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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Calcium Club - Chapter 1

fetish KCUM 2018-02-04

Katie’s advanced pregnancy spoke for itself, he didn’t need to ask her business, and he was the complete gentleman as he guided her gravid figure into the club and took her through to one of the most lavishly appointed lounges that Katie had ever seen. “Well, if we assemble a complete profile of you including a portfolio of photographs both clothed and naked, and in your case both pregnant now and also after your baby is delivered, then you will be a special named girl and your milk will be chosen particularly. “Look Katie, when you are a named portfolio girl here at the Calcium Club, our members want to know every intimate detail about you and your body.

Mary's Panties

fetish pbody 2018-02-04

I bought my girl friend about 100 panties and instructed her in the following method of wearing them. She loved men and love to suck and fuck dicks of all sizes and colors. She especially loved young dicks. Any way, I told her that if she fucked any one while I was gone, she had to wear a clean pair of panties to bed so soak up the cum ozzing out of her pussy. When we got together, she would tell me who fucked her and how he fucked her as she modeled the panties. It was a big turn on as we fucked like mad for hours after the modeling show.

My Wife Takes Charge Ch. 01

fetish misteradelaide 2018-02-04

Jenn turned to face her and put her glass down, the first time she'd taken her eyes away from Madalena's and when she turned back, there were her soft, dark lips, her large brown eyes, a goose pimpled young body with enormous brown nipples looking painfully hard just millimetres away. The delicate scent of Madalena's pussy caught Jenn's nostrils and she wanted to explore more, bury her face in the young girls cunt to smell and taste her but she also knew Madalena wanted something too and she broke away from sucking her nipples, pushed her back slightly and stood up. Madalena followed every word, expertly stroking Jenn's pussy, fingering her deep, pressing her G spot, pulling on her lips and rubbing her clit hard and softly, exactly as directed.

Stacy Lancaster: White Dreams

fetish Boondocker42 2018-02-04

"Oh god!" There was too much girl juice and too much shaking going on to know for sure but Jared was pretty sure she had climaxed immediately. But Jared was beyond horny and as awe inspiring as having his wife continuously cream all over his dick was, he needed to fuck. Sweat was dripping from every inch of their bodies as Stacy climaxed again and again and Jared tried to ruin what he knew very well to be an invincible, insatiable hole. She was awake as her husband fucked her right through half a dozen screaming orgasm. "You know it's Wednesday morning, right?" Jared asked around her tongue, despite the fact that his own hand was now teasing her pussy lips.

Porn Shop with Gloryholes Ch. 04

fetish Sinful_whispers 2018-02-04

Jake was groaning out, Joe heard him moaning and mumbling words, "oh yea, oh yea that's it suck me, fuck..i'm gonna c-c-cum!", Joe opened his jeans up as she scootched between him and the wall, and dropped to her knees before him, her head clearing the screen so Joe could watch the movie. Joe heard Jake getting off and cumming as he groaned and moaned out, breathing heavy as his hips smacked the wall, hearing the words, "O-o-h-h yea suck m-me dry man, mmmm f-fucking-A that was a load to swallow." Joe was groaning out as her tongue worked his cock, swirling around the head, stabbing the tiny opening with her tongue tip, he leaned back on the wall behind him looking at her feet spread wide, her ass to that hole as her cunt was being fucked.

Their Suffering!

fetish abbot 2018-02-04

"Bend over the desk,side by side,Oliver and Natasha," the Abbot said,and watched with ever increasing excitement as both of these errant individuals done as he ordered.When they were positioned over his desk the old Abbot approached and placed the cane across Oliver's bottom.Oliver moved a little. As Oliver waited for the spanking to begin, the old monk took a few moments to rub his hand around Oliver's bottom and then glance with increased excitement at Natasha'a bare bottom.The Abbot looked down at the target over his knee,the red lined target of Oliver's bare bottom,and then began to spank!

Mrs Murphy the Cleaner Ch. 01

fetish MaryR 2018-02-04

Mrs Murphy was a quite plain middle aged lady but she murmured softly "Your lovely wife is upstairs putting the children to bed Sir, I think you may like a little comforting." Mrs Murphy smiled "Would you like Mummy to play with your knob now, John?" Mrs Murphy reached down and gripped his penis and spread some oil and then stroked it up and down whispering "A nice big Mushroom knob for my little boy." She could hear his wife Elizabeth moving upstairs so it was still safe as she asked him "Shall Mummy give you a nice spunky knob John?" He nodded and Mrs Murphy carried on "My 22 year old daughter Maureen needs a job and she said she would help me with you." John gasped.


Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 06

fetish Alfamann 2018-02-04

Peter and Angie were mortified, but then relaxed a little when they rationalised that Minnie would no doubt send her niece to bed before they had showered and returned to the lounge. Angie realised what was expected of her and lowered herself to her knees, put her head on Alice's lap, and opened her mouth. As soon as Alice withdrew the now limp penis from her mouth, Minnie grabbed Peter's hand are jerked him over her knee, picked up the hairbrush, and in very quick succession delivered 20 hard spanks to his exposed buttocks. Angie slowly nodded her head, and then felt Minnie opening her knees so that she could more easily lower herself to the floor.

Forbidden Temptation...

fetish 2018-02-04

You didn't have time to wonder what my words mean, because I tightened my arms, bringing our bodies together. You clutched me tightly in your arms, then some how thinking you might hurt me you ease your hold. I could feel you savoring the slow undulation of my hips against you, in time with each thrust of your tongue. All I want is to rip you jeans from your body, take that thick shaft in both hands and start licking it in a frenzy. You clutch my ass, fingers splayed, holding me firmly so you can thrust. Cutting off my protest, hands cradling my face so you can take my lips hard. ''Hold on'' You think, trying to contain yourself ''she needs to cum too''

Chastity Trap Ch. 01

fetish fetishstories07 2018-02-04

She pulled away laughing wickedly to herself, and then turning and grinding her firm ass onto his crotch, forcing him back against the fridge, trapping him into a sexy but cruel tease. Or you have to face away, and you can touch yourself, knowing my hot fucking body is naked behind you!" She was now hissing into his ear, her hands running across him, teasing his balls and gripping his muscles. "What if your step sister came up here and saw me with my sexy butt on your face and that pathetic cock locked away?" She teased, making him sweat at the thought.

Messy Justice

fetish BOFHUK 2018-02-04

They waited for him to speak again but were surprised when the light above him shut off, leaving them in darkness for several long seconds until yet another bank of lights burst into life illuminating the floor around them and revealing a large empty space with a soft foam mat covering an area maybe twenty feet by thirty, the cell waiting with the door open at one end. Immediately ten fingers danced their way into Tina's armpits and her laughter joined Suzy's as she too fought the urge to pull away, knowing that to do so would just leave her more vulnerable. Tina's eyes went wide as she hunted for breath, knowing that if she couldn't find air pretty damn quickly she was likely to wake up imprisoned in that plastic cell.

Society 1.1: Modernus Exordium

fetish TitianaPrisca 2018-02-04

Chewing on his lip, he clicked on one of his favorite videos of Mistress Elena training a toy. "Thank you, beloved sub Siena," he said respectfully, and dipped his head in submission. "Yes, beloved sub Siena," Priscilla replied and pulled the tape out of a hidden pocket in her short toga. Jason closed his eyes and brought Mistress Elena's training of toy Erik to mind. "Yes, beloved sub Siena," she agreed and fell to her knees in front of Jason. Anything?" Siena's questioning pulled him back to now, and his tight hole that Mistress Elena would want to stretch. "Thank you, beloved sub Siena." Jason kept his eyes lowered, and was grateful that he'd studied all of the training videos.

Trish Steps Out

fetish HerLittlePiggy 2018-02-04

Trish had never been particularly attracted to big muscle bound men but the more cuckold porn she and Tim watched together the more she started to like the look of a big strong black man. Her head bobbed on the bouncers tasty dick and she sucked hard as Tony fucked her from behind at a ferocious pace. She lowered her head back onto the bouncer's delicious cock and she sucked and stroked it whilst Tony pounded her hard and fast. Trish felt cool air inside her gaping pussy and she sucked leisurely on the bouncer's beautiful cock for several moments while she recovered from the ferocity of her climax.

The Bondage Whore, Chapter 7

fetish thongcutoffs 2018-02-04

Jimmy was sitting at the desk, looked up and sweetly said, "Rachel sweetie, so glad to see you on your first payday. "Ok, let's see." Jimmy took the check and purposefully looked it over, taking his time. "Easy Rachel, let me explain", Jimmy softly said. "I'll go through this for one single hour of pay, the $50, to make this easy", Jimmy said as he pulled out a calculator. Rachel just sat stunned as Jimmy started into a business conversation with the caller. Jimmy motioned Rachel towards the door, and the stunned bondage whore slowly rose, clutching her check, and proceeded to exit the office.

I Learn About Truck Stops

fetish kinkydv8 2018-02-04

And as if Sam was reading my thoughts he asks, “You ever done anything like that, suck one of your friends dicks or had a friend suck yours?” “I do it sometimes for my cousin and his friends, but it’s been a while” Out of the corner of my eye I see that Sam stops stroking his dick, sits up and leans towards me, “Do you wanna make a little cash from me real quick?” As soon as he asks, I already know what I’m going to be doing to earn that cash.

