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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

South by Key West

fetish MrNiceguy777 2018-02-02

The rain was coming down so hard and Key West is so flat, that by the time we got to our apartment even the raised sidewalks were under a few inches of water. As we fucked my thrusts kept compressing my bladder and when I felt I couldn't take it any more I pulled out and tried to piss on Chelsea's ass. I fucked Chelsea until I was nice and deep inside her ass and then began just holding her tight against me. Deep in Chelsea's ass my cock began shooting out long interrupted streams of piss, slowly at first and then with growing intensity. As I began slowly driving my cock in and out of Chelsea the remaining shots of piss streamed out inside her.

First Year College

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-02-02

They would share one side of a booth; hold hands, chat, dream, and watch people walk by on the way to who knows where. Right?" I shrugged my shoulders and watched her hand tease her stump hidden under the skirt. Listen, I am so turned on by Donna not having, ah, legs." I sat beside Julie. "I didn't know...." his mother started, but did not finish as she looked at Julie and then Donna. She nodded and I began walking slowly towards Mom and Donna still waiting in front of the Top Hat. With hands shoved deep in my pockets, I tried to imagine how to resolve this battle. "You and Julie look like you belong together," Mom said.



fetish WVGayman 2018-02-02

“You got it buddy, get me right to that big cock!” He said and eased his hand past the waistband of my jock. One good pinch and I moaned louder, looked down at him as he sucked my cock and lashed my tongue out at him. Suck my cock!” I said as he pushed my jeans and blue camouflage jock closer to my knees and squeezed my thigh when he got grip on it. His mouth had felt quite good working over my cock and it throbbed like wild at my thought about it, so I stood and offered it to him. I watched his right hand stroke his cock as he sucked mine, and the way it throbbed f***ed him to release it several times.

The Lesser Sex

fetish Phoenix Arrow 2018-02-02

Yes baby, jerk off that thing and watch Tom stretch my pussy. Tell Tammy what wifey likes to do instead of fucking her own husband? You love watching Tammy's pussy spread around my cock don't you? Go ahead honey, remind your sexier office assistant what you like doing to her pussy after your husband cums inside her? I enjoy eating Tammy's pussy...with your warm salty sperm inside. Yes baby, finger that clitty and watch Tammy's pussy stretch around my cock. Don't you feel better knowing your office help is happy to make your husband moan in the pleasure you couldn't provide? Did my big girl wife enjoy seeing her secretary lying on the office desk the other day?

My Introduction to Water Sports

fetish TopflightWife 2018-02-02

My husband drove his own car and watched from another table, behind Rob. My husband tells me that this is a very exciting time for him as he watches my reactions and realizes at some point that I will be going off with the man. It makes the actual experience of that first penetration, that first mouthful of the man's sweet load, the first touch of his tongue upon my breasts or pussy lips, so intense that I often cum right then with a crushing orgasm that takes all my strength away. If my husband had not wanted to share me, I would never have learned the joys of water sports, exhibitionism and especially watching a man spill his cum into the air.

Work Facial

fetish 2018-02-02

One day, I noticed a note on the door of the teacher's lounge offering free facials at Julia's home for the ladies of the faculty. "Weren't you going to finish my face?" I asked pulling my ball sack free of my fly and giving 'Mr. Happy' a few quick strokes. For the next minute or so, I ravaged her mouth and throat, my hands holding her head, by dick pumping away down her gullet. I short stroked near half a dozen times, firing as many jets of white cum on her face and into her open mouth. She gave me a triumphant smile and began to wipe up the globs of cum on her face that missed her mouth, sucking the remains her fingers.

Dana Ch. 02

fetish primacord 2018-02-02

"Come on," she said, "lets grab a shower and fuck." One thing I had learned over the years was that when my wife got horny, she wanted to be fucked, and when she wanted to be fucked... Then she went for broke and said, "I want to fuck your tight little ass." "Would you like my cock in your ass? Dana added a second finger, and started to finger-fuck my ass, going in and out, deeper and deeper. Dana guided her "cock" to my ass while she held me open with her fingers. Eventually, the pain subsided to a dull throbbing as Dana grabbed my hips and slowly pushed her "cock" into my ass.

I'm His Total Bitch Now! Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-02-02

Still totally ruling my body, Jon put on a fucking storm of thrusts...I didn't even fucking know how he could go so fast, but all the sounds in the room for about five minutes were the incredibly loud slams of his hips against my ass, and my uncontrollable moaning, which he f***ed out of me with his cock or by playing with my balls with one hand while sinking the fingers of the other in my waist, or grabbing my neck and emphasizing his power over me.

