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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Making Him Happy In Hose

fetish Akito01 2018-02-01

There's every chance you might enjoy it too –and if it turns out you don't, shoot that boy my way, because I'd fucking dress up like a French maid or anything else he wanted for a man that good looking." Nevertheless, Vera changed out of her clothes and into an outfit she guessed might appeal to her boyfriend's sensibilities –a snug black mini-dress, open-toed heels, and a pair of ivory colored pantyhose. Even has his hands began to fondle her nylon sheathed knees, it didn't occur to her to feel the least bit nervous –at least, not until he broke the kiss and turned his entire attention to her legs.

The Abecedaria Ch. 01

fetish honestbutnocent 2018-02-01

In a concerted motion, she laid the wine aside, I pulled my head out of my hands and rose swayingly, she lifted her hands to her temples in an expression of mock horror, I reached out to her and swept her up, holding her by the heart of the matter and turned a half-circle with her feet a few inches above the floor, she opened her mouth in a round O, her eyes wide, her eyebrows arched, her hands higher still, I swung her down, turned her half towards me, my nose buried in her left armpit, my right hand groping for her twat, finding it and entering my particular combination, and as she erupts into a long moan I release a drawn, soft cry of sheer animal delight.

Carpenter & the Gloria Hole

fetish jusduit 2018-02-01

While her husband Harold worked each day on Wall Street, some hundred miles to the west of their new summer home in the Hamptons, Gloria longed for things to do and people to see. She watched quietly as the muscular carpenter applied final touches to his work like a woman might add makeup to her eyes. Adam gathered up a handful of long black hair and pulled her head harder into his groin. You really like this cock of mine up your ass, and the harder the better.” The second dildo on the strap on harness, located offset below and on the opposite side of the large one inside her carpenter and unbeknownst to the laborer, was working its magic on her pussy too.

Cum Sweet Cum Ch. 03

fetish thinktankwriter 2018-02-01

Hajera moved first, leaning back on her bed slightly, letting her hair cover the right side of her face while hey naughty left eye looked at me with a twinkle. You just sit back and try to enjoy the show." Hajera always seemed to know what words drove me wild, and I then laid back with my hands be my side as she began to ride me like she was in a rodeo. While at first I felt almost awkward, the thought persevered and I began to get very aroused by it and now realized why Hajera wanted me to cum again. Meanwhile, Hajera kept pushing my buttons, and began gathering a little bit of cum that was coming out into her palm.

My Fetish Made Me a Cuckold Ch. 01

fetish sneakerman 2018-02-01

A few days later Tiffany asked for my help on something she was working on so I rolled my chair over to her desk to talk to her about the work. We got back to the office and Tiffany pulled open her bottom desk drawer and she pulled out another pair of sneakers. Hi she said and then looks at her desk and thanks me for putting her sneakers away. So now I know she has a boyfriend, good thing because all the sneaker talk and her putting them on my desk I had gotten a hard on and now the disappointment of her having a boyfriend has made it go away.

Izanami Ch. 01

fetish MissKaneda 2018-02-01

I looked up when I was done, expecting to slip the stocking over her toes just as easily as before, but she hadn't moved a bit and her bare foot was still resting in the floor with her stockinged leg crossed over the knee. "Please, please, Mistress..." the words tumbled from my lips, going in no particular direction, but as I laid there with tears starting to fill my eyes once again her heel lifted from my breast and I watched in wonder as that foot gently settled to the floor, leaving her straddling my hips as she breathed a long, exasperated sigh.

Slap & Tickle Ch. 6

fetish Hudson 2018-02-01

Linda crawled onto the bed looking over her shoulder to make sure the camera was still running, he stood behind Linda's pale arse and slapped it with his big cock, Julie let another sigh out, I glanced over at Julie the crotch of her pants now a darker colour than the rest of her shorts the dampness leaking onto her puffy lips, my eyes turned back to the video, Linda reached under the covers of the bed and produced a long thin piece of bamboo she handed it to her stud and told him to pleasure her.

A Girl Fantasizes across a Fallen Tree, 3 Men Come

fetish 2018-02-01

I found the tie to be very erotic, and the visualization of a nude woman having sex with a lowly gardener, enticing myself to offer up my own budding body, for the pleasure of man, or men, I craved a seeding through those fleshy tubes men call cocks, and here I was, in a forest, as naked as the day I was born, walking quietly, excited to be so, and yearning for a man to meet me head on, and take his pleasure from me, though I secretly wish, to be tied to a tree, as he does so.

