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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Nigel's Pet Ch. 02

fetish SDcowboy 2018-02-03

Ali moved over and parted her legs so Nigel and the other man could see her bald cunt she felt Jen place something around her was a wide collar with a lease attached...on her wrists and ankles Jen placed leather straps with big gold rings .....much like horse halters have. Nigel and Ted pulled on Ali's nipples making them harder and longer as they pulled...each now had a little clip with a heavy weight on them....As Jen fucked the young girls ass harder and harder with the fake black it made the weights swing back and forth pulling and stretching the teens nipples. "Take her gag out so she can clean up Ted's cock.." Nigel said after his brother in-law had too dumped his seed inside her tight teenage ass...

On Golden Wife

fetish dirtyjoe69 2018-02-03

This gave my sweet woman ample time to start rubbing her ass against my cock making it hard and uncomfortable in my pants. She looked at my state and said, "Oh is my baby all uncomfortable with his big hard on trapped?" Then she undid my zipper right there at the bus stop and started giving me head. At the same time she took her other hand and started rubbing herself furiously, "Let it go baby, piss on me...I want to feel your hot piss all over my pussy. Hearing her moans and watching her face as she was cumming made my cock get even harder and I lost my aim, soon I was shooting it all over her.

Georgie, the Good Doggy

fetish krysm 2018-02-03

If I submit a request form right now, do you think you could approve my leave on Wednesday?" Mark kept his eyes averted because he couldn't rid himself of the desire to punch Butch in the nose. He stared as Mark's foot, sock wet with cum, was pulled out of view and revealed the state of his crotch. Butch freed himself of his wet pants and boxers as he sucked Mark's foot. Butch threw his pants away and dove for Mark's foot, licking and sucking up his second load. When Mark's juices ceased flowing, Butch rushed to gather up the cum that had leaked out, sucking his fingers dry.

Kim, Mark & Janet

fetish Drakon66 2018-02-03

She threw her legs over the arms of the chair, exposing her soaked pantyhose to Mark and Kim. Mark's eyes were wide with wonder seeing Janet begin to finger her erect clit through her hose while watching him on the floor. Mark's hands moved all over Kim's hosed body while his eyes devoured Janet's frothing pussy. Kim watched as Janet deftly rolled over onto her hands and knees, never loosing her vaginal grip on Mark's rigid cock. Kim held Janet like a crying child in need of attention while Mark hammered away at her pussy. 'None of these girls wear hose like Kim...These chicks haven't got Kim's sexy curves...Kim's legs look so HOT in pantyhose.' He went on and on while still fucking a different one each night."

Meghan's Little Sister Pt. 01

fetish nick_pa2013 2018-02-03

But there was always that part of Nick that demanded more from him, that crept into his psyche and wanted what only Bridget could offer: that young, barely-eighteen body; those blue eyes paired with that soft brunette hair, usually in a messy bun atop her head; those gorgeous, smooth legs; perfectly manicured and painted fingernails and toes; and those lips, never smeared with lipstick, yet somehow they still glowed in the light. "Hey you," Nick awoke quickly from a powernap on Meghan's couch and saw Bridget standing by the ottoman near his feet, holding the TV remote and two beers.

The Ultimate Challenge Ep. 01

fetish Hyperdebut 2018-02-03

"Hello ladies, how would you..." Jess asked two girls, stepping forward as they walked past her on the promenade of sunny Miami. "Welcome to another episode of 'The Ultimate Challenge', today we're joined by the gorgeous Rebecca," Jess spoke. "The challenge today is the best friend recognition challenge," Jess continued "Rebecca's best friend Layla is laying here on the table and she has to guess which one is her, but there's a catch. Rebecca continued to lick the girls' vaginas until she had had a taste of each one so that she could make her mind up. "So, Rebecca," Jess spoke to Rebecca, via the microphone "one of the girls that you licked was your best friend Layla.

deandenhomme woke up rock hard....

fetish Lateshay 2018-02-03

I started moaning from the beginning..those still shots of those great looking tits got me going...yep, started working on my dick dreaming of having those huge honeys in hand...spanking them with my cock, getting a nice jug hug with them... Made my man mess thinking how nice it would be having the dangling above my dick as I jack off, making the quiver and quake as I punch them with my work on my cock... Lost my load again toward the end...those are quite simply one of the nicest set of titties...great hanger bangers...and when you took them in hand and pressed them together i could simply imagine the press of that tit flesh against my cock, jacking me with them...well, damn..let me just say you could own me with those big beauties...


fetish IlicicEncounters 2018-02-03

What about you, you fucking whore?" Claire turned to the woman sat on her dresser, walked over, and slowly reached up and pulled her underwear to one side. A smile crept onto Claire's lips as she took Annie's hand, lifted her babydoll and pushed Annie's fingers into her pussy, letting her feel the growing wetness there. Tom reached out and grasped Annie's hair, pulling it backwards so that Claire's nipple popped out of her mouth with a smacking sound that filled him with delight. He placed one hand around Claire's throat, squeezing gently to keep her from trying to reach Annie's tight, wet, pussy, as with the other, he began to slide his fingers into it.

