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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Camilla Ch. 033

fetish MawrGorshin 2018-02-02

After finishing her shit, she wiped herself with ordinary toilet paper instead of her usual perfumed wet napkins, because she knew Leroy liked her natural smells. When the song came to the lewd lyrics of the chorus, she pointed her ass at Leroy's face, one or two feet away, and opened her buttocks wide so his eyes could feast on her brown anus, which was also wide open. It took her a while to build up the gas, but after feeling his face rubbing against her wide-open anal orifice, she blew out a long, silent gust of flatulence: he felt the breeze caress his face, and he enthusiastically inhaled every atom of the faecal smell.

The Harem Slave Ch. 12

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-02-02

Once out of the elevator, the Master led Eric into the living room. After a long and relaxing bath, the girls toweled off and put on new matching robes. Sophie smiled as well, blushing a little—she had cum all over this man's cock not an hour earlier. Sophie smiled at him gratefully and rose, rushing from the room. Sophie looked between her legs, watching the fat, meaty log dangle from her ass. The shit continued to push out of her ass, however, until every last inch of the log squeezed from out of her tight anus. When she had emptied her bladder this way, Sophie pushed out another small log of shit, moaning and massaging her hard little clit as she watched her anus open.

Use Your Imagination

fetish TheEarl 2018-02-02

His tongue slid across her lips and Elsie felt a warmth spread through the pit of her stomach as his hands pushed up the back of her top to touch her back, fingertips brushing over the base of her spine. Elsie pulled at the buttons of his shirt, placing her hands inside to rest on his smooth chest, her body shaking from the thought that Connor shared her fantasy. Surge after surge of sensation rushed through Elsie: the tingling soreness in her buttocks, the whisper of lace across her hard nipples, the sharp sting as Connor nipped at her neck, all of it surrounded and enhanced by the exquisite torture that his hand was giving her.

The Writer and the Freeks

fetish Cunnytarian 2018-02-02

I have decided to reveal all, regardless of the severe pressure being placed on me by agents hired (I strongly suspect) by Johnnie Canlick and the Freeks: the beautiful red-haired, green-eyed, lightly freckled Ginger Freek, 36, and her daughter Debby, 18, of similar appearance, if somewhat taller at 5'10". Ginger called up her daughter Debby on the cell phone, apprised her of the possibilities, and ended by telling her to get her bloody, stinking, hairy, red-haired hole home right away. While machine-gunning some wet-sounding stink farts down Johnnie's palate and down the bugger's throat, she stuck a wiggly finger up her mother's bloody hole, seeking to find the sweet G-zone amid the copious flow of menstrual blood and sticky red blobs, to send her darling Mom over the edge.

Slave Ch. 10

fetish slaveheathen 2018-02-02

Janine wanted me to show up looking like that, so Mistress had dressed me up almost exactly the same, except the sundress was pink and white this time, and I was wearing 4 inch strappy red sandals that stood out nicely against the black silk stockings. Jamal hit the control, lowering the cross so that my ass and mouth were waist high, just right for fucking. Janine knelt between my spread legs and rimmed my butt hole, cleaning up the cum and shit smeared between my cheeks from the two intense fuckings. As Jack slid his cock between his brother's ass cheeks and into my mouth, I couldn't have been happier.

Tasting Kurt

fetish 2018-02-02

We pulled into each other and began using our tongues, sweetly licking, sucking, running our wet lips across each others cheeks. When I finally reached it his cock was throbbing and the pre cum was running off the head like a sweet little river. I want to taste your cum." He looked at me for a second, his hands gently stroking my hair and my cheek. Sucking, licking, caressing, using my hand on his shaft…I tried to mix it up but I'm afraid I was a little distracted wondering when it would happen and what it would taste like. I worked him deep, I massaged his glans gently with my lips and tongue, stroked his shaft.

Nurse's Antidote

fetish SINGODWAY76 2018-02-02

Great idea, until it came time for the coughing part, and for the life of me couldn't seem to put away my hard-on for five seconds. "Oh my God!" she laughed, " I'm sorry, but I have never seen such a large penis!" She straightened her eyeglasses and studied it's design, and smiled big. Her plump lips felt like heaven as she struggled to shove me into her face-hole. I grabbed a hold of my hot rod and stroked it off in her face. "I love your big hard cock!" She grabbed a hold of the counter to balance herself, and let me pull her bra down to expose her perfectly tanned honkers.

Little Diane

fetish Madabouthair 2018-02-02

As time passed, I did notice the signs that Diane was a little older than I originally guessed; the faint lines around her eyes and neck were the most obvious, but regardless, Diane Mulligan did not look like she had just turned 50, and once I got her clothes off my opinion stayed the same. Usually a good judge of what a woman's armpits would look like before seeing them, while I knew they would be shaved because women in the year 2000 would not wear sleeveless clothes if they didn't shave, I was hoping to see some faint evidence of what would be there if she didn't.

