grabbed for Cuppy's tiny hands and did a little celebratory dance, dizzying her new mascot, before she let him go, shifting from ecstatic to (mostly) serious in the blink of an eye.

Meeting three men on a hillside naked

fetish 2018-02-04

Both men beside me each took and ankle and f***ed my feet to the ground either side of my head, that gave each a birds eye view of his cock doing its anal thrusting, 'You think your daughter would like this', one asked, he was clearly close to cumming, 'I'll tell you soon as I have done it', he was clearly going to fuck her, I am sure what he was feeling right now up my bum, would encourage him, so I added to that belief by adding my own pleasure, his cock was clearly rubbing my inner vagina, the illusive 'G-spot', because I came, and so loud, one had to clamp my mouth to stifle my emanations out to the world.

Sissy and her Mistress

fetish drew1207 2018-02-04

After what seems like forever, you pull up and I struggle to run into the car with my big heels and extremely large plug. "Aww, is little sissy girl upset that I was running a few minutes behind? After a few minutes of this, you order me to "Stick that huge meat up your sissy hole and don't stop till its in your stomach" "Look at the little sissy fuck her hole" you laugh. "Sissy squirting all over my car like some useless little fucking whore. "if you fuck your new toy for an hour while eating my ass and pussy, maybe, just maybe if you do a good enough job, I will forgive your little transgression. "mmmmmmmmmm.....yesss...lick my holes baby, fuck my pussy with your mouth you sissy slut" you command.

Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 05

fetish Max332 2018-02-04

He was worried his sister wouldn't appreciate her coming to the house the first day of holiday, but when he talked about it, she smiled, suppressed a giggle, and told him it was fine: she liked Yuna. "What is-" he continued, before being interrupted by Faith's feet closing in on him, trapping him in between, forcing his entire body to be in contact with his sister's pure accumulated stench and sweat. "Yuna, maybe you'd like to explain our little slave his situation?" she proposed with enthusiasm. As Faith's feet separated again to allow the girls to see his reaction, Yuna almost had an orgasm seeing his desperate, horrified face at the realization.

Maybe Someday

fetish emaalr 2018-02-04

She drove me nuts with teasing, making me stand fully clothed and watch her play asking me if there were another woman there did I think she would lick her ass like I did. I thought I was the most surprised man on the planet until she walked over to me telling me that I had had enough time eating and tongue fucking her ass and drinking her cum and pee to be able to recognize her taste and the smell of her cunt from anyone else's. She picked up a pair and pushed them into my mouth telling me that while I was licking them the other women would jerk me off or tease me by playing with each other but I was not allowed to touch anyone except her and only when told.

Giving Him What He Wants

fetish goth-girl 2018-02-04

I'm going to ease him awake with what I know he wants. I let my fingers brush against his cock; feel him start to stir. I kiss him again, this time letting my teeth brush his flesh. I take my free hand lick my fingers, getting them wet. He gives a short gasp and I feel his cock twitch in my hand. I speed up my strokes, letting my hand slide the full length of his shaft. My fingers run over the head, slide back down to his base and then squeeze him tight. I can feel his cock twitch each time I slide over his prostate. I ride him down to the bed, letting him feel me thrusting into him until he he's finally spent.


Petting the Kitty

fetish statestreet 2018-02-04

But we like to keep sex fresh and interesting, so we look for new and exciting ways and places to get it on and modify our techniques to suit our surroundings. Before long, my hand slowly worked it's way upward toward Janice's crotch. At no time did I try to stick a finger in, and I imagined Janice's cunt lips were like a dam holding back a torrent of sex fluids. She rode my tongue, her pussy making wet sucking noises, and brought herself to another orgasm before falling off my face in a kind of slow-motion movement. Janice lay down beside me and tried to describe the incredible sensations she felt as I stroked her pussy.

Jill and the stranger

fetish 2018-02-04

Rolling her over on her face, he instructed her to kneel on the edge of the bed.  Again he entered her but this time only to lubricate his cock.  With a moistened finger, he begin to probe her ass.  When she began to moan again, he pulled out of her pussy and moved north.  Applying light pressure at first, he entered her ass and slowly buried the full length of his still engorged cock.  She felt pain, then pleasure then the beginning of another orgasm as he brutally attacked her ass.  He grasped her tied hands and pulled back for leverage, pounding her harder with every stroke.  Just as she felt as if she might lose consciousness, she once again was lifted by her hair till she kneeled upright on the bed.  Still in her, he groped her breasts and bit her neck till she begged for his cock in her mouth.  With a final thrust, he flung her on the bed and d**g her head to the edge.  Straddling her head he ordered her to suck his balls, then his cock.

