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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Needlepoint and Cream Pie

fetish BuckyDuckman 2018-02-04

I know you're making me want to do some needlepoint." When Cyleste giggled again, all Brett could notice was how musical of sound that was. "Yeah, I'm hard as hell and I don't want to cream my jeans," he said, too close to care if it was a polite thing to admit or not. "Hm, I'm going to touch your penis and you want to know if it's okay for us to kiss, too?" "I want to see you cum," she said between kisses, looking down between his legs. "What if I said I want you to help me with some needlepoint?" Brett closed the door to his truck and followed her inside.

Peeing on the Peeper Ch. 05

fetish adoration 2018-02-03

A nice little room to keep naughty ol' hubby here in line, eh?" Barbara grinned: "Precisely, I'm looking for something really comfy for me and my friends, and something really uncomfortable for the Peeper here." "You could let me play around with Peeper here a coupla days while I'm supervisin' the work," said Leather Man. At the door, Leather Man again deposited what I was sure would be a slimy kiss on my wife's hand and said he'd be back with an accurate quote and if all was acceptable would start work on Monday - three days away! "Balls," smiled Barb, "I saw your cock in that thong while Lash was talking about the way two dommes can work on one slave at the same time.

Trudy is Captive

fetish Richard Janice 2018-02-03

Trudy playfully uncrossed her long, tanned legs, giving the Mr. Wilson a fleeting glimpse of her tiny pussy, just barely visible under her sheer, peek-a-boo, pink panties. She then slowly uncrossed her long legs, allowing the short, spandex strip to ride even higher on her bare thighs, exposing again the tiny crack of her swollen pussy beneath the filmy, pink strip of her panties. "Now you will see the advantages of this position more clearly, because I think it is time for some fucking." Mr. Wilson's casual statement caused Trudy's thighs to tighten in protest, sending a new wash of pain over her - but also increasing her excitement.

How Sadie Became a Cowgirl

fetish msound1 2018-02-03

I looked down at my breasts, imagining what they would look like as Ds or double Ds. I pictured myself riding Ryan's cock, my swollen tits gyrating up and down, milk running down my chest. The next day Ryan came home from work late with a white plastic case in his hand. I unclasped the cup Ryan hadn't opened as he fumbled with the breast pump. I slipped on one of Ryan's t-shirts in its place, mostly because I had a feeling that my new tits wouldn't fit into anything cute I owned and I didn't want to deal with the prospect of replacing my wardrobe at the moment.

Simple Pleasures

fetish DarkStar2005 2018-02-03

I want to turn away, but you feed off my fear and with a small smile, I watch as your shoe falls helplessly towards the floor. “Well,” I said gasping for air, “your incredible beautiful and it’s a shame to point to only one thing.” My eyes glanced down to her legs for a split second, but it was to long. As I began to massage her feet, she started to moan louder, rubbing her breast right out of the top of the dress. Getting up, I walked around to the back of the bed and setting her nylon covered feet next to each other, I laid down on them as my mouth found its way to the inside of her thighs.

A Friday night with mom

fetish qudduse 2018-02-03

"Mikey," his mom spoke, her hand lifting his chin and bringing his eyes to meet hers. His hands came up and took hold of his mom without thought, crushing her soft pliant body to his frame. She looked back at Mikey, expectation plain on her face, as her fingers reached between her legs and spread apart the feminine lips of her vulva. He stood there looking outward through the glass-pane as his mom's hand took hold of his prick and moved him closer to her body. Mikey's hands lifted and took hold of his mom's hips. His mom's head was turned away from him, her face downward and her hair a long, straight, wet ribbon that hung towards the shower tray.

DreamWorks Ch. 1

fetish PrincessKatie 2018-02-03

The sun shined through the window into his room, the curtains swayed slightly from the wind, Chris opened his eyes and sat up rubbing his eyes from his sleep, he looked around and smiled-it was Saturday. At normal length his cock would be 8 inches and fairly thick but now it looked more like 12 inches and thicker than a large sausage. To the side of him was Susan his wife dressed in a pink sexy looking nightdress and in a room nearby their 2 children Kate and Katie-Twins. Oh fluffy bunny you look so good up there he tells Susan from his comfortable position. Susan proceeds to lower her knickers and she grimaces as a huge torrent of liquid flows out of her and onto Chris’s face.