Uncle made me

fetish 2018-02-04

Now good old Uncle Warren used to have a stack of porn magazines under his bed. I told him that it was starting to tickle, and he said if it tickles now wait until I do this, with that he leaned forwards and took my whole cock into his mouth and then had the gag reflex to stick his tounge out and lick my balls while my nine year old cock was down his throat.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 15

fetish NastyPierre 2018-02-04

As the strange lady led me to stand on the metal tile, the side of orb facing me opened and I saw it was hollow. I turned my eyes hoping to escape into the void, but the visual impressions were in my head and like constant sound, I couldn't evade them. Maybe the tube's insertion wasn't as painful as imagined, but having to watch it up close moved it into my gut, belly and throat, centralizing all my most frightening thoughts. Another pair of hands appeared, with one of them moving to my buttocks, it's long middle finger soaring to my butt hole. When the finger yanked free, the hand disappeared and reappeared with the gold end of a long stem which it brought to my puckered aperture.

Episode 16 - Becki in Chains

fetish 2018-02-04

The Hand rises from floor thumb enters her bum, fingers pull cunt lips apart, vibrator rises out of palm expands into cunt spraying pulsing jets of water. Watching the picture of the two giant dildos pounding her cunt and arse change into a soft touchy-feely line drawing by May of the inside of her breasts she screamed in ecstasy and agony as the Hand fucking-machine tore her apart, filling every hole with its hot sticky spunk. Dee strokes Kate and gently asks if the a****l sperm extracted from her cunt might be Dog's, just as Heidi opens the kitchen door, and gasps "You little slut – he's my Dog, why is he fucking you?"

My Toy Nancy Ch. 03

fetish NiceNastyMann 2018-02-04

"What time -- and you bet, it sounds like a plan to me." Mark better impress Marge and this Rachael or else he's getting kicked to the curb. From talking with Rachael I gather Marge had told her a story - I had caught Mark and Nancy at my apartment in the middle of a scene and they had both admitted to having a number of fetishes and were just acting them out. "First though we want to make sure you aren't carrying anything nasty since you clearly like sticking wee willie wee-wee into things you shouldn't be." Rachael brings the crop up and slaps Mark's cock tip with it.

My Special Birthday

fetish CuckinChastity 2018-02-04

"But," she went on, "if you are good and don't complain and continue to be a kind and loving husband, I will unlock you for a little while on your next birthday and I will let you fuck me before I put your cage back on." However, she looked at me and said, "So what did the birthday boy get?" Robert and Laurel tried to suppress giggles without much success. Instead, Laurel said, "C'mon Honey, it's time to try on your present!" "Honey I have had a bit of anticipation, I think, a whole year's worth, in fact," I said trying hard not to sound like I was complaining or whining.

Comforting Scott

fetish wordwriter 2018-02-04

How are you going?" I said as Anne came to the door wearing a sexy brown dress which had a v neck which gaped a little. It cheers me up when I'm feeling down." Steve said with a smile coming to his face. "Yeah, let's do it." I said keen to cheer Steve up but equally keen to slip into Anne's lingerie. "You look pretty sexy yourself!" He replied lookihg at my rock hard boner in his mum's panties. I pulled down his panties to reveal his rock hard boner, I kissed it gently and Steve gave a little moan. I closed my eyes and Steve pulled the satin panties down and my rock hard boner popped out.

Absolute Devotion Ch. 03

fetish KaseyLegs 2018-02-04

"Look, I got upset at something those ladies said, and maybe I shouldn't, but it was a lot worse than complaining about Miss Erica's sportsmanship." "Really?" I asked, staring at her bare foot and salivating, knowing it was nowhere near as beautiful as Erica's, but it was hard not to look with it right in front of me. "Because you are some kind of submissive to Miss Erica, you're in love with her, you have a thing for her feet, and you do anything she says to try to make her happy." Detective Haggerty tossed the file and her pen onto her desk and stood up.

The Traffic Stop

fetish medicdave 2018-02-04

This beautiful female cop came to the window and I gave her my license and registration when she told me to get out of the car. I look over and my GF is standing at the front of the car watching. My GF is handcuffed also and the cop pushes her pants down. As I watch this my cock starts rising again. I step behind her and the cop positions my cock at my GFs pussy. I am handcuffed fucking my GF while this beautiful cop watches and masturbates. When I step back the cop licks our juices off my cock and proceeds to bury her face in my GFs pussy licking her and tongue fucking her.

Scollay Square

fetish 2018-02-04

I turn my attention to my phone and when I look up the guy from the corner is standing beside me with a new drink for me in hand. I can feel his hand on my panties as he begins to reach inside he stops and pushes up my skirt and slaps my ass, hard. I could feel that he was ready to cum and he pulled out of my ass and started fucking my cunt with his hands wrapped in my hair pulling my head back so he could watch me as he was about to cum. After that he fixes his pants untapes my hands and walks away like nothing happens leaving me covered in cum lying in an alley.