Misadventures of Mishi Ch. 02

fetish scatwoman 2018-02-01

Greg is getting fucked up the ass by Mishi's Hellhound, Satan, for the fifth time today. Today I fucked Bella on the toilet, right up the ass, then I had her suck my cock as she went to the bathroom afterwards. where you'll probably become some black guy's bitch and they'll all take turns fucking a nice little piece of whiteboy ass like yours... She gets behind him and pulls up her skirt and rams her cock up his ass and grabs his head and shoves it in the shit. Mishi takes the delivery girl into the bedroom and fucks the shit out of her while Greg and Wesley kiss, smelling the pizza and their stomachs grumbling. Later, pizza girl and Mishi giggle and make Wesley and Greg blow and fuck each other.

Princess Jazmin Ch. 01

fetish subboy129 2018-02-01

I replied in saying that I am looking for a dominant woman to serve and worship, be locked in chastity, be cuckolded, and be forced to spoil her rotten with not only money, but gifts from amazon or other sites as well. She commanded me to stay down on all fours and to stay in the same spot as she inspected my house as well as the bedroom, living room, and dining room (where all the bondage equipment she requested was laid out.) She called me from the living room and demanded I go to the kitchen to bring her a glass of wine then come back to the living room to talk with her for a moment.

Ploughing and Cowing

fetish Rett 2018-02-01

"Jess," Chris replied impatiently, "I told you I was sorry for saying those things-" Chris groaned quietly when a large, sticky glob oozed from the tip of his genitalia, Jess quickly taking the finger of her non-active hand and swiping it up from the end of his member. Chris squealed from the overwhelming sensation as his cock pulled back through the opening around his genitals, releasing a steady flow of cum the whole way up until the remaining fluid caked the lips of his newly formed vagina. "You didn't think there would be any other way for you to produce fine, organic milk for my farm did you?" Jess beamed, "I told you you'd be made useful.

Exorbitant Interest

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-02-01

As I listened to him, Dad re-read his mail, and he bitterly bemoaned to us the latest of his ongoing difficulties in securing a Small Business Loan from his bank – the Northern and General – at a fair and reasonable, and affordable rate of interest. Misunderstanding me, Dad – not realising that I was asking him what the actual rate of interest was, that Miss Harding at the N&G was demanding of him for a new Small Business Loan – replied, "Exorbitant interest, David, means far too much, and far beyond, and far in excess of what is reasonable, and what would be considered normal by most people, son."


fetish drinac 2018-02-01

Carla was standing at the open fridge with her back to me and squatting down with her fat legs parted and jiggling, one hand at the juncture of her legs and the other holding an 8" long 3 inch thick cucumber with the tip and what looked like the first inch or so of it in her fat asshole. I watched as she pushed the cucumber all the way inside herself and then leaned against the open fridge with both hands, her fat body spasming and jerking from time to time. The thought quickly crossed her mind of telling Dan - uh, Master, about it now, then quickly forgot that as he commanded her to kiss his feet, words she had been dreaming of hearing from his lips forever.

Saturday Night

fetish frogfur 2018-02-01

As my girl relaxed, and stopped sucking my way too hard cock, she moved around to kiss me, and it was then that I saw my wife being I didn't recognize the girl who had the sweet pussy, nor did I recognize the guy fucking the wife, but that I fucked her like she wanted to be fucked, and when I hear the guy with the wife holler "I'M CUMMING" I knew I was So I got behind her and sucked my own very good tasting cum, from her well fucked pussy. The wife had told Julie while they were chatting at the bar, about our "RULE", and she was curiously excited to think of someone wanting to eat her pussy after it had been fucked.

Glory hole multiple creampie and facials

fetish Scorpio95 2018-02-01

The load which shot out of the end of the cock was massive, my face was covered in the warm cum and some had dripped down on to my boobs and bodysuit. He pulled out and in no time at all another cock slid straight in to my pussy and as this happened the cock I was sucking shot a load of cum into my mouth and onto my face which again some fell down onto my boobs. After feeling full both in my tummy and in my pussy from all the cum, I done up my bodysuit and walked out around town to do some shopping with cum still on my face and boobs, and also soaking into the crotch of the bodysuit and some stray bits of cum dripping down my leg.

The Proposal Ch. 01

fetish puppdogg83 2018-02-01

She is short, only five foot two and she can't weigh more than 110 lbs. You can read it or I can tell you, it might make sense if I tell you." "Now I know we already have each other in the girlfriend boyfriend sense. It is supposed to be fun." I went to the bedroom and pulled out a pair of my all black boxer briefs that were a size too small, so I know they would be extra tight and maybe I could distract my girlfriend for a second. Then you are to shower." She started to rock back in forth on my face. That was fun. Thank you for reading.