Pissed Off Boss Ch. 03

fetish TwistedPlayr 2018-02-03

Rick heard the bottle being squeezed, and then felt a stream of the thick liquid running down the crack of his ass. "That's it." Ms. Pittman said, and Rick felt her rubbing the head of the cock up and down his crack. It took over a minute before he felt the head pop past the tight ring of his ass, but she still wasn't ready to feed him the entire shaft. He jumped as he felt the cold angular tip of the dish-liquid bottle push into his hole, and shivered his insides were flooded with cool liquid. She pulled his cheeks apart and Rick could feel Sue near him as she filmed his gaping ass.

just begining

fetish peggyacd 2018-02-03

One afternoon were were on our way to a movie and I walked in on her as she was dressing, I made a comment on how much I like her bright hot pink panties. Well, she said since I liked them so much maybe I should wear them. She took them off and said, Here I dare you. I was pretty sure she know what I was doing because on the way home from the movie she gave me a hand job through the panties as I was driving. When we arrived at her house I told her I was late and had to go right home, really I wanted to hurry away so I could keep her panties.

Fucking my chubby babysitter

fetish ginge_123 2018-02-03

She then got my hand and placed it under her towel, I could feel her warm bushy pussy and her wet slit. She mad me go down in her, I ripped the towel if he and buried my face into her bush, my two fingers in her warm wet pussy while my other hand stroked her rippled, chubby, cellulite arse cheeks. She kept sucking my cock and I stroked her bushy pussy then she lied down on her back and told me to fuck her hard and to come inside her as she was on the pill. I pushed my hard cock inside her, watching it disappear into her bushy pussy and had one hand on her tit as i grabbed it and the other one grabbing her belly.

The Origins of Leo's Unusual Hairy Love

fetish 5A4nxL32 2018-02-03

Leo looked on in awe as she raised her arms giving a wonderful display of dark furry pits and bush contrasting with her pale skin and newly smooth legs. Leo knew he would have to disappear soon but he loved seeing the contrast of her fuzzy arms as her hands wandered up and down her clean shaved legs and he was so happy that she left her pits, pubes and inner thighs natural and hairy. This clearly was an arousal for Sadie as well and she opened Leo's zip and removing his swollen member and gently running her hands up and down it, before vigorously thrusting it and manipulating her body round so that Leo would come in one of her hairy pits.


Chloe in Prison Ch. 06

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-02-03

"Chloe:" said Rose: and suddenly she was sitting up on her bed looking very serious: "there's something not right about this. "Well, Prana came up to me – after I'd been in the shower – and she told me I had nice breasts, and I told her she had nice breasts, and then she said she'd like to have sex with me and would I like to have sex with her, and I thought a bit, as I didn't really, but Wilson had just been bullying me and – " "You've got to get hold of some chocolate," said Rose: "by whatever means it takes." "Officer Clark," said Rose, when the tepid bowls had been handed out.

Dirty Little Secret

fetish Iread2relax 2018-02-03

Robin liked Dick's wife, Mary, and she would hate for her to learn that her husband of 25 years broke their vows. Dick moved forward took out his tongue and started licking Mary's cunt from her deep hole slowly upwards towards her clitoris which had by now swollen bigger than a peanut. Mary looked disappointed but then recovered and said, "Ok. Finger fuck me as hard as you can Mr Tiny Dick!" Mary walked over to the sink to wash off the meat and Dick stood behind her circling both his arms around her and used both hands to open her pussy and tease her clit with his probing digits.

Getting Her Out of Her Lingerie

fetish SissyPantySlut 2018-02-03

My heart raced more and I could feel my cock getting slick inside my panties. You moaned as your hand grasped my cock through the satin and began to stroke it a little. I took you into my arms again, my freed cock pressing against the satin front panel of your panties, my roaring lust emerging as hot pre-cum. I leaned over your body close and kissed you, letting my cock head rub softly and naturally against your labia. Hands clasped and looking in your eyes, I began to thrust in and out. I was so close that I gave up your breast to thrust as hard as I could, pushing deep inside you, burying myself in you until my own balls began to clench up in intense pleasure.

Strap-On Sunset

fetish Talin 2018-02-03

Reaching over into your bag you pull out a strap-on dildo, with a outward cock just slightly bigger than mine and an inward facing cock to help transmit the motions of you fucking me deep into your body. I start to take it into my mouth, as much as I can, while you begin to do short thrusts because the dildo inside you is being moved by all this and has stroked nearly to a second orgasm. Slowly helping each other up we caress as I remove your strap-on from your body as we walk naked the few steps to the water and begin to wash the sweat from each other with our hands as brushes.

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 12

fetish Steve1613 2018-02-03

"I know I'm not at Sarah's level of production but I will do my best at the fair to make you proud that you own this cow." She was proud of her status as Stone's cow and reveled in knowing she was fully converted into livestock, but some small ember deep within her still wished to be viewed as a person. One, he was proud of his accomplishment in converting another intelligent, beautiful woman into livestock and loved the respect it brought him from his peers when they saw her for the first time in her new role as his property. Stone called ahead to tell his slaves to have things ready for the livestock.