Auditor Tales Ch. 03

fetish peelover 2018-02-02

"I love to touch your breast, to look at and lick your pussy, Francis. It is really great, and you are the woman I like to be with." Francis blushed and said I had to come and sit next to her on the sofa. The feeling was great but nothing could match Francis tongue over my erect cock. Every time after you spoke to me over the phone this week, I went to the ladies and just came in a few moments just touching my pussy and thinking about you and your big, nice cock. "All right, next week I leave for Vienna, but when I am back we get together for a couple of days" I said to Francis.


The New Playmate's Friends

fetish Erocus 2018-02-02

As he did so, he watched the girls – Anna, the brash blonde flaunting her figure as much as possible; Penny with her smouldering good looks who walked up behind him and patted his behind cheekily, her serious expression cracking into a sweet grin as she raised her eyebrows in mischievous reference to what they’d be doing together some time soon; Lucy, who had an air of confidence about her that came from having already had her wicked way with him, a fact which had gone into her apparent role as group leader; and finally sweet little Francesca, who shied away from his gaze and blushed at his attention, her curves hidden beneath fairly baggy clothing.

Turnabout is More than Fair Play

fetish LeggoMyEars 2018-02-02

Christy slid the shower door open enough to stick her head in and watch Dusty as he stroked himself. Christy knew the signs and placed her open mouth low enough in the shower door for him to cum in her mouth. Christy had often kissed Dusty after swallowing a mouthful of his cum. Christy looking into Dusty's sleepy eyes, said, "Baby, do you like it when I kiss you after you cum in my mouth? She then decided to push a little harder in that same direction as long as "the door was open." She said, "OK then while we're at it, when I suck you off sometimes when I finger your ass like I do, you moan a lot and cum really fast.

She Dreams of Cum Ch. 01

fetish k80s 2018-02-02

There would be plenty of pussy available for the men to use, and in my dream, I just wanted my body to be the receptacle for the thousands of loads of hot, sticky jizz that would be milked from countless hard cocks and full, swollen balls that night. When Sara wrapped her soft lips around my throbbing clit and started sucking, I moaned out in orgasm, my cunt clenching down on the spreader in my pussy as my own cum flooded into the sweet mix of juices inside me. She hooked her fingers and pulled down, prying my tight little asshole open, then planted her lips up against the spread hole and pushed a mouthful of warm cum inside me.

From Tony to Tonya

fetish drew1207 2018-02-02

Sarah is 5 foot 5 inches tall, with long, curly, blond hair, and an amazing body, including 34C boobs and a lovely heart-shaped ass. "You look cute, sweety." Sarah said as I walked in. Sarah started thrusting in my mouth, getting just a bit of the dildo down my throat. Sarah was letting me have a bit of time to get used to having something so large in my ass. Sarah started thrusting faster as she reached around towards my stomach to slowly pump my cock with her hand, after moving the front of the thong aside. Sarah kept pounding my ass until the friction of the strap-on against her clit caused her to cum with a squeal of bliss.

Angie's Rules

fetish hardnose 2018-02-02

Angie laughed merrily at the bright scarlet lines on his behind and slapped his bottom a few times before she pulled his ass cheeks apart and lubricated him thoroughly, even flexing her finger inside him. His buttocks were pulled tautly apart again and the strap on was pressed smoothly up his ass in a long, single, steady thrust that felt like it was going to split him in two. Angie thrust the dildo into him for another few minutes, until he was on the point of coming from the pressure against his prostate and then she stepped back and squeezed and crushed his balls in her hands while he writhed on the bed.

The Book of Division Ch. 02

fetish cauchemar80 2018-02-02

Her lower half sat naked, legs splayed, on the toilet lid and her upper body "stood" in front of it. Not only was Fran trying to get into the bathroom where her horny lower body sat expectant, but now, she realized, her key to the bathroom door was beside her tapping foot, and the door had locked behind her when she came back to the bedroom. She rolled her lower half onto its front, as if she were laying on her stomach, and plunged the vibrator into her pussy, turning on the hot water as she did so. She widened her stance a little and, with her hands guiding her lower body, lowered her pussy onto the out-thrust vibrator she held at eye level.

Threshold of Desire Ch. 3

fetish Cuthbert 2018-02-02

Just like a very attentive maidservant would!" I smiled at you sweetly, and said, "I think you like helping me dress!" You just looked down at the floor, trying to hide your reddening face. As I held out my right foot so that you could place put my shoe on for me, I said, "You know, this reminds me of being waited on by this shoe salesmen a long time ago who was always trying to look up my dress. "I've had a busy day today and I'm looking forward now to a proper greeting from my panty boy!" I lifted the hem of my loose skirt and blowsy slip and dropped them over your head so that you were enveloped in that very feminine domain.

e****ting Addiction

fetish luvDeepthroat 2018-02-02

I felt like all eyes were on me whether it is my hair, height, dress or my big perky tits or quite possibly the big [cubic zirconium] necklace Robin had put around my neck that hung down into my cleavage, it actually felt great to have so many people admiring me. John then pushed my back making me bend over further then out of nowhere I felt his hand grab my hair and he yanked my head back and started fucking me even harder yet. He began to fuck me again burying his cock in the bottom of my pussy, he rocked his hips back and forth around and around and after nearly fifteen more minutes and another orgasm I was totally spent, I could barely lift my head.