Becoming Ch. 03

fetish bustygoddess 2018-02-04

The small grapefruit size had persisted through the rest of Saturday, though when Audra finally collapsed in a sweaty heap to sleep at nearly four a.m., her reddish areolas had grown from quarters to something just shy of silver dollars, and her rock-hard nipples had swollen to throbbing nubs a fair bit thicker and longer than they had been that morning. The thought was so incredibly erotic that Audra found herself, for about the fifteenth time that day, splayed open on her bed, one hand pinching her swollen nipples and the other driving the thick handle of her hairbrush into her tight pussy. She hadn't measured again this morning, but she was confident from the heavy pressure she felt behind her nipples that if she wasn't already double-D-no-more now, she would be by noon.

David's Remote, Reloaded Ch. 02

fetish Thorilla 2018-02-04

(It was 2007 and Russ Baumann, 30 year old janitor at the St. Clair's Mall was making use of a 'FreezeTime Remote' which had come into his possession. I figured that I did not want to be walking around in 'RegularTime', or even 'FreezeTime' looking like some damn weird creep. I said "Pardon me," hit 'FreezeTime', and began feeling about under her skirt. Rose McKenzie,' Office Manager', stood up from her desk and knocked on Toni Midshepherd's door. "Just tell her that her husband's been arrested." I said casually, as I walked to the center of the open plan office, my back turned towards Miss Midshepherd's door. I entered the small familiar mirrored sanctum, waited for the door to slide shut then hit 'FreezeTime'.

Jill's Fantasy

fetish JillS 2018-02-04

I pulled you down against me and said, "David, you know I want to try this, but you also know that I'm embarrassed and not sure…nobody has ever done something like this to me…nobody has ever even touched me there before, so please be patient with me…." You gently turned me over and started rubbing my back again…"just relax, let me give you another good massage. I leaned over and took you in my mouth…I love to do that…running my tongue up and down and gently sucking on you…biting gently and then a little harder….you squirmed and said, "little one, I can't hold back much longer if you keep doing that." I laughed and said, "there'll be time for that later… it's your turn as soon as I get back…you'll just need to help me, because I've never given anybody an enema before and I'm not sure how." I could feel your heart suddenly beating faster and you started breathing faster; you said to me, "just hurry, OK?

I've Come to Love Foot Jobs

fetish mrnmrsj 2018-02-04

Jay's cock was dripping precum, so I used the heel of the shoe to wipe some of it up. I slipped off the other shoe and then began rubbing both sides of this cock with my bare feet with the sexily painted toenails. Once it was in I began moving slowly, carefully, and before long was fucking my pussy with a high-heeled shoe. When we got home I led him into the house, to the living room, pulling him by his hard cock. I then squished his cock between my studded high heeled feet before stroking him in a lovely footjob. It didn't take too long before I saw his eyes roll back in his head and felt his abdomen tighten before a volcanic eruption of cum literally shot out of his cock.

Monsignor & Mommy

fetish JhMcKn 2018-02-04

I'm a man of the cloth and it would be a sin on my part to do it." But in the next instant he took his right hand and began rubbing Agnes's left leg up and down with it until he reached the top of her stockings and kept going until he had reached her furry belly and clean shaven cunt lips. I knelt down and mommy stood up and we watched through the crack in the door as my sixty four year old grandmother deftly climbed on the edge of the tub in her stocking feet, pulled her cunt lips open with one hand and began pissing all over the Monsignor.

The Hunter

fetish thelimeyfromhell 2018-02-04

The first time I knew I was in to peeing was years ago; I was on my way home from a night out on the town. Oh and just incase you didn't know, most people do not like to be watched peeing let alone filmed, so get something cheap and cheerful. She then squatted all the way down and I got a clear shot of her pussy as she began to pee. Sue hiked up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and went into a half squat-half sit position. About half way there she looked at me and said, "I really got to pee and don't know if I can make it home?"

Wife's Cum-Loving Husband Ch. 3

fetish Anal Slave 2018-02-04

All of a sudden she came into the room and told me to put the cock cage on she said she was going to have a sex toy party in a few days and she wanted to make sure I had plenty of cum. And then my wife made me get in front of all these ladies and jack my cock off for them, every time I was going to cum she would stop me. My wife said that if she bought a $100.00 dollars worth of sex toys that she could suck my cock. My wife shaves my balls and anal area before every party and the old women loved it, she said the last time she had a bald cock was in the seventh grade.

Dirty Country Girl

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-02-04

Also Mum was normally at the Institute on Tuesday afternoons, singing 'Jerusalem' and swapping jam recipes with her friends, so Anne thought she stood a good chance of getting home and cleaned up without anyone being the wiser. Lathering herself with that expensive soap her mother liked to buy, Anne relaxed as the lovely warm water cascaded around her, savouring every moment of the experience. Although less than an hour had passed since the unplanned wetting of her jeans, Anne parted her legs and peed as hard as she could, her amber fluid mixing with, and finally being washed away, by the water that cascaded from the shower.