The Benefits of Having Bathroom Troubles part 3

fetish cumquarts 2018-02-03

As much as with most females I see in public, and more so because of the inaccessibility of beautiful women, my mind went from one lewd and nasty method of providing friction between some part of her body against my penis (whether hard or soft, nothing like a bitch that adores cock in every form including tiny and soft) to another. I wonder if her notes mentioned my swollen shaft bobbing back and forth once the red panties were finally peeled away to reveal my perverted, fully prepared penis. The whole time the doctor was breathing down on my exposed and fully aroused genitals, I kept 'innocently' looking at the assistant for eye contact.

The Naughty Patient Ch. 01: Confession

fetish c1999 2018-02-03

This story contains conversations about panty-pooping and mild scat play, as well as the patient being embarrassment and submissive to the doctor. She knew she HAD to do something soon before it happened again, and she gathered up all her courage to walk across the parking lot and onto the sidewalk before reaching the door and entering the small office building. "You don't have to leave Doctor, that's OK," she said as she picked up the plastic bag and began opening it to get the gown out. "Its OK, I just didn't know you were finished." Melissa said as she took a step up on the stool and once again sat on the table.

More Submission to Sasha

fetish cby2 2018-02-03

Sasha grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and grinded her body against my cock. Without warning, she removed her wet fingers from my mouth and slowly placed them in my ass. She danced over my body and would tease me by bending over with her beautiful ass in my face and her long dark hair in my crotch. Sasha began to lick my ass and finger it as she had done before. Slowly, she began inserting her cock inside my ass. “Beg me for it,” she said sternly as she pumped my ass, licked her lips, and grasped my long firm cock. I stood up and held Sasha by her ass as she continued to fuck me in the strattled position. Sasha said, “I’m going to cum.

The Week Manager

fetish Szaab 2018-02-03

A few minutes later Claire contacted Brooke via the speaker phone so the entire office could hear and said "Brooke when I snap my fingers you are to drop everything and come to me. Now go wait outside and prepare to greet him when he comes." Claire looked up and said "But it is 59 degree Fahrenheit I will get cold in this slutty outfit." Brooke said in a stern voice "Now march, and since you talked back, I want you on your knees waiting for him. Brooke said "Sit there in silence, keep your hands on your fat thighs, and stare at the floor." Claire shivered and did what she was told. Brooke jumped off the bed grabbed her by both wrists and told Claire to face the wall in silence with both hands on your head.

A Night Of Debauched Domination

fetish Daddy_S 2018-02-03

The way the material of her panties absorbs the first few spurts keeping her accident hidden, then the comforting warmth of her pee as it pours out of her and feeling of ultimate release after so long. She can feel the roughness of his trousers and the rub on her thighs and edges of his zip as he forces himself all the way inside her. He stays there with her impaled on his cock for a second before pulling back, withdrawing his cock almost past her lips before thrusting forwards again. She jumps a little as it is sensitive but she enjoys the warmth and the naughty feeling she gets from him pissing on her cum dripping cunt.

Girls' Night Out

fetish CHARLOTTEOZ 2018-02-03

Soo and Sam once again moved to block any view from the main bar, and I closed my eyes a little and tried to relax. “I’ll drink your weewee anytime sweetheart” said Sam, “it sounds like a real turn-on to me, especially from that wonderful tap of yours” “God I’m so horny watching that,” said Sam. “Listen, why don’t we go home and have a little fun there instead?” We both looked at Soo. It was up to her since it was certain that Sam and I were going to get it on that night anyway. “Shall we give Soo a little beauty treatment while we wait, Sam?” I said, leaning over and kissing her while moving my hand to Soo’s crotch.

82% hair

MY s****r'S "WET PATCH"

fetish bobsmart 2018-02-03

I don't know whether Sally had told her Mum what she wanted: my step-Mum is modern when it comes to sex, and understands that her daughter needs satisfying regularly, but within minutes of Sally and her boyfriend coming out of the kitchen, her Mum told me that my Dad and her were indeed going out shopping and suggested that I go out as well. They left the house with their arms around each other and I couldn't resist going into her room to look for her knickers and pull back the covers to look at the wet patch on the sheets.

Kinky Saturday

fetish lustfuldesires 2018-02-03

She watched in delight as Steve again bent down and his tongue begin tracing the tender nipples, flicking and sucking on them for a good while until at last they were clearly erect and swollen. She smiled gleefully as Steve bent over and again the camera was adjusted so she could clearly see his tongue as it traced the clit and then down along the lips of her pussy as the girl begin to moan in audible pleasure. Belinda fingered her own pussy and clit towards orgasm as she watched the erotic scene before her unfold until Steve gave a long moan and filled Amanda's mouth with an incredible load. The scene was so utterly perverse, yet so hot that she came in a powerful orgasm as she watched the bound girl piss at her command.