Breaking me down

fetish kellybcs25ht 2018-02-02

While kissing his hands moved from my ass to my chest. I waited until it stopped and pulled away. "Yeah you like the big black cock." He said allmost scolding. He suddenly slowed to allmost a stop and pulling out to the tip. "I was going to cum!" Without a word he began sucking my breast working just the tip in and out. Suddenly he pulled back to just working the tip. "Tell me love that black cock in you!", his voice demanding. "I do love that huge black cock in me!", I moaned my hands digging into his arms. My body was still shaking as he finished cumming and pulled out. He must have taken off the condom the last time he pulled out.

Eve's House Pt. 01

fetish Desideriis 2018-02-02

Of course, I was young being barely 18 and inexperienced even as I got older, growing up in a Christian home I was a tad sheltered and I continued going with my mom to Eve's on occasion as I had nothing better to do. Eve walked to the side of the bed and rubbed my mom's stomach, commenting on her soft skin as my mom continued to cry, staring up at Eve. She personally cut off my mom's bra and grabbed her breasts in her large thick hands with her painted red nails and looked over at me to make sure I was watching. Steve pulled the chair to the foot of the bed so I had a view of Eve cutting my mom's panties off, revealing my mom's hairy pussy.


fetish in_use 2018-02-02

I settled into my new, albeit boring single life, working days, running in the evenings, and releasing all my sexual tension thru pornography and phone sex. I heard her sigh, then moan quietly"mmm, well I just crawled into bed, actually I wanted to hear your voice for a minute, it's so deep. "Why do you like cum on your face Melissa cunt?" I asked "Keep fucking yourself Melissa cunt, look right at me, kneeling over you, stroking my cock right next to you face, my fingers wrapping around you neck squeezing just hard enough to keep you in place. The successive bursts covered my face and chest, and I had to let the phones mouthpiece slip away from my lips so I wouldn't scream directly into Melissa's ear.

BBW Meets Nerd

fetish darknerd 2018-02-02

You smiled, hugged me with a warm embrace and started giving me several small kisses on the lips. We reach the freeway on ramp, and I notice the bike starting to lean. I stop sucking, and I use my hands and start feeling up your legs. You start by getting wet underneath the shower head, and then hand me a loofa with soap on it. I take the opportunity to gently squeeze your right breast in my hand, and rub the nipple with my thumb. "The way things are going, I may never want to leave your bedroom," I counter, "although anytime you feel like taking me at 90 miles an hour on your bike, I am in."

Queen Penelope's Memoirs

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-02-02

Mother told me, "the Count is a good man, and will make a great husband." But, I couldn't see myself with him. With a perfect, chiseled body, like a Greek God, big broad shoulders, strong manly hands and long wavy blond hair. She insisted the guards keep him naked in order to break his spirit, but Excalibur was fearless, brave and most importantly strong. Mother looked at me and winked, then she turned back at Excalibur and said, "Guards, take him, castrate him." As the guards came to him he began to scream and yell in fear. Count Hirato of Massapequa died of a stroke soon after that day and I later married Andreas Albertos, a Greek Prince, who was twice the man of the late Mr. Marcus Excalibur.

Pretty Girl

fetish violent intimacy 2018-02-02

He stares at me in confusion from his customary place at my feet; I almost laugh, knowing he must be wondering why I am being so "nice". So when I finger his collar in this idle manner and smile at him, it makes him tense up, bracing for the inevitable blow that never falls. He is clearly confused and stands meekly with his hands by his sides, watching my reflection as I move about the room collecting some things. With his face made up, lips a blood red gash, eyes darkly ringed with liner and fear, he makes a very pretty androgyne. "Come on, pretty girl, we're already late." I would have been disappointed had the look of panicked fear not returned immediately to his face.

Conference Call Surprise

fetish ldlarry52 2018-02-02

Larry just looked down on the sweet young Asian whore girl, his cock was hard as any man's would be half his age. "Yes, you sucky my cock whore girl, you make feel good." Larry answered in a mocking manner as his hand took gentle hold of her head. Lets see what that sweet tasty Asian whore pussy feels like," Larry said as he pressed his foot up between her open thighs in a degrading gesture so he could wiggle his toes between her cunt lips. Yes, please lick whore girl pussy more." Akiko encouraged hopping that she would get some more oral pleasure in return for the savage face fucking she just endured.

Problem Solving 101

fetish dr_deeeb 2018-02-02

She had a hard time taking the entire thing in her pussy at first, but after a couple of weeks, she began to ask for it and took it as a personal challenge to fit all of it inside her. Her hips began to gyrate, forcing my tongue flush against her clit and with a final, "oh my fucking God!" I felt her cum. I spread my legs wider and raised my hips just a tad so her finger could travel deeper inside me and my cock could venture deeper into her mouth. When I felt that I had given everything I had she slid her finger from my ass but still held my dick in her hand and licked the head.