The Psychiatrist

fetish shambles 2018-02-03

I want men's hands feeling me up, sliding up my thighs under my skirt, holding my ass, caressing my tits, rubbing my nipples, exploring me all over my body, pulling my cunt lips open, frigging my clitoris. 'It may look like an ordinary piece of meat at present, but by the time I've finished stripping you bare ass naked it's going to be an eight inch fucking machine thats only ambition in life is to open up that twat of yours and fill it with hot semen.' And then he tears the clothes off me, telling me what he thinks of every part of my body, massaging that great ramrod all the time and describing what he's going to do with it.

Breeding Time at the Hucow Farm Ch. 04

fetish Heather26 2018-02-03

I had spent almost a year as a hucow, and was very much looking forward to spending the rest of my life being milked and bred, as naked as was natural for a hucow, mating with as many bulls as I desired. 'I won't pretend that I'm not a bit annoyed that you didn't tell us about it before you signed up here, it was certainly a shock to hear that both my daughters were now hucows, but as long as you're happy that's all that matters, I suppose.' By the end of today my juices would surely have soaked through the back of this dress, but as long as I didn't turn my back on mum and dad again, it would be fine.

A Cultural Experience

fetish ArthurianMorgaine 2018-02-03

After asking for directions, she'd managed to get to the right dorm and the right room- but all the students she asked gave her odd sideways looks and then collapsed laughing for a moment or two, saying something to their friends in Japanese so quickly it was nearly impossible to follow, and one student who spoke very good English had warned her to "only use her own money." She was tall for a Japanese girl, light brown hair, and a very cute, slender body, long graceful arms and legs, dainty feet and feminine fingers, a pair of nice soft H cup breasts, with a stomach big and round enough to hold a two year old toddler!!

Belinda's Adventure

fetish Noltje 2018-02-03

He worked his way up her right leg, over her calf, knee and thigh stopping as he reached the crease of her buttocks and switched to her left leg again slowly massaging as his hands made there up up the back of her leg. Having massaged the second leg to the hip, Belinda felt his fingers rub again her swollen labia. Belinda reached down, her hands gripping Tony's head, pulling him up. Belinda moaned at the touch before his hands began to wander to her groin, fingers sliding between her labia, a gentle rub on her hard clit, entering her vault. Tony stood, rinsed his face and mouth in the shower's spray and bent forward to kiss Belinda. Tony did as he was bade while Belinda climbed onto the bed, fluffed up the pillows and sat cross legged against the head board.

Asking Forgiveness

fetish ringmaster92 2018-02-03

I opened the door completely and the woman, I knew it was a woman for only they dress as such, glided into the hallway then the living room and stood by the sofa. And Fouziya, that's what my visitor called herself, said the photo was of Fatima Damani, Mistress of Damani Household? If you want to accept, it will be according to my terms or you can leave." She said in a firm voice. Let's get you dressed up and we will leave." she said and got up and started gliding towards the inner room again. At the door to the entire room, she said "Remember now, you are my maid and I am your Mistress so you will follow two paces behind me."

His First Time

fetish Hoop77 2018-02-03

Next he felt her hand on his head guiding his face forward, his lips touched something hard, suck on my rubber cock slut. Now my slut, I want this to get hard, Yes Mistress, he replied. Do you like your asshole being fucked my slut, Yes Mistress was his reply. She built up a faster speed, you asshole looks so good being fucked slut, Yes Mistress he replied, the feeling of having his ass fucked was amazing. She was fucking this slave, she seen pictures of him sucking a cock as she fucked his ass, he was her cum slut. Untying him she placed him on his back, I am going to allow you to fuck my pussy slut, you cannot cum till I tell you.

Playing Diaper Games

fetish dirtygirl14 2018-02-03

That’s also when the fun cleanup time starts with a clean wipe and baby lotion rubbed into my backside. Then he finely said “What the hell?” I started sucking my thumb like a little girl and stared off into space. He threw the diaper back over me, went back to the bathroom and came back with a towel and a wet washcloth. He finely got around to carefully removing the diaper and washing my butt and pussy. He pulled out of my butt, wiped his dick off with a wet one and slammed it into my pussy.” Oh hell yes” I said that right out loud as he pounded the living shit out of me.

Trust Ch. 11

fetish noglory 2018-02-03

She pulled herself up to her full height, rested her fingertips on her hips as her arms splayed out from her shoulders in a graceful arc, and placed her feet in fifth ballet position: one foot parallel behind the other with toes turned out fully to both sides; which, with her white plimsolls and frilly ankle socks, looked incredibly sexy. Emma had dressed to fit the occasion in a close fitting stretchy black vest top, a short wraparound skirt in white cotton with a pattern of little pink hearts, black calf length leggings and her white elastic strap slip-on plimsolls that looked like ballet slippers on her bare feet.