Two Birds with One Stone Hard Cock

fetish PaulyB 2018-02-02

At the time this story occurs, it was Thursday, and I was at home relaxing on a day off when I received a call from work, asking if I could take an afternoon shift just serving customers. When Antoinette went on break, she would sit up by the door that connected the bakery where I worked and the front customer service area, and she would let her tiny bare feet rest on top of her shoes. She slides her feet back into her black, closed toed work shoes, and gracefully floats towards me, moving her hips with all her feminine grace, smiling in a sultry, relaxed manner.

Pregnancy Pill Ch. 01

fetish Bumpman 2018-02-02

"This is Dr. Richard and Alice Walters," Sue said. "I used to be like Mary until I met Richard," Alice said. What she didn't know is the pills slipped in her drink hastened the effects of pregnancy so it didn't take days or weeks to start feeling morning sickness. Mary thought it was strange that Sue called Dr. Walters instead of her regular doctor, but she didn't feel like arguing. The pill is not a guarantee you won't get pregnant, and we've got methods today that can tells us as little as 12 hours later," Dr. Walters said. As mom helped a dazed Mary out of the office, Dr. Walters handed her more of his miracle pills.

Learning to Try New Things

fetish beautyg 2018-02-02

I have a few surprises in store for you this evening and I want you to clean up while I get ready. I lay on my stomach and you start to massage me after warming some of the oil in your hands. After I roll over, the pace slows even more as you spend a great deal of time caressing, licking and sucking. I think to myself, "He is so!" I consider just joining you and letting you make love to me, however I want to start fulfilling your fantasies. I grasp your hard-on and start to lick and suck it into my mouth. I continue my attentions until I feel you start to open up and relax your muscles. I feel myself ready to cum and tell you.

Sweet Temptations

fetish agentmom 2018-02-02

Jen felt Larry's hard cock against her leg and reached down to grab his hard on when she was surprised when he stopped her from touching him. Jen laughed, a bit startled and said "Are we going to play blindman's bluff" She tried to take off her blindfold but Larry grabbed her hands. The alternating sensation of hot and cold was very exciting to Jen. Next, Larry gentled flicked his finger over her nipples. Jen opened her eyes and saw Larry's hard cock close to her. Jen sucked harder and used her hand to stroke the base of his cock while she moved him in and out of her mouth.

The Making of a Sissy - Part Seven

fetish midsummerman 2018-02-02

You’ll see my Carl tomorrow; I’m going to have to keep him on a leash, his eyes will be all over you.” Sandy giggled once more as she held the shower head over Bella and washed the lather from her soft white body, but stopped giggling and then stroked her bottom softly, biting her lip as she viewed the still visible evidence of the caning. Besides, I promised him copies of some of the more risqué pictures that Roberts takes of you tomorrow.” Bella’s jaw dropped and her face was enveloped in a gaping smile; she snatched the towel from Sandy and held over her crotch to hide her excitement at the thought.

A Most Exciting Experance

fetish Sin_Sex466 2018-02-01

After a while I started to feel a little jealous of Sarah, she was in love, and I was beginning to wonder what that felt like. "Look, sweetie, I can explain…" Calvin started, but Sarah quickly cut him off. "Sarah, look, its not what you think." Calvin was still trying to explain. Calvin looked at her, and she explained, "I've known about his for almost 2 months now, honey, and I love you too, more than anybody. Each thrust pushed him close to Sarah's cunt; he was loving it, and started playing with him self again. I hope that even though they're married, Sarah still lets me "play" with Calvin, but I'll understand if she says no, but I don't think she'll mind too much.


Amazon Bride Ch. 01

fetish Arthur_Court 2018-02-01

My ideas about sex wouldn't be considered normal by most men and I don't think many husbands would do what I expect from them but I hoped a big mummy's boy like Steve could be molded into the sort of husband I desired. The waiter took a long time to find the errant spoon as he soaked in the view of my shaved pussy lips and Steve as so engrossed in my nipples that he didn't even notice. The beauty of it is that Steve isn't gay, he isn't even Bi. The last thing he is thinking about tonight is sucking cock or taking one up his ass.