Corrupting Amber Ch. 06

fetish GuyintheTV 2018-02-02

He began smoking a lot of weed and partying pretty hard and we didn't really mesh as high school went on. She leaned in to the flame and easily lit the Newport 100, puffing a few times and filling the car with strong smoke before pulling long and hard and removing the cigarette. I could smell the weed and beer and cigarettes on her breath and see her glassy bloodshot eyes looking into me and I grabbed her by the back of the head and kissed her hungrily. I looked down at my little Amber as she was taking another hungry drag off her cigarette, my cum oozing out of her pussy, and remembered Amber's words earlier that day; "This is going to be really fun," she had said.

Strapon Bride

fetish rick_oh 2018-02-02

In his fantasy Regina's mouth would be wide open and her eyes shut in ecstasy as he lay on top of her, repeatedly plunging his engorged manhood into her body, driving her wild, and finally spurting jets of hot semen into his naked, unveiled new bride. Regina continued to penetrate a little at a time, working it in and out, while being stimulated by the probe that was inside her, which moved slightly every time she penetrated or withdrew. Finally her open-mouthed moans and the feeling of her hot moist womanhood pushed him over the edge and he spurted months of pent-up sexual desire into his new bride.

Play Misty for Me

fetish artbrujo 2018-02-02

I invited her over for dinner not sure if I was going to get laid or even wanting to start back up the whole thing again. "Oh daddy don't ya wanna play with your little girl?" she whined. She started cooing " I'm your nasty little girl, I know you wanna to play." I worked to get everything happening at the same time, turning around with two plates in my hand, there she was sitting at the table. She got down on her knees walking over to me, placing her head against my crotch, started licking on my Jeans. When I walked back into the bedroom, there she was on bed, on her knees with nothing on but her thong, with her ass in the air and her head on the pillow.

I dreamed of her last night

fetish Madpix1 2018-02-02

They tousled one another rolling on the grass, the guys laughing at her angry and disgusted face expression as they kept rolling with hands clasped to one another. She was still angry struggling and seeking revenge, she grabbed him by his dick and squeezed it and the guys laughed out cheering her on. Suddenly he decided to push back, i could see his toe right in her nighty skirt as had big long legs. She was not doing much crawling now as she was pushing her leg trying to bust his balls and Boom it happened, her panties were showing again just a little and her skirt was trapped in his big toes.

Cute Couple

fetish Hyperdebut 2018-02-02

Alicia had long, brown hair and was a petite hispanic girl with cute little A-cup boobs and was the younger of the pair, aged 20. "You know Alicia and I don't go to parties," Jodie replied "we always stay in at weekends and spend quality time together." Alicia placed an old potato sack over Jodie's head, a hole for her mouth only. Alicia duct taped Jodie's mouth to the hole so that her lips were exposed and her mouth was always open. The man pulled out of Jodie's hungry mouth and shot his hot load all over her big, plump lips. Alicia grabbed the leash and lead Jodie out of the cubicle into the cold night to continue the fun.

Mrs. Gumshot

fetish SpankerSam 2018-02-02

Chase rubbed his dick thinking about what it would be like to fuck that old white woman. After watching him drive away, Cassandra Gumshot, couldn't stop thinking about the bulge in young Chase's pants. You want to feel that hard black cock pushing up into your pussy." She talked out loud, as she pulled her wet panty crotch aside and pushed the head of the dildo in her already wet cunt. "Well Cassandra, I certainly wouldn't tell anyone that my neighbor, the sweet Mrs. Gumshot, is a dick sucking, pussy licking, cum and piss drinking slut! Chase groaned as Mrs. Gumshot sucked and swallowed every drop of his hot cum.

Dirty Panties

fetish hungry4punani 2018-02-02

She then proceeded to hold them up over my face, and I eagerly took in their scent, lifting up my head to get my tongue closer to the highly scented item. She laughed, smacked my erect cock with her switch and said "Easy." I lay my head back and she put all of the panties into my mouth. After she finished she put the pan on the floor, and ordered me to clean her cunt, which I eagerly did, and then continued eating her as she humped my face and came all over it. As I walked out the door, her panties in my pocket, and her taste in my mouth she told me "I'm sure I'll see you around." And she winked.

Cum Lovers

fetish anything_goes_1971 2018-02-02

"Scott, don't bullshit me, I read those stories you were reading last night," she said, acting serious, "Every single one of them involved men eating other guy's cum out of their wife's pussy. My mind raced with images of Mel being fucked, or on her knees with another man's cock in her mouth, yet I didn't feel an ounce of jealousy; I just felt horny as fuck and couldn't wait for her to come home to me. "Want some more honey?" Mel asked, "You know, having two new cocks in me was perfect, I am so gonna fuck other men, and when the pills sorted, you will be eating cum out of my pussy more than you could ever imagine."