English Class Ch. 02

fetish phinjca 2018-02-03

Come now, Samantha, now's your chance." Sam's eyes turned to Jon's dick. Give Jonathon here a hand job." Ms. Kelly guided Sam's hand to Jon's dick, pushing along his quickly hardening shaft. "Oh, Samantha, well now I know why Jonathon can't take his eyes off of you," Ms. Kelly commented, reaching back and unhooking Sam's bra, relieving her breasts of their restraint. Sam was beginning to breathe quickly, occasionally muttering "yes," to herself, when Jon pushed his cock into Ms. Kelly. Jon was fucking Ms. Kelly without abandon when he heard Sam's orgasm. Jon didn't pay her any attention; he continued to thrust into Sam roughly, all the time keeping one of her feet in his mouth.

Inny-Mini Penis Won't Come Out

fetish billyrobey 2018-02-03

Now I started to feel shame, yet I rubbed and poked into my mangina again, on purpose. I looked in the mirror but only saw the head was just almost level with the mangina opening. I was basically ass raping myself by accident, but I guess I loved it as my hiding cock & balls, my asshole and my prostate all throbbed and tingled. I poked under my clit head to rub the underside of shaft and mangina. I felt my clit dick shriveling back up inside me, and I sat up on one hip to look in the mirror again. I then started fucking my 2 inch deep mangina, but was kinda grossed out by going ass to "pussy" and didn't get turned on.

Chastity Resort Pt. 03

fetish handyrandy9 2018-02-03

Anna continued, "I thought that was weird, so I asked Lisa about it. Anna and Lisa hit it off like the old friends that they were, and Chad and I made small talk. "I was just trying to talk Tim into dancing with me," Anna said. "Let's see what we got!" Anna handed me the note and began to pull things out of the gift bag. She slowly opened her fist, exposing a small silver key exactly like the one Lisa wore around her neck at dinner. Let's go to the bedroom and try out some of our new toys!" She threw the bag of goodies over her shoulder, grabbed my caged cock in her hand, and led me into the bedroom.

A Humiliating Thanksgiving Diner

fetish tigrenar 2018-02-03

"Dave, huh, well at least you got a nice cock." I felt my face turn red as she walked past and slapped my ass. I looked up and saw the other man tied face up on a side table, with Anna's mother artfully placing small dishes of food on his naked body. An older man came out of the kitchen, naked except for an apron that read, "kiss the cook." He looked around, put his hands on his hips and said in a gruff voice, "Dinner, is ready." The Eva and Anna went into the kitchen while Clare and Anna's mother, who's name I learned was Molly, began to kiss and caress my helpless, vulnerable ass.

Her Petite Possession Ch. 02

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-02-03

Emma closed the safe and turned the handle, "He's locked up tight now," she announced firmly as she picked up her keys and sat down on her desk, her yellow shorts resting on top of a pile of papers. Brad looked at Emma's cute smiling face with its big blue eyes as she placed him back inside her safe. Emma reluctantly picked up the keys and reopened the safe, held Brad between her fingers and handed him to Kate. As soon as Emma heard the bathroom door close and lock, she tiptoed to Kate's bedroom and started to search for Brad.

Help, I'm Marrying a Slut! Ch. 03

fetish SEVERUSMAX 2018-02-03

I never intended anything on the order of a cuckold/hot wife thing, but I guess that since Jasper felt that only I had a good excuse....that he had no choice but to agree to a double standard in order to meet my needs......I think that on some level, he also felt that since he couldn't satisfy me by himself, he had no right to bed other women at my expense. I also wondered how much Tamara knew of it," Connie shrugged, "but as Jasper said, I couldn't assume that she knew, and quite frankly, I wanted this to be a mutual thing between us, anyway.....including her, if possible."

the shopping day

fetish harmrm 2018-02-03

I walk to you and ask one of the girls if Joan is here today. I tell Joan that we would like to get some heels for you. We walk to all the displays and Joan and I discuss what would look good on you. I ask you to look at the heels and see if anything catches your eye. I tell Joan to pick an assortment for you and we will see what looks good on you. She goes to the back and comes out with a big box and says try these on while I get some heels. She looks at you and tells you that this pair of heels is all you need for the outfit you have on.

Riviera Sun & Knickers Ch. 02

fetish lovethosepanties 2018-02-02

Olivia let out a little gasp as my hands brushed her erect nipples, I knelt down in front of her to smooth the slip over her hips, my face was now level with her pussy and I could smell a delicate muskiness and also see a small damp patch on her panties. "Enjoying the view Simon?" Asked Chantal who had turned and spotted me looking at Lucy's panties. "So Simon, where had you got to?" Said Isabelle "I think you were telling us how you like a little more than a simple flash of a girls knickers." "No, definitely white or pretty pastel colours like Lucy and Isabelle are wearing and maybe you?" I said looking at her enquiringly.