Burgundy Lips Ch. 02

fetish qdata 2018-02-01

Her ample body was soon slick with suds and I found myself enjoying the feel of her slippery flesh as I carefully washed away the lipstick marks I had implanted on her earlier. "Fuck me doggy fashion, long and slow." She reached between her legs and parted her pussy lips so I guided my prick into the gaping gash and pushed until my belly was pressed against the generous cushion of her buttocks. Some time later I woke, feeling surrounded by soft flesh; I briefly wondered where I was as I became conscious of a heavy arm drooped across my body and playing with my totally quiescent tool, then my marathon session with Elizabeth.

Goddess Revenge

fetish KaneKing13 2018-02-01

In his shock he jumps up and looks at me like he wants to fight but my left had reaches out and grabs his throat...I tell the little panda that he should relax because his ass will be welcoming cock in a few minutes. He is a bit uncomfortable but Goddess asks me to slap his face with my cock...that makes our little cuckold look down and feel worthless. She tells him that the cock will soon be in his ass and then he will be eating its cum from her pussy.

Tech Support 4 by loyalsock

fetish loyalsock 2018-02-01

The feeling of Aaron's dick stroking hard into her ass felt more incredible than she could have ever imagined! Aaron could feel Sarah's spasmodic climax through the walls of her rectum, and readily released his load into her slippery ass, moaning as loud as Sarah was, pumping spurt after creamy spurt of his liquid love into her virgin hole. I'm coming," Sarah heard Ben say in her ear as she felt the throbbing of Aaron's ejaculation in her sensitive rectum. Sarah could hear Ben breathing in her ear, just as labored as hers and Aaron's. "Tell Aaron I love him too," said Ben with a chuckle.

Pregnant Fetish Fulfilled Ch. 02

fetish Ozfetishguy 2018-02-01

She said, "I think you're having the day off because you're going to spend it shagging some bird you've got coming around." "Is it true that anal sex is illegal in Tasmania?" she asked, grinning, while closing my office door and lowering her voice so she couldn't be overheard. "I've got a girlfriend who loves anal," Christine said. We collapsed on the bed and I said, "I guess having anal for the first time when you're pregnant probably isn't a great idea." Perhaps Christine could feel that I was close to coming, because as I was leaning forward sucking on her nipples, she whispered in my ear, "I want to see you cum."

Clifftop Encounter

fetish samvimes 2018-02-01

Barnaby raised his head and looked hard at the newcomer before ambling over to say hello in the way all dogs do. “All clear,” I said and the woman, after taking a quick confirmatory look as she unbuttoned her coat, and began to raise her skirt. Her feet were wide apart and her knees bent, She was thrusting her hips forward so I could get a good look as her fingers pulled her pussy lips open. I looked down and despite her lips being clamped around my cock and her desperate swallowing, pee was flooding from her mouth and dropping on her coat. “I’m afraid you’ll be cold down there,” I said, indicating her groin where her tights were split and her knickers were in half in my pocket.” She giggled.

Wet Fun with Anne and Steve

fetish diamondph 2018-02-01

As we suspected, they were a lot less experienced than us but had been involved in a couple of threesomes, one with a girlfriend of Anne's, the other with a mate of Steve's, which had whetted their appetite for more but now Anne, a stunningly attractive, slim woman with shoulder length dark brown hair confessed that she had a particular fantasy but was unsure whether it was too off the wall. Meanwhile Sue got in on the act by pulling up her skirt and thrusting her hairy pussy into Anne's face, letting go a stream of piss. At the same time, Steve moved round to the front of his wife and Anne took his stiff cock between her luscious lips while Sue started to finger Anne's pussy.

Smoking Visits

fetish 2018-02-01

She was a northern working class mother who was rough around the edges but naturally attractive. There was never a time where Maureen wasn't smartly dressed either.She was always in smart clothing when we would visit. Black skirts with white shirts and black high heels were the norm when we visited.I would sit there and stare at her as she would stub out her cig and instantly reach for another from the pack and the whole smokey process would start again.From time to time one of her k**s would need attending to and she would kneel in front of them with her cig dangling from her lips and i would sit there wishing i was her k**. We stopped visiting Maureen after she split up with her husband.

Forbidden Pleasures Ch. 4

fetish Quin 2018-02-01

"Not sure – I'm playing pool tonight with a few mates and then we was going to watch a video." Kate felt a little insulted and disappointed. The thought of having forbidden and elicit sex with the grocery boy while his friend waited for him in another room turned Kate on. He looked deep into her eyes as he answered, "Steven." Kate felt a tingle – she wished he was the boy that got to call at her house every week. Lying sideways Kate felt her panties being pulled off and her leg was raised into the air as David's cock found it's way